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Caveman_Z 2 points

It's gogo squeeze not gogurt. That's a fine

TenureAz 3 points

Let me see if i have any cash....NOPE!


Yeah, they could make a total killing by selling $10 tickets for the same experience they're selling. I think they'd make way more in total then they do the way they're doing it, and there's no reason they couldn't do both and have two separate prizes.

TenureAz 2 points

To shoot down my own idea, I have a feeling they couldn't do it because of state gambling laws. Corporate social responsibility....

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TenureAz commented on a post in r/JackReacher
TenureAz 1 point

Yeah I'm not particularly interested in taking a Greyhound across the country since im not as brooding but I would like to do Amtrak especially up the west coast. I think in general it would be great to drive around the US. Our retirement plan is to sell our stuff, buy an RV and travel.

I read The Firm a long time ago and I really want to go to the Caymans.

rahulsinhadps 1 point

Well I might have had my mobile charger as well ;) This trip was inspired from the book Nothing To Lose.

TenureAz 2 points

But do you rob drug dealers for your spending money?

TenureAz commented on a post in r/DanLeBatardShow
TenureAz 3 points

Steve Keim I mean this guy, seriously. Cuts Michael Floyd after a DUI and then you know what he does? He goes and gets a DUI on the Fourth of July. He should be ashamed of himself. And I'll tell you what, in my personal record book, he is no longer the GM of the Cardinals, he cut himself. You know who is? Larry Fitzgerald, that's right, the first player-GM ever.

You know how he could have avoided it? Self-driving Tesla, I'm Elon Musk.

TenureAz commented on a post in r/MaddenMobileForums
TenureAz 1 point

Is there a place I can get the abbreviations for the boosts? IMB , CIT, HTP, FNM, PLR, PST

I assume the others are catch, speed, pass block, truck, awareness.

ahunter_33 3 points

Imb is impact block. CIT is catch in traffic. HTP is hitpower. FNM is finesse moves. PLR is play recognition. PST is pursuit

TenureAz 1 point


TenureAz commented on a post in r/whatcarshouldIbuy
TenureAz 14 points

No. A thousand times no. Buy something cheap and save. If I am reading your post correctly, you are 17. Save. Your. Money. $750 a month =$9000 a year. Don't get sucked in to the mentality of needing something fancy.

AverageDeadMeme 1 point

Alright, what’s your alternative?

TenureAz 3 points

Get something reliable. I just got a 2016 Camry for $16,060 out the door. 25000 miles. Fill ups are costing me about $40. If you are filling up once a week, that's only $2000 for the year.

Better yet, find something you can pay for cash with your 10k. I know this isn't r/personalfinance but if you are 17 and have up to $750 in disposable income you should be saving or investing most of it.

I'm only 33 but I feel like an old man telling you this: don't be like me in my younger days. Just because you have money doesn't mean you have to spend it.

TenureAz commented on a post in r/MaddenMobileForums
PristineNumbers 1 point

Will coins carry over to next season? I have 2mil now.

TenureAz 3 points

No. Only cash.

KatyPerrysRack 1 point

How do you save the tourney stamina packs for use later?

TenureAz 3 points

Don't open them until you are ready to use them. Click the Red "Open Later"

mdgil642 23 points

PBR, please, I mean you were left for dead in the early 2000s, nobody I mean nobody that wasn't a hillbilly wanted to drink you. Then what happens, some hipster kids order you cause they think it's funny because of the stigma attached to you and know look at you, in my personal record book, they stopped selling pbr in 1999, how bout that

TenureAz 16 points

All I can afford, I HAVE A CHILD

TenureAz commented on a post in r/MaddenMobileForums
cdf14 27 points

Can you do a Pat Tillman safety card?

TenureAz 14 points

That would be awesome. Especially since it's Memorial Day weekend

TenureAz 2 points

Ray. Finkle.

TenureAz commented on a post in r/DanLeBatardShow
greenmildude 7 points

Speak to the screener normal. Then do your Stugotz impression on air. This is how an army infiltrates. Before long, there will be Stugotz army soundbites all over ESPN.

TenureAz 1 point

Heady play

TenureAz commented on a post in r/DanLeBatardShow
GorillaButt 13 points

I wonder if he hates this John Toto guy. I mean, Toto. He had to be something, huh? 121 goals. How bout that??

TenureAz 14 points

He also wrote and performed the hit song, Africa

TenureAz commented on a post in r/MaddenMobileForums
TenureAz 1 point

I got FB Boss Julio and none of the other bosses help my team. It looks like I will be able to get two more bosses.

My question is should I sell the players individually or finish a set and sell bosses or hold on to players to see about trade ins down the road?

In my AH there doesn't seem to be a ton of difference between the cost of 4 players vs. 1 boss.

DeaconFrost222 1 point

Bosses are going incredibly cheaper than 4 players (some for the cost of 2 players) on my AH. So I would sell them. There's really no reason to hold them because they will just lose value (especially if you've pulled any of the higher level players), and you can just grind more players easily for the next release of bosses.

TenureAz 1 point

Thanks. I'm going to post the players.

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