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sledge98 4 points

Am Champ. Am not upset. I'd argue that Crowns and Wheel Trails could be considered "worst" season rewards.

TelevisedOrphan 2 points

The trails were a great reward. I see the silver, diamond, and champion trails still used all the time. I personally still use the silver trail as it’s the only white trail in the game. I could see an argument for the last banners being the worst but I think banners in general are a not very satisfying reward, which is why I don’t understand at all why they chose to go in a new and really polarizing direction with their season rewards while using the type of reward that is least well suited to demonstrate its potential. Also, a huge fan of yours <3

sledge98 2 points

Yes that's why I said "arguably". Wheel trails only appear when supersonic and thus don't really "display" your rank that well. Everyone will have different ideas of what is the best rewards, and usually it will be something they weren't able to achieve.

Getting banners and goal explosions sounds great on paper, the execution left something to be desired so I understand the disappointment. But in reality no reward will ever please everyone.

TelevisedOrphan 1 point

I agree. The execution just seems to contradict their stated goal. Moving away from the fixed rank colors for this reward seems to have freed up no room for new design choices in any meaningful way other than with the grand champ banner (which I think is actually a very cool color scheme). Every other banner seems to be designed exactly how it would have been if they stuck with the existing system but with random colors that ensure nobody will ever be able to create a matching car loadout with their highest level achieved season rewards over the next couple seasons. I thought the idea of making the color schemes unlockable as well was a good idea as it actually means getting more from the banners with this new non-fixed rank color idea. To me this is the only way to make the move offer any benefit with this kind of reward (banners). I’d love to hear your thoughts on that idea.

TelevisedOrphan commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
TelevisedOrphan 14 points

I never write comments. I even thought it was ridiculous when everyone was complaining about the dragons. But this, this is just so much worse. I cannot express how disappointed I am. The addition of the goal explosions almost feels like a slap in the face when they really aren’t linked to ranks. I finally hit champion and i was so proud of it before I saw these rewards. And I know I didn’t do it for the rewards, but it somehow just feels so awful to get this gold banner as the reward. I desperately hope psyonix finds some way to remedy this. It feels like they are rushing to copy fortnite’s battle pass system that won’t even mesh well with rocket league’s existing item system that they didn’t care to take the little extra time to make these rewards worthwhile at all.

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Illdoit4BTC 1 point

How?? If I aim with LT And hold breath with RB then that's using my pointer finger on each hand?

TelevisedOrphan 1 point

Because you are using three buttons. One button to ADS, one button to hold breath, and one button to actually shoot, or why else would you be holding your breath in the first place? Currently you have to use two fingers on your left hand and one on your right to perform this action and your proposed change would make it so you use two fingers on your right hand and one on your left.

TelevisedOrphan commented on a post in r/PUBGXboxOne
TheSkullmasher 2 points

Really small, insignificant complaint here but, why do the bullet loops not share between shotgun and kar98? The kars bullet loops are the only attachment locked to a specific weapon, and while i know one would have rifle bullets versus shells... lots of attachments translate to guns that don't make sense, like extended mags between ARs and S12k. It's a small thing but it makes the attachment just way rarer for no reason.

TelevisedOrphan 1 point

There is also the stock for the mini uzi. I can see how the different bullet loops would be fundamentally different but I would support them making the bullet loops just one attachment that works for shotguns and the Kar

TelevisedOrphan commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
VegitoSSB 2 points

What happened to buying the car just out right? How many cars have been crate exclusives?

TelevisedOrphan 1 point

Takumi rxt, dominus gt, road hog xl, x devil mk 2, octane zsr, mantis, endo, animus gp, centio v17, Jager, imperator. Hope I'm not missing any but I probably am.

TelevisedOrphan commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
ImGonnaObamaYou 2 points

Will this be an update? Or like the velocity crate, just you guys change something server side and it all changes? Really curious!

TelevisedOrphan 2 points

I imagine it won't be an update since the crate and items have already been found in the game files just like the velocity crate stuff. Should just be a server side switch.

TelevisedOrphan commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
TelevisedOrphan 2 points

They want to incentivize people to buy more than just one key at a time but other than that, they want to keep it $1 per key. However, it has been proven through many studies that for any whole dollar amount, lowering the price by one cent makes that price feel lower in a significant way to people as a whole so they also adopted that commonly used pricing technique. It inadvertently leads to a weird system where the 5 pack is the technically cheapest option but only by fractions of a cent.

TelevisedOrphan commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
TelevisedOrphan 1 point

I definitely would not want it to be one team could be white and the other could be black. I personally love white and would be super annoyed having that option on one team and not the other. I have no problem with the system as it is because I can make an awesome "white car" with a primary color, white secondary, white painted car, and white painted wheels. If anything I'd just add all the colors to every team for primary and secondary because you can already make your car look like it's on the opposing team with secondary color alone

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