The #Raiders have agreed to hire former #Seahawks OL coach Tom Cable, source said. Big hire. by percaltm in nfl

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I was hoping that during DeMarcus Cousins time in Sacramento led to a reality TV show alongside Rudy Gay.


Coming this Fall.

[homemade] Monkey Bread by pizzaxqueen in food

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”Money bread on the side, you know how the family do it.”

Maske: Of course the Bills lost. Any team that Andy Dalton gets into the playoffs can't win once it actually gets there. by rhydon_my_steelix in nfl

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Meatwad: Look Boxy, I just wanna sing happy birthday with my friends and cut this cake

Boxy Brown: Nahh I don't want me no cake. I want me some piiie. You know what I'm saying boy?!

Meatwad: No sir, I don't.

Boxy Brown: Well why I don't just explain it to you then. You know when you've got this fine foxy mama, and she got that..

[Silence. Cuts to an inaudible Boxy Brown.]

Meatwad: WHAT. Well. I mean. I've seen action figures without the pants... and they ain't got that.

Creepy guy makes a fan video of a Jeopardy contestant by tonykraz in videos

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Damn. I was hoping he actually bent over and sniffed the seat until he started coughing.

Panthers now officially for sale. by YouMake in nfl

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Oh my goodness it was so scary lord have mercy.

'Spawn' Won't Say A Word In His Entire Movie by BunyipPouch in movies

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Same here. I don't know why people are complaining. As long as Spawn doesn't look like dog-shit, I am fine with no dialogue.

Britney Spears Toxic for Oboe and Violin by InsaneBaz in videos

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Leo: So do you like photos man?

Hyde: Yeah, sure man.

Leo: Okay you got the job man.

Hyde: Just like that? You don't have to interview anyone else?

Leo: Nobody else showed up man.

Hyde: So what do I do here anyway?

Leo: Well I don't expect much man. Pretty much if the hut hasn't burned down its been a good day. And even if it did, it wouldn't matter because I have 3 or 4 more of these little huts somewhere... Hey if you see one of these huts will you give me a call man?

Hyde: Or better yet I could take a picture of it.

Leo: Woah! A picture of a photo hut! Hey that's like art or something, huh?

Hyde: Yeah man I guess.

Leo: Hey, I hope you don't mind if I pay you in cash. Don't like big brother getting into my things, you dig?

Hyde: Keeping the government out of it. I'm so with you man.

Leo: No my big brother man. He's always hitting me up for money.

Hyde: Cause you're the responsible one?

Leo: Yeah. It's my curse. Hey.. I have to uh, be at a place...

Hyde: Yeah I hear that. So do you want me to lock up when I leave?

Leo: Lock up! Hey that's a good idea man. You're one of those idea men, aren't you man?

Hyde: Yeah maybe one day you'll be working for me.

Leo: Really?? Oh that'd be cool man. But hey can I have Saturday nights off?

Hyde: Yeah sure.

Leo: Cool man.