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They definitely don't have as great of an atmosphere and they can be a pain in the ass if you are a student - especially one that is broke. However, playing Devil's Advocate here. . . I remember piling into a van to drive down to Atlanta for the Clemson Auburn game in 2012 with my buddies, and that game and that experience will always stand out in my mind as being a great one because it was outside the norm. We got to check out Atlanta and mix in some non-football related fun on the trip. That being said, I would much rather go and see other campus gameday traditions and see how other fanbases do it in their hometown.

I guess this means that the Clemson - LSU home and home that I kept hearing about is off the table :(

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I like Sauceman's on West Blvd if you don't mind going for a bit of a drive. There isn't a whole lot out on Billy Graham other than fast food. Are you closer to the airport or closer to South Blvd?


Who's the biggest CB recruit Clemson has had? I don't recall them getting big time CBS

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3 points · 20 days ago

Mackensie Alexander was a 5 Star, but yeah, we struggle with DBs for whatever reason.

9 points · 22 days ago

Back-to-back 4 star LBs. Nice work Dabo, Brent, and staff.

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I brewed a Saison this past weekend, and think that I want to add some cucumber and jalepeno to it. I have read in other places that the best technique for adding jalepeno is in the boil, but obviously its a bit late for that for me. Has anyone had luck with jalepeno and cucumber in a secondary fermenter? I was going to slice and freeze them and then let them soak in vodka before adding. Anyone have any tips for these ingredients? How much to add per gallon?

Original Poster17 points · 26 days ago

His philosophy on education costs:

Spangler was so committed to keeping student costs down, he had a mantra etched into his official portrait, which now graces the walls of the UNC headquarters building that bears his name. In it, Spangler, with his trademark slicked back hair and pinstripe suit, holds a Rubik’s cube. Behind him, in the background, is a laptop screen with the faint words, “Article IX, Section 9.” It’s a reference to the state constitutional provision mandating that a UNC education be extended to the people, as far as practicable, free of expense.

In 1996, he told a News & Observer reporter, “The argument to raise tuition comes from a small group of very wealthy people who think they know something about running a business. But they don’t know much about the economic status of the families of North Carolina.”

He didn’t accept a presidential salary, donating it to the campuses instead. Much of his philanthropy focused on the smaller campuses and historically black universities. Spangler and his family foundation have contributed to 120 distinguished professorship endowments across the state.

Civil rights activism:

The day after a night of bombings targeted the homes of several civil rights leaders and prominent African-Americans in Charlotte, volunteer workers were at the bombed homes repairing brick walls and damaged roofs. Many were from Spangler’s construction company. “We are trying to make amends,” Spangler told a reporter at the time. “Even though it doesn’t completely heal the wound, maybe it will go a long way toward helping.”

He seems like he was a great dude. Interestingly enough, I believe his company also owns all of the land that Brookhill Villiage sits on (the horrible housing project that is on Remount Rd by I77). It will be interesting to see if his death leads to any sort of changes in ownership to that land.

Ya, the title should be: Charlotte Billionaire, Philanthropist, Slumlord, and Former President of UNC Dies Over the Weekend

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Original Poster16 points · 26 days ago

C.D. Spangler wasn't responsible for the upkeep of the buildings in Brookhill. He just owned the land. The buildings were owned by an entirely different company. Here is an observer article that explains the relationship between the two companies. Spangler sued in June of last year to take ownership of the buildings, claiming the owner had let them fall into disrepair:

Check out Levine Museum of the South. It is a cool and unique venue and the staff there is awesome. We wanted to have ours there, but we are going to be in the 150 guest range and it maxes out at about 130.

Could a MLB stadium fit at the Eastland Mall site?

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3 points · 1 month ago

You could absolutely fit an MLB stadium at the Eastland site, but Eastland has plenty of obstacles for that type of thing. The main obstacle in my mind being getting to the stadium. There is no mass transit out there other than busses and it's not really close to any highway unless you count Independence.

Virginia has some great beers! Anything out of Richmond is going to be phenomenal (The Veil, Hardywood, Answer Brew Pub). Vanish out of Leesburg has some tasty beers as well. There’s also Virginia Beer Company and Alewerks in Williamsburg.

Anytime the wife and I make it there the cooler is always brought along :)

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5 points · 1 month ago

Hardywood is so so so so good.

38 points · 1 month ago

“If we design our cities just for cars,” he said, “we don’t design our cities for people.”

Its easy to tell that this is how Charlotte was designed. Whether you are in Uptown or Southpark or any other neighborhood really, Charlotte feels too much like you are walking from parking garage to parking garage. I feel like more and more people are realizing that this doesn't make for a great city, and hopefully we will see more walkable/bikeable growth.

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I also live in Charlotte. Right now the city has minimum parking requirements for buildings, meaning if you are planning to build an office building for x amount of workers, y amount of parking spaces need to be included in the plans. It's ridiculous that developers are forced to include this much parking, especially in buildings accessible by the light rail. Not only is it unnecessary, but it's crazy expensive and a reason why you only see 4-6 story wooden buildings outside the 277 loop. I'm pretty sure that discussions are ongoing to eliminate or greatly reduce these requirements. If you want to do something about it, I would email or call your city councilman and ask how they perceive the issue and what they plan on doing.

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Not sure where you moved from, but my benchmark for a good egg sandwich is Long Island. Poppy’s is as close as you’re going to get. They have hands down the best bagels and egg sandwiches in Charlotte.

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I'm pretty sure Rhino Market has started selling Poppy's bagels too. If I'm not mistaken you can get a Rhino sandwich on a Poppy's bagel which is the best of both worlds.

16 points · 2 months ago

Hate to be a Debby downer but the chance this thing gets built is fairly low. Folks behind it are in brokerage and to my understanding haven't done a building before. Also looks like they will need some substantial leasing. Godspeed on raising money fellas.

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We'll see. Something tells me that this isn't being pushed this far and this aggressively based on speculative development. I want to believe that they have a major tenant already lined up, but time will tell.

No, not at all.

I travel every single week in and out of CLT and it's the worst airport in the country to get in and out of, hands down. I've been to all of them, it's the worst.

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So they should just let it continue to degrade? What's the logic with your post? And CLT isn't close to one of the worst in the country.

13 points · 2 months ago

The DMV in Huntersville is the least painful one that I have been to in Charlotte. They all suck, but that one is the least sucky.

13 points · 2 months ago

Really wish he had gotten more of a shot at Clemson. He is obviously an awesome talent, and seemed like a good guy. Best of luck to him in the future.

43 points · 2 months ago

I prefer to top it through the rough right up to the ladies tees

u/roknfunkapotomus, u/TACODAN, and u/Baloncesto I balked going this year because of the $135 tickets. Is it seriously worth the money going?

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It really depends. Its an expensive beer festival for sure, but this is really the only beer festival I do each year and for me, its an excuse to visit DC now that I live in a different state. So I can rationalize it that way. Do I actually drink $135 worth of food and beer? Probably not. But I get to try some things that I can't find anywhere else, actually talk to a lot of the brewers who make the beer, and make a special 3-day weekend out of it.

It was a great festival yet again! I was immensely impressed with Fremont, both at the festival and some of their beers I got to try on Friday night out in the city. I agree on Arizona Wilderness. I liked both offerings from Crux, the lost Abbey Veritas, both from 4 Hands. Excellent beer was everywhere.

At no point was it going to be that.

277 cap has been talked about for years, but nothing more than talk.

The rail trail bridge was supposed to be part of the original Blue Line build out but was cut due to increased construction costs and the recession.

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A cap over 277 would be so sweet, but there are perhaps a trillion better uses for the money right now. As the article mentions, the rest of the greenways need finishing which I think should be a priority over a cap. I think the bridge is a good starting point and has a ton of value in itself.

Big fan of the Reuben at Growler's Pourhouse in NoDa

Big 10 - Wisconsin. Madison is fun, good academics, good sports

Big 12 - Texas. Hear great things about Austin

ACC - duke. It’s in Durham

SEC - Georgia. I’ve heard Athens is nice. Good football

PAC12 - Stanford. Football and academics in a beautiful city

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117 points · 3 months ago

This is a person who has definitely never been to Durham.

Uptown Cabaret is pretty much your go-to in this city. It is closest to the Uptown bars and restaurants.

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