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I never had any big issues with any iOS until 11. My iPhone X was a complete garbage fire. I updated to the iOS 12 beta a few weeks back thinking it couldn’t get any worse than it was. Imagine my surprise when ALL of my issues were gone and my phone was even faster than before. iOS 12 is a complete godsend. I am so glad they cut some features to make a completely stable operating system. The iOS 11 disaster almost made me jump ship after being with iPhone since the 3GS.

I loath this man. Many things in my state make us look bad, but he is certainly at the top. This man is a rat and tries to play both sides. Hated on Trump before he was elected, and now he is so far up his ass we can barely see him. Disgusting man.

Oh my god. I have wasted so much time trying to get Ultimate level on each challenge mission!

Oh man! The milkshake transformer one was my favorite.

After finishing the game I thought I just played the best spiderman film

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Absolutely! I thought the same exact thing. This game may be better than any Spidey movie to date. Stunning cinematic, tons of heart, and pure emotional scenes.

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When she said that she wanted to see her nephew? I lost it, I cried, no regrets about it either

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When Peter was sobbing into the bed when she was dying, truly showed how amazing this cast was. I was so amazed that the actor could pull off such emotion and real crying throughout that scene. This game very much rivals any movie.

The part I'm most afraid of. Nothing at the scale of transforming talking animals and armored bears as main characters has ever been done well in television. I can't say I have high hopes. Dragons in Game of Thrones don't occupy every single scene.

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I got burned watching the film. I adore these books and the movie was just horrible. I have faith seeing as the source material lends itself better as a TV show, but the daemons are going to be interesting to pull off. I guess it all depends on the budget they are willing to put into it.

Had there been any report of a release date? I didn’t see it in the article.

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"Fireplace" maybe. But flashbang? It's like calling a road a "carpath."

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Why do we park on a driveway, and drive on a parkway?

“I don’t have a headache. I’m just preparing.”

I’m nearing completion but so far Insomniac did a great job making Miles a compelling character. A Miles game would be awesome and they set up his backstory nicely.

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I agree. I love Miles so much more than I thought I would. Every piece of dialogue from him feels real, and organic. I guess most of the dialogue is great, but it really shines through with Miles.

Oh fuck. I upvoted before I realized what exactly was in the background.

Lol third act is a poor time to pass off random crimes as "role playing". Petes got better things to do at that point. :p

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Yeah I got to that point today. I was going to do some more side stuff and all that kicked off. I just feel bad doing collectibles with everything going on right now lol

The watch is just super dead. My wife’s did this the other day because she did not wear it for a long time. When I turned it on, I got that screen and after a few hours on the charger it was back to normal.

From Red Skull to Ghost rider real quick

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From Red Skull to dead skull

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Yep! Green tree pythons are yellow/red in their youth, so that they can camouflage better on lower branches. They tend to be kind of aggressive though, so it's kind of surprising to one being handled like that. But they are beautiful noodles indeed.

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“Green tree pythons are yellow/red in their youth, so that they can camouflage better on lower branches.”

Man evolution is just downright amazing.

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Paul bought all the rights to Holly's music so the family could receive royalties again. Unless I was misinformed.

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You are correct. Paul was a huge fan, and bought all of the rights to his music.

That was awesome. Paul always strike me as a sweet good man.

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If you ever get a chance to see him live, do it! He plays for over 3 hours straight and the man has still got it! I’ve seen him twice and would go again in a heartbeat.

My Series 0 has had no case and is still flawless. Granted it’s the stainless steel model, and I think the glass is stronger on this version (sapphire? can’t remember).

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My wife has a sport model series 0 and her’s is still flawless; I am surprised since she is a nurse.

My wife and I both have Series 0 Apple Watches since a month after it’s initial release, and they are both flawless. I have a stainless steel, and she has a sport, and we have never put a case or screen protector on them.

Yes! My crew and I do the same thing. We will attack just about any ship because PVP is one of the most rewarding experiences in this game. We will wreck a crew and steal all of there treasure, and sometimes that same crew will end up doing the same to us for revenge. It is all in good fun, and any ship we try to sink, we always speak in dumb pirate talk. We totally expect to get wrecked at any time, just as we wreck others.

It’s like a murderous warped version of the Golden Rule.

The biggest argument against smart glasses is the camera. A camera is creepy and weird and people want to know if they’re being recorded.

I legitimately think these glasses won’t have a camera on them, whatsoever.

They’ll be an iPhone accessory like the Apple Watch and the iPhone has a very good camera on it already.

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The camera on the Google Glass made for some creepy moments. When I worked retail, I had a customer come in with a pair and was showing me how it worked. He even showed me how he could take a picture without someone knowing.

Wow this is insane. I work in IT at a hospital and we are opening a clinic in Hartsville. I just had a conversation on Friday with one of my co workers about this chain. I had no idea this chain existed until then and now here it is on Reddit. The world is weird man.

Nobody in the history of Apple fandom has ever believed that. I wouldn’t even call your argument a straw man because that feels too substantive.

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Yeah he was a grade A dick. I’ve read his biography a few times and he was definitely an important man, but I always thought he was a very mean person. He seemed to thrive on being an asshole to those around him and being the smartest man in the room at any cost.

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