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the_dab_king 2 points

Is it possible to ask for all of that with an auxiliary cord or Bluetooth input?

If so, my dreams are real and unachievable.

TheCheckeredCow 1 point

Absolutely my boy, buy your self a aftermarket stereo (ideally one that fits with the interior of this car) and BAM, you have both Bluetooth and a aux jack

TheCheckeredCow 30 points

My favorite part is how the climate control buttons and such are these pods coming off the steering column, your passengers are sol if they don't like the temp lol

TheCheckeredCow commented on a post in r/cars
theRagingEwok 2 points

C3 Vette

I'm in the UK so I've only seen once in my entire life and it blew me away. Wanted one every since even though it's a wide gas guzzling underpowered landwhale that is the antithesis of british roads.

TheCheckeredCow 1 point

LANDWHALE!?!? Oh buddy you need leave the UK and come to the US or Canada. The C3 is like small-midsize compared to a old Town car or impala

TheCheckeredCow commented on a post in r/cars
JustDownloadMoreRAM 21 points

Sedans are lame, wagons and minivans are for nerds. This is where the market isn't heading.

Everyone needs at least 6" of ground clearance and AWD to get through the less than 1" of snow we have.

TheCheckeredCow 5 points

As a Canadian who lives in the rocky mountains where snow piles up to 6+ feet, I wish we had less than 1 inch :'(

TheCheckeredCow commented on a post in r/AskReddit
ebanch -7 points

As an American, who tf watches hockey?

TheCheckeredCow 2 points

Almost Everyone in Canada buddy, like no joke every small town shuts down when a NHL game is on and then all the kids go out and play hockey games in imthe street like fuckin' eh its beautiful

TheCheckeredCow commented on a post in r/Rainbow6
TheCheckeredCow 1 point

Lol my buddy and I were playing and the whole team was in 1 room and he wanted to fuse the room below is and songs let er rip and those fucking pucks hit a support beam right below is and came back un and slowly but surely killed us all, it was like a mortaring happening in a closet

TheCheckeredCow commented on a post in r/OldSchoolCool
MadDogMccree 1 point

A 0-60 of 7+ seconds for the highest performing model doesn't scream fun especially when comparing to modern cars, which was the point of this particular thread.

TheCheckeredCow 2 points

Old cars like this shake and rattle and pretty much any speed which makes you feel like your going 30 above what your actually doing, and no modern car has a exhaust note that screens sex appeal like these old muscle cars

lafolieisgood 1 point

Yep! My first car was an 86 V8 Camaro with 150hp that I could kick sideways around turns at will and do massive burnouts with (granted my tires were always bald).

Without traction control, suspension, and the technology we have today, the horsepower that is available today in normal cars would of had all of us wrecked in ditches back then. 300 horsepower was scary powerful in those death traps.

TheCheckeredCow 2 points

God damn you just gave me flash backs, I may have learned to drive on a mid 2000s ford fusion, but I learned to fun drive on my buddy's 86 trans am GTA (I'm guessing it had around 200ish hp as it performance version of the already performance oriented trans am) and my god if you put floored it from a stop the whole rear end would kick out towards the ditch like 4 feet! It all sorts of quirks like that, Absolutely terrifying! But no car since has had the character and fun factor of that old bird ❤ I now spend my days looking for either a 3rd gen trans am or Camaro that hasn't been neglected but that's nearly impossible :'(

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TheCheckeredCow commented on a post in r/DIY
TheCheckeredCow 4 points

As a electrican, this gives me the heebee jeebee's, I do not recommend anyone fuck with outlet recepticals because 1. Electicity is dangerous and even more so if you arent trained with this kinda stuff. Like it only takes something like .015 amps to stop your heart and your wall outlet has something like 30 amps (my numbers could be off I'm a little drunk), and 2. if it burns your house down, it voids your insurance and spending the cash on a actual smart outlet is way less money than unitentonally starting a fresh start with nothing

TheCheckeredCow commented on a post in r/subaru
tyrant88 10 points

STR 514 18x8.5

TheCheckeredCow 2 points

Do you mind if I ask what offset and size of tires? That is the most perfect stance on any legacy I have ever seen 😍

tyrant88 2 points

+30 Offset 225/40 tire size. They rubbed pretty bad unfortunetly, my next step would have been a camber kit of some sort or fender rolling. Loved the look of them though!

TheCheckeredCow 2 points

That truely blows about the rubbing, So is this Stock height or are you on coilovers?

kamomil 1 point "KD is now KD" the packaging says "KD" instead of Kraft Dinner

TheCheckeredCow 6 points

I didn't know that, tbh every Canadian kid growing up called it KD and it just kinda stuck

Folly_of_Evolution 1 point

Why did you comment on your own post?

TheCheckeredCow 3 points

Because someone was bond to say "Something fishy about this" or something lol

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TheCheckeredCow commented on a post in r/canada
Koss424 2 points

Im 43. Dad was 52 when i was born and my mom was 48. There was 23 years between me and my youngest sibling. I’m probably Canada’s youngest baby boomer.

TheCheckeredCow 2 points

Nope I think I one up you there, my dad is 74 (born in 1943) and im 19 (born in 98). My oldest brother is 50 so 31 years difference

Koss424 1 point

But how old is your youngest sibling. ?

TheCheckeredCow 1 point

I'm the youngest the next oldest is 40, crazy stuff eh lol

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