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Well it looks like he was aware and complied with a foreign hostile nations efforts to provide damaging information on his political rivals in exchange for loosening of sanctions and unfreezing assets of the hostile foreign nation’s oligarchs. He also lied about all of this and claimed ignorance until it inevitably came out that he obviously knew what was going on. Also he continuously defends the dictator of the foreign hostile nation and sides with him over the entirety of our intelligence agencies

I have the SHP9500s with a Vmoda mic and they’re great open back headphones. They do bleed sound to those around you but that’s kind of the point of open back headphones. They sound great and have a really low clamp force which makes them very comfortable unless you plan on moving around a lot in which case they may fall off your head. I’d definitely recommend them and anyone that I know that’s bought the SHP9500s feel the same.

I get that it’s bad that another country influenced our election but all they did was expose Podestas emails and gave the American people more information about how a campaign was run? Am I missing what I should be shocked about?

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Illegally hacked into email accounts of one political side and not the other. Then targeted releases of the information to specific areas and voters and framed it in damaging ways and that muddied the waters of discourse and took airtime away from actually covering the issues or policies of the candidates.

This thing is fuckin sweet, would love to get my hands on one


Already purchased Becker and an industrial sized bottle of astroglide. Scheduled for August 16, about six weeks out. Anyone success stories or tips/strategies that have worked for you guys?

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Basis basis basis basis basis basis basis basis Basis basis basis basis basis basis basis basis Basis basis basis basis basis basis basis basis Basis basis basis basis basis basis basis basis Basis basis basis basis basis basis basis basis Basis basis basis basis basis basis basis basis Basis basis basis basis basis basis basis basis Basis basis basis basis basis basis basis basis Basis basis basis basis basis basis basis basis

Seriously though, know your basis for all types of transactions (pship, scorp, ccorp, inheritance, gift, etc)

Know 1031 1045 1050

Blaw is 10-20% of the exam and is usually only tested in MC

Ethics is 10-20% of the exam and is usually only tested in MC

There is a 99% chance that your sims will individual tax, entity tax, and property transactions.

Know your basis

Know your basis

Know your basis

Beat it into your head that you need to know basis

If you walk in there knowing only one thing, let it be basis

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Thanks, would you mind elaborating on your study schedule/strategy?

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Was the incident not the Russian hacking of our political entities?

Ah yes, female drivers and some roses make up for the fact that Saudi Arabia has beheaded people for witchcraft up until 2012 or is dropping bombs on civilians in Yemen, acts which are described by the UN as "war crimes".

Stop posting/spreading this PR propaganda to make this backwards country look good in the western eyes.

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Well they’re at least making progress in the right direction, baby steps as they may be. Also, I doubt these two guys handing out roses and chocolates to female drivers are the same ones beheading alleged witches.

Not really it has to be based on a religious belief I believe. Or it would be like no people who wear pink will be served here.

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Anything can be a religious belief though. It’s a loose non-fact based justification for any opinion or value you want to hold.

You still have to prove it is part of a recognized religion you are a member of....

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You can warp whatever you believe to fit the narrative of whatever religion you claim to be a part of. It says in the Old Testament not to get tattoos (paraphrasing of course) so anyone with tattoos could be denied service. It also says not to wear clothes made from more than one material. This could be applied to your pink shirt example because it is made from a cotton/polyester blend and includes dye. I could deny service to anyone not rocking a beard because it made some vague reference to it somewhere in a religious text. The discrimination based on religion is silly because people in modern society cherry pick what they want to believe from their texts, taking some things at face value word for word while hiding behind the veneer of “it’s just a metaphor” for the stuff they don’t like.

I did an extensive apartment hunt recently. Grandmarc (right down the street from U-Club on brevard) was the best "luxury" student living option for the most reasonable price. Its a nice building that is constantly being renovated, its secure and i've never heard of anyone getting robbed or anything like that, the office staff are helpful, and the maintenance team is the most legit I have experienced in my 7 years of living in tally. The units are pretty spacious and they have all the amenities you would expect (gym, pool, internet cafe with printing, study rooms)

Why is it constantly being renovated? They can't get it done right the first time?

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They’re constantly making improvements. Updating the gym, installing granite countertops into all the units. Stuff like that.

You've never SEEN cake like this.

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Fuck it, bring out the big guns. Two scoops of ice cream

Same. Thus why I went back to school for accounting

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Same here. There must be dozens of us!

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Blackface is just something that should be avoided altogether. No good can come from it.

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Tropic thunder tho

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But that was a comedic way of showing us that we shouldn’t do it

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Good point

Basically what happened here was that the citizenry overwhelmingly voted for medicinal legalization, about 70% or so, meeting the quota of 60% required to pass the law. This is kind of crazy for a purple state like Florida to have this much of a consensus on an issue. The extremely right leaning legislature decided that the will of the people didn’t mean shit so when they wrote the laws they only allowed pills, suppositories, drops, and vape cartridges. No smokable cannabis, which was obviously the intention of the constitutional amendment that was voted on by Floridians. Thankfully John Morgan, attorney responsible for funding the legalization effort took it to court which resulted in the obvious decision made here. This was inevitable and a total waste of time and money by opponents of medical marijuana. Assholes basically who for obviously political and financial reasons deny the overwhelming will of the people.


Anyone know of fields open for students/public? Just trying to mess around and play football or set up cones and do some agility drills. The IM fields by Madison Social were gated and locked and you can’t mess around on the FSU soccer field or softball field.


They are still significantly better than the prequels.

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I disagree. The prequels may have had cheesy dialogue, but they were extremely creative and unique. The new movies feel like boilerplate adventure films with a Star Wars theme, especially the last Jedi.

The prequels are so bad that I almost can’t believe they were even made. I honestly can’t understand how anyone thinks they have any redeeming qualities.

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The universe building was extensive. The lightsaber battles were dope. Obi-Wan was awesome the whole trilogy.

Kanye only likes trump because he shits on the media and bitches excessively about unfair coverage, saying whatever insane ramblings come to his mind. Sound familiar?

Does it matter if you’re breathing through your mouth? It doesn’t look like it would easily fit over my nose and mouth.


Lifelong South Florida native and Dolphins fan here. I'm moving to Tampa to start my career and figured I would adopt TB as my second team. Would anyone care to give me a status report on the current state of the Bucs? Who are their star players, up and comers, what is the coaching/scheme situation, front office, ownership, cap situation, etc? Where are the needs and holes on the team? Appreciate any knowledge from you guys.

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You should know that a not insignificant portion of our fanbase does not support the best Bucs QB we've ever had, Jameis. While these fans are passionate and they want the team to succeed, they make one of two mistakes:

A. They don't do the due diligence to look at the totality of the circumstances to realize that Jameis is the best we've had and QBs of his caliber and potential don't grow on trees. They usually point to one stat: turnovers, which is an issue for Jameis. The secondary argument is that he is inconsistent at best on deep balls. These are both valid criticisms, but they ignore the larger picture, yards, touchdowns, football knowledge, leadership and unity, youth, and pedigree. Even if the criticisms are valid, these fans don't have a plan for attracting or drafting a different QB who would be better.


B. They don't really have an argument for why Jameis shouldn't be the guy. You can draw your own inferences here, but one idea is that he went to Florida State, a rival of UF and Miami. The other inference would never be acknowledged by anyone, so I'll go ahead and just say that some people have a thing against black quarterbacks. The Bucs' fanbase is not located in San Francisco, Seattle, or Portland--it's in Florida. These people may not even know they have that bias. It is easier to see it in others than it is to see it in yourself.

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Original Poster7 points · 4 months ago

I went to FSU during the championship run. Jameis is the truth. He had similar problems in college but I don’t believe he has come close to hitting his ceiling given his age and natural talent.

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You'll love our team as much as you love 2 run plays, 1 pass play, and 1 punt per possession.

Side note: what'd you move to Tampa for, just curious? Job/Family/Weather&Beach/Other?

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Finished up grad school, got a job in downtown Tampa. Still looking for places to live if you have any recommendations on what area to choose for a single dude in his mid twenties.


Anybody have any recommendations for some good falafel and shawarma?

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Who let squidward into the Krabby patty vault?

Oh you’re going straight to hell for this one buddy

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I heard that those have problem with blurryness and a terrible backplate that makes screaching noise when moved or when the monitor changes in temperature.

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mine has been fine for about a year. I would absolutely recommend it.

Original Poster1 point · 5 months ago

Have you experienced any of the cracking sound after using your monitor after a long period of time?

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Nope, never had anything like that with mine, and it’s been left on for long periods of over 24 hrs at a time. Amazon has really good customer service so I wouldn’t worry about receiving a defective unit and getting screwed. I haven’t had any issues with mine though.

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Oh god. Destiny 2.

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My life is already an unsatisfying grindfest tho

Do you mind explaining what 3-4 and 4-3 defenses mean? I don't actually understand a lot of technical football terminology.

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A 3-4 defense has 3 linemen and 4 linebackers.

A 4-3 defense has 4 linemen and 3 linebackers.

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