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The pro has some better hardware if I remember right. My buddy was at my house we were playing off the same connection and he would load into games a bit faster then I would. That being said I don't remember the price point difference.

I should of mentioned my buddy has a pro and I have day 1.

I would assume yes, unless they are pulling in the contractor as a different role. A lot of the contract jobs I had we're contract to hire so I would work my ass off to impress the company.

As most people have said 5 minutes is pretty standard however for me the last time I did s reload on my ASA one of the hard drives failed and I was with TAC for 4 hours before they RMA'd me a new one.

My rogue has a dagger that allows him to teleport to creatures, no limit/day. So far (got dagger at lvl 5, currently lvl10), no issues.

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So if a creature is 1 mile away you can teleport to them? That sounds broken as hell.

You still got hit the creature with the dagger

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That sounds better. How does it work if you are fighting one person throw it at another and teleport out. Do you take an AOO?

Just do what seems like the best place with the best benefits(time off, pay, price of health care,401k etc), and seems to have the most ability to move up in the company.

I'm currently studying for it(very badly) but everyone seems to say there is a ton. I think most people say the boson test plus the White pages is the best if you were to pick one, but a ton of people use almost all the stuff from the 31 day, the normal study book, cbt nuggets and boson. Also I've seen people say udemy.

Edit: sorry if this is super scatterbrained.

Ports on a core normally "cost" more money. If you are adding distribution switch off the core, I would say having all your access level switches plug into distribution is best practice. But without knowing what you have and what other things are needed it's hard to answer.

I am not crying while sitting on the toilet at work... I never thought I would be here. I'm so sorry for your lost but thanks for sharing.

do they provide you with paper and pens. asking for a friend

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Every Cisco exam I've taken gave me a dry earse piece of paper and a dry erase marker.

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It’s very hard. I just passed the ICND1 a month ago. My cousin breezes through the ICDN1 and he told that the ICND2 is much much harder

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I feel the opposite the ICND1 was the first exam I ever took and it really was hard getting used it it. ICND 2 seemed eaiser to study for, because I knew how the test was going to be.

Do you have a job in networking? If not that is your first step.

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came to say this, it gets kind of a red flag when you have no experience and all lab based certs.

If you do, I'd talk to your both about what is best for the company as they are all good certs.

From what I've heard most people with on the job experience, assuming you at least have 3 years, the CCNA composite exam is the best. However i dont know how well you study and how much you actually do on the job. That being said I took the CCNA like 4 years ago in a two part exam while some co workers took the other and said it wasn't too bad. If you think you will fail sometimes the ICND1 and 2 route is the best.

Looks like I'll no longer eat at Grand Coney.

From what I understand, that location is now closed.

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Yeah but if you read it they talked to district managers with nothing happening. So its a company as a whole that is okay with that action.

First step is read sidebar and search this sub first. It is asked daily and one of the best skills you can have in networking or I.T in general is the ability to research. Good luck

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So much this... My company hired a new guy who has a hard time looking things up and every day I have to ask him what he has actually researched because he doesn't. Most Help Desk spots its fine to ask, but a lot of time with Networking you are the best at the spot you are in and have to make it happen.

The only flaw I really saw with PF was sometimes I want to walk/run on a track and they don't have one. But for the price it can't really be beat.

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Do they have any type of trainers that could tell me the best workout to start with?

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They do, I never used them, but I know every day at certian times they will and I think when you sign up you can ask for one.

You should reach out to Jacob Stahl at Discbaron. He owns a disc shop on plainfield and he will point you in the right direction! Also, u/Discbaron

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Came to say this.

Check out Big Kidz Games on Plainfield.

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And if they are missing the board game you want hit up the comic signal down the road, they have a nice selection. Only issue is they are only open Wednesday-Saturday.

Congrats! WGU - Skin of the teeth club, unite!

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on the CCNP switch I was 790/790

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I'd probably faint lol

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I thought I failed. I had like 3 weeks to study before my route expired. Lucky the on the job experience helped on some of the sticky stuff.

Backed! Lets hope the writing is as good as the art work.

What is the demand for CCNP R/S with 5 years working with Cisco?

Honestly, whenever I am planning this I look into whatever they are asking for in the job, and what I have on my resume. Make sure I can answer most of the things, or at least look into them. All Tech interviews are different so if you know what you say you know and what they want you to know you should be good.

I think recruiters may be a good place to start. They have plenty of part time things.

Congratz. Of all the books which one would you think is the best for the exam? Would you think one could pass using only the Boson exam? I am current CCNP R&S, and want to add a few more NAs before getting the DP.

I'd say probably certs, but it depends on the job.
I just applied to an internal posting where I work, and it listed the requirement as a Bachelors in Information Technology or Computer Science.
But I've heard of many places counting a degree as a degree.
Having certs or experience will usually offset the fact that your degree is unrelated.

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Honestly some places don't even care. I only have an associate degree and a few certs and have been given plenty of offers to jobs that require a bachelors degree

Batman Annual 2 and Batman and Elmer Fudd were both great one shots.

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