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TheMegaBenson commented on a post in r/politics
losotr 3 points

Yah... just let the Russian troll be here... you dont have to interact with it...

TheMegaBenson 3 points

Nah, interacting with it allows other users that see the propaganda to gain knowledge that the troll's points are shit.

TheMegaBenson commented on a post in r/politics
Lloyd--Christmas 28 points

So IANAL but my initial thought was that if he keeps going with the lawsuit there will be discovery and he can't claim privilege on stuff that the taint team (or special master) says isn't covered by attorney client privilege. Anything that happens with the criminal case his lawyers will try to seal from public view but if it's found in discovery for this case it has a good chance of going public.

TheMegaBenson 0 points

You anal, eh? Cool!

Lloyd--Christmas 5 points

Not only do I anal but I brag about it on the internet.

TheMegaBenson 3 points

Fuck yeah

TheMegaBenson commented on a post in r/politics
KittyManTheCat 28 points

They want to live a shitty life. It's more fun for them to play conservative victim than actually work hard and succeed.

TheMegaBenson 1 point

"I'm a socially inept basement dweller that treats women nicely but they never fuck me and I couldn't live life without my fedora, neck-beard, and constant circlejerk with my fellow pedes over at /r/The_Dipshit. I want libs to suffer!"

TheMegaBenson commented on a post in r/politics
gAlienLifeform 81 points

Fuck Mitch McConnell, but I'm still kinda angry at Obama for letting McConnell's threat stop him from calling out the Russian election interference prior to election day

TheMegaBenson 67 points

I understand why you'd be angry with Obama but if he were to come out and say "Hey, American voters, Russia is trying to help Trump win" and that tipped the scales for a Clinton victory, I feel like we'd be in a worse spot... as much as that's hard to believe considering we're in a really fucking bad spot.

mikefightmaster 24 points

Honestly, the more I think about it - the more I feel glad Trump won - as long as we can get out of this alive.

If Clinton had won - either by campaigning differently or if Obama had come out with the news about the Russians and it swayed the election in Clinton's favour, we'd have had to dealt with four more years of the Republican spin machine, which I feel America might not have survived come 2020.

We've seen the Repubs in their light now. Their inability to govern, their blatant corruption and complicity, and Trump is under more scrutiny than he would have been otherwise. They have their sycophants but I genuinely believe they're a vocal minority now.

TheMegaBenson 22 points

I just wish we never had to come to this point. Republicans and the RNC are effectively poisoning the minds of Republican voters to a point where the majority think the entire investigation is a witch hunt and lack trust in the Judicial institutions.

It's so fucking bizarre and dangerous.

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TheMegaBenson 2 points


Tactically_Fat 25 points

It is a part of this:

Source: work with them a few times per month.

In short, they're an air sampler that pulls ambient air in and through a "paper" filter. Put that in quotes because I don't know exactly what the filter is made of.

The filters are then analyzed in a lab for biological contaminants.

The jist of the program/network is to get a head's up / leg up on bio-terrorism should something wonky be detected.

And FINALLY something that I know 100% without a doubt as to what it is.


TheMegaBenson 6 points


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