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This is fairly standard in Europe. I'm sitting here wondering what the fuck breaks y'all on if not the hr plus 2 15s

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Here I’m sitting at work in Finland doing a 16 hour shift with two breaks (30min each with no pay). 😅

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sam was hotter anyway

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Check out /r/JennetteMcCurvy if it’s still even active.

Kiva nähdä että Lahti ei edes päässyt tilastoihin. En kyllä viikonloppuna montaa poliisia pillit päällä edes nähnyt Summer Upin aikoihin.

That looks like something out of Star Wars. I’d imagine stormtroopers riding those.

Probably not kosh, but I'll kick a toddler.

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What's the context for this one? Never heard of this one.

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Exactly. I teach an AP Lit class, and I had them journal over a set of questions. One girl turned hers into a narrative. It read like a portal into her anxiety. AND it was so well written. I adapted my standards for what I was looking for because of the talent I saw. Every journal after that, this same student added some kind of creative twist, and she trusted me with her very personal thoughts.

Edit: thank you all for your kind words. You make me wish summer was over, so I can get back in the classroom!

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I read AP Lit and was expecting something like ”she was so lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥😹😹😹🔥🔥🔥😹😹👏👏”

. Tallennan sori tyhjästä kommentista.

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What language is that?

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Either Norwegian or Swedish. They both sound the same to my finnish ears.

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He buys it for his “business friend”. Later in the season his friend pulls up with the car. It’s a good series.

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He doesnt buy it, he rents it from the car club he belongs to. He lets the old hedge fund dude rent it after he wins an argument. Then Harvey proceeds to rent an older Mustang after ”suddenly feeling old school”.

Onko tosiaan useimmissa uusissa tuollainen? Ei oo uusissa automaateissa tullut itselle koskaan vastaan.

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Taitaa kaikissa uusissa olla, citikat, pösöt, meset ja bemarit ym. Tuskin daciassa on, mutta kaikissa perusautoissakin alkaa olemaan.

Erikoista. Volkkari ainakin vielä ryömii mutta eipä noita uusia autoja ihan ämpärillistä pihasta löydy että voisi verrata.

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Uusis volkkareis on sit se DSG vaiheloota mikä onki vähä hienompi roboloota.

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Hey! I emailed the admissions office in college of the desert a month ago, they have yet to respond, is there a better place to get in contact with them?

I'd like to visit, but I live in Finland and would like to study there to become a registered nurse. Thank you!


Email them again.

But if you’re coming from Finland to California, there are much much much better places to study than the Desert.

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Original Poster2 points · 4 months ago

Could you name some? I only know of COD’s international program.

22 points · 5 months ago

Is this the track Grand Tour were on hitting potholes and trying to beat each other's top speed?

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If anybody rode that track on a motorcycle I’d be surprised.

I never eat at McDonald’s but I would 100% go for an affordable veg burger

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It’s only 3€ in Finland. Pretty cheap.

that and aside from a few regions (most likely super liberal areas like seattle, portland and most of california) no one is going to buy the damn things. they will be forced to stop making burgers on whatever grill top when a vegan/veggie order comes in, clean the grill, make it, then clean it again and go back to beef.

cooking a speciality item too order is not good for them, hell they just got rid of half their fucking menu to simplify things, like all the wraps and stuff that no one was ordering.

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The veggie beef isnt made on a grill.

Source: Work at a mcd’s in Finland.


Hey! I'm a Finnish guy so I don't know when your schools are on break (especially colleges). I sent an email to College of the Desert a few weeks back and still haven't gotten an email back (I was asking them about applying to their college and about visas etc. I should know).

Is there a better email to get in contact with them or does it really take a month for them to get back to me?

Sorry about the broken english.


I'd say that depends on how much "a few weeks back" is. One or 1.5 weeks ago, maybe wait a few more days. If it was more than that, I'd send a follow-up email.

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Original Poster1 point · 5 months ago

I sent it on the 12th of February. I’ll wait a couple days. Thank you!


Hey! I wanna apply to a college in California (college of the desert), mainly for their international student program. I'm going to vacation there in july, but I have no idea is there faculty there to whom I can talk to about visas, etc. There aren't any email adresses on their site (or i just dont know how to search).

Anybody in that school? Who should I contact about this?


If you want to a apply to a college, you've got to search their site for "admissions" and "International students", and follow the application process there. You can look up visa requirements directly in Google, or the USCIS website. Once you have your letter of acceptance, you apply for a student visa with your US embassy or consulate, and follow the instructions there.

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Original Poster1 point · 5 months ago

Yeah, but I want to talk to an actual person about this about the tuition, housing and such costs.

I just visited this college's website. There's a link called "International Students" right as you open the page, if you click there there's some information and a contact email.

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Original Poster2 points · 5 months ago

You are amazing, I didnt notice that email before. Stay awesome. <3

What episode was this? I wanna watch it again suddenly.


Eli kokojuttu alkaa siitä, kun tajusin etteihän mulla oo vieläkään tullu portaikkokorttia (verotoimiston sivujen mukaan se lähetetään jokaiselle alle 21vuotiaalle automaattisesti). Pistin verotoimiston chättiin viestiä, joka meni kutakuinkin näin

Moro! Mulla ei ole tullut portaikkoverokorttia vielä postissa. Onko siihen syy vai tulevatko ne vasta loppu kuusta?

Asiakaspalvelija Teemu: Jos on tullut niin on toimitettu

No sehän on sanomattakin selvää, mutta milloin ne tulevat?

Ja sen jälkeen hiljaisuus.

Kokeilin uuestaan tänään, ihmettelin samaa asiaa naispuoliselle asiakaspalvelijalle, joka ohjeisti minut laittamaan reklamaation postiin. Kysyessäni saisinko tulostettavaa versiota tai postitse uutta sain kieltävän vastauksen, jota en alkanut purkamaan koska vastauksena olisi ollut vanhakunnon ei-koska-ei.

Eli kysymys kuuluu, pitääkö minun toimittaa jokaiselle työnantajalleni eri verokortti samalla prosentilla, vai yhdelle päätulo- ja kahdelle sivutuloverokortti? Ennen olisin laittanut kaikille portaikon, en kuitenkaan tienaa niin paljoa opiskellessani.



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this is what the Save button is for

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Sorry, I dont have it on my mobile app.


So I'm working at McDonald's in Finland and we have had a surge in english speaking customers this week so I was wondering what do you ask a customer (at the drive thru window) if he doesn't want the drink in the bag and he wants it in hand?

Yesterday I went with "Would you like the drink in hand or in a bag?", that felt a little off so I was wondering.


Who puts drinks in a bag?!

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Original Poster5 points · 6 months ago

We use the smaller handle bag and put the drink in a 2-cup holder there and then put the food from either B or C bag with the drink and then throw ketchup & straw in there.

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