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Sephyrias [score hidden]

I'm surprised that there was not a single Tron list, it seemed to be rather popular.

ThatSkredPlayer [score hidden]

The red/black rats player was considering playing tron in the future. He plays red/black tron in modern.

AscendedNarwhal [score hidden]

Amazing Discoveries is great. I live in Tucson and go to the on here. My roommate works at the shop and said Tucson has 20 for pauper last night!

ThatSkredPlayer [score hidden]

Sweet! Glad to hear. That should definitely get them to hold more events through the week!

What do you think of the new prize tokens? I think they're really well made!

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ThatSkredPlayer commented on a post in r/magicTCG
ThatSkredPlayer 5 points

Sorry if this post rambles a bit, just want to get it out there.

I started in Gatecrash.

I tried being the spike. I tried learning a deck (merfolk) in and out, and was decent with it for a while: I 4-0'd events left and right for a few months. After a while, I started to realize I wasn't very good at keeping up with the meta and my emotions got the best of me, and I quit.

I traded off/sold most of my collection the past few weeks. I'm not planning on going to a constructed tournament for a while.

I'm focusing on limited (draft/sealed) now. I enjoy opening 6 packs of a set and building a deck out of it. Sometimes it's good, sometimes I 0-3. Doesn't matter now to me. The most fun I ever had at an event was the "History of Draft" events at GP Vegas last year. ChannelFireball, PLEASE make those again at some point. I'll sign up for the entire event in a heartbeat.

What matters is the attitude some of the players at my store have. I used to get way more angry than I do now at mana flood/screw or bad beats. I've fixed that recently. I feel bad about it still. I try to remedy it by being better and controlling myself. I've always been an emotional magic player.

A majority of players are good people just wanting to play the game. However, I've met some coldblooded individuals out there in my community. One built a 5 grand EDH deck to turn 4 casuals at the potentially only outing those people have for the weekend for this game. Why? He has a sob story of how he kept losing to everyone and it turned him into "that guy". I left the commander scene because of his actions (I don't have a playgroup outside that store). the store doesn't care. I tried talking to them about him. I'm sorry for all those who have to deal with him every week.

I'm currently helping some new guys that are converting from pokemon to magic. I enjoy seeing their enthusiasm as it reminds me of myself when I started playing magic. I give them decks to borrow for modern and since pauper is starting up at my local stores they're getting into it which is a far better choice than modern for now (imo).

Final thing: I'm also tired of spending so much on cardboard. $700-1.5k decks? And I potentially need 3-4 of them? and living in fear of bans if it's top tier? No thanks. I'll have my sealed/draft format for $15-30 a week (or less) and enjoy playing non-competitive draft chaff every event.


Don't let things get Clique-y

Man, I wish I could tell players at my stores not to do this. I hate being out of conversations and card discussions. I feel ignored and isolated due to it, especially at stores I don't have friends at. Please, please listen to that advice. Would help people who don't have the social strength to start talking about it.

ThatSkredPlayer commented on a post in r/magicTCG
burf12345 37 points

If the game survived Combo Winter, Affinity and Caw-Blade, it'll survive this.

ThatSkredPlayer 7 points


Saying that name still sends shivers down my spine. I didn't play back then, but I heard those were the days that boys became men, and men became manlier men.

ThatSkredPlayer commented on a post in r/magicTCG
ThatSkredPlayer 7 points

I reported this bug over two weeks ago (the twitch streamer playing the deck reported the bug with me, luckily in a tournament practice room). Seeing it still unfixed pretty much wraps up why I sold out of MTGO.

Additional cards bugged:

  • any card that has an upkeep cost of discarding a card (vexing sphinx).

  • any card that has an effect of discarding a card (reality smasher).

ThatSkredPlayer commented on a post in r/rush
ThatSkredPlayer 3 points

This post may be a little confusing. Sorry if it jumps all over the place!

Nearly a decade ago, I was a weird kid in high school. Hung out with weird people. I wanted to listen to music with Owls on the cover. Heard fly by night and loved it.

Not much happened between then and my first year of college. I wanted to hear music released around when I was born (1990). For some reason I thought Roll the Bones was released then (actually 1991). Loved it and kept it on my ipod.

I got into music review websites such as sputnikmusic and saw how well rush was reviewed, and other progressive rock bands that I still listen to today. I got clockwork angels around this time but didn't listen to it nearly as much as I do today.

I then got into Porcupine Tree (I had Deadwing on my Ipod since early high school), and found out Alex Lifeson did a guitar solo for them on "Anesthetize" and was a fan of theirs. It's awesome to see how the progressive rock/metal world is so interconnected. I checked into Rush more, and saw how many albums they had and started listening to some of them.

I remember hearing Moving Pictures the first time in College during my Senior year. I didn't think as much of it then because I was still into heavy/death metal and wanted loud music (you know, scar symmetry or soilwork).

I stayed away from the synthesizer years (big mistake as many of my favorites are from this era) until I was out of college.

When I got to my second Job out of College, I started to listen to Signals nearly every day in the afternoon. It's easily one of my favorite albums now (and I'm even listening to it as I type this comment).

Mid 2016, I purged out (nearly all of) the metal from my life, and started listening more to classic rock, progressive rock, folk and art rock/pop. Rush fits in perfectly with that and I'm probably never going to stop listening to them. So many albums by the same trio! and how varied their music is over the decades they made albums, it's a treat to have them all and enjoy all of them.

That's my story.

ThatSkredPlayer commented on a post in r/radiohead
ThatSkredPlayer 1 point

2016: tfw no gf

I know that's what it's about, but to me it's so vague it could be any traumatic/difficult event (quitting a hobby or drugs/alcohol, loss of a family member, etc.) in an individual's life.

That's why the album is one of my 5's.

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