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ThatOneClassyRetard commented on a post in r/politics
xwing_n_it 3 points

Teachers unions have always supported Democrats. This is why the GOP began attacking Teachers in the 1980s. It's probably a mistake for any group to get too closely aligned with one party. But the GOP has taken their war on the profession of educator to an insane degree. And DINOs have been happy to join them.

ThatOneClassyRetard 0 points

The GOP wants people to be uneducated.

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Hi_Average_Joe 6 points

I am a Minuteman supporter. I loved the premise of the Minuteman and it was a great way to tie in story and settlement mechanics (which was also one of my favorite new features brought to 4). Depsite all this I felt the ball was dropped and Bethesda tried to play it safe by only going halfway with settlement mode. You notice they only ever give you one to 2 new settlements in subsequent DLCs. But back to the Minutemen. It is obvious that they were shoehormed in and weren't givne the love that other factions received (yet another radiant quest.) I feel that an endgame for the Minuteman should have been securing the Commonwealth through use of the settlement system. Thus means that any threats need to go. You, as the General, get to decide how, where and when factions like the BoS, Super Mutants and most importantly, the Gunners, are driven out of the Commonwealth once and for all. You should call in airstrikes and make important decisions. You should orchestrate larger forces. (Take a page out of DA: Inquisitions book) ypu shoildnt be running arpund doing odd radiant jobs and clearing out any and all possible settlement sites singlehandedly. We never even get a true resolution with the whole Quincy Massacre storyline. Sure, we can go and kill everyone in Quincy, including the Minuteman traitor, but there's no resolution. No pat-on-the-back, we-did-it moments were ever seen outside the Institute storyline. We don't even get to interact with major population centres like Diamond City or Goodneighbor while playing for a Minutemen Commonwealth, which is something that no reasonable leader would just let slide.

In short, I love Fallout 4. I honestly think it's in the top 3 fallout games. I love the factions, in whatever state they were in at release. I love story for what it is, not how it's compared to other stories. I like the Sole Survivor and a talking protagoinst. Bethesda has every right to experoment wkth THEIR property. They just need to remember that they're not reinventing the wheel and they shouldn't be trying to touch the sun.

ThatOneClassyRetard 1 point

The problem i felt was that it was so dry and unsatisfying doing missions for them. It felt automated, especially when they would send me to the same place multiple times to shoot baddies. New vegas was very satisfying and felt as though each faction was equally powerful and each had its unique story which makes it more satisfying to play. Especially when you do something for one faction it could affect another faction in the game and their judgement towards you.

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KiwasiGames 66 points

There is actually some evidence that we can. Given a darkened room with no external stimuli, test subjects can make a pretty decent guess at the direction of home. Tape a magnet to the back of the head and guesses become fairly random.

I'm not sure how robust the study was, but it was cited in one of my high school biology texts.

ThatOneClassyRetard 1 point

Ill test this out. Put me somewhere random. Ill follow the wind or my gut or whatever. Kinda like a shitty pocohantis

ThatOneClassyRetard commented on a post in r/Fuckthealtright
hazylight 528 points

"Racism is bad and shouldn't be endorsed by private companies" not even a full hour before T_D waddles over and gets upset

Edit: but on a more serious note Reddit doesn't allow fat people hate but does allow racism

ThatOneClassyRetard 27 points

We made the last CEO step down because of fat people hate. Thats why we have this dude.

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hugos_empty_bag 5,079 points

She had a Starbucks cup with her. Chances are her real name is Anna

ThatOneClassyRetard 1 point

You know, i saw a comment with 144 upvotes get gold on another thread. And here is this just chilling here with no gold. Reddit is a mysterious place.

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sonofaresiii 47 points

Because the mods made a rule that we're not allowed to actually answer like we're talking to a five year old, so now most of the answers are more like "explain like I'm taking an ap level high school course in the subject but am not yet working on my doctorate"

ThatOneClassyRetard 17 points

Mods have got to calm down with some of these rules god damn

ThatOneClassyRetard commented on a post in r/Fuckthealtright
JonFission 527 points

And at this stage I honestly believe that Spez (Reddit CEO Steve Huffman) is a not-very-subtle Trumpist, or at the very least a Trumpist sympathiser.

It's either that, or Reddit has been requested to leave cunthole subreddits like The_Despicable up and running to corral home-grown fascists and their Russian handlers in one spot for easy monitoring.

Parsimony would make me lean towards the former. Sure, he bleats about letting them destroy themselves occasionally, but he's literally the man with his finger on the button. Instead of banishing them into the outer darkness, where there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth and cheap, tatty red hats, he continues to enable and defend them in the vague interests of 'valuable conversation'.

Steve, there is no valuable conversation to be had with a Fascist, short of "your prison meal options are meat, or vegetarian. Which will it be?" Why are you so insistent that this site gives them special treatment?

ThatOneClassyRetard 11 points

We should have never gotten rid of ellen pao and i honestly think the hate to get rid of her was a set up.

Jacks_Rage 6 points

I don't know if it was set up. It could just as easily have been a perfect storm of of stupid. Collective garbage subs like SRC popping up, the first wave of Reddit bannings, and her being both a minority and a woman made her a very easy target for the worst garbage here. Pissy, shitty kids really don't like it when you fuck with their pathetic safe spaces, and they made her pay for it.

ThatOneClassyRetard 2 points

All because people needed their fat people hate

ThatOneClassyRetard commented on a post in r/politics
Friscalatingduskligh 23 points

His base already believes everything he tells them no matter how obviously false it is.

ThatOneClassyRetard 8 points

You dont need evidence when they think every conspiracy that benefits their position is true.

ThatOneClassyRetard commented on a post in r/democrats
aprivilegedwhiteboy -11 points

Yes but its actually true.

The reason why things were so bad under Bush were because of Clinton. The reason things were so bad under Obama was because of Bush. Etc etc

ThatOneClassyRetard 3 points

Clinton and obama literally saved the economy

ThatOneClassyRetard commented on a post in r/AskMen
VincentGrayson 206 points

It's the multiplayer zeitgeist of the moment. A few years back, it was all about Call of Duty, or Halo, or Gears of War. Now this particular genre has exploded with Fortnite and PUBG.

For what it's worth, the combination of larger strategy in terms of where to drop on the island and what places to seek and the dynamic moments created by the ever-shrinking play area make for a really intense gaming experience.

ThatOneClassyRetard 22 points

And its free

ThatOneClassyRetard commented on a post in r/science
dooombag 2 points

No. Keep big pharma away from weed. I don't want my all natural plant processed into something. I don't want my money going to a company that will lobby to make regulations where they stand to make more money while small time growers lose out. I don't want any of that. Weed is a way to help get away from pharma.

ThatOneClassyRetard 2 points

It will never work because you can grow it yourself.

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lookitzpancakes 22,792 points

Woah, hey, this is me! Thanks for sharing!

Here's my channel.

There are a bunch. of. videos. like. this on there.

I hope you enjoy watching me act like a complete idiot.


ThatOneClassyRetard 1 point

Fucking epic

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