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1.3k points · 18 days ago

And this guy doesn't look like a total dork riding it.

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That’s exactly what I was going to say. I was incredibly surprised that he didn’t look like an idiot when he rode off. It looks pretty cool and practical!

You hope...

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I t won't matter if it's a he when he comes at you like this

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Wow that’s intense nervous laughter

Not really sure how I feel about this. I don't like the Pokemon Go addition to it or the fact that it's only the original 151 characters. Thankfully they said the next core game would be released in 2019 which is more than likely Generation 8. If they didn't say that I'd be pretty sure this would piss off a lot of people. However, if they incorporated Pokemon Go into this, what's the whole point of "Gotta Catch 'Em All" in this game anyway? Chances are, the only people who even still play Pokemon Go probably already have most if not all of the original 151 already...I love everything else about this game (graphics, style, battle, catching, Pokemon following you, etc.) but it just kind of seems like a cash grab...

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You can transfer any Gen 1 Pokemon from Go into this game, BUT you will lose them from Pokémon Go. Once they are in Go Park, you cannot send them back to the mobile game. So I would lose a lot of strong Pokémon if I moved them to Let’s Go.

I'm pretty sure it can go both ways

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In the IGN write up about it, they stated that the Pokémon cannot be sent back to POGO once they are in the Go Park in the Switch title.

Colin’s Last Stand: KnockBack podcast really goes in depth with this series in their 80’s Nick episode. It was a really entertaining listen!

That lighting is amazing!

For me Black Flag or Syndicate are the best Assassin's Creed's

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Same! I loved Syndicate but never had the time to finish it but I was very pleased with what I did play. I am going through Origins now and it’s taking some time to adjust to the dumbed down parkour system; it isn’t fluid at all like Unity started.

11 points · 27 days ago

What ! Played a tiny bit of unity , skipped syndicate, played a lot of origins. Going back to syndicate now feels so damn clunky. After another 20 hours with origin you should try it. Damn character feels like he's in molasses

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It’s more of the fact that in Unity and Syndicate, the movement going down buildings was so fluid. In Origins, I feel like he is just “hopping” from ledge to ledge downward. But I am not TOOOO far into Origins so maybe my mind will change!

27 points · 27 days ago

*Ask me what I plan to do with that $250 baby rocker after the kid grows out of it.

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It is an expensive rocker, but it saved my life as a new parent. My daughter was SUPER colicky, and we tried every way to get her to sleep. One night we put her in this, and she went straight to sleep. So for a good month or two until she leveled out, this was the only way she would sleep. We definitely got our money’s worth!!

I may be in the minority, but I prefer the cake cones.

Ah Pikablu.....I remember that rumor. Good times.

Looks like something out of His Dark Materials.

Nice, I have a S0, but I'd upgrade to an S1 for $100

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I have a S0 as well and completely happy with it. I upgrade iPhones every year but have yet to see a good reason to upgrade my watch.

That it’s spelled Cap’n Crunch and not actually Captain Crunch.

-3 points · 29 days ago

Looks like it too

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It looks like it is already unraveling.

Original Poster1 point · 29 days ago


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Bottom right picture. Immediately to the top right of the watch. Maybe it’s just the angel.

Holy hell I am so glad I moved out of the Greenwood area. I knew it was getting out of hand but damn!!

297 points · 1 month ago

we don't choose them; they choose us.

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That’s exactly right. When I moved out on my own, I was looking to adopt a cat. I wasn’t sure about the kitten I picked up out of the cage, but then she put her paws to my face to pull me to her and then licked my face. I was instantly in love! She grew up to be the best cat I ever had. Zooey unfortunately died of cancer a few years ago.

When someone doesn’t believe what I am telling them and think I am lying, I smile. I continue to smile bigger as they accuse me of lying; I eventually start laughing while trying to make them realize I am tell the truth.

A few days ago, I realized just how little Wells Fargo cares about it’s customers. I changed from Wells to a credit union and called to cancel my accounts. I say “Hey I would like to close out all of my accounts.” The teller just responds “Yeah sure, hang on...............okay they are closed.”

I really expected them to try and keep me.

The accounts are probably still active and they'll call you in a few years to tell you about the fees they've accrued.

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Yeah that seems about right.

Aye be GreeneArrrow, the Captain that has problems reading maps. Directions are not me strong points, but a Captain non the less!

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