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Kierkin 18,978 points

My sister dropped from a major stroke in the middle of a busy city street. People were honking at her, yelling at her to get out of the way, and no one stopped to help her. Except one guy. She remembers him telling her “look I can’t be here if the cops come, I got warrants. I’ll wait till the sirens are close.”

People out shopping, going to work, going to restaurants. None of them could be bothered. The guy who’s got everything to lose by doing this called 911 and saved my sister’s life. If you’re out there anonymous guy with warrants, I thank you.

Edit: Thanks for all the nice comments and stories. My sister is still kicking. Wasn’t NYC. She was never able to find the guy. On the matter of if cops will run a warrant search in this situation - in the city this happened in it depends on what color you are. He was the “wrong” color. That’s just the reality here.

Teslix80 9 points

People should have charges, warrants or tickets/fines waived for committing acts of kindness and helping others in need... on an equivalent basis obviously; helping old granny across the street ain't gonna beat your murder rap.

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IronGeek83 8 points

He's right though.

Members that purposefully do the bare minimum, hurt us all as an organization.

I don't trust fat people. Their appearance already say that they don't give a shit. If they have or are trying to lose weight, more power to em though.

Teslix80 1 point

Can I say then that people I find unintelligent or downright dumb don't care about their job performance as well? If they aren't taking night classes to improve themselves, they hurt us all as well. Should there be extra PER points for every standard deviation over the mean CFAT score we achieved?

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geo_prog 109 points

I worked for the Government of Canada for a while as a research scientist. I was given a really high-end workstation (for government anyway), twin 8-core xeons, 128GB of RAM, dual Quadro cards, two 1440p monitors, and a 5400rpm spinning hard disk. To make matters worse, we ran every application through Citrix from a different city. So, my awesomely powerful workstation took 8 minutes to boot because it had to handshake with servers in a different city as well as load the OS off a slow as balls HDD. Then it took a further 11-15 minutes to load up my GIS software because apparently it was so much better to host our gigantic database full of rasters and other large BLOBS over a network connection. I was the only user. It was stupid.

Teslix80 1 point

This guy GISes for the Canadian Government. I feel your pain. I have a ~$8000 desktop computer that is baselined for our network with all it's "value added" services running in the background. Pretty sure my kid's laptop would run ArcGIS faster.

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Teslix80 15 points

As a Canadian who loves Southern US culture, I have never been able to try a crawfish boil yet (I've had some wicked good catfish, fried chicken, corn bread and sweet potato pie though). One day I will take my long coveted vacation to the south; I just need to find the best place to sit in a backyard and just dump a bucket of this gold on a table in front of me.

andrewsmith1986 3 points

My suggestion as a redditor from down south louisiana, offer to throw a meet up and buy the first keg and sack of crawfish. Someone will surely have a pot and a hook up. Drink beer, eat good food and meet some people.

Teslix80 1 point

This is always the best idea. It's a very Canadian thing to do, I'm glad to know the sentiment is the same down south.

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Xahrackus 121 points

Gʀᴇʏᴍᴀɴᴇ's ғᴏʀᴄᴇs ʜᴏʟᴅ ᴛʜɪs ᴡᴀʀᴅᴇɴ ᴛᴏᴡᴇʀ! ʙʀᴇᴀᴋ ᴛʜᴇɪʀ ʀᴀɴᴋs! sʜᴏᴡ ɴᴏ ᴍᴇʀᴄʏ!

Teslix80 2 points

Vengeance moves with the Gilneas Brigade!

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JMDeutsch 1,206 points

Of all the movies that make me nostalgic, 80s and 90s u/GovSchwarzenegger movies are at the top.

I wish we could have Schwarzenegger in his prime making new action movies with vaguely menacing titles like:

Dead to Rights - Arnold as an immigrant Sheriff saving a small 19th century town in the old west.

Held Up - Arnold having to stop the bank heist of the century

Shelter - Arnold is the lone survivor of a nuke attack except for the mutants that prowl the American hellscape

Chief of Staff - Arnold in a historical biopic where he plays Prussian General Baron Von Steuben, one of the fathers of the revolutionary Continental army.

And, of course, one funny movie:

Junk in the Trunk: Arnold plays a cop who has to save a garbage man from being murdered after he witnesses a mob hit. Kevin Hart is the garbage man. Arnold spends half the movie with Kevin in the trunk of his car.

In the end it’s Kevin who saves Arnold, and when he kills the mob kingpin on top of a Southern California skyscraper, Kevin drops the catchphrase from the commercial, “Time to take out the trash.”

Mob kingpin’s body falls off roof into a perfectly placed dumpster below

EDIT: Hot damn! First time gilded! Thanks for the gold!

Now I feel obliged to add even more awesome, yet to be made, Arnold films:

Long shot - Arnold plays America’s best sniper and is tasked with trying to assassinate Saddam Hussein during the first gulf war.

Run For The Border - Arnold plays an Homeland Security agent in Southern California that breaks up human trafficking rings. His wife and daughter are kidnapped to try and silence him. If hopes to save them, he needs to beat the kidnappers to the Mexican Border.

Child of Cain - Arnold plays a Danish military researcher in a remote Scandinavian village where the legendary beast Grendel has returned (modern retelling of Beowulf)

And because we need another comedy (I love Arnold comedies!)

Motormouth - Arnold plays an FBI agent tasked with protecting an executive whistleblower in the automotive industry. That executive is played by Robin Williams. The majority of the movie is scenes of Rob Williams ad libbing whatever the hell wants and Arnold yelling “Shut Up!” in various ways.

Climax of the movie is a killer trying to assassinate Robin at his congressional hearing but Arnold unexpectedly gets the drop and says , “Pump you brakes” before taking him down.

Final scene of the movie: Arnold leans into hug Robin and tell him what great friends they’ve become. Robin seriously responds, “Has anyone ever told you that you talk to much?”

Teslix80 2 points

RemindMe! 3 years "When all these movie ideas are produced after being stolen by starving screenwriters"

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