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TheGreatZiegfeld commented on a post in r/TheLastAirbender
outcastedmonster 13 points

The battle wasn’t concluded. The main character ran away after a crowd of animals started cheering the fighters on and a guru who taught him to access the equivalent of the Super Saiyan power of this show came by floating on a cloud while singing a song about chakras and drinking a juice made of onions and bananas.

TheGreatZiegfeld 3 points

as you do

Bombkirby 5 points

I remember the uproar over this episode. It seemed to lessen as the years went by, and after Korra premiered it started being talked about in a more forgiving way.

TheGreatZiegfeld 1 point

I always loved it. A comedic way to get across a nervous calm before the storm atmosphere.

TheGreatZiegfeld commented on a post in r/hockey
BarbarianDwight 311 points

Spoken like a true 20 year old.

TheGreatZiegfeld 1 point

Everybody thinks their wise, but there'll always be someone ten years older saying otherwise.

I should know, I'm only eight.

TheGreatZiegfeld commented on a post in r/PS4
scrotalbifida 501 points

I love how the reverse-jerk of GTA V would have you think it’s some mediocre game. If you don’t like it fine, but it’s undeniably a very well made game.

TheGreatZiegfeld 7 points

GTA Online has gotten some fair criticism, but the amount of incredible things you can do in it is ridiculous, especially compared to the online of GTA IV.

TheGreatZiegfeld commented on a post in r/SubredditDrama
Circle_Breaker 62 points

Sucks that TPAB didn't win one. That was an iconic album. Damn was just meh.

TheGreatZiegfeld 5 points

Maybe 2015 had a stronger field of competition? The piece that would go on to win was Julia Wolfe's Anthracite Fields, which apparently bridges its compositions with real-life events in a harrowing and haunting way. Maybe Kendrick was considered in 2015 but lost, and in 2017 there was no clear runaway winner so Kendrick got the nod for both DAMN and the albums he made prior.

I'm not upset TPAB didn't win, mostly because we didn't know at the time that hip hop was being considered or eligible. I'm just glad for the breakthrough by such a talented artist so that if there's another incredible genre innovation in the next decade or so, we know that Pulitzer isn't ignoring it on principle because now they have something to show a consideration of wider genres. It feels like future wins and losses are more justified and less closed-minded now, though some will say all of their conventional wins weren't warranted because it's what they usually pick, which is unfortunate for all the classical and jazz albums that genuinely got the vote over the terrific and more popular works beside them.

TheGreatZiegfeld commented on a post in r/canada
sinsyder2 538 points

This is why I hate this fucking subreddit. I'm getting downvoted to hell and have people sending me PM telling me to fuck off, get a hold of yourselves.

I have to spend 30 minutes cutting and pasting links on my phone because googling "Portugal Decriminalization Benefits and Drawbacks" is apparently an impossible task.

There have been positive and negative aspects to Portugal's direction.

University of Berkeley

Portuguese homicide and drug mortality rates increase and vary more wildly relative to European trends in the period after decriminalization.

  • Persons who have tried illicit drugs 7.8% (2001) to 12%(2007)

  • Heroin use rose from 0.7% to 1.1%

  • Cocaine use rose from 0.9% to 1.9%

Yes I know, incarceration rates are down, HIV rates are down (although high in comparison to other European states), treatment rates are up etc etc

I am not saying there are no benefits and I personally fully 100% support full decriminalization so lay off on the death threats or what we dumb shit you are going to send me for daring to present objective thought into a conversation.

TheGreatZiegfeld 30 points

Shoutout Mr. Source.

TheGreatZiegfeld commented on a post in r/circlebroke2
TheGreatZiegfeld 46 points

I feel the same way about /r/books. It's just reiterating the things people already love with little variety or contention. I wouldn't mind the same songs or books over and over again if there was discussion of its quality beyond the usual compliments or recounts about the author/musician.

yodaminnesota 11 points

Is there a better sub for literature? I used to browse /lit/ but got fed up with 4chan as a whole back during gamergate and haven't really found a replacement.

TheGreatZiegfeld 13 points

/r/literature isn't as popular but isn't nearly as focused on the same few books and topics. It's a lot broader in scope than fantasy and high-school assigned classics, and the conversations seem more two-sided without getting foolishly confrontational (I've seen a few arguments over Ready Player One, and it never ends well).

TheGreatZiegfeld commented on a post in r/TrueFilm
nonhiphipster 6 points

True. But Netflix is now refusing to allow their films to be shown out-of-competition, in response. Which I feel is unhelpful for all parties.

TheGreatZiegfeld 6 points

Yeah, Cannes seemed perfectly fine with having Netflix films shown out of competition, but Netflix didn't seem up for it. Cannes is only against Netflix films being up for competition, possibly due to those films already having a distribution deal and many of the films in competition not having one. That's just from what I've heard however, so take it as you will.

TheGreatZiegfeld commented on a post in r/circlebroke2
cooper12 39 points

Pao was just used as a scapegoat by reddit to make it more advertiser-friendly. It's a well-known phenomenon:

TheGreatZiegfeld 15 points

I don't think that speaks negatively to her abilities, just that she was used in an inappropriate role for the sake of saving face.

TheGreatZiegfeld commented on a post in r/criterion
TabloidWeasel 12 points

I've seen a lot of "first Criterions" pics featuring Solaris. Some people are adventurous.

TheGreatZiegfeld 5 points

For sure. I'd figure Ivan's Childhood was the best place to start with Tarkovsky, though I begun with Stalker and my friend's favorite film (and only Tarkovsky watch to my knowledge) is Solaris, so it's different for everyone.

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