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TehHarness commented on a post in r/Justrolledintotheshop
Rylth 182 points

Just for completeness, as I didn't find out about these for quite some time, there's also:
r/ATAAE (Awful Taste And are Awfully Executed)
r/GTBAE (Great Taste But Awful Execution)
r/GTAGE (Great Taste And Great Execution)

TehHarness 66 points

I WAS going to bed.. thanks a lot...

translucentcop 1 point


Still awake I'm assuming?

TehHarness 2 points

send help.

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TheBrokeVaper 3 points

for the most part unaffected. HC sent out letters that they're looking to cut down to 65mg as the highest nic, so that would likely be the biggest change. Death of the 100mg option. Aside from that flavours are hard to touch given the widespread use across so many industries. With the exception of a couple of flavour companies marketed exclusively to the vape industry, we're all (premium ejuice manufacturers and DIYers alike) using, beverage/candy/baking, etc flavourings. They've simply been repurposed. My understanding of the flavour 'ban' tho is the marketing of specific profiles assumed to be more appealing to those underage...not the actual use of them. As other have noted that's a pretty significant distinction.

TehHarness 1 point

Looking to cut down, or is part of S-5? If so, I need to get more 100mg. It's just easier to calculate...

TehHarness commented on a post in r/pics
Borp7676 256 points

Wendy's is next level shit though, I feel like the quality of fast food has been going up because prices are too and it's sandwiching places like Applebee's into actually good restaurants, to the point we start to realize those ten dollar boneless wings aren't really any different from that three dollar chicken nugget box.

McDonald's can go fuck itself though, quality has either stayed the same or gone down and price has tripled. I paid like six bucks for a small fry and six nuggets and all I could think about was how the exact same food was $2-3 when I was eight.

TehHarness 1 point
TehHarness commented on a post in r/HTC10
kiwi_rozzers 8 points

It's not a problem with the Oreo update. Even before Oreo, the battery got really flaky really quickly. Oreo just made it worse. I've had this phone for less than two years and I can't get through a day without a charge. I'm not even using my phone all that often.

Some people (including me) have also experienced flaky Wi-Fi connectivity.

It's a good phone. Not a great phone. And HTC as a company are slowly dying so they're cutting costs wherever they can. You can see it in customer support.

TehHarness 2 points

Agreed. Wifi has been garbage since day 1 for me

TehHarness commented on a post in r/CasualConversation
Miyenne 71 points

Yeah I'm a woman born in the 80's. I loved Marvel, but buying comics was not a pleasant experience. many times I just didn't because clerks actively dissuaded me from it because I was a girl.

Rogue was my idol growing up. Especially since we both have curly brown hair with a white streak at the front (I swear it's natural), and well, Rogue is just kinda awesome.

I honestly do feel a bit bitter about it all now, but then I mentally slap myself and say get over it. At least now other little girls can have strong characters to look up to without being treated like I was, which is awesome.

TehHarness 2 points

This may sound weird and I'm sorry, but I'm interested in seeing the white streak. I have a friend who swears the same, but I still don't believe him, especially given that he's a hairstylist and it just fits his style too perfectly.

HollyWoodHut 3 points

I went to high school with someone that had a large birth mark on his head by the left temple and any hair that grew from it would be pure white. His was roughly a few inches in a random spot but maybe your friend got lucky with where theirs is?

TehHarness 2 points

Perhaps, that's a neat theory. Not like I'm going to go ask to inspect his head lol.

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TehHarness commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
bitcoinilluminati -1 points

Another problem is you don't know where your bitcoin is being sold or bought you could be anywhere in the world do you know how many jurisdictions you cross while your transaction is being solved? How in the hell they gonna solve that issue alone?

TehHarness 3 points

By telling you to pay for all of it, and if you don't like it gfy. The IRS gon get they money

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TehHarness 1 point


When I jump from the battle bus, I'm often redirected to a random direction messing up my jump


Jump enough, it'll happen. Happens across all platforms

If replicable, how:

Platform: ALL -- Myself on PC, friends on PS4/Xbox in my presence

Big_Al_SixtySixtyOne 1 point

I think this is because they throw you out of the back of the bus now, and the animation is kind of screwy sometimes.

TehHarness 2 points

Interesting theory, wish I knew how to change the outcome though.

TehHarness commented on a post in r/AskReddit
TehHarness 3 points

Leaves dishes everywhere, especially my computer desk, and never cleans up or picks them up later. Then gets upset when my desk is a mess.

But I love her.

MicroscopicMothra 2 points

Ugh. Mine leaves cups EVERYWHERE.

TehHarness 1 point

And uses 6 cups in 1 day for water?!

TehHarness commented on a post in r/AskReddit
TehHarness 1 point

What in good God's name is senioritis?

twataburger 2 points

When you become a senior in high school and stop giving a shit since you know it’s almost over.

TehHarness 1 point

That was most of my grade 12 year. Already got into college, had easy classes, I skipped half my classes with my teachers' blessing. Was spending more time in the gym and the woodshop.

TehHarness commented on a post in r/pics
TehHarness 1 point

Story/news/etc.? Is everyone alright??

TehHarness 2 points

Very happy to hear. Best of luck for you and yours :)

TehHarness commented on a post in r/Vaping101
cuckingyourwife -1 points

Because it's massive? I'm grateful for help, but I've experienced Reddit enough to know that it's optimistically half and half.

Also, I have a people thing. I wouldn't dare walk into a store.

TehHarness 2 points

Each subreddit is different. Please be respectful when joining a new community or it will be difficult to get the help you need. Nobody wants to help that guy.

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