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I think it stops as soon as you hit the cancel button.

Yes, you can be logged into as many devices as you want. You just can’t watch video on more than two at once.

No it won't but unless you pay for enhaced DVR, it'll stop you from fast forwarding through commercials, but if you pay for enhaced dvr then you can fast forward through everything.

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Please note you’ll still have to watch ads in VOD shows unless you pay for the no commercials plan.

No. The DVR version is what it’ll show you until you delete it from the Cloud DVR. That was my biggest annoyance with YTTV and why I went to Hulu.

Sometimes it doesn’t register that you’re in a commercial break, I think, so it might just be that. I’ll get some shows where it’ll show how much time if left in the commercial break and others won’t have the “ad” circle up at the top.

Have you tried completely closing the apps then restarting? They won’t refresh on their own but if you force it to refresh, the shows should be there.

I haven’t seen any news about it. They might just have shows on demand.

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This is an excellent tag line

A lesser company would’ve done “just iMessage them the money”

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I could be wrong but it may be for trademark reasons. I’ve heard that if you use your service as a verb, it opens the door for other companies to use the word. For instance, I’ve heard that if a TV show says “google it” instead of “search for it on google” they’ll get a letter in the mail from google saying not to do that. Google doesn’t actually care but it shows they’re taking steps to protect their trademark.

I don’t agree with the other comment. It buffers sometimes but it’s pretty rare these days. I had worse issues with YouTube TV, plus YTTV forces you to watch the VOD version of a show (tons of ads and no way to pay for no ads) even if you recorded a show.

If you do pay for Hulu with no commercials and live without enhanced cloud DVR, you can watch shows the next day without commercials. You just can’t watch the DVR version.

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Agreed that it would be nice to have a favorites list. I would also like it if scrolling over to the next half hour of a show would show you the next half hour for every show on the list rather than only being able to look at the schedule for one channel at a time.

Yes, you can watch live TV from outside the home. I think it’s mainly saying you can’t share your login or set it up in the US and move to Scotland while keeping your current channels.

Have you tried clearing your cookies and cache?

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That along with using a Private Browsing window all with the save effect.

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And you’re not using a VPN, correct?

I think it sometimes shows the wrong channel when you set it up. If it doesn’t correct itself within a day or two, I’d contact support.

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Yes. You can record live shows ad play them back whenever you want.

If you add a show to your stuff it will automatically record all the new episodes. You can set it to just record once if you want. You get 50 hours of DVR or can upgrade to 200 hours.

You can add a show to your stuff but set it to not record. You just have to manually go into the show’s settings once you add it to your stuff.

When you go to watch a show you recorded, it will actually let you watch either the live show or VOD show. Mine, by default will show the live version.

My reason for going with the cloud DVR over the no commercial plan is that I usually watch shows the same night they’re recorded so a VOD version isn’t up yet. Plus, ads will come up on live shows and recorded shows (as expected) so it’s just easier in my opinion to go with the enhanced cloud DVR. If you usually wait until the next day to watch shows, it may be fine to go with the no commercials plan.

You could also start with one of the other and see which way you prefer.

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Have you tried emptying your cache and cookies? Also, try disabling any extensions.

VOD is after midnight. If you’re on Hulu Live, it’s instant although it’s not really the VOD version.

It depends on the quality but I’ll watch a lot of live TV and use maybe 10GB/day at the most. I’d guess maybe 3GB but you could use your ISP’s data meter to figure out the difference.

You would need to upgrade to the Live TV plan. It’s $40/month and for the price you get regular Hulu (with commercials) and live TV. You can upgrade to no commercials for a few more dollars.

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If I were to record a new episode of a show when it first airs, would I be able to watch it offline?

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No. You’ll still need to be connected to the internet.

I haven’t had that. I can pause wherever I want and fast forward or rewind.

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