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TheGreatZiegfeld commented on a post in r/criterion
okcmaxk_v2 11 points
TheGreatZiegfeld 34 points

On one hand, it's getting restored!

On the other hand, my life is endless suffering.

roderigo 12 points

On the other hand, my life is endless suffering.

You'd fit perfectly in Satantango's world

TheGreatZiegfeld 5 points

If you watch Satantango more times than you leave your room, it's basically like living in Hungary.

TheGreatZiegfeld commented on a post in r/ListeningHeads
ericneedsanap 2 points

hey if any y'all have letterboxds -- i know a couple people do at least -- share here, i want to read what y'all have to say and to go through faves as part of my slow process of "getting back" into films after a neglectful past few years. (figure if you have film ratings/reviews on rym i'm already friends w all the regulars here on it)

edit: and if not, or if so as well, maybe share some words about a film you really like?

TheGreatZiegfeld 3 points

On mobile, so the link might not work.

kingofthejungle223 2 points

Great list, Zieg! I’m so proud.

I need to make my wife watch Make Way For Tomorrow and Ill have to check out The Stranger’s Return.

TheGreatZiegfeld 2 points

Watching Make Way for Tomorrow with your partner is a bold strategy, like seeing Old Yeller with your dog, or Mon Oncle Antoine with your innocence.

I'm sure she'll love it though, and it more than deserves its rapidly increasing classic status.

TheGreatZiegfeld commented on a post in r/movies
bt1234yt 51 points

Spoiler Alert: No it wasn't. In fact, he gave the film A POSITIVE REVIEW!

TheGreatZiegfeld 4 points

White is good in that he isn't always contrarian, he just has a weird perspective on film. I never get the impression he lies about his opinions, hence the occasional agreement with popular consensus.

TheGreatZiegfeld commented on a post in r/hockey
Sarke1 11 points

Leaders since Gretzky entered the League:

Season Player Assists
2016-17 Connor McDavid 70
2015-16 Erik Karlsson 66
2014-15 Nicklas Backstrom 60
2013-14 Sidney Crosby 68
2012-13 Martin St. Louis 43
2011-12 Henrik Sedin 67
2010-11 Henrik Sedin 75
2009-10 Henrik Sedin 83
2008-09 Evgeni Malkin 78
2007-08 Joe Thornton 67
2006-07 Joe Thornton 92
2005-06 Joe Thornton 96
2003-04 Scott Gomez 56
Martin St. Louis 56
2002-03 Peter Forsberg 77
2001-02 Adam Oates 64
2000-01 Jaromir Jagr 69
Adam Oates 69
1999-00 Mark Recchi 63
1998-99 Jaromir Jagr 83
1997-98 Wayne Gretzky 67
Jaromir Jagr 67
1996-97 Wayne Gretzky 72
Mario Lemieux 72
1995-96 Ron Francis 92
Mario Lemieux 92
1994-95 Ron Francis 48
1993-94 Wayne Gretzky 92
1992-93 Adam Oates 97
1991-92 Wayne Gretzky 90
1990-91 Wayne Gretzky 122
1989-90 Wayne Gretzky 102
1988-89 Wayne Gretzky 114
Mario Lemieux 114
1987-88 Wayne Gretzky 109
1986-87 Wayne Gretzky 121
1985-86 Wayne Gretzky 163
1984-85 Wayne Gretzky 135
1983-84 Wayne Gretzky 118
1982-83 Wayne Gretzky 125
1981-82 Wayne Gretzky 120
1980-81 Wayne Gretzky 109
1979-80 Wayne Gretzky 86
TheGreatZiegfeld 8 points

So from 1979 to 2002, only six people would have won it. (If ties mean the award is split)

Gretzky (16 times)

Lemieux (3 times)

Oates (3 times)

Jagr (3 times)

Francis (2 times)

Recchi (1 time)

TheGreatZiegfeld commented on a post in r/hockey
roknfunkapotomus 5 points

Still a dumb effing name. Should have been Aces.

TheGreatZiegfeld 2 points

To be fair, a lot of NHL names are pretty dumb. We've just gotten used to them.

TheGreatZiegfeld commented on a post in r/indieheads
lleon779 33 points

After letting them sink in, I think my 2017 ranking goes like this: Polygondwanaland > Flying Microtonal Banana > Gumboot Soup > Sketches of Brunswick East > Murder of the Universe

I think this is a great album and many of the songs are growers. I really feel they're trying new styles that are going to be important for the band in the future. Let's see if this 2018 brings us 1 or 2 very awesome albums.

TheGreatZiegfeld 3 points

Personally, I'm: Flying Microtonal Banana > Murder of the Universe > Gumboot Soup > Sketches of Brunswick East > Polygondwanaland

But I really like all five albums.

TheGreatZiegfeld commented on a post in r/MorbidReality
RapidCatLauncher 841 points

Ralf Brunner is the photographer who took these pictures, not the man in them.

TheGreatZiegfeld 24 points

Does anybody know the name of the man in the photos themselves? I can't seem to find it anywhere.

TheGreatZiegfeld commented on a post in r/hockey
TheGreatZiegfeld 4 points

I wish he had gotten a better chance in the NHL. Barely played at all before being written off, despite his past experience. You could argue him not reporting to the AHL was classless, but you could also argue that sending him down was premature, especially for someone they spent so much for. These doubts might have been silenced had they given him more time, but because they didn't it just looks like a flawed decision.

BipolarBeaarr 4 points

Sergei Mozyakin, Alexander Radulov, Danis Zaripov

TheGreatZiegfeld 3 points

Sergei Mozyakin

Such a shame he didn't play in the NHL. He would have been something great, I'd imagine.

TheGreatZiegfeld commented on a post in r/iamverysmart
drDOOM_is_in 46 points

That's not true, I posted the very first trailer for rouge one, it got removed and friend of the mod's post got stickied.

Mods are people, they suck equally as the rest of us.

TheGreatZiegfeld 6 points

/r/movies mod here.

It might have just been a mistake on our part, or maybe one of the mods unreasonably favored a particular user. It's hard to say considering Rogue One was a while ago, so I can't look into post removals that far back, but if something like that happens again, let us know so we can address it with the mod who removed that post.

It might have even just been an altered title, or something minor like that. It's possible the mod meant nothing malicious by it, but definitely let us know the next time it happens in case it's a continuing issue.

edit: Also I love your username.

drDOOM_is_in 4 points


It's all good, like I said, I'm a mod too, I know how it works, that day was a shitshow for you guys, I remember it, lol.

Thanks for answering!

TheGreatZiegfeld 3 points

No problem! Things can get messy in modqueue and modmail sometimes, so of course mistakes and issues come up. I appreciate you being considerate about those sorts of things.

TheGreatZiegfeld commented on a post in r/indieheads
CadabraAbrogate 10 points

U can see his wiener in this pic

TheGreatZiegfeld 16 points

His genius is showing

InSearchOfGoodPun 106 points

Is it really a “beef” if Eminem doesn’t care?

TheGreatZiegfeld 31 points

I mean Eminem hasn't cared for a while now, so...

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