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1.9k points · 8 days ago

I remember when my Dad told me he had picked up this game on shareware that would blow my mind called “DOOM”.

Put it in and didn’t stop until I got killed by the Hell Barons.

I was 10 and I had never experienced a game like it. I’d played Spear of Destiny but this was a new level.

It is one of the few games I remember playing and thinking ‘this changes everything’. The others are Dune 2, FIFA International Soccer, Half-life and Grand Theft Auto. It’s not my favourite game from childhood (UFO:Enemy Unknown, Syndicate or the Monkey Island series take that) but when you played it you knew it was special.

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I remember a couple friends and I sitting around an old 386 in high school taking turns moving our tanks around and shooting at each other in Scorched Earth. Wasted so much time playing that game. Wasn't much for graphics or sound, but replay factor was fantastic.

Original Poster99 points · 11 days ago

They removed it because 'it didn't relate to Canada' ;p

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Did they apologize at least?

Props from this end. Doing proper Yoga on a heaving flight deck is hard AF. Ignore the h8rs.

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"Props from this end." - Literally.

When they sayno one does pecking orders anymore, but your unit did a pecking order and your supervisor said he wanted to write you higher but couldn't because of the pecking order.

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The PER system now is retarded, at least where I am. A Sqn board sits, which may or may not agree with me (direct supervisor's assessment). That result then goes to a Unit board, which will rank that assessment against everyone else and guaranteed will not be what I assessed my subordinate. Then I get an email that says "write this guy up with exactly these amount of dots, don't care where you put them, but it has to be this."

PER interview goes like this: "I think you did an outstanding job for me this year, but the Unit thinks all it's other guys are better so you ended up being average. Sorry, but there's nothing I can do. If you feel like redressing your PER in light of all your glowing PDRs, I will support it."

Edit: spelling

1 point · 1 month ago

Sorry, but there's nothing I can do.

You could always choose to not follow illegal pecking orders which have been addressed multiple times over the last few years, just sayin.

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How did the last time you addressed your CO, OCs, RSM, SSMs and said "sorry Sirs, but the way you're doing this is wrong and I won't play along" work out for you? It's an easy thing to say in here.

Edit: Second - please explain to me that if it's illegal, why are they running these boards all up to the L1 level? If a Formation Commander is doing this, are you telling me he's going something illegal?

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I’m a newer Marine, so I was at Parris Island early 2012 and the only interaction I had regarding my religious background. I had “No Pref” on mine and the intro-DIs (you know what I’m talking about? Those DIs that teach you The basic shit before your REAL DIs come in; not sure if they used to do that) said to me “Don’t believe I God? Well he’s the only one who could help you here”. I rolled my eyes because I understood the game.

Never had a problem after that, and surprisingly even as an 0311 there were surprisingly more atheists and non-religious than I had anticipated. Never in a million years would I have guess that in the marine corps infantry you could meet some of the most open-minded people of your life but that’s honestly my experience.

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Service Guarantees Citizenship.

To expand on what u/tirefires said, here's what I would do assuming your DEM has the lowest value of -100.

  1. Load that single layer
  2. In the Raster menu, select Raster calculator.
  3. In the Raster bands list, double click on the band (should just be one option in the list) so that it is added to the Raster calculator expression box.
  4. In the Raster calculator expression box add "+ 100".
  5. Add a new filename in the Output layer box.
  6. Click Ok. The new tiff should be in your layer list now and should be saved on your computer as well.

If the lowest value was positive, say 200, then replace "+ 100" with "- 200".

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Do not do this. The values are no longer correct. Your 200m elevation is now 0 and that's wrong. If you want to get rid of everything less than zero, just use an expression that symbolizes negative numbers as NoData, or something similar to that.

Changing negatives to nodata is not the same thing. The OP isn't clear on exactly what he wants. However, it sounds like he wants to retain relative elevation but have 0 be the starting elevation.

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That's possible, were just reading it differently I guess. To me, it would sound like an elevation raster that might have bathymetric soundings (negatives?) And just wants those cut out and put to 0 instead? But it could be that he wants relative as well and in that case, simple addition or subtraction would work, as suggested. Either way, needs more clarification.

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You must be fun at parties!

But I thought the same thing...

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They're great for the Glucose IV during the party... it's like a reset button.

Did the same last posting. Broke out the wedge or beret occasionally for the confused looks from others.

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Am army guy on navy base, working for civvies. Next army boss is in Ottawa. Still have to shave and no ball cap. Just need to find my trench...

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Grounds for divorce if your wife acted in a certain way before marriage and then immediately after the marriage changed and acted completely different.

/r/relationships have taught me alot of useful shit like how to dispose of the body across multiple states and countries if needed.

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Never cross state lines with that shit. Always easier to deal with stupid county sheriffs than involving the feds.

17 points · 2 months ago

What is the unbranded name for a dumpster??

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My 2 cents (constructive, I hope). I taught different GIS courses for 3 years and have been doing GIS for 10.

  1. Get rid of the North arrow altogether. It's not really required, the map isn't being used for navigation and the information portrayed doesn't really need a reference. If you definitely want to keep it, as others have suggested, definitely smaller and tucked away.

  2. The most prominent and eye-attracting element of your map should be the analysis you are presenting. At first glance, it's hard to tell what that is. A better color scheme or using other symbology methods could improve on the visual impact. The main analysis (tanks within certain distance) is nearly the same color as low yield aquifers which is confusing, and then you threw a pattern in there as well, which increases the confusion in what you're trying to show us.

  3. The scale bar is ginormous and takes your eye off the map. Also, it's good practice to use common subdivisions so that people can use your scale bar to take measurements of required (ie 10 increments for a 1km break gives you 100m markings, or 8 subdivisions for a mile gives you 1/8th mile measurements).

  4. Don't use a DEM (elevation raster) as a base map layer, unless that's what you're presenting. I know you wanted the high contrast, but there are tons of free web maps to use that give people a better idea of where they are in the world. I have no idea what area that is. If you want more "look cool" factor (might not have learned this yet) use the DEM to create a hillshade, then drape a semi-transparent raster layer over it for that 3D look.

  5. All maps should have a title describing the analysis being shown and some information about where in the world your map is portraying (including datum and projection data if relevant).

  6. Your legend items should be renamed (looks like they are the feature class names). If you rename them in the table of contents, it'll rename them in the legend and look more professional, plus it will better describe your data to the user. If your DEM/elevations had nothing to do with the map and what you want to show, take it out of the legend all together.

I know I sound really picky, and maps are totally subjective, so please don't think you didn't do a good job. For your very first course, this is an excellent job. It was my job to critique maps of 20+ students every time they handed one in, so I have some built in pet peeves lol.

Keep up the good work and never stop learning.


UTPNCM 2017 Thread

Didn't see an existing thread as of yet, thought I'd start one - hopefully once someone gets a message they can post here and let us know they've started rolling out.

Offers have started rolling out!

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Original Poster2 points · 2 months ago

Yea, they've been rolling out every day since last Wed or Thurs. GL to everyone.

Haha yeah that's exactly what I meant by paper message. I have dumb words for things.

Alright neato. I'm out of province for two of the weeks in May. How long does one have to accept the offer if they get one?

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

I don't have the CANFORGEN with me, but it's in there somewhere. I think it's 15 days or something to accept the offer. I would leave a cell phone number with your supervisors if you haven't heard before you leave.

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Comment deleted2 months ago
556 points · 2 months ago

Lines? Where we're going, we won't need lines.

Oh my god, that place. Last time I was there it snowed one night in June, even with the sun being blistering hot during the daytime.

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I did my PLQ there in January - I worried for my life more than I ever did in two Afghanistan tours.

The penny? I'd think it would taste metallic

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Maybe it was just a sweet scent.

Nah, it was Maybelline

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Are you sure? Or just maybe?

19.1k points · 3 months ago · edited 3 months ago

My sister dropped from a major stroke in the middle of a busy city street. People were honking at her, yelling at her to get out of the way, and no one stopped to help her. Except one guy. She remembers him telling her “look I can’t be here if the cops come, I got warrants. I’ll wait till the sirens are close.”

People out shopping, going to work, going to restaurants. None of them could be bothered. The guy who’s got everything to lose by doing this called 911 and saved my sister’s life. If you’re out there anonymous guy with warrants, I thank you.

Edit: Thanks for all the nice comments and stories. My sister is still kicking. Wasn’t NYC. She was never able to find the guy. On the matter of if cops will run a warrant search in this situation - in the city this happened in it depends on what color you are. He was the “wrong” color. That’s just the reality here.

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People should have charges, warrants or tickets/fines waived for committing acts of kindness and helping others in need... on an equivalent basis obviously; helping old granny across the street ain't gonna beat your murder rap.

I miss Morocco and Tunisia

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I miss Darmok and Jalad.

1.1k points · 3 months agoGilded1

Username checks out

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It's like a Reddit Gold circle jerk in here...

He's right though.

Members that purposefully do the bare minimum, hurt us all as an organization.

I don't trust fat people. Their appearance already say that they don't give a shit. If they have or are trying to lose weight, more power to em though.

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Can I say then that people I find unintelligent or downright dumb don't care about their job performance as well? If they aren't taking night classes to improve themselves, they hurt us all as well. Should there be extra PER points for every standard deviation over the mean CFAT score we achieved?

Original Poster598 points · 3 months ago

No bamboozles here

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So hard to find a decent Rick Roll these days... real links and stuff... wtf is going on.

The frying pan has been a melee weapon ever since it was picked up and used by Tika Waylan Majere in the Dragonlance series.

They should just make it Dragonlance instead, so much material and lore to work with.

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