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BioMasterZap 3 points

Look on the bright side, at least you figured that out before 99.

The1RGood 1 point

True. Runs are gonna be way easier for me now lol

[deleted] 1 point


The1RGood 1 point

1900 total too...

Not feeling particularly bright today.

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The1RGood commented on a post in r/LateStageCapitalism
[deleted] 1 point


The1RGood 2 points

How is that related to marijuanna legislation? I thought we were talking about that.

ZgylthZ 1 point

Fucking hell mixed up threads, gunna delete this.

I'm high damnit, that's what it has to do with marijuana

The1RGood 2 points

LOL, right on my dude

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The1RGood commented on a post in r/2007scape
DenebVegaAltair 2 points

wow Randy rude

The1RGood 2 points

Lol, the comment lacks sufficient "I'm giving my friend shit" context

The1RGood -2 points

Hey "dude", if that is your real name.

Yea, looks like "someone" botted with "your" account for a little.

Anyway, glad shit got sorted. That looks to be about... 350k worth roughly? Not bad, although you'll need members to cash in. I'd recommend it, though. I think it's worth.

The1RGood commented on a post in r/AskReddit
Corvya 2 points

So I put "butt" on Redditcomber as a joke and this is what I find. Oh Jesus...

The1RGood 1 point

I imagine that keyword gets a lot of traffic...

Corvya 1 point

Surprisingly dick gets a lot more.

The1RGood 1 point

That seems pretty normal to me. It's more common to call someone a dick than it is to call someone a butt.

I wonder how either compare to dickbutt...

The1RGood commented on a post in r/insanepeoplefacebook
CatastrophicMango 6 points

It's usually that the earth-disc is travelling upwards at a constant (and I guess accelerating?) speed to give the illusion of gravity

The1RGood 8 points

If that were the case, in less than a year we'd reach the speed of light.

~300000000 m/s / 9.8 m/s2 = 30612244 seconds, which is a little shy of 1 year.

The1RGood commented on a post in r/2007scape
omg_im_so_litty_lol -2 points

"muh logical fallacies"

Not an argument. How are they dissimilar? It's a good analogy.

Maybe if I downvote you, I can feel like I won the argument! Freak.

The1RGood 3 points

For starters, the demand of drugs doesn't change with respect to cost. In that regard, it's an inelastic market, so the analogy doesn't apply because the cost of rs gold on the black market, or with bonds for that matter, does.

Secondly, you've made the assertion that they can't or don't deal with gold sellers, but that's an assertion without any supporting basis. How does Jagex address gold sellers? Why isn't that effective? Without addressing those, the point is moot.

Lastly, you make the assertion that Jagex should undercut the gold sellers, presumably to put them out of business, but bot farms operate at a fairly low cost. Then it just becomes a cost-cutting war until GP is worthless, and the game economy is destroyed.

Does that adequately point out the flaws in your argument?

The1RGood commented on a post in r/sysadmin
The1RGood 2 points

For whatever it's worth, I'm not 100% sure that one is CTCT's fault.

I found a couple of the most recent CTCT email campaigns posted in reddit comments:

Content aside, because they're pretty weird, none of them contain links that look that ugly. Even content hosted by CTCT.

That either must be one hell of a legacy link, or they have it redirected through a different service to click-track.

The1RGood commented on a post in r/2007scape
Zandorum 15 points

Eww Summoning.

The1RGood 1 point

Honestly, I didn't mind summoning so much.

Pretty solid gold-sink, inv space perks for grinding it, lots of follow info like for when you're growing your cats.

I can't see it ever coming back and I'm perfectly okay with that, but I don't think it was actually that terrible of a skill.

The1RGood commented on a post in r/CircleOfTrustMeta
ScoutManDan 30 points

If they banned someone as popular as Unidan, you're spot on, they won't take kindly to this.

That said, I don't get how this is betrayal proof. You just get 250 shots and a lead of the 250- if the end goal, which has been theorised at being 1000, all it's doing is shortening the goal, you still need to allow in others to grow beyond that and you hit the same problems as everyone else.

The1RGood 27 points

I can say with pretty strong confidence that the game's end-condition is not a circle size of 1000.

The1RGood commented on a post in r/CircleofTrust
preggit 17 points

It's definitely not a CC mod, I'm like the only one that has been taking this (somewhat) seriously

The1RGood 15 points

Plus the mods have like, so much trust.

Can you feel it? Can you feel my throbbing trust? I trust you so much.

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