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Hello there. I had an mma career, but amateur (if you want to call it career). In that frame of time I trained with pro mma fighters. I had about 25 years of boxing and kick boxing back then. Now there are so many sub levels and wide varieties of fighters out there you have no idea. There is not specific set of timeframe range kind of test to enter the mma career among pros. The first factor that was important back then for me was: the staff asking me do you have the money to pay for a private instructors ? Second: when are you ready and willing to begin ? Third: any previous experience in martial arts before ?

I was also told to not quit my school and job, period. It's really not complicated to enter that kind of lifestyle. Things get hard when you have to jog a couple of miles every morning. I was jogging 4 to 6 miles daily before going to the mma school. But from there, when your body accostum to this, the coach will allow you to learn at your pace until you're ready, that's it.

I saw young guys with no martial art backgrounds, make it. But this path is longer cause the staff have to teach every basic thing from the boxing footwork, to the rope jumping to the grappling 101 fundamentals. It's a long path believe me. Mine was shorter cause I had more than half of the basics down and I had full contact expérience in boxing, kick boxing and grappling.

There is no such thing like starting too soon or too late. The coach will guide you and decide when you're ready. Chris Horodecki, mma, was a young phenom and made his money. Now, not guys will make to the UFC, right ? I trained with guys who had more skills and martial art backgrounds than GSP and Patrick Cote and were never selected to enter the octadon cause they just didnt have that luck to be there at the right time/right places. The UFC is a very tight/narrow canal and few there be that will make it. Just think of Ben Askren for example.

'Wishing well, be patient and keep training.

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US Marine. I take it as a compliment.

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The best part of that video is a very small yet important detail at 5:02, 5:03. The transition is where a white belt applying this sub might fail.

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I know very god knowledgable blue belts that will do a fine job at teaching jiu jitsu, no problem. Now if he's white belt ? Chances are, he might have holes and breaking limit points in his game, but allow hom to teach you still. It's not about the belt level, it's about jiu jitsu. Take it from wherever/whatever the rank is, and grow from that point. There is no point in not learning a combat sport cause the guy is a beginner. I saw white belts bjj teach to mainstream people and those white belts kick their a*&%. So if the jiu jitsu is there, take it.

And yes, ask the rank, lineage and so forth.

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Jealous or envy, or simply cocky or any other personality character that you see after training in the same BJJ school for months, years. I went to a BJJ school where people didnt want to train with one comp guy and one naturally powerful blue belt who trained for 7 years. Jealous ? Fear ? Whatever it is...I trained with them, no problem. There will always be reasons to not roll with you, right ? If you were a 6.5, 245 lbs white belt 6 months into it, then chances are, some students woud never want to roll with you. If you were 5.1 and 115 lbs, probability would be, nah, she's too small, I need to train and roll with a respectable type of physic. Get my point ?

Now, the other thing is, you were told right ? Have they come to you and flat out state: we're not rollin with you sweatheart cause...

I've heard gossips in some jiu jitsu schools, but then some were truth, and others were gossips. Watch those gossip reportors. Some will deliver messages to you, and it will happend to be real negative comments, while others will deliver serious gossips that would put to shame those soap tv series. If the gossip reportor wants to train jiu jitsu, then he'll let go of that, and roll with you, right ? I heard truth and gossips in church, in college and even worst, the family. I still went to church, attended college and I visited my family. Now, you guess what is the right thing to do for your mind, body and life. Let jiu jitsu turn your life around and be the woman you always wanted to be.

The truth is you'll probalby succeed better than them cause you're there for the right reasons. Enjoy jiu jitsu.

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Original Poster1 point · 4 days ago

I didn't get beat up or tricked...she got mad and retaliated because I wasn't rolling her way.

I did learn a lesson though and I'm posting this on here to help me get over it. Thanks

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Students like her get their best lessons from those they cant sub. Get some private lessons and meet with your instructor. Your jiu jitsu will make leaps and bounds in no time.

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I love to have students to try to coach me and then the next thing they discover is they cant sub me at all. Wtf ??? (I can read in their faces). I wont avoid rolling with so or so, espacially when they lie and start going all out and full force on their subs attempt. I can say stuff like, O we're switching program, while rolling.

The fun part is, if they cant sub you, you win, remember. So try to work on your defence/escape and survival skills at all cost.

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Where the fuck you at that blue belt comps pay money of any kind?

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Like what, $100? You'd make more money by quitting BJJ.

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I'll have to ask him, but he's the shy kind of guy so I'll have to force him to talk some more.

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We have more nogi classes here cause most poeple dont want to pay for expensive gis with affiliation patches. And, a couple of mainstream people wanting to do mma will aim at nogi classes.

But who knows what the futur will look like ? 10 to 15 years is a big gap from today and lot of things will have change in the jiu jitsu world.

I did both and still believe you need both to be an accomplish martial art fighter, but that's me, I like variety.

From my personal opinion, I think it will take a lot more to wipe out the gi concept from the Gracie academies, let alone IBJJF. Gracie 12 dirty dozen will find a way to rejuvenate the gi aspect, and rekindle the fire. I mean, look at jiu jitsu today. It's more popular than it's been years and years ago. I doubt the 12 dozen will let the gi aspect die. Those guys carry over more weight in the buisness than what we expect.

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Where do train that there are more nogi classes than gi? I know of one gym around here that's not 10p that does 90% no-gi classes and they aren't a very full gym.

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Good to know. I forgot to mention : we lost most members in the nogi class and the instructor doesn't know what to do. He even called me to assist his no-gi classes and probably (reading between the lines) recruit new members.

Blue belt is full of sandbaggers. Had a match against a guy that's been a blue belt for over 4 years. He won double gold

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That is exactly what is going on here. I will hold myself back from giving names but the instructor is affiliated to Roy Harris. Several of his blue belts stay blue for a while: 3 years for one, 6 years for another one and so forth. I got rolling sessions with one of them while rolling, and his level of grappling was outstanding. When I questionned him about his blue belt, he acknowledged that his level should've been higher, but competing at blue allows him to win and get those prices ($$$). I also rolled with his first instructor, and his level was also much higher than a blue belt, but at this point I knew something was going on. What do you want to do at this point, really.

Who wins money at blue belt for competing? The financial incentive can't be that much....

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6 points · 5 days ago

We're talking GRAPPLING INDUSTRIES. From He told me, the money was interesting enough for him, but I don't know how much. Even if it's only 250$, well that's just enough for him to pay half of his college school books.

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up to a year to heal

God, I wish.

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Ok, yes some people will take up to 4 years. But from there, lot more than one issues to address. It might be more of a dysfunctional/disorganize personality problem more than a depression. There is a fine line between and a couple of moral/mental dysfunctions. I met with people who thought they were depress for years, until their doctor told them they had some sort of major pathological issue.

No. Depression can be chronic. It's not always a "personality problem." I have bipolar that is characterized by depressive episodes; it can be managed but it won't go away. I know people with chronic depression.

Their doctor told them they had some sort of major pathological issue.

I'm not sure what this means since depression is a pathological issue. Yes, for the majority of people who have depressive episodes, they will enter full remission, but that is far from true for everyone. Depression can be just as serious as any other chronic illness. And, yes, the people I know with chronic depression have been properly diagnosed.

I also have no idea what you mean by "moral/mental dysfunctions." What does morality have to do with an illness?

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I agree perfectly with all you said. That is the problem with psychology and psychiatry. My doctor told me that there are still mental illness that havent been officially researched long enough and/or discovered, and there are soooo many grey areas on this field, it's disheartening according to him. My choice of words was poor so bare with me please. Today we say, chronic depression, but decades from now we'll put different names on that, just like it was the case with psychosis and schizophrenia centuries ago. Psychology has to wrestle with insurances companies with the wording. When writing depression chronic, insurances will soon stab you, so some doctors will carefully select different words to allow the patient to receive proper care.

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3 points · 6 days ago

In respond to you (but for Scottiebjj): plans b are a part of life, espacially if the guy wants ot swim like Mickael Phelps but lost his arms and legs, or the young student who fails the Navyseals training camp, but goes straight to Havard school of law as a B plan.

I'm amazed at some of these seminars authors/mentors/gurus/counselors bold statements. In the last few years I get to read and still hear stuff like, you can do whatever you want to do if your heart wants it bad enough, or statements like, go after your dreams, or blah, blah and blah. I want to go to the moon. Well, buddy get your self a student form of the university, fill it up and send it back. Now remember, 99% of Nasa members who went to the moon had a PHD. If I'm 55 yo, chances are mmmhhh. And if I'm in a wheel chair for life, mmmhhh.

Some mentors will encourage people to set realistic goals, cause not all goals are real. Humans can built mythical plans, and create perceptions larger than life, than scream, no one will stop me from doing this. Really ? Than ok, go ! There are contexts, age, family, finances and so forth factors that can or will hinder some people's dream fullfillment. I want to walk on water like Jesus Christ. Mmmhhh, I'll get a B plan. And there are life's biggest and greatest challenges through failures.

One's biggest lifetime dream might be to become US President. The plan B is often what happend in real. Who said B plans are bad or that the person doesnt belive in himself. This world was also built on people whose lives are filled with B plans, like Mexican strawberry pickers, or security guards in Somalia, or black slaves who worked in the 18th century. They had plenty of dreams. Now watch their B plan unfold in their lives. They didnt believe in themselves ? Mmmhhh. Some of them believed so much in their dreams that they took a bullet and left their wives and kids behind. Mmmhhh.

What those world greatest icon seminar counselors wont tell us is that the context can be a great limit to your dreams, and sometimes, you'll have to work and take those boundaries into account or else. Muhammed Ali had big dreams and fullfilled them right? He lived in the right era to be self-entitle to dare without taking a bullet. But former boxing champ Jack Johnson paid a very heavy price for reaching out to realize his dreams in his era. What history doesnt tell us is that his B plans would have made him great, still. And who said that C plans are bad, God ? I doubt it.

I understand where you are coming from. And to an extent I agree. With becoming a multi-time world champion in your sport (bjj,mma) you have to just say fuck it and go for it. You have to believe in yourself and work hard for it. Why should you stop trying to get what you want when people say, "no, you have to do this that and that" "be like how everyone else is in the world". Go after What you want!

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11 points · 6 days ago

54 here. Check. What next?

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1 point · 6 days ago

45 overhere. What's up with the 50s ?

11 points · 6 days ago


What do I win?

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lol. No wait, not a post. Hey, easy on, I thought we were friends. Kazparaov. Hi,hi,hi. But was I answering you ??? I will call that interference. That's a 15 yards the way.

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From experience, choose different approaches. At times, you can leave all on the mat, and other times, roll with minimal muscle bound and sub approach oriented, and other times, go back to basics/fundamentals, and just survive on purpose like in your good old beginning days, than later, shoot for subs at all cost, but dont finish them, catch/release game will open your eyes a lot. For the learning process of jiu jitsu to work, you'll need to allow yourself to switch gears and turn it up or down. Your instructor will tell you that either verbally, or on the mat.

Jiu jitsu can become an emotional roller coaster, so if you roll all out with full force, you'll last about 2 years (figure of speech) in jiu jitsu according to Ryron Gracie.

On days when you want to roll light, some students will go to town and unleash their beast. Be aware of that. When I use to train to compete, I had guys who were in the comp buisness since years and their rolling sessions were not what I expected: moderate speed, moderate sub force usage and moderate scrambles. One day, I went full force and great speed on one of them, and after 30 minutes, I was force to survive. My grappling coach yelled at me, hey this is a one hour rolling session remember !!! Oups.

Going full force and all out, you're asking for injuries sooner or later, and jiu jitsu will break you if you play hard too often. Roy Dean (BJJ black belt) once said: you cant be the hammer all the time, you got to be the nail sometimes.

so if you roll all out with full force, you'll last about 2 years

I sometimes can't last five minutes, so this sounds great!

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1 point · 6 days ago

Well, lol, go to google images and check in Relson Gracie and try to guess his age. Now from there, try to figure out how long he's been rolling until today. 'Glad I'm still able to roll since early 2000's. Keep it up, jiu jitsu will reward you.

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My son did both, judo and BJJ. But loving to test and try stuffs like he always does, he went to one of his judo class to use BJJ agaisnt the students. As he was prevailing and smashing gently most judo students, he received several warnings from the judo instructors. The and part is, if they knew how to counter a BJJ grappler, the judo instructor wouldnt warn him.

Some of the Gracie did trained in judo and even freestyle wrestling at some point during their long jiu jitsu lives. Make your choice.

As for me, I had mma experience, and supplemented it with jiu jitsu. Jiu jitsu made me jump leaps and bounds in my mma sessions and fights.

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Your brain has more ressources than what you think. Get back and enjoy it. Remember, it's a process. No preparation needed. You've got tools now to continue. No one ever restart. Just imagine the newbie getting to his first class without tools, without a clue and rolling with some students who make his life miserable on the mat. Mmmhhh. That is not where you are now.

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As you roll longer and switch partners, your memory will your best allied. In my youngers grappling years, I would use notes pads. later, I bought BJJ books. As time went by, I was force to study more jiu jitsu (from mma experience). Eventually, you'll need notes references for tiny details from weird or special mat time technics. But besides that, your memory will have that sharp snap reference and you wont even need to think ahead about most technics anymore.

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The art of submission: the calf slicer. (Via google images)

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Not all jiu jitsu schools are alike. In some of them, people are friendly and respectful while in some others, students are the opposite with egos larger than life.

  1. Just take a shower after class if you can.
  2. That's personnal to you.
  3. Dont worry about that. If you stick and hang in there for a long time, it will take care of itself.


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Maybe your instructor isnt so stiff on the two major different schools in jiu jitsu (Gracie jiu jitsu and IBJJF school). Is it a legit school ? What's your instructor lineage ? Just curious.

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In some jiu jitsu school you got to wear the gi the force you to wear, with their logo and/or affiliation on it.

3 points · 9 days ago

fuck that might work for me

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lmao. It's like playing at the lottery right ? Who knows, you might win that gigantic 300 million $, right ?

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Amateur mma was the best move of my combat sport journey since years. Jiu jitsu brought my mma level to it's peak and I made leaps and bounds every fight.

Keep going !

12 points · 7 days ago

Spoiler: works at subway. Posted on wrong forum

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I love to survive them for several rounds and ask them if they intend on applying a sub on me at any giving time. Watching their faces is worth 1000$. They're surprise when after stating this, they cant sub you and that is the trick to trap their minds.

Now when I get a 80$% sub and there about to tap, I plya game of squezzing/releasing and so forth, by the end of the class, the truth comes out and they're exposed. I love to have them though.

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