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solamf 7 points

Kinda short

TeamBristow 6 points

I’m not very tall.

sektabox 1 point

Is it all nails/screws for the joinery?

TeamBristow 1 point

Glue, pin nails and screws depending on the location. Screws are all hidden. Everything is glued.

cawlaw84 1 point

Looks great, been hunting for threaded inserts to make some tap handles, do you mind sharing where you found what you used?

TeamBristow 2 points

ACE Hardware had them in stock. They said it was a common item.

TeamBristow 2 points

I have read that they are available at Lowes. I found them on Amazon but I plan to try Lowes first. I will follow up if I find them.

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metoastyou 1 point

The tile is nice, no obvious patterns or odd bits. Lots of work

Are you gonna mount any art or gasp a TV above the fireplace? :P

TeamBristow 1 point

I am sure the wife will find something nice. No TV though.

Strangekitteh 1 point

Looks awesome! I love that beam. Where did you get it from? Architectural salvage?

TeamBristow 1 point

There is a place near me that salvages barns and sells the wood. It is in Mason, MI if that is in any way close to you.

TeamBristow 1 point

I have attempted to sharpen the tools but I have no frame of reference to know if they are sharp or not. I consistently break the part when I start shaping the bottom of the piece. The one time that I got it right it broke as soon as I tried to tool the end. I moved from between points to a screw chuck. It immediately started wobbling and shattered.

My guess is that this is partly dull tools and partly working with pine, any truth to that?

Littlewolverine 7 points

“Life’s to short to turn soft woods”

Or something like that. Heard it somewhere and couldn’t agree more.

TeamBristow 1 point

Thank you

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Buhbuhbuhbuh 6 points

Ours had free reign until we bought a new couch. We got couch alarms to train him and it worked!

Unfortunately, I am weak and wanted to cuddle a couple times, so now he is right back to not asking for permission and just hopping up.

TeamBristow 1 point

May look into the alarm. This couch is days old.

MLGTheForkOnTheLeft 0 points

You should feed your dog raw. Bones and all. Do some research on the B.A.R.F. Diet. Unless if your dog is SUPER picky and has to have food warm or something lol.

TeamBristow 3 points

I will read up on that. This was just leftovers from firing up the charcoal grill on a cold Michigan night.

FrankyFinch 1 point

I’m very new to woodwork, I’m curious how you get that finish? Thanks, nice work!

TeamBristow 1 point

Epoxy. Buy it cheap at Lowe’s and follow the directions to a T. Very easy to do it is just time consuming.

WestonLite 1 point

What kind of epoxy? Did you have to clean up the sides or does it dry pretty even?

TeamBristow 1 point

Famowood glaze coat. Available at Lowe’s. Thinner in the sides than on the top but it left a nice finish. It left massive drips off the bottom but I hit it with a sharp chisel and sanded it down.

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TrialAndAaron 1 point

Shit I have no idea man.

It just seems wasteful to buy something only to destroy it. It seems like you know what you're doing

TeamBristow 1 point

If you look at the light on the website you will see that i didn’t really destroy it. I just routed the existing wires through the beam.

Firewolf93 3 points

You're going to want to cut the ceiling and anchor that kind of weight right into the joists.

TeamBristow 2 points

I hit two joists with 1/2 bolts plus I hit the previous 2x4 that spanned those joists 3 more times. I hung from it before I hung the fixture and I go 205

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