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TheLeagueOfShadows commented on a post in r/nfl
flintlock519 -4 points

Lol, Stafford really?

TheLeagueOfShadows 11 points

Can't you see we're circle jerking over here? Don't ask questions.

Scrotchticles 6 points

Do the bears remember him as fondly as us?

TheLeagueOfShadows 4 points


TheLeagueOfShadows commented on a post in r/baseball
RyzinEnagy 52 points

What do you even say as a manager when you go out to the mound to take out your pitcher and that's what's waiting for you?

nomadic_River 60 points

"Well ok, then, Max"

sulks back to dugout

TheLeagueOfShadows 8 points

"...he says he's building a divit!"

TheLeagueOfShadows 19 points
TheLeagueOfShadows commented on a post in r/nfl
foeticidal 23 points

God, that video still makes me mad.

TheLeagueOfShadows 9 points

That video made me mad. And that was against the Bears. No excuse for shit like that on a pro level.

tikotanabi 418 points

It was better for us to cut ties with him so he can start fresh. He's really pissed off the fanbase with some critical drops and a lack of effort at times. Dude has a ton of athleticism and definitely has potential, but for whatever reason he just never flourished with us.

Best of luck Ebron.

TheLeagueOfShadows 2 points

Sounds like Kellen Davis.

TheLeagueOfShadows commented on a post in r/CHIBears
UrsaMajorPayne 127 points

This team seems to get along better than any I can remember since the Urlacher/Briggs/Peanut days.

TheLeagueOfShadows 15 points

Urlacher, Briggs, Peanut, Mike Brown, Tommie Harris, Alex Brown, Nathan Vasher.

We had a squad.

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