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TenureAz 2 points

Is there any reason to hang on to the 5000 stamina I claimed from the weekend tournament versus using it to grind the draft promo?

The-Real-Larry 1 point

Not really. There will be other promos but at this point in the season just have fun.

TenureAz 1 point


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BasicBrewing 3 points

Your insurance is not HSA-eligible?

You will be able to calculate the prorated family max for the months that your daughter was on your wife's HSA. So if your daughter was covered through April of this year, your HSA contrib max would be $4483.33

TenureAz 1 point

Correct. I do not have an HSA option. Thank you!

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TenureAz 12 points

Billy <beep> Rickie Fowler Halloween Costume <beep> collision course

Jewcrazymaing 4 points

Billy has the nicest eyes in all of radio

TenureAz 4 points

If I gave you a list of I don't know...3 or 4 dozen colors what color would you say his eyes are?

TenureAz commented on a post in r/arizona
bryanbryanson -2 points

I support red4ed, but honestly, calling teachers job creators is disturbing. It perpetuates the myth that people only have worth in society if they are fully employed. Not only that, but baby sitting is a vital position that is extremely important and positive and there is no reason to demean it to try to make teaching seem more important. We already know teaching is vital in creating well rounded individuals. Education isn't about creating workers. It is about creating empathetic, well rounded members of society.

TenureAz 6 points

Thank you for supporting. I believe all people have worth no matter their employment status. I also agree with you that baby sitting is a vital position. I am not trying to rank occupations but I am responding to the myth that teachers are babysitters from the troll above. I am not a babysitter anymore than I am a teller at a bank, a lawyer, doctor, outside service worker at a golf course, painter, gas station attendant, stay at home parent, or any other vital position to our society.

I do well rounded in my classroom. We learn what we need in terms of content but I also emphasize relationships and empathy. There are more than 40 languages spoken on my campus. I teach to change life trajectories and part of that means that I teach students the skills they need to get a job and be successful, whatever that might mean to them.

bryanbryanson 3 points

Hell yeah. If you all strike, I will be out there with you.

TenureAz 2 points

Thank you. Look for walk-ins this Wednesday. If you're interested, contact your local school(s).

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TenureAz commented on a post in r/DanLeBatardShow
FuzzySusDolphin 7 points

I remember when I first started listening to the show and thought they're making production errors. Kept wondering why it only happens to Cote and particularly when he wants to talk about his Lobos.

TenureAz 6 points

Three words, make that four

TenureAz commented on a post in r/DanLeBatardShow
Reg_Schulte 3 points

I'd rather they stay at ESPN. They would certainly still be good on Sirius but feel like a lot of great content comes from reacting to other ESPN people.

TenureAz 1 point

Not just reacting but also booking. ESPN would have to give permission for their personalities to go on the new DLS. Potentially no more Tom, no more Bomani, no more First Take, no more Adnan getting in the backdoor. I also wonder what their clearance/license agreement would have to be to get sound from all the leagues or if Sirius handles that. Seems like too much work.

They need to be paid more and be able to sell merch. All the bootleg stuff out there is costing them an arm and a pinky toe.

TenureAz commented on a post in r/arizona
AZPolicyGuy 22 points

The Joint Legislative Budget Committee (Our version of the CBO) estimated Prop 205 would've brought $82 million in tax revenue in 2020 (Warning PDF).

Cuts since 2008 have a current year impact of $1.1 billion. A 20% teacher pay raise, which would NOT bring us to parity to surrounding states, would cost $617 million next year. Unfortunately, this means legal pot would have paid for less than 5 percent of what's needed at what we should consider the starting point IF all revenues went towards education.

Our problems are structural. We've cut taxes, primarily for the rich and out of state corporations, 27 of the last 28 years. The 2018 impact of those cuts are $4.4 billion and what have we gotten? The Phoenix Metro area is the 9th most expensive metro area when you adjust for incomes because lawmakers didn't invest in people so there's no talent pool here. There's not a lot of business being created here nor do they want to relocate here.

TenureAz 3 points

Via the Az Center for Economic Progress: Corporations paid $617 B less in 2016 than 2007, the exact amount needed for 20%. Also 74% of corporations pay less than $50 in state income tax. Horse vitamins are tax exempt, 4 inch pipes are tax exempt, but hey it worked for Kansas right?

AZPolicyGuy 3 points

Glad to see our work is getting out there! I'm the Economic Policy Analyst for ACEP - Feel free to DM me if you ever want to talk about our economy and budget :)

TenureAz 2 points

Will do! David is a hero of mine

TenureAz commented on a post in r/arizona
Rickard403 1 point

Its a difficult situation. You have teachers that are responsible for low numbers in arizona education. But those teachers may have come from the arizona school system. And those teachers now want a raise. Is it possible we would be rewarding them for doing a bad job? Are they doing a bad job? Or is it a matter of public funding? Is the funding there? Is far too much of it being bled into charter schools? I think the spelling errors highlight part of a much bigger issue

TenureAz 1 point

I'm a product of Arizona schools and I'm a district high school math teacher. Funding is definitely an issue not just salaries but also for out of classroom support like counselors, technology, and supplies. In my experience charters keep students until the state deadline count for funding then send them back to their district school. This inflates scores at the charters by being able select their own students.

Too much is made of mastery like 50% of students passing a test or 60% of students passing a test there is not enough emphasis on the growth of students. I have many students who are refugees and immigrants who are still learning English and some who speak no English . AzMerit is next week and is given in English. Is it accurate to measure a student's knowledge based on a passing score/number of questions correct?

For me I'm more interested in the results of our pre-test and post-test I want to see how much growth was made by a student. Take a student who is well below grade level: he may not pass AzMerit because he is so far behind but perhaps the teacher busted their butt and the student grew 3 grade levels. How would we ever know that?

This is separate from other factors like poverty. Students in low-income homes are exposed to 30 million fewer words than peers in more affluent homes. We need universal preschool.

TenureAz commented on a post in r/phoenix
mrsuns10 41 points

They also have one of the highest percentages of students who don't speak fluent English.

Maybe if we worked to better help our ELL students this would change

TenureAz 24 points

Yes! I teach at a district high school with a very high population of ELL students as well as a high number of refugees. Many of the students in my algebra class are attending school for either the first time in many years or for the first time ever.

TenureAz commented on a post in r/DanLeBatardShow
TenureAz 40 points

Preferred number is 2? What are the other 69 numbers on the top 70 list? Which number will he choose? Which number will he choose? Which number will he choooooooooooooooooooose?

StevusChrist 46 points


TenureAz 17 points

I don't have any cash

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