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Just wanted to thank you and u/texturedburrito for trying to revive the sub that brought me here 6 years ago

I kind of miss how it was when it was totally dead and you only saw the occasional mind-bendingly stupid posts and the comments would be full of people saying, “Am I still subbed to this?”

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Why lol.

Funny, in my neck of the woods I've never seen a firetruck crash, but I've seen multiple ambulances in horrific collisions. Saw one roll through a traffic light without slowing onto a major roadway get piledrived into a bank by a large pickup truck.

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I believe it. They have rookie emts drive the ambulance vs having to get promoted to drive + with more training in fire.

81 points · 2 days ago

Consistent sleep? Must be a middle class thing. Shift work don't give a shit about your sleeping pattern.

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Neither does my toddler

10 points · 5 days ago

For the entertainment value!!!

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For at least pretending to give a fuck.

His supporters didn't mind either. America can get fucked, they just want their fat orange pacifier.

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0 points · 5 days ago · edited 5 days ago

Liberal tears 🍴😩 Edit: /s ?

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Awan, I rarely stutter any more (mostly when I'm tired and drunk), but when I with my friend (or anyone else) who stutters it sets me off really bad, very frustrating.

EDIT: I've just noticed the 'Awan', I don't know what it was supposed to say.

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I get the same thing with facial tics

Original Poster0 points · 6 days ago

Aren't kids movies usually action comedies?

A lot of musicals it seems. Some romance, fantasy, stuff like that.

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True there are a lot of musicals. Trolls, lego movie, frozen, moana, gaurdians of the galaxy, despicable me series, nightmare before christmas, i would even maybe consider shrek a musical.

Cant wait for someone to screenshot them doing it to this post

That's one of the reasons I left. Used to live in LA, in ktown.

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Fuck LA just for their traffic and how people drive. I live in the bay area, im not sure how it compares price-wise.

Used to live in East Oakland, too! And took some classes at Berkeley.

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Nice, I'm in Concord. Looking to move out soon but rent is so bad that most places i see in my price range are in the ghetto.

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905 points · 8 days ago

That dude really likes sand

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Dont forget to buy our grain of sand picture book

279 points · 8 days ago

I was expecting a real gun joke in there somewhere.

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That would be 2018 but this repost was before America got fucked up

459 points · 8 days ago

Right? Why is the baby behind the metal bars too?

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Because this is America. He has a foil blanket so hes fine

(Usually) doing shitty things should not be considered a mark against you if you learned and grew from it, later advocating for what's right. How many of us where born perfect? No one. We were all born little idiots that had to slowly learn our way through the world.

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Especially if it was a norm. It wasnt considered wrong at the time, and to stand up and say 'no this isn't right,' would be considered progressive.

Beastie Boys was crushing it as well.

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Rage against the machine

As someone who’s been to California, no way

Traffic is so bad, you can run in the streets shouting pew pew and get around faster than a car

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I live in califonia. Can confirm, hard to pew pew, people always get in the way.

Theyve been openly encouraging it.

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There was a time before the election when reddit banned r/fatpeoplehate and people decided to blame Ellen Pao, who was running reddit at that time, and force her out. Now we have our current reddit supreme leader who basically helped trump get elected.

D'ya feel that Randy? The way the shit clings to the air?

It's already started my dear good friend. The shit blizzard.

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The liquor is speaking to me

Original Poster204 points · 16 days ago


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Hows chico

Original Poster3 points · 16 days ago

Wish I knew. I live in NYC now. I’m sure Chico’s hot though. 😂

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Im pretty close to chico (bay area). I can attest that it is hot as shit

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