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ThatOneClassyRetard commented on a post in r/PoliticalHumor
MrBullyGoat -30 points

all the benefits of winning.

That's called winning.

ThatOneClassyRetard 13 points

All hes won was the election. And now all you right wing hillbillies can "win" while all of your rights are taken by greedy pigs and our world dies off.

MrBullyGoat -14 points

You sound triggered.

ThatOneClassyRetard 5 points

You should be triggered, we should all be triggered. But no, keep on living in your fantasy world and when you have no job, healthcare, and your house gets destroyed by man made disasters you can turn to your big orange turd for help. And hell MAGA right down to the golf course eat a couple burgers.

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I__WANT_TREE__FIDDY 3784 points

Damn 6 minutes and gilded. Wish I was that smooth.

Edit: Well shiiiiiit, I go to read about a snow car fooling cops and gilded twice within minutes. Thanks to whoever that was.

Also, can I get bout tree fiddy?

Edit 2: Gilded trice. Now I just need fiddy and I'm all set For now

ThatOneClassyRetard 0 points

Wow 3 minutes and 2 gilds what is this monstrosity

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ThatOneClassyRetard 4 points

Jeff sessions is gonna be a sad sad turtle

Odusei 20 points

Mitch McConnell is the turtle, Jeff Sessions is the Keebler Elf.

ThatOneClassyRetard 11 points

Your right i got my old white supremacists mixed up

ThatOneClassyRetard commented on a post in r/politics
I_Hate_Terry_Lee 1,194 points

You're being sarcastic, but this is my experience with Trump supporters. None of their posts have to do with Trump's policies or anything - they're all about how happy they are dems are offended. It's the whole, "they'll let Trump shit in their mouth if Dems have to smell it" thing.

ThatOneClassyRetard 2 points

All because they want us to feel how they felt when a black man was the most powerful man in the free world

iamkuma3 1 point

I grew up in a Christian home but I became Christian a couple months ago and got water baptised. I was raised under a step mum with major anger issues and possibly bipolar personality disorder and a dad who was physically abusive as well. My first memory from when I was 4 was seeing my dad beating up my real mum and hitting her with a metal ladle.

I wasn't allowed to keep in touch with my real mum until I was about 16, and my childhood was quite literally hell. I was beaten up for no particular reason, starved, not allowed out of my room/the house for up to 2 weeks at times. I had a younger sister (from same mum) who turned quite manipulative and toxic as well, no doubt from my step mum's influence. My parents always preferred my sister because she did better in school, and not long after she began to treat me the same way my parents did. Once when my sister and I were arguing, she bashed my head on a marble table and I refused to talk to her for 3 years. We had been to children's court a few times, the police station, with child protection services visiting our house regularly and my parents attending mandatory parenting classes with no difference. Everyday was so painful and terrifying.

When I was 16, I went back to my home country to visit my relatives and they saw how dead I was inside. I went through therapy, and when my auntie called my dad to insist that I continue treatment when I got back to live with my parents, his response was "what do you have to be depressed about? We've given you everything you could possibly ask for. You're not depressed, you're just weak." And proceeded to ask why i'm always crying and complaining.

When I was 19, they kicked me out of the house because it was the final year of high school for my sister and I was being a disturbance to her. They didn't give me any time to look for a place so I stayed with my friend's family for awhile.

I battled with depression and anger and hurt for a few years. I never wanted to set foot inside a church again because of how my parents had treated me, thinking 'how could anyone who calls themselves a Christian destroy someone like that?'. I had a few friends growing up who would always try to drag me along to church, and I exploded at them a few times. I would weep and wonder how a God who apparently cares and loves everyone would let that kind of thing happen.

I turned to alcohol, drugs, toxic relationships and friendships and cried myself to sleep for a long time. Then a friend asked me if I wanted to go to a church camp with her. I agreed and met a woman there who told me that there is nothing I can do to make him love me more or less, and that he was waiting for me to come back to him. She didn't try to pretend to understand my situation. She sat with me while I cried for a long time. After that I looked around for a church, and while I didn't like every one that I visited, the people I met showed me love that I'd never experienced before. I've been attending my current one for a year and half and decided to get baptised after thinking about it for a long time.

I recently read a book on pain & suffering and it really answered some questions that I'd found many people couldn't answer- like why God allows suffering, why he doesn't answer some prayers as quickly as others etc. The love God and others at church have shown me is so much greater than all the hurt I received as a child, from my parents to narcissistic friends who gave me horrible advice and told me my suffering was a result of my own actions, like Job's friends when he was suffering illnesses. At times, it still upsets me when I think of my parents, but I know that God is continuing to heal me, and that he turns around every evil thing for good. I have a place to look forward to where there will be no more tears or pain. And there is such great joy in my heart that nothing else that happens to me can replace.

Thanks for letting me share!

ThatOneClassyRetard 1 point

Thanks for sharing

StupidImbecileSlayer 2 points

You're great OP, participating for the discussion and not the karma

ThatOneClassyRetard 2 points

You're great StupidImbecileSlayer

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ThatOneClassyRetard commented on a post in r/lastimages
AlreadyTaken001 457 points

First and most importantly, sorry for the loss. She looks like a wonderful person.

Photos like this (happy people hours before a suicide) could be instrumental in helping to explain depression and other mental health issues to people.

I was seeing a psychiatrist for depression on a monthly basis for a long time. I was also seeing a pain management doctor for other issues. I would always be polite and pleasant to the pain management doctor, and this would puzzle her. "How can you be nice and pleasant to people when you are depressed?" she would ask on occasion.

People, even doctors, don't understand depression. Photos like this, along with a brief back story, would help.

Thanks for sharing the photo.

ThatOneClassyRetard 1 point

Definately everyone i know who has killed themselves or attempted. People that hate to burden others and always think of others before themselves, sad.

ThatOneClassyRetard commented on a post in r/politics
Cyndayn 59 points

It really is shocking that a man with this mindset has been elected into office. I wonder what this says about the mindset of the American people and it's government.

ThatOneClassyRetard 4 points

There were many factors as to why trump won. Democrats were mad about the primaries mess and what happend to bernie. Wikileaks didnt help. And hillary was terrible at campaigning and still had wall-street meetings. The rasicm i believe is prevelent because certain republicans were mad we had a black president and this is their way of payback.

VROF 5 points

So what factors led to Trump winning the primary? I always see all of this blame placed on Democrats for Trump’s win. Trump won because Republicans voted for him. They voted for him over all the other rock stars in the GOP during the primary and they voted for him in the general.

ThatOneClassyRetard 2 points

The republican candidates didnt "tell it like it is" i guess and the angry racist comments felt good to these obama hating right wingers.

ThatOneClassyRetard commented on a post in r/AskReddit
ThatOneClassyRetard 1 point

My tip is to not overhype it and try not to think about it right before, or remind yourself its not a big deal so you dont get a adrenaline rush. Adrenaline shrinks your hippocampus in the brain causing you to become forgetful. And try to slow down, adrenaline will make you want to play faster than you should, you can practice with a metronome to help.

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