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Can confirm, have yet to meet a Lydia who wasn't a bitch.

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I've been making creative content as a hobby using my cellphone (Samsung Note5 and then Note8) and free video editing software, Shotcut, for almost 2 years. Last month I purchased a Sony A6500 mirrorless camera and a few lenses (Sigma 30mm 1.4F was used in this video) and noticed an immediate increase in production value. I also use a Zhiyun Crane v2, Rode mic, and recently purchased Premerie Pro. Would love some feedback / constructive criticism to help me become a better filmmaker / storyteller. I truly love creating all types / genres of videos and hope one day I can do it full time. Looking forward to your feedback!

EDIT: for clarification, I did the shot list, directing, filming, narrating, and everything in post production. It took about 30 minutes to film on location, and 2 hours in post.

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Excellent tips on going for the flat look to give more room for color grading! I'll have to check the sharpness setting and try that out. And yeah, I used the 180-degree shutter rule - shooting 120fps at 1/250 shutter speed. Granted, it only shoots 1920x1080 in 120fps, so maybe when I export from Premiere Pro at 1440x1440 that messes with it and causes the blockiness at times? And I really do need to look into ND filters! Just getting into this and haven't read up on them yet in-depth.

I'm using the PP4 profile. Black Level: 0. Black Gamma - Range: Middle; Level: 0. Knee: Auto. Color Mode: Cinema. Saturation: 0. Color Phase: 0. Color Depth: all at 0. Detail - Level: -4. The day I got the camera I YouTubed what profile/settings to use and that's the one I went with. I believe I'll be shooting an interview-style piece with b-roll at the same location this weekend. I'll try a different profile for it and report back!

Thanks again for everything and kudos on shooting with the a6000!

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it may never stop.

It will never stop. If its not skin color, itll be something else. I've heard many times of black people giving shit to other black people about not being dark enough too. People are weird and tribal. I dunno what you could do to get rid of racism. Perhaps better education?

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Hands down one of the coolest things about living in the 21st century is virtually anyone with a cellphone can become a filmmaker! For the past 2 years that's all I used in conjunction with a free phone app or free video editing software on my laptop. Since getting the Sony A6500 and Premiere Pro last month, I can really see an increase in my video production quality! What an awesome time we love in where nearly everyone has access to telling their story. This was my first attempt at an interview-style video to gain some practice/experience before shooting a similar piece for a local furniture store.

Any and all feedback is welcome!

It kinda does if the human is on a boat on top of said water

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The boat lifts the human.

Can confirm, have short arms and my Tinder-game is weak even set at a 90mi radius. Will most likely not produce offspring.


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Like humans, it makes dogs very sleepy. I reckon this is how they put-dogs-to-sleep back in the 50s.

That's some serious gnar-gnar.

Which is also folded.

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And made of paper.

At which point you become a folder made out of paper, not a paper in a folder.

At what scale can it lift a medium-sized human?

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Day 583 : We must be getting close. Surroundings appear identical to where we disembarked.

He even appears to be speedballing. Now that's dedication.

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