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Is it possible to launch directly into a homebrew application, bypassing the standard firmware completely? From what I've heard, most of the danger of homebrew comes from generating error codes and data in the firmware itself, so would being able to boot directly into retroarch or a separate homebrew menu be beneficial for people with one switch who still want online play and legitimate games?

Afaik is not possible to do that, the best bet is to wait for an emunand and keep cfw there

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I suspected as much, that's really too bad. I should keep tabs on the switch linux stuff though, that seems more or less equally safe since it doesn't touch any firmware data.

I actually had a similar problem. Several months into my Switch's use, I had some joycon problems that troubleshooting could not fix. However, I was able to strongarm customer service into taking just the joycon, and though they tried to send it back as "unable to replicate the problem", it still was acting up so I sent it back another time with a photograph of the issue in question and they gave up and sent me a replacement. I live in the US, though, so your mileage might vary.

I was able to strongarm customer service into taking just the joycon

I don't get this. The joycon issues were a known thing and they had a specific process for repairing just the single joycon. They did thousands of them.

I don't get why they would pressure anyone to send the whole thing unless the customer said that the joycon couldn't connect to the system at all or something.

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This wasn't the connection issue, it was a problem with the joystick not registering properly.

So many good games on the Switch utilize online - Splatoon, Ultra Tennis, Smash Bros. And beyond. Having online is a necessity, with added benefits of cloud save data and these NES games to start with for only $20 a year is amazing. Compared to $50 for PS4 or $60 for Xbone, we ought to be grateful.

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Nintendo's online service is free and should remain free until we get a concrete statement about how money improves it. "It has good online games" doesn't suddenly make it ok to charge for a free service.

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I'm pretty sure the online will still be bad, at least for now. I already can feel the lag in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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Exactly my point

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Possibly, but it would need to be a good lawsuit because Kickstarter says that you're not guaranteed a product. You would have to sue for the principle of it

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Maybe ordinarily, but in this case a product was made, and 3DS/Vita backers should get at a bare minimum a PC code if the handheld version isn't ever coming out.

I'm not saying that what Bethesda is right, if it is what the article claims, but I'm curious how everyone has jumped to the conclusion that this is evil Bethesda based on very slim source/evidence that the Polygon article provides?

It's based off of one Amazon reseller (who has even admitted to previously reselling) that claims he owned the game and Bethesda was just targeting him randomly. There is no picture evidence of the letters/claims so the entire article is based off of his word alone.

We've seen plenty of cases of people claiming company A did something awful to them to find out that there was far more to the story than they claimed happened.

How do we know that this isn't someone who's constantly reselling used games as 'new' and Bethesda just cracked down on him for it?

I'd be happy to jump on the 'Bethesda is overstepping' if there was any actual source/proof provided.

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But it is new. It's sealed in package, unopened, and that's what consumers expect from something "new". The only reason games can be "used" is because of disk damage, which is why the wrapping is important. Suing over a lack of warranty is a pretty crap thing to do, as the company offering the warranty, and the only way they would reasonably be exonerated is if the guy had completely made up the story, or if he had claimed there was a warranty when there wasn't, both of which are rather unlikely.

It's not an argument about mechanics. It could be mines, it could be drones, it could be a valley of dense toxic gas, it could be whatever. The idea is that its infallibly lethal and completely inhuman.

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Humans are disgustingly resilient. As long as there's even a tiny chance of succeeding, and a good enough reward, people are going to go. 100% guaranteed.

If this were true hundreds or thousands would die daily to labeled minefields.

Guess what tho... they don't.

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There's nothing worthwhile in minefields though. Certainly nothing which might equal a brand new life in value

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what else would it be?

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Molten Plasma



MSI Gaming laptop with 64 bit windows 8.1, Intel I7-5700 HQ CPU, Nvidia GeForce GTX 970M graphics card

I have two games in particular that I'm interested in playing, and have purchased legitimate versions of via steam, in case anyone thought that might be a factor. The games are La-Mulana and Crimzon Clover: World Ignition. The former will crash immediately upon starting. If I run it in windows XP service pack 3 mode, it will "run", but in a tiny window that's all black. With Crimzon Clover, it will run, but in a very low resolution and a small window, and if I try to move the window, or change the size, it just crashes. I've tried reinstalling directx, and adding DLL files directly to the game folders, which other online guides stated might help with the issues, but nothing has worked.


Oh wow. I didn't even see this get announced. I wish the /nintendoswitch sub wasn't full of clutter like "does anyone else want to see..." and "unpopular opinion..."

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Unpopular opinion: Does anyone else see when mario's in an underrated gem on my gamecube console that I picked up at a garage sale for a steal?

If you plan to use that switch online i would just drop the plan of hacking it. Its not like it was with 3ds.

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Figure I'd just piggyback on this to ask: is using just really basic homebrew (emulators and the like) offline still a ban risk? And if so, how long until CFW wizards create something that masks it from Nintendo's view?

I would say there is still a risk, the switch has built in log files so if the homebrew or cfw leaves any trace on the logs, or tries to modify the logs nintendo may see and ban, its certainly less risky than using nsp files but i wouldnt risk it unless i didnt care about a ban.

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I figured as much. I'm surprised that there's no homebrew to backup and restore just the logs, or to prevent that kind of behavior altogether.

The original concept derives from role playing games like dungeons and dragons, where each character is given an "alignment" on a chart which roughly describes how they should act. There are two dimensions to the chart: one which ranges from "Lawful" to "chaotic", which describes the character's thoughts on society and order, and one which ranges from "good" to "evil", which charts the character's ethical principles. For example, a lawful good character may be a policeman, and a lawful evil character may be a politician exploiting legal loopholes for personal gain to the detriment of their constituents. In the middle of both dimensions is "neutral", which means they don't feel very strongly one way or the other. The meme you're seeing is people making "alignment charts", as they're known, to various objects, ascribing them or people who like them qualities based on the chart.

I heard a recall for cereal over the radio, and a google search turns up nothing but turkey, so I assume that some plant matter that ends up in both of those products, and probably the others you heard of, were contaminated with the disease. However, it could just be coincidence, or a psychological effect that I cannot for the life of me remember the name of, where when you learn about something you start to notice it more often in your daily life. Maybe you took notice of the first recall, making the others more noticeable.

People tend to latch on to unusual and silly things like that, it's not any more complicated than that.

Emulators are legal as long as you don't develop it illegally, for example by taking pieces of code from the actual system and putting them in your emulator. Bleem! was ruled as having been developed legally.

So much bullshit in one sentence.

Bleem was cleared by courts, even for the supposed clean room revese engineering restriction that Sony tried attacking them over it. "Tainted knowledge acquired by unethical ways" was never an argument that held water for emulator legality. It didn't include copyrighted content (bios images, game isos) so it wasn't warez either. The company was sunk by the legal costs.

It's a shame things that were decided by actual courts have now parts of the "emulation community" trying to make it a thing again.

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how does what you typed contradict what you quoted?

Exactly. They sold a fucking pirated rom for super mario bros on the wii.

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This argument always seemed odd to me. Just because they didn't rip it, doesn't mean they don't own it.

Gotta roll with the beast master, I like beasts.

Isn't it satire?

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The interviewer is lying about his political beliefs in order to trick people into saying things they otherwise wouldn't. It's all candid interviews.

Are there any notably unbalanced characters in Aces? I don't believe there are any.

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Bowser Jr.

I was actually just at a store that sells retro games, and they had rocket slime. Maybe this is an indication that I should have bought it.

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As someone who did play rocket slime, I highly recommend it.

Warning: Don't play it if you can't handle the realization that the sequel and the prequel will never be localized and the series will remain trapped in Japan forever.

WAIT theres two other games for it. I loved the gameplay of the original are the other two as good/better?

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I don't know because I haven't played either of them. The first one probably isn't, because the first game almost never is.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

You can count on it, the English patch has been announced for a good while now.

Easy: play the 3DS remake on Citra

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The 3DS OOT doesn't have improved camera, that was only introduced in Majora's Mask 3D

I would totally buy a kirby soda, even if it tasted bad.

how the bloody hell do you do these things, damn

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According to the hacker, it was as easy as editing his x poi ts on his save and uploading them to the leaderboard.

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