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TACODAN commented on a post in r/CFB
madurham07 61 points

Big 10 - Wisconsin. Madison is fun, good academics, good sports

Big 12 - Texas. Hear great things about Austin

ACC - duke. It’s in Durham

SEC - Georgia. I’ve heard Athens is nice. Good football

PAC12 - Stanford. Football and academics in a beautiful city

TACODAN 118 points

This is a person who has definitely never been to Durham.

TACODAN commented on a post in r/Charlotte
iComicE 113 points

I moved to Charlotte from England and I think the city is a lot nicer than people living here give it credit for.

TACODAN 79 points

r/charlotte's favorite activity is shitting all over Charlotte. Doesn't mean we don't love it.

TACODAN commented on a post in r/Charlotte
TACODAN 1 point

It is still too convenient and cheap to drive in Charlotte. There is no reason to take the light rail if it takes more time and is inconvenient. In a decade, the traffic will be much worse, parking (and likely gas) costs will be a lot higher, and we will all be glad we decided to start working on the rail system when we did.

I just hope this doesn't become an excuse to stop working on mass transit and making it better.

TACODAN commented on a post in r/Charlotte
TACODAN 10 points

In my opinion, Midwood Smokehouse has the best brisket and ribs, but you will almost always be waiting for a table. Saucemans has the best pulled pork, sauces, and I like their sides the best. Mac's on South Blvd is going to be the most lively/best atmosphere. Kind of depends on what you are looking for in your bbq.

TACODAN commented on a post in r/panthers
CryingJordansHornets 26 points

The Smith trade is fine by me now. I wanted him to address the hole Worley left, and he more than adequately did so. He also (as you said) got us a good WR for far less than he would’ve gotten if the eagles cut him.

I’m loving it so far. I hope the rest of FA and the draft goes as well as this has so far.

TACODAN 11 points

Yeah I was really hoping that the FO would make a move for Sammy Watkins because I love his speed and potential, but after seeing his price tag, I am so happy we didn't reach for him. At least with Smith you pretty much know what you are getting.

TACODAN commented on a post in r/Homebrewing
TACODAN 1 point

Water quality and control has me completely confused. I got a water report from my city and this is what I got back:

Calcium = 9.8 ppm* Magnesium = 1.800 ppm* Alkalinity as CaCO3 = 18.6 ppm* Sulfate = 9.9 ppm* Chloride = 8.1 ppm* Sodium = 4.00 ppm* pH = 8.68

The problem is that I really only do one gallon batches, so making adjustments to the water seems like a big undertaking. Is there much a benefit to adjusting anything regarding my city water?

anadune 3 points

If you're only doing 1 gallon batches, it seems to me that you're better off going with distilled water and building your profile from there.

To that though, you're still going to be adding very minimal brewing salts. So, maybe it is worth it? Maybe not?

As a side example, my wife and I brewed 2 batches on Saturday. One was 5 gallons, one was 10 (net). Her 5 gallon batch needed a whopping 1.8 grams total of mineral additions based on Bru n Water, while my 10 gallon batch needed just over 2 grams (by style and Bru N Water). That's just to point out that even on a larger scale, dependent on base water profile you still don't use much.

Specifically for yours, I would download the free version of Bru N Water and set it for 1 gallon batches and make the decision yourself. You'll want a fairly accurate gram scale (probably to 0.01 grams) for your size.

TACODAN 1 point

Thanks for the feedback. I will take a look at Bru N Water and see what kind of info I can get. I'll probably try a batch with Distilled water and salts and another batch with city water and see if I can even tell.

TACODAN commented on a post in r/Homebrewing
TACODAN 1 point

So I brewed last weekend and everything went well, but I sprinkled dry yeast onto my wort instead of hydrating it before hand. I have done this in the past with no problems, but this time I got no activity in my airlock. Should I get more yeast and re-pitch? Is that going to have any negative side-effects? Should I try just waiting it out?

TACODAN commented on a post in r/Homebrewing
TACODAN 2 points

I just did this with my last batch. I thought it was pretty easy. I put in one CO2 cartridge and cranked it all the way up. The beer was carbed after about 48 hours - I shook the growler a bit probably 4-5 times over the course of 2 days. I swapped out the cartridge with a fresh one and it worked great.

ronny_reagan 1 point

Yeah, it's about the same as a corny keg - I feel like it stabilizes to a good carbonation level after about 2 weeks. I never shook my corny kegs just because I wasn't in a hurry for those, and I haven't shaken the uKeg because I don't totally trust all the seals on there to do that. It would probably work though.

TACODAN 2 points

I carbed some homebrew in my 128oz growler, and it only took 48 hours to get to a good carb level. I just cranked it up to 15 PSI, and gave it a rattle 1-2 times a day.

TACODAN commented on a post in r/Homebrewing
TACODAN 1 point

I have some leftover Simcoe hop pellets from a previous batch, and was thinking of using them to dry hop a Rye IPA I have fermenting currently. Has anyone dry hopped with Simcoe hops? Am I going to get much out of these as a dry hop? Any guidance on how much to add to a one gallon batch?

TACODAN 9 points

Thought this was interesting, as most craft breweries won't wander into the taboo light beer market. Unknown Brewery is going to be marketing a light beer that comes in at under 4% ABV as a tailgate/pool/party beer. I can't imagine many people are going to be excited about shelling out $10 for a 6-pack of 3.8% beer, but I am excited to try it and see if it is significantly better than Bud/Miller/Coors.

TACODAN commented on a post in r/Homebrewing
TACODAN 1 point

What is the difference between sparging with an all-grain setup vs BIAB? I am looking into doing a BIAB batch, and noticed that the instructions in the sidebar say to give the bag a firm squeeze after the mash to get all of the liquid out, then sparge with hot water onto the bag. I have also heard that when brewing all grain, you don't want to compress the grain after mashing because it will release tanins. Why is it okay for BIAB, but not all-grain?

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