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The things we do for sex.

When the camera pans over at the end, for an instant I thought it was showing the goats forming a goat-pyramid.

I mean, G5 is actually just affiliated to the Association and is ALSO a member.

Both Hellfire and Gale were offered to join them and were given Monster Cells, and they joined. It isn't that hard.

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G5 isn't a member either. Again: ally. He/it belongs to The Organization, and it isn't subordinate to Gyoro.

G5's example was my first thought when considering Gale and Hellfire. They're only siding with the MA, using it for their own purposes.

He was told by whoever his boss is to join the Association, but only out of convenience, and if it hadn't been for Atomic Samurai slicing him into bloody mist it's likely that Haragiri would have been sent along with the monsters who Gyoro Gyoro used to test what the Heroes were made of.

Going by that only, you could argue that almost everybody in the MA (From Black Sperm to Vampire Pureblood) are not really "members" but just follow Orochi 'cause that will help them get rid of the HA.

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This still misses my point. G5's allegiance isn't to the Monster Association. Apparently The Organization doesn't even particularly care about the Hero Association. So far, it's indicated that they're only concerned with acquiring combat data to further improve their technology. As for Gale and Hellfire, their only real allegiance is to themselves and their own plans to take over the criminal underworld.

That contrasts with every Mysterious Being that Gyoro calls an Executive. All the executives have exclusive allegiance to the Monster Association and its central goals.

A hired consultant isn't a CEO of the company that's hired him, you know? An 'executive' has direct authority in an organization because they're totally invested in it. They're the face of the organization itself.

So how powerful guys like G5, Gale, and Hellfire are doesn't make a difference -- they won't be called Executives of the MA because they're still outsiders.

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sadly the writers of the show didn't like his character.

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Dude, if anything, HBO's adaption made Stannis more likeable.

Book Stannis hasn't committed filicide yet. That alone makes him more likeable to me.

Up to that point, though, I was aboard the Stannis wagon.

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Ofc, Shireen's burning was right before the end of Stannis on the show.

Before that point, I think the show made Stannis much more charismatic and sympathetic than in the books. In the literature, his rigid attitudes are partnered with a much blander, staid personality (as compared to the show), which make his moral hypocrisies involving Melisandre that much more glaring from the outset.

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Their fantasy takes pleasure in the thought of making someone cry. Plus he/she is lying in the first place, ofc.

Is this what Jesus would do?

I almost want Hell to be real, just for the irony of how many faux Christians must end up there.

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Just ignore the whirling death spinning freely 18" over your head.

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like how we just ignore the crushing death flying past 18" to our left over the dividing line of a 2-lane highway

Difference is that he dies by standing up

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And in the other scenario, you die by moving your hands gripping the wheel just a few inches counter clockwise.

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Him wearing a chicken egg backpack is like if I wear a backpack made of placenta.

For real tho, I wonder if they're just fascinated by the adorably deformed wolf. r/likeus

Happy for Kenan, but I always thought Kel was funniest.

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I was legit thinking about this yesterday when a wasp got into my house. Would you rather fight a swarm of angry wasps or one massive horse sized wasp. Like you're going to die in either situation but would the venom in the giant wasp kill you quicker. Would it be more or less painful than the swarm? Wasps are pretty much my only actual fear that isn't existential...

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I don't think the horse-sized wasp's venom is relevant.

I'm guessing the stinger wound itself could be mortal, assuming that even happens before it chews your head off.

Someone on writing prompts wrote a story about a guy who was in a coma and I don't want to spoil it, but I'll see if I can link it. It was a pretty good read, but that might not be what they're referencing


"It wasn't my phone that woke me up, but my wife....

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Not only did you spoil it, your comment was beaten by a few minutes by another comment that linked to source correctly (i.e. didn't spoil).

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This is a similar story to what happened with the Tucker Corporation in the late 40’s. Preston Tucker developed the “Tucker Torpedo” featuring a number of innovative safety design features, including a third headlight that rotated with the steering wheel for better vision, a roll bar, a separate key for the parking brake for theft prevention, a shatterproof glass windshield, and an easily removed subframe for the engine and transmission for quick and simple mechanical service.

The Big Three automotive companies, unwilling to implement these safety features, launched a negative media blitz and used their political influence to launch an SEC investigation into fraud that eventually bankrupted the Tucker Corporation. Only 51 Tuckers were produced, and some of them are still around today, valued at ~$1.2mil.

For those interested, Francis Ford Coppola directed a film about this called Tucker: The Man and His Dream.

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an easily removed subframe for the engine and transmission for quick and simple mechanical service

Preston Tucker is the automotive hero we were all denied.

I don't think the cat was actually trapped. I think the rabbit might've thought it was, though.

Worse than trashy. This is criminal. Or should be.

First-person perspective of a deathwish.

I don't know the first name of two of them, and my ignorance doesn't bother me.

If you feed a dog lettuce, it will eat it. If you feed a dog chocolate, it will also eat that. Just because you feed it something doesn’t make it good.

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Every dog I've ever had would eat onions in anything, given the chance. Onions are toxic to dogs.

7.4k points · 16 days ago

The dog chooses the nutrition it requires to stay alive and healthy.

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One dog of mine got into the Crisco jar, ate all of it, then puked it up.

Another had a problem with eating his poop until age 2.

A third delights in swallowing whole the oxygen absorber powdered iron packets found in many types of dog treats and jerky bags, and which can cause iron toxicosis.

They all adored/adore drinking filthy bird bath and puddle water in preference to the clean water in their bowl (which I regularly clean) just inside the door.

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I would have loved to understand what the actual complaint the dog has is. It could be "no dude, this water doesn't fucking smell right, Todd. This is not healthy, man!"

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In my experience, the primary fear is that they're apprehensive about not being able to see the bottom.

I've taken many dogs to my local dog park, which borders a lake, and has a ramp into the water and a mini pier for the dogs to use (the pier is for the dogs that like to run and jump off).

The breeds and mixes that like water typically don't hesitate to wade in their first time, but it'll take them a few trips to start swimming, and a few months to jump off the pier (or never).

Over time, I realized they need to see other dogs safely swimming enough to be reassured that the water isn't hiding something perilous. If there are humans in the water, usually they'll get over their fear even faster, particularly if they're a breed with a strong protective instinct.

Peer-pressure -- it works.

This gif has high meme potential.

Original Poster404 points · 22 days ago

You would not believe how hate filled my notifications are

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I stopped reading notifications a month after I registered.

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Can anyone tell me why they didn't immediately surrender? I Thought they were on the verge of giving up already, no?

EDIT: Thanks for the huge response, loves yous guys

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I Thought they were on the verge of giving up already, no?

Before the A-bombs? Not even close.

They were training children to roll under tanks with explosives strapped to their bodies in anticipation of a land invasion.

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Serious question: is Griffith currently a protagonist? Does bringing peace to the land justify his crimes? How should Guts feel?

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Seems to me it's implied reborn Griffith is comparable to the Anti-Christ; prophesied hyper charismatic leader that conquers and unites, but ofc he's really the son of evil itself and the ultimate result will reflect that.

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They would also all die out from curable disease. Actually an antivaxx city makes a shit load of sense

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Just so long as it has walls. "To keep vaxxers out." Wink, nudge.

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Sherman did have his troops dismantle Southern railroads, heat up the rails on a fire and twist them around trees so they couldn't be repaired.

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Reasonable military objective, preventing rail transportation of supplies and armaments for enemy troops.

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