To prevent a piece of paper from folding, you put it in a folder. by Notcreativeatall1 in Showerthoughts

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At which point you become a folder made out of paper, not a paper in a folder.

Magnus Effect RC Plane by PingPing88 in gifs

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At what scale can it lift a medium-sized human?

She's a warrior. by [deleted] in BeAmazed

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Legend has is it, Chuck Norris simply gazed at Anna Kournikova until she became pregnant and 9min later this ninja clawed their way out of her.

A quality reality tv series: flat earth believers searching for the edge of the planet. by high_im_kaylee in Showerthoughts

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Day 583 : We must be getting close. Surroundings appear identical to where we disembarked.

This Chris Farley cosplay is amazing by Dr_Emmet_Brown in pics

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He even appears to be speedballing. Now that's dedication.

Saw this army dude making high score on this water gun game by calebdaze in mildlyinteresting

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The things I would do to you with a barrel of crisco and no Geneva convention

  • mom with white vest

Holding pieces of the moon and mars at the same time by anonccengineer in space

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Now I can't stop picturing the moon as one giant countertop.

Work at a second-hand game store, this came in today by FictionalForest in gaming

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My brain can't decide if this is arcade-size or handheld.

Running from the cops wcgw. by POSITIVEVIBESONLY1 in Whatcouldgowrong

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For a second I was like Holy shit! He's gonna backflip over the cops!