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TheGreatNano commented on a post in r/GlobalOffensive
TheGreatNano 1 point

Link me a GOTV demo of yours, I'll review it. I'm not a pro, simply B- and LEM in MM but I'm sure I could help you a lot.

You don't have to be naturally talented to get out of silver.

Maybe you don't have the appropriate gear?

ween1e -1 points

"very easy and fast.." uses illegal bind :D

calvinxquizit 1 point

alias jump bind illegal? no problem, bind n "-attack; -attack2" press N and spacebar at the same time with your thumb; very skillful.

TheGreatNano 1 point

Well, 99% of players are never going to play at a LAN so matters well just use jump bind lol

TheGreatNano 2 points

Yeah, please don't arrest me lol what an idiot. Jump throw binds aren't against the fucking rules... they're just against the rules at some LANs, and even then you're still allowed to use a jump throw bind it just must take two keys.

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TheGreatNano commented on a post in r/GlobalOffensive
Scouter08 -23 points

Okay I know this might seem like a stupid excuse, but is it possible that SK are still saving strats with boltz instead of "wasting" them on a chill event where the only difference between 1st and 2nd is 30k even though it's a bo5 finals. Not to take away from c9's performance, but SK usually looks way better.

Edit: Thanks for the downvotes even though I contributed to the discussion and was just wondering why SK played so bad. should've known better than posting anything but recycled jokes in a c9 thread.

Edit 2: I specifically think they are saving strats for the WESG 1.5mil tourney for anyone wonderig

TheGreatNano 2 points

The event is a $150,000 prize pool lol don't think I'd be saving strats. Even though it is a chill event, it still contains a lot of money to be won.

[deleted] 1 point


TheGreatNano 0 points

I just read that the heavy is less slick. Like you have to put more force into moving the mouse. But I also read before that the heavy is the same but is only better if you have cracks in your desk or something because the thickness helps with it.

TheGreatNano commented on a post in r/GlobalOffensive
oFenton -1 points

They're probably waiting till the break between maps for c9 vs heroic before they release the update

TheGreatNano 2 points

LANS are held offline on it's own branch. It wouldn't effect the tournament.

Grodan_Boll 1 point

Tuesday or thursdays, but updates have happened on mondays and wed esdays aswell! Valve works in mysterious ways, so the update might come today, next week or in a month. But seeing how skins already've been picked to the next case and some implementations arr being done, it should be fairly soon! :)

TheGreatNano 1 point

Do you know what skins were picked?

juliuszaesi 9 points

this is about the time you need to stop being hyped.

TheGreatNano 1 point

RIP have updates ever came out on a Thursday?

TheGreatNano commented on a post in r/GlobalOffensive
zolvy 48 points

wouldn't that be a little late for an update? normally an update would already be out if it was coming out today.

TheGreatNano 43 points

Could potentially be a major update, maybe they stayed at the offices late today to finish up something big such as panorama. Or probably just some blog post about things to come who knows.

SystemCS 1 point

Oh man my formatting is garbage

TheGreatNano 5 points

LOL you're good man, I was able to translate it haha

hoobody 9 points

If SK go anywhere it would be to immortals under the mibr brand

TheGreatNano 4 points

Yeah I thought about that too. I legit don't know who the fuck optic could pick up. I mean they didn't say an NA roster they just said the team would be based in NA. And right now there is literally no free NA agents worth it. At least imo.

MH136 2 points

I legit don't know who the fuck optic could pick up

Rise nation lol

TheGreatNano 3 points

Why though? An organization as big as optic could purchase/put together a way better team than the rise roster lol

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Worzel86 10 points

Personally my aim and reaction times feel a lot sharper when I've been eating healthily (whole foods and veg) when compared to playing when I've been eating unhealthily (pizza, burgers etc.)

TheGreatNano 1 point

This!!! I recently started trying to get on a somewhat better diet, although I do still eat fast food probably once or twice a week. But I recently started a water only diet, and I make sure to drink at the very least 8 bottles of water a day which is essentially a gallon and I noticed that alone has reduced headaches for me and gives me more energy.

I also started making egg white sandwich every morning for breakfast instead of sugary coated cereal for years. Even though as a gamer, cereal is the goto thing haha but I noticed it has helped my attitude in game as well.

LargeAll -1 points

Common consensus says no.

I doubt that upgrading your ram would do much difference to fps or loading speeds. Roughly 8gb of ram is more than enough to run cs go.

If you truly want to improve fps or loading speeds, getting an ssd or a much better cpu will do wonders to your performance.

TheGreatNano 1 point

I have a i7-4770k 3.5Ghz rn. But I also have a brand new i7-7700k 4.2Ghz in the box waiting to be installed. I just need to save up money for new MOBO, RAM, and maybe CPU cooler. Would a i7-4770k to a i7-7700k be a big upgrade?

TheGreatNano commented on a post in r/GlobalOffensive
TheGreatNano 1 point

Just play through the slump. There's 2 options for slumps, either play through it or take a break. NOT A LONG BREAK THOUGH. A good break period would maybe be 1-2 day break MAX anything more will probably have you coming back rusty.

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