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TheGreeneArrow commented on a post in r/Documentaries
YodaFan465 105 points

Let me tell you something, okay? Because people ask me all the time— they ask me this. They say, they ask me, how are my Trump numbers? And I answer, I say, listen— because this comes up all the time. It’s true. They ask me, and I answer them. Because we live in a country today where people, they ask questions, and sometimes people answer. Sometimes they lie, sometimes, well, other times it comes up that someone gives an answer that, y’know, maybe not the question you asked. And so this is going on all the time. It’s really stunning. It’s marvelous. You’re gonna be real happy, I’m sure.

TheGreeneArrow 12 points

It’s sad that this could have been legitimately copied from one of his speeches. Spot on!

R_Three 1 point

I just threw up a little in my mouth... 🤢

TheGreeneArrow 1 point

Try being that close to it 🤮

Timinator01 14 points

yeah when i see a keyboard like this I just throw it out and replace it ... no way I'm using that even just to fix someone's workstation ... I don't even care if the user thinks it's special it just gets trashed where they won't find it

TheGreeneArrow 2 points

I didn’t touch it in the slightest. The user was not there so I slowly backed away.

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TheGreeneArrow commented on a post in r/roosterteeth
BigHoss94 179 points

Surely they can figure it out with today's medicine? Persistent stomach pains over months is a sign of a pretty big issue.

TheGreeneArrow 8 points

Two years ago I was in the hospital for almost a week with stomach pains that would make me pass out. The doctors had no idea what was wrong and ran tons of test. They took out my gallbladder just to see if it would help and said “We hope this will work, but we are not sure. At least you don’t need it.”

Thankfully it was my gallbladder going insane. So unfortunately with today’s medicine, some docs just take a shot in the dark.

OniExpress 1 point

My father had exactly the same problem, and exactly the same solution, except the gallbladder was one of the last things they removed. All those little jiggly bits in your gut that you don't need, or can be managed with a change of diet or pills? All gone over the course of a year

Sometimes those little things go nuts, and you don't realize the kind of hell they can cause when they do. Glad that you're doing better, as is my father (though he lost about half of his weight over the whole process and was drugged and bed ridden for half a year).

TheGreeneArrow 1 point

That is horrible! I am glad to know your father is alright. It can be very scary feeling like that and not having a clue what is wrong.

TheGreeneArrow commented on a post in r/iphone
THE_PINPAL614 1 point

Is that a custom back? I didn’t realise the 3GS came in white?

TheGreeneArrow 3 points

It came in both black and white. The white 3GS was my first iPhone and man do I miss that design. The curved back made it so comfortable to hold!

Swashpl8 9 points

My daughter has on me and it hasn’t held up very well at all.... it has scratches everywhere and now we don’t know how to remove it. I would not recommend them

TheGreeneArrow 2 points

Good to know! Thanks for your insight!!

TheGreeneArrow commented on a post in r/iphone
WhatsUpBras 90 points

Airpods are the best Apple product since the iPad

Can’t imagine sitting in bed or at the desk without these on you can’t even feel they are there most of the time

Worth every penny and more

TheGreeneArrow 1 point

Is there a sound quality difference between the AirPods and the regular EarPods? I get headaches very easily with most headphones that are not wired earbuds. I didn’t want to pay that much for just a wireless version of the EarPods.

TheGreeneArrow commented on a post in r/NintendoSwitch
TheGreeneArrow 3 points

I worked at a GameStop for 4 years and we would get in Nintendo systems all of the time with parental controls when we tried to reset them. We would have to call Nintendo and not let them know it was GameStop. We had to act like we forgot the code, or a child put on the controls by mistake; Nintendo would always give us a Master Code.

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