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Chiming in with the avoid Smok crowd. Had 2 Smok mods fail on me both under 1yo

I remember him in classes -
I remember him in school -
With his messy hair and glasses,
Not particularly cool.

But I'd chance upon and meet him,
As we passed the classroom walls -
And erroneously greet him
When I saw him in the halls.

There was really nothing to him,
And he wasn't much to view -
He was Ed to those who knew him...

But to me,
he's Ginger 2.

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We don't deserve you. You should put all of these in a book with context. I'm sure there's dozens of us who'd buy.

Is that the consumers issues. NO. Maybe if the likes of cogeco and bell were reasonable in their pricing people wouldn't be leaving them in droves for smaller local ISP. When the local ISPs in areas start running their own fiber i am sure more people will leave Cogeco and Bell. I hope one day Cogeco and Bell are decimated to the point that they only provide backbone, and business services.

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It is the consumers issue. Because if/when those times come, your local ISP will be maintaining their network with the same costs we have. Also thank you for hoping I'm out of a job. Have a great day yourself.

I belive you stated " I agree. I disdain Bell even AFTER working for them. I cancelled my cell phone finally with them, and I got off easy because my account was still flagged as an employee account. Very glad " To me this means you no longer work for them?

I have a local provider in my area.... Thank god. They don't use bell Canada as a backbone cause they have their own. There costs are lower and they have no caps, and not to mention they have already laid there own fiber in my area.

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Correct I do not work for Bell. I work for another ISP though.

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7 points · 5 days ago

Gold star to you!!

I’m an appliance repair technician. Have to fix washers all the time because the shock absorbers wear out from people washing heavy and light fabrics together (which causes an unbalanced load—much more shaking that the shock absorbers have to absorb).

So, yes. Thanks for being one of the good ones who doesn’t cause extra, unnecessary work for people in my profession.

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Is an alternative to separating everything (because laundry would never get done at my house) ensuring the load is balanced on all sides and not spinning abnormally? I ensure this, but I don't want to screw myself.

I was merely playing my part as hells advocate, most security guard jobs are minimum wage unarmed affairs with no specific skill set other than observe and report via walky talky.

theres nothing wrong with going into the security career and developing skills to get the decent paying jobs like management or running your own security company.

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It’s starting to look like these installers actually hate the company they work for, and this is their way of expressing it. I know people can be just bad at their jobs, but this level of bullshit is starting to look intentional to me.

Is it just me?

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Agree with the other guy. They're not necessarily doing it out of protest but the working conditions there are NOT good, and if you get a tech who's just trying to earn a paycheck and doesn't really care, I could see bad stuff happening.

Generally, your handier more skilled techs will be more cautious of drilling than the aforementioned. I'm very cautious, and have only hit a sprinkler control wire (panel > outside) that neither myself or the homeowner could see or knew was there. Pretty sure our contractor fixed it with a multi pair buried wire (since that's all they really are), and gave like $150 for damages.

Dang. They just did this outside my place as well, but no sinkhole or anything yet. I gotta say I'm regretting saying yes to the Bell guys with all this stuff on reddit.

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Realistically you can't stop them. Easements and right of way. They're liable for damages, but you can't prevent them from Installing their network. Only thing you can refuse is a line to your house.

I worked at a telco. Saw similar things. Cheques and packages offered. Especially fibre homes.

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At my current place of work I see it. Just never bell.

Not much interaction with Bell. For a home with Fibre, the cost to run the network is tremendous. They would do whatever they needed to in order to keep that customer after install. If the install happened, then they left for a competitor, huge amount of money left on the table.

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Giving free service doesn't make any money though.

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If you want to stay with Cogeco, just tell them you're a student and you'll get 120mbps for $60 for 8 months. $40 cheaper than regular price. They don't ask you any information, that's what I've got going on right now. It's also free installation since you're a "student".

Anything else, I recommend start but their 120mbps plan is slightly more expensive than cogeco 120mbps. Start is around $110/month, cogeco is around $105/month if I recall correctly, after taxes and fees and what not.

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You don't have to tell us you're a student. We're offering that deal to everyone right now. Just ask for it!

Got a deal for a 10+ year customer? I have Cable/internet/phone and my bill has creeped up to about $250 a month. My wife is hounding me to look elsewhere to save money.

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I can't handle billing requests at all, but if you call in and speak to retentions, do a little research on your options, present it, and see if they'll meet it. I can't ever argue with a customer leaving due to price, as it's something I can't personally correct.

What area of the city are you in, and what services would you require from another provider? If nothing else I may be able to give you next best option..

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Original Poster1 point · 27 days ago

Thanks !

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Where the hell is it?!

This is incredible. After watching my first thought was "I'd totally play this!" Kinda bummed it's not official tbh. Great work, you deserve the updoots big time!

Damn I suck. He did way better in that clip than I ever do. Lol

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Keep practicing. Ask yourself why you died at the end of each game and try to remember that next game. Eventually things become automatic. You got this b! Good luck!

You were number 16724 of Thanos' 231259 children snapped /r/inthesoulstone.

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Remember me~

I drive around the city for work and work the next 5 days 12hrs, I'll keep my eyes peeled and tell the ppl I work with to do so as well!

Comment deleted1 month ago


FYI, MOST flavours are suspended in PG, so unless you mix all your own w/ flavours suspended in VG only, you will likely come in contact with low concentrations of it.

You play hours everyday. Thats too much for working people.

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I work 50-60 hours/wk and am rebuilding my house..

Ok let's do the math. 12 hour work day + .5 hr lunch +1 hr commute + 1 hr cook eat and clean up dinner + 1 hr hygiene plus pooping. Youre at 15.5 hrs and you haven't spent any time on the house yet. Wheres the time to level up in that schedule?

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I have no commute, I drive my work truck home and am done by 8. Lunch is built into my day, my lady works shorter days than I do so dinner is usually ready when I get home. Plus I wake up an hour and a half before I leave to have my coffee and poop, but try to get 45 minutes or an hour playtime in before work to relax before my day. Hour and a half or so around the house plus shower puts me at 9:30-10, play til midnight (fiancee plays too, so she usually wants to play when I'm done what I gotta do) and sleep til 630. I have no morning commute as I said. Occasional play most of the day day once or twice a month if I need to decompress and forget about responsibilities for a day.

That's pretty much my life in a nutshell.

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It's my favorite RDA, I like to gift, and there's like... 7 colors. So I got 2 of each.

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Hey, it's me, your brother

It's been close to a month at this point I believe.

You need your own novelty account, sir.

Where did you screw the shelves in to? In between studs? Any shelving should easily hold the weight of all that juice

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It's slatted wood w/ brackets, they used 2 brackets per shelf. I feel like an addl bracket or two would really have made a difference here.

Trying to wrap my brain around why they all failed when they each have their own supports... I guess they cascaded/dominoed?

More brackets seems like a pretty good solution I reckon :)

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I assume the same about the cascading, so either we're both geniuses, or absolute morons - either way, go us!

My milkshake breaks all the cams and the rods,

and they're like, in pieces and shards,

damn sight, those pieces and shards,

I can fix this, but I have to charge.

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You're a god.

Service jobs are the same. Always get the "Hey can you come look at my air conditioner?" Yes I can but my rate is $30 an hour plus parts. You have no idea how many family and friends are offended by that. I eventually just started telling people I don't work for friends or family and I don't do side work.

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Hey can you come look at my AC? I'll happily pay that and have a cold one ready for you when you're done.

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