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THALANDMAN commented on a post in r/movies
colevatican 30 points

They are still significantly better than the prequels.

THALANDMAN 23 points

I disagree. The prequels May have had cheesy dialogue but they were extremely creative and unique. The new movies feel like boilerplate adventure films with a Star Wars theme, especially the last Jedi.

colevatican 10 points

The prequels are so bad that I almost can’t believe they were even made. I honestly can’t understand how anyone thinks they have any redeeming qualities.

THALANDMAN 17 points

The universe building was extensive. The lightsaber battles were dope. Obi-Wan was awesome the whole trilogy.

m4hdi 16 points

You should know that a not insignificant portion of our fanbase does not support the best Bucs QB we've ever had, Jameis. While these fans are passionate and they want the team to succeed, they make one of two mistakes:

A. They don't do the due diligence to look at the totality of the circumstances to realize that Jameis is the best we've had and QBs of his caliber and potential don't grow on trees. They usually point to one stat: turnovers, which is an issue for Jameis. The secondary argument is that he is inconsistent at best on deep balls. These are both valid criticisms, but they ignore the larger picture, yards, touchdowns, football knowledge, leadership and unity, youth, and pedigree. Even if the criticisms are valid, these fans don't have a plan for attracting or drafting a different QB who would be better.


B. They don't really have an argument for why Jameis shouldn't be the guy. You can draw your own inferences here, but one idea is that he went to Florida State, a rival of UF and Miami. The other inference would never be acknowledged by anyone, so I'll go ahead and just say that some people have a thing against black quarterbacks. The Bucs' fanbase is not located in San Francisco, Seattle, or Portland--it's in Florida. These people may not even know they have that bias. It is easier to see it in others than it is to see it in yourself.


I went to FSU during the championship run. Jameis is the truth. He had similar problems in college but I don’t believe he has come close to hitting his ceiling given his age and natural talent.

mrdhood 19 points

You'll love our team as much as you love 2 run plays, 1 pass play, and 1 punt per possession.

Side note: what'd you move to Tampa for, just curious? Job/Family/Weather&Beach/Other?


Finished up grad school, got a job in downtown Tampa. Still looking for places to live if you have any recommendations on what area to choose for a single dude in his mid twenties.

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TheUnluckyGamer13 1 point

I heard that those have problem with blurryness and a terrible backplate that makes screaching noise when moved or when the monitor changes in temperature.


mine has been fine for about a year. I would absolutely recommend it.

TheUnluckyGamer13 1 point

Have you experienced any of the cracking sound after using your monitor after a long period of time?


Nope, never had anything like that with mine, and it’s been left on for long periods of over 24 hrs at a time. Amazon has really good customer service so I wouldn’t worry about receiving a defective unit and getting screwed. I haven’t had any issues with mine though.

THALANDMAN commented on a post in r/miamidolphins
11PoseidonsKiss20 2 points

Do you mind explaining what 3-4 and 4-3 defenses mean? I don't actually understand a lot of technical football terminology.


A 3-4 defense has 3 linemen and 4 linebackers.

A 4-3 defense has 4 linemen and 3 linebackers.

THALANDMAN commented on a post in r/starterpacks
sailorcire 55 points

Okay, so how do I stop?

THALANDMAN 67 points

Work on yourself, get in shape, develop interesting hobbies that you can talk about.

NOTson 2 points

Guess I need a hobby. Any idea on something that gets my out of this?


Learn how to cook, I just browse /r/GIFRecipes and watch a ton of YouTube videos.

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THALANDMAN commented on a post in r/politics
bookbindr 0 points

What do you want them to do? They can't arrest anyone until they commit a crime.

Yes they can. It's called the Baker Act.


That would work for about 3 days. Then he would be right back out. You can’t have the government policing thoughts. You can however, restrict people with a history of mental illness from purchasing weapons.

THALANDMAN commented on a post in r/Vive

I had the same problem a while back, stuttering every second in a repeat pattern. I tried literally everything to fix it. What it ended up being was that one of the HDMI connections going into a monitor was slightly pulled out (not enough for the monitor to not work, but enough for it to mess up the vive). I know it sounds stupid but unplug and plug in all of your monitor connections on both ends (graphics card and monitor). I heard a little click and it fixed my stuttering.

THALANDMAN commented on a post in r/funny
pperca 81 points

considering the amount of federal money SpaceX received before being successful, Neil is at least partially right.

THALANDMAN 29 points

Yeah people don’t realize that Space-X heavily relies on capital provided by the federal government. They aren’t a 100% private self-sustaining operation.

sumelar 3 points

Getting money from the government does not make it a government organization. That would mean more than half the private companies in the U.S. were government agencies.


I didn’t say it was a government organization. I just said it’s not self-sustaining without federal capital, which is true.

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THALANDMAN commented on a post in r/politics
Meanie_Mc_Meanster -6 points

Bush - the same person he blamed for 8 years of his failures.


I wouldn’t call record periods of consecutive growth immediately following the worst recession since the 1920’s a “failure”. The growth wasn’t outstanding but it was growth nonetheless.

Meanie_Mc_Meanster 0 points

Record periods of part time jobs... that is it.

Obama was a disaster from every conceivable metric. Somewhere, Jimmy Carter is sending him a thank-you card.


Actually I was talking about the record periods of consecutive GDP growth for the US Economy, I didn’t even mention the unemployment rate, but since you did, the employment numbers are actually quite encouraging considering we are close to reaching the natural rate of unemployment. Although the labor market is tightening, it doesn’t feel like this for a few important factors. Low-skill jobs are on the decline due to the ease and affordability of outsourcing as well as improvements in technology that take away the need for unskilled labor. The US is actually experiencing a shortage of labor for high skilled positions that require advanced degrees and training, which is why we import a lot of IT and stem labor from abroad on visas. Also to blame for the perception that the economy isn’t as good as the numbers suggest is the inflating asset prices on homes making them seem unattainable for anyone remotely close to the poverty line. Finally, wage growth hasn’t slid upwards as much as it should have, a trend that started when Reagan cut the corporate and individual tax rates significantly in the 80’s. The economy is in a lot better shape today than it was when bush left office, and any trend Trump takes credit for in his union address is most certainly attributable to the momentum of Obama’s economic policies over his two terms. The only thing he could even remotely take credit for that could arguably be justified is the bump in equity prices after he signed the tax bill, which would only be fueled by speculation of pro-corporate sentiment since the policy hasn’t even gone into effect yet and even if it did, it would take roughly a year to manifest itself in the economic indicators.

Source: I have a graduate degree in economics and finance

THALANDMAN commented on a post in r/AskReddit
StopEatingMyFries 1 point

Well, when you start debating a liberal and they say "You're a white male!! You don't get an opinion!!!'

That's them admitting they don't have an argument.

Or when they slander you by accusing you of being racist or a Nazi. Just because you dare not think how they tell you to. Just because you don't see tax cuts as murder and just because you don't see Migrant Rape gangs as the pinnacle of human achievement.



THALANDMAN commented on a post in r/politics
RonPaulaAbdulJabbar -373 points

It's clear to me the permanent government was colluding with specific established media corporations and other pro establishment candidates to spy on a political candidate seeking high office, something every American who wants to run for office fears.

Trump was spied on, members of his campaign were illegally spied on and they manufactured fake documents and events to scare him from running for office or to sink his presidency and it failed miserably because Trump is a tough son of a bitch.

People are "stepping down" because it's about to be revealed people are abusing the survaillence state to spy on political opponents or opponents of the old guard.

Trump also has the ability to reveal all the people implicated in the sexual harassment lawsuit settlements against established political figures, but hasn't because that's leverage he's gonna need soon.

Trump didn't just win the white house, he won the god damned war.

He will win in 2020 after he expels the illegals and reveals the abuse of power from the permanent government. Hold onto your butt cause shit is about to get raw.

Fake edit:

Holy shit this is the most down voted comment I've ever made hahaha the shills are out to get me hahahhahahhaha


yeah yeah and the moon is made of cheese

THALANDMAN commented on a post in r/civic
Ziggy2121 3 points

Beautiful! How are you enjoying it so far? I’m thinking of getting one and would love to hear what you think. I’ve never owned a civic but it seems like a fun car to drive for my daily commute. Plus it looks like it comes with a really nice stereo system as well.


Not OP but I just leased the same exact car a few weeks ago. Its my first Honda I’ve driven and it’s an absolutely great car (assuming your okay with manual as the SI doesn’t come in automatic). Ton of fun to drive, the backseat is quite large in the coupe, big enough for me 6-1 200lbs to sit in comfortably, solid fuel economy, sound system is good but not great (some bass rattle from the subwoofer housing), and plenty of features at this price point. I was previously leasing a Lexus for nearly double the price and I feel like an idiot for not getting this car sooner.

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