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Friday Sinbad is at 20 Monroe if you are looking for some comedy that was good in the 90s.

So at that price point I think you may be hard to find what you are looking for. We used Don Row @ you can see what he does and he'll ask if you want staged or random stuff so it's kind of up to you. He is under 1k.

What the hell is red rain??

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I googled it lol. I was going to ask the same thing but you sis before me.

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The ccda is as @caacceo said. Fairly easy and obtainable in about a month. A lot of the questions are design related but some are also like what piece of equipment would you use here. After taking it (my old employer required it) it pretty much seems like something Sales people should take.

Edit: also congrats on passing!


Thank God. Also Nailor, I hardly know her.

Logan Justice is the most bro name ever

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24 points · 4 days ago

Don’t be embarrassed to ask questions. If you’re unsure, just ask, and if someone is explaining something to you don’t just nod your head actually listen and ask yourself if you understand what they are telling you.

It’s a great skill to have and will help you learn way faster which will pay off down the road

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So much this. Nothing is worse then teaching someone something 3 times then having them ask you again how to do it.

You should know how to log into a switch, change vlans, know subnetting. Look up the CCNA and that should be it.

Original Poster1 point · 4 days ago

Thanks for the insight. I'm not trying to take away from what you do (your flair) but do you think that's something I can learn in about 7-10 days?

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I mean, without gear you can't really get hands on experience. That being said subletting is helpful. Maybe learn common ports, understand what vlans and trunks are. Go to and read that stuff. It's high level stuff that should be fairly easyish... But learning basic networking in a week may be kind of hard.

2 points · 4 days ago

Certifications generally aren't a requirement for management, so don't feel like you have to get any at all. If you do decide to go for them, though, things like ITIL, Agile/Scrum, and project management certifications are going to look best on your resume.

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Thanks! I understand the general idea, but while my company is a very "We don't support getting certs" style, I just got a promotion because I ended up getting my CCNP. I just like going out there and proving it. I was actually thinking about getting a PMP exam because I can bypass a college class if I get it. So that seems like the route right now.

2 points · 4 days ago

Bear in mind that you can't take the PMP exam unless you've got quite a bit of project management experience already. If you don't have that, after taking a college class, you'd be eligible for PMI's Certified Associate in Project Management (or you can be eligible with less project management experience as well), and CompTIA's Project+ doesn't have any prereqs at all.

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Oh wow. I guess I didn't realize that. Thanks for the heads up.

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So I would guess the MCSA would be a good place to start, unless you want to go more Linux based which I think has the Linux +. I am a Network Admin, so I am more basing it on general what I know with what co workers have. I think the Net+ is a good cert to get (this is more greedy for me as a Network admin) because it helps understand Networks. Sec + may also be a good one depending on what you want to do. Also if you want to be more VM based I think VMware has certs. It really depends on the path you want to go.

Is it worth doing both?

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You have to do both to get A+

Glad I asked lol

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They are doing a training which is probably good for you but I would push to have the CCENT before hand. The one thing I would assume from this is that they are training people to do the job, so the biggest thing here is your soft skills. Think of other jobs which you made you need to communicate or how you teach people simple tasks, etc. etc. Another thing is you have a recruiter. The recruiter should know, or has someone on his/her team that knows what they want, they also get paid if you get the job, so ask them what they think is important as they want you to get this job also. I've worked with recruiters who have told me things the person I am interviewing likes to do, and what type of answers they want for general questions which can be helpful too. I would know what the company does, and have questions about culture and if you don't understand what the company does ask to learn more.

TL:DR They most likely are looking for soft skills but the recruiter probably has the answers you need and wants to give them to you.

I am not sure where this is and what people are offering for this job, but 30k a year for help desk is fairly good for my area.

Good game. We are not a top 50 team even. Hello 2016 my old friend.

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Guy is that you?


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Original Poster4 points · 1 month ago

Thanks for info. I've found these whitepapers:

They seem to require some previous networking knowledge and they may be too advanced for me. What I was looking for was a book to take you from zero to hero. However, I'll try my best to understand what's in there.

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You probably want to start with CCNA topics first then. I think the CCNA Data Center requires that before hand.

My infrastructure manager is exactly this. But also when we do network cuts, he’s right there on the front lines moving cables and ensuring things look nice and are done properly.

He relies on others to be the CLI Cisco gurus and he will work on layer 1 and 2 hardware.

Day to day, he attends meetings, plans upgrade schedules, manages a remote team constantly traveling. And most of all, he treats employees like they are valued and understands the inconveniences three business imposes on members whether it’s a long weekend of work and other scenarios.

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This sounds like the dream manager.

Western Michigan is a huge area... May be better to make the area smaller.

The pro has some better hardware if I remember right. My buddy was at my house we were playing off the same connection and he would load into games a bit faster then I would. That being said I don't remember the price point difference.

I should of mentioned my buddy has a pro and I have day 1.

As most people have said 5 minutes is pretty standard however for me the last time I did s reload on my ASA one of the hard drives failed and I was with TAC for 4 hours before they RMA'd me a new one.

My rogue has a dagger that allows him to teleport to creatures, no limit/day. So far (got dagger at lvl 5, currently lvl10), no issues.

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So if a creature is 1 mile away you can teleport to them? That sounds broken as hell.

You still got hit the creature with the dagger

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That sounds better. How does it work if you are fighting one person throw it at another and teleport out. Do you take an AOO?

Just do what seems like the best place with the best benefits(time off, pay, price of health care,401k etc), and seems to have the most ability to move up in the company.

I'm currently studying for it(very badly) but everyone seems to say there is a ton. I think most people say the boson test plus the White pages is the best if you were to pick one, but a ton of people use almost all the stuff from the 31 day, the normal study book, cbt nuggets and boson. Also I've seen people say udemy.

Edit: sorry if this is super scatterbrained.

Ports on a core normally "cost" more money. If you are adding distribution switch off the core, I would say having all your access level switches plug into distribution is best practice. But without knowing what you have and what other things are needed it's hard to answer.

I am not crying while sitting on the toilet at work... I never thought I would be here. I'm so sorry for your lost but thanks for sharing.

2 points · 3 months ago

do they provide you with paper and pens. asking for a friend

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Every Cisco exam I've taken gave me a dry earse piece of paper and a dry erase marker.

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