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BK Grumpy bomb

Khan ult

Seris ult

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If you time the ult perfectly you can use grumpy bomb to get on to higher ledges. Stand near the grumpy bomb and ult right before it goes off. As you ult jump the grumpy bomb will cancel your ult but your momentum will carry you on to the ledge.

-4 points · 4 days ago

Looks tacky ghetto and lazy. The hoop earrings are fucking ugly to look at. Hate how they gave cassie hoop earrings. Where are her lips damn it? Ash has very plump lips.

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What has your life become?

Each fallout is vastly different from one another and fallout games span a vast timeline. Fallout 4 is nothing like 3 and new vegas is nothing like 2. Then fallout 76 will arrive along with new fans, each wanting the next fallout to be like the one they fell in love with. Naturally, there will be friction but as a Fallout fan we should respect one anothers opinions.

Some trials are meant to be faced alone.

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Getting distracted while shopping with mom then looking up to realise you are lost.

I hate how mugshots are public record. Those mugshot newspapers are a shakedown

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But if someone you know is missing you can at least check arrest records to see if they were arrested.

Sure, but they don’t need to be on the counter at the gas station for that purpose. This stuff should be available, not broadcasted.

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I agree completely.

I just had to go and watch some old =3. Ohhh man the nostalgia, I used to LOVE those videos

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Remember when he made music videos.

He is full of shit. Deer are big animals and tacomas are relatively small. Rabbits are speed bumps but deer are not.

nice but kinda predictable

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Lets see. The two hitman are actually the same guy because of time travel. Also it was their dad that travelled back in time to kill his past dad self to prevent his son becoming a hitman. When that didn't work he raised his son for the sole purpose of defeating his other son.

Im confusing myself so i know it wont be predictable.

-42 points · 1 month ago

So littering. Got it.

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Im on your boat. It's littering. The plastic eyes will eventually fall on the ground where it will be washed away into the ecosystem. This behavior should not be condoned.

113 points · 1 month ago

They did prepare their food on their own, he just sneaked some spicy in it.

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My mom would wrap my burritos in napkins and alluminum foil. I could never open it up without ripping the foil. All this time i thought it was to keep the heat in but she was just protecting my food.

5 points · 1 month ago

I hate to bring it to ya... But you probably got an increased chance of being poisoned by the alluminium foil then by anyone else. Especially since burritos contains slightly acidic sauce and stuff which will then slowly absorb the alluminium particles.

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Then thats what the napkins where for! To absorb any alluminum!!

33 points · 1 month ago

Make that a shirt and I'd buy it

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It's a good format. I'd buy one

The car could print those codes out and you could look them up online

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Fuck running out of ink

Not sure if sarcastic, but I don't think "print" was meant to be taken literally.

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Then the paper jams!

106 points · 2 months ago

Sell it as a "power pole"

I hope there are fisherman here to understand the joke

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Angler but to poor to relate.

3 points · 2 months ago

I'm sure you could probably slice open someones jugular with a strong enough line(and it depends on the riders speed)

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I would imagine the line would break at the knot where it was tied. Then, the line would rub across your neck as you drive through it. Kinda like a paper cut except worse on every level.

I stole some crappy shoe polish as a teenager and got 100+ hours of CS. I also learned my lesson which I doubt these two will.

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When i was around 6, my dad took me to the mall. There was a circular multi story table that displayed jewelry. I think they were necklaces and earings. Each piece was in its own jewelry box. I went around in circles closing each jewelry box. By the time i got to the second table an employee caught me and made me open up each jewelry box i had closed. I learned opening jewelry boxes was hard and i never did that again.

6 points · 2 months ago

Could be cheaper depending what you consider expense. I'd consider my setup lower mid tier where $799 wouldn't come close to covering my 4 rods and reels (~$1,000). Then add my boat, kayak, lures (easily over $799 in lures alone), clothing and other associated equipment.

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Or for that money you can get the ultimate bluegill setup and like several cases of beer.

I've never fished for bluegill (never been to North America), but I've seen a lot of American fishermen on YouTube catching bluegill and they just seem so boring to catch? They bite fucking anything and you find them anywhere? Where's the fun?

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You have have to find joy in the simple things in life. Catching bluegills is what nearly every freshwater angler in the U.S starts with. Bluegill fishing is a bridge back into childhood for many people. It's just fun.

jeep culture is weird, not hating. weird

The one i have on me. it doesn't matter how bad ass my nitecore is if i don't have it with me, so probably my key chain light which is an MecArmy Illuminex. And in second place is my phone light. Even thought i hate it, it has save my but a few times.

What do you feed a gay horse?


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Amazing use of the tilde.

Comment deleted4 months ago

Bra sizes are easy they go from A to B to C to E to F to G to H to I to J to K to L to M to N to O to P to Q to R to S to T to U to V to Y and finally Z.

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