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Hes on my DND list but if he dropped that far I'd snag him!

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I'm no guru but every year I've owned mccoy I've missed the playoffs.

If Cousins is a gamble then consider me Kenny Rogers!

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On a warm summers evening...

Appreciate the endorsement. this is a link to v3.1 of the google sheet version. (just fixes a couple names and adds beersheet functionality.

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No longer looking for beta testers. The full site is up and running though.

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I like it. Is there a way to put names in for each "team" drafting? Or are we getting down to the nitty gritty and just using team numbers because thats what matters.

Also how often are the projections updated? Can I rely on this for an 8/26 draft

Edit: I noticed they were updated yesterday 8/15

Original Poster1 point · 17 hours ago

Geez, how did you even find this post >.<

I gave myself a deadline of Aug 1 for feature add/changes. That way I don't risk breaking something during peak draft season. Team names is on the list of features to add for next year. Thanks for the input!

I get the projections for the app from third party sources. So as often as they update their projections is as often as I update mine.

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went to reddit ff and searched software and sorted by new, i'm very patient and utilize the search function on reddit frequently to find great information that may be a month or two old and sometimes the date doesn't really matter depending on what you're trying to find and which sub.

Thanks for the reply!

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Thanks for your purchase! We appreciate that. I will have Lineup Dominator codes and I will share some here closer to the season.

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I'd love to try it, do you raffle them off or?

you know i actually get these emails, ha. I subbed to the all in premium or something last year

It goes to show that if you scout players based solely on talent and game performance without digging into their personal life, mental health etc. you can use a high draft pick on a ticking time bomb. Also see: Dimitrius Underwood

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Dimitrius Underwood

In 2007, Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports listed Underwood as one of the worst first-round picks (at the 29th slot) since the AFL-NFL merger. According to the article, Underwood missed most of his senior year, and his coaches at Michigan State warned NFL scouts that he was not mentally stable enough to play in the NFL. In Robinson's view, by ignoring these warnings the Vikings made "arguably the dumbest pick ever made in the first round."

Alfred Morris. I drafted him his rookie year when I was reading about Shannahan's feelings on him. He had a super solid year for his ADP and then fell of the face of the earth for the most part. Kid could carry three guys with him for an extra yard or two. I think he has the problem of not quite being the lone workhorse but is too good to be a backup, so he settles into the latter and ultimately fades into the void.

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got him on waivers that season was his breakout the same as obj? i think both were dropped early season, i ended up losing to the champ by like 1 pt in the playoffs and would have won the champ.

them the breaks, other year i got 2.

I drafted toby gerhart, ben tate and andre ellington that year.. I was pretty savvy w/ trades that year and won, but god.. I've never experienced busts like I did w/ those draft picks

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No doubt. TG was a top 30 pick iirc but I could b off it was years ago

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With a regular business, you don’t need to buy inventory from a distributor every month to continue selling a product (let’s say orange flavored toothpaste) in your store. If nobody is buying the toothpaste in your store, it is your right and best interest as a business owner to not order more toothpaste until you sell what you have. You can also drop it from your store completely and sell whatever you have at a heavy discount just move the product. Big Dental knows it’s on them to make the product more appealing through marketing or formula improvements to get more people to buy it. They have no reason to care about how much you buy, how you price it or how you sell it - after all, it’s your store. You already paid for the disgusting toothpaste, any markups or discounts are only going to impact your bottom line as a store owner. Real businesses understand supply vs demand. If the demand for orange toothpaste suddenly goes up, Big Dental will still make the wholesale cost available to you, even if you dropped the product from your store 6 months ago, and are only ordering half of what you used to order. Big Dental sees you as a method to reach their customer.

With MLMs, you have to buy certain amounts of inventory every month to maintain your distributor status, no matter how much you can actually sell. That’s why stockpiling becomes so common. With MdentaLM, you have to buy $XXX worth of orange flavored toothpaste that actually destroys enamel after long term use every month in order to keep the distributor discount. They don’t care if you can’t sell the product because they don’t see you as your own business - they see you as a customer. That’s why they often compare they discounts that come with paying distributor fees to loyalty programs in legit stores. They know you won’t be able to sell the product to people outside the company, so they encourage you to build your down line who will order their minimum inventory from you and so on and so on and so on. If you end up quitting or losing your distributor status, you’ll have pay startup fees all over again to get it back, even if your sales numbers drop for just one month. MdentaLM sees you as a customer with a fancy title.

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The missing sales for a month and or needing to start over or lose status...Holy shit

Outside and inside could be confusing descriptors...

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Go on...

Yep. Love the stuff. Now I have to try the rest of the flavors. Really prefer this over the Secret Aardvark sauce.

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Several are like $7.99 each on amazon right now for like 19oz! One of them is an add on item though but I think you only need to get to like $30 or something

yep, they are on their way!

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Awesome. Which ones did you end up getting? I got the ghost for now.

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it WILL light you up but gross it is not.

As cringe inducing as these may be, I honestly find it kind of cute that so many husbands/wives are willing to wear these shirts to make their partner feel good. It’s sad that the partner needs this type of validation, but IMO it’s really sweet that the husband is willing to wear it for her sake. I dunno...

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Shit like this reminds me of those signs with the dumb fuckin' sayings on them. It takes a certain person to buy that shit.

Everyone shits...

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Everyone shits but I'm pretty much convinced by GF farts the most out of any human I know. It's gotten to the point where I'm like researching probiotics and stuff for her.

Like...jesus lady!!!

2 points · 2 days ago

I actually like Dave's ultimate insanity just to ramp up the heat of my ramen. Doesn't throw off the flavor much bc the broth, but the heat change is very enjoyable.

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pro tip powdered super hots can do this remarkably well as well

I gotta hit up some farmers markets, the season is peaking right now if not soon or even heading down for the year.

Good stuff. Every time I see it I buy two. I have some at my parents place and iirc at my cabin.

Also it's okay to call ahead to your local store or the store you're going to and seeing if they have it

The fact of the matter is shipping them is going to be your major expense because they plain and simply shouldn't be sitting in the PO trucks for a week or so.

There's several sites I can think of that are selling them most of these I had heard about but some were just a google search.

I think most of the sellers were able to sell a couple of products to their friends and families, but once everyone tried the product and realized how bad it was quality wise, they didn't have many repeat buyers. The only people I see wearing Younique now are people are are trying to sell it.

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It's it a truly shitty product or just more expensive than it needs to be?

Original Poster12 points · 3 days ago

I usually use portrait mode on my iPhone 7 Plus actually! I’m also in a lot of group chats called “engagement pods” where we like/comment on each other’s posts.

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Real tips are always in the comments

Original Poster1 point · 3 days ago

I'll tell you what. I almost wish it wasn't a Carolina reaper. I've already dried about 40 peppers and it has another batch ready to go. I don't know what to do with them all.

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Hell I'd pay you to ship me several fresh ones. pm me if you're considering it. I'm in the north central usa

I've got some unopened blairs 2am and 3am I'd be willing to part with

I've got a bottle of that Yuzu at home. Had it for about a year now. I should crack that open.

I accidentally clicked the draft button on Sammy Watkins last year when I meant to draft Golden Tate. Ran the numbers and it cost me a playoff spot.

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Watkins iirc was on the waivers most of the season in my 10 team .5ppr league.

Drafting a qb, defense, and kicker way too high. There's no point in taking any kicker before the last round, the difference between zuerlein #1 and jake elliot #12 last year was 66 points, which is significant, but the problem is you have no idea who is going to be the number 1 kicker as it's very random. Top scoring teams don't always produce top kickers cus they score tds. Zuerlein was on waivers for most people last year.

Defenses are mostly matchup dependent so you may roster one with a solid floor and stream as necessary. But again it's very random so picking one before 13 or 14th round seems foolish. I think I took KC in the 10th or so last year cus my starters were set and espn had them ranked high and they stunk, dropped after 2 weeks.

QBs too have a very clear cut top 2-3 guys and a huge dropoff after that where 6-10 guys are all decent, but variance is huge and you get better value at the end of a draft. I drafted matt ryan 3rd round last year and it was horrible. I'll never do that again (though I'd love to have ryan in the 12th round this year!) Of course I want Rodgers or Wilson on my team but not in the 3rd or 4th round.

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I too had some great qb's but as you correctly have stated unless it's a known producer you might as well wait.

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your interest below

Yes this is what I do. I get the chili ramen and add about a teaspoon of reaper. Always has me blowing napalm out of my ass the next day, I love it.

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Don't we all /u/Fiery_anus don't we all. <3

I got up early one day and put a ton of painapple on 2-3 slices of pizza before work. If you run into GI issues you'll have a bad time with stuff that hot.

Thats the thing most of the time I'm good but you get the shits or a tum tum ache when you fuk with super hots in sauce, powder or pods you'll absolutely know.

Original Poster1 point · 4 days ago

I have had insanely hot sauces and foods, much hotter then these non extract quality sauces and had a small stomach ach of one at all.

I think it was just the quality and variety of sauces this last weekend I've been consuming, maybe also that mixed with not the best foods and no break from the sauce.

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Absolutely. I think in my case and maybe yours it's something else that is upsetting your belly. I had a period of 8 or so months where I put a decent amount of ghost pepper powdered peppers on just about everything.

I never had issues unless I got sick or started messing with the pepper flakes which don't get chewed well and create a storm in my belly.

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