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The verdict was reached by a jury. An emotional appeal was made and they fell for it. There is no way to prove that Roundup or any generic caused his cancer, because as the parent comment here shows in depth, the scientific consensus is that it does not.

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Thanks for the response. Only other thing, didn't Monsanto have leaked papers/emails showing they knew but downplayed the negative effects of their product?

That I don't know.

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18 points · 6 days ago

He is NOT being censored, and I have no idea why people think he has.

When FoxNews cancelled the O'Reilly Factor, no one screamed censorship. When other MSM media cancels a show, no one screams censorship.

His website is still up, and he is still free to host his own videos from his website.

He has just become too toxic for others to work with him.

Once people started suing him, other companies cut ties with him. They do not want to be a part of his legal problems. They do not want to be seen as accessories, who helped AJ spew his bullshit.

For Youtube, Facebook and others, it was a legal issue pure and simple.

Corporations are all for you as long as you are making them money, and they will get rid of you the moment you start costing them money.

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People hate AJ. He's an easy target to start the censorship. Everyone will agree although it's still wrong to do, and shortly after people agreed to "censorship" they'll go after higher intellectuals they don't agree with.

We can say it's not censorship because AJ has a huge following that will just go to infowars instead of FB, YT.... but he's unique, not many people can get thrown off FB and YT and still have the same following they had.

Everybody on each side is pretending that their side didn't do anything.

This was the dirtiest, most funded, insane presidential campaign. Both sides played real real dirty. If you're on conspiracy and you think that either of them were clean, you're just ignorant. I'm sorry. I don't like to call people names on the internet but it's true. You're gullible if you believe either weren't playing dirty and didn't contact the Russians and Israelis and the Saudis and the Vatican and your mom.

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Trump bought 11? businesses in S-A while being president elect, I don't buy the Russia narrative, it's either a diversion on the dems getting pressure off their own backs. Follow Isreal and S-A with Trump and you'll get more dirt. IMO.

Not a drink but you can buy caffeine pills. It's an easy and cheap way to get it.

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2 points · 7 days ago · edited 7 days ago

Guy at work told me its bad on your kidneys? I work underground where it's over plus 35C heat and low oxygen, but maybe iced coffee would be better?

Edit: thanks guy, I drink 2 jugs of water at water so I should be fine. I appreciate the answers!

It isn't any more dangerous thank drinking coffee. The distinction is that coffee also has a few ounces of liquid water that help offset the diuretic effect of the caffeine. Drink 16oz of water after consuming a caffeine pill, and of course maintain healthy hydration levels throughout the day, and your kidneys will be fine.

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I like how the replies are form "healthy" subs. People will stick around if they see good deals on healthy produce and other products.

Maybe r/fitness and r/bodybuilding?

people do talk about alternatives to youtube from time to time here- for years now

what happened to AJ has been happening to smaller youtubers for a long time now.

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They may crack down hard on others but make AJ the big deal so it's not as noticeable

I have doubts about subterranean civilizations, but the earth being hollow seems plausible to me.

Also look up the deep drilling experiments undertaken in Russia and Germany. In all cases things get much hotter sooner than expected, hydrogen gas starts bubbling out, things which contradict the mainstream models of the earth.

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I work 1.5-2km underground at +31-60 degree temps. How deep you talking and how hot?

I assume your talking about lava hot?

Comment deleted1 month ago

Suicide. Or killing yourself, kinda the same thing. Either way it's good. My father is living proof, stage 4 lung cancer and stage 3 lymphnode 99.9% gone after 8 months.

Comment deleted1 month ago

He makes it himself and then puts it in capsules. My mom and him weigh it and he takes 4 caps a day, the largest being before bed time. He makes it the way Rick Simpson shows how to make it. He likes capsules since you don't taste it.

And it's not pure CBD, his first batches were mostly THC with CBD as well, believe it or not.

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Pretty sure Amazon has already sold all it's RDR copies and can't sell anymore and pretty sure you have to buy digital from the PS/MS Stores as you said. Couldn't find anything concrete.

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When do you receive the cash after pre-ordering?

Should be straight away or within a few days I would guess. I read somewhere you need to go download something, it doesn't just appear.

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If it's 2m Shortly after pre ordering, may as well do it since I'll get the game either way.


I work in insurance and haven't come across any of these. What companies use MLM?

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American Income. There in Canada as well as the states. I worked in insurance for a while. Still have people I recruited working there, they like it.

Just googled it, I'm not surprised it's for life insurance. General insurance still uses old-school commission based salesman.

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I wanted to get a broker type gig, but ended up going to work in the mines. It's felt scammy selling our product without the client having the opportunity to compare prices with others. You get hired if your a good talker, and good talkers made lots of money. Straight out of college kids getting 80-120k a year.

Who ever you hired/recruited, anything they sold you get half worth credited to you. The whole idea was to recruit 5-10 people and you were set. Straight up MLM.

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14 points · 1 month ago

Trump is not an engineer nor a scientist, he is a mediocre businessman who got a kickstart with daddys money and connections.

Trump says a lot of crap all the time, why should this be credible at all?

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Trumps got a point there though, wether you like him or not. Those "bombs" may of been installed by the Art Students who had full access to those floors IIRC

Myself and others I know also sitting on a ton of these collectibles . The market will be flooded will be lucky to get 4k for them 😂

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How many about

I have 3 right now I think that I each got for Like 6k and now they are like 30k. They are always super low mid month so it’s easy profit.

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I wonder how much a ton is. 30-50?

My problem is that I've heard so many different things about 9/11 over the years

The overwhelming consensus between 9/11 researchers is that all three skyscrapers were demolished via controlled demolition, in part with high tech military grade nanothermite, which was found in the dust samples.

There is a lot of disinformation out there , this is to be expected, some of these baseless claims include nuclear weapons were used, no planes hit the Twin Towers, space lazers

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There's a good video showing how some plans were photoshopped, at one point part of the plan even disappears. Now Idk if it's photoshopped to add a layer on time of the plane, or if it's no plane at all. But the video blew my mind after years of being into the 9'11 conspiracy.

There's a good video showing how some plans were photoshopped, at one point part of the plan even disappears.

Now Idk if it's photoshopped to add a layer on time of the plane, or if it's no plane at all.

I have been researching this for years, I even know the exact video you are on about, it isn't a video edit using layers, it is simply the fact the large building is in the foreground, even "debunkers" gave up on this because of the well know alternate angles that were made available.

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Didn't it say the guy who filmed it worked at MIT in video tech or something as well? Also how the nose of the plane came out on the other side of the steal building? The nose could just be debris though, it was a while ago.

Also said the clock in the way video was off sync sink with the real event.

I haven't been getting my packs for ever. finished under 500 in HC and didn't get anything. I give up on packs.

David Goggins is that you?

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Roger that

Is this sarcasm?

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Idk it's what he's talking about, but there "random" black cubes in major cities around the world IIRC. There's been a couple post about it.

I didn't know any of this till this year. Saturday = 6th day. Saturn = 6th planet with an hexagon (6 sides). I'm missing. Couple but makes you think of 666 and we all know what that is.

I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. Because to me 666 is just as powerful as 777, 888 or even 999. Perhaps black-cubes are popular becuase they are easy to make and they look cool. If it was a black tortoise, that would be a little more specific and interesting, but alas it's one of the most simple shapes in the universe.

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What's with 777, 888 or 999? I mean what are the theories. You talking about tesla? 3,6,9 IIRC?

There are entire scientific studies done to see how minutes played effects overall performance and better teams with better coaching will optimize their production.

Link to this "entire specific studies" that shows that subbing out players will destroy standard deviations?

Why doesn't every team do it then?

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Idk about soccer, but other sports have players who are known to be able to plow through late in the games, game after game. You don't need a scientific study to see who can keep skating and make good plays while putting up 20-25 minutes of ice time game after game.

But science is science, so it's a tough call.
"Why don't all teams do this then?", well every team has a training camp with strength and endurance exercises, ranking each player along the way. You can tell who's a brute and who's a skilled player based on those stats most of the time, although they do mix.

Well every team has a training camp with strength and endurance exercises, ranking each player along the way.

I completely agree with this. Distance ran is not the same as skills which is why Russia isnt projected to win even though they've been racking up more distance.

That being said, what's more likely?

A: Russia picked players who could run the longest instead of skill.

B: Russia picked their most skilled players but doped them also.

I think for me personally, B is far more likely, especially given that Russia has been caught red handed with state sponsored cheating.

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Given the fact that's it's Russia, option B stands out. But if these were any other country like Brazil and Germany, it wouldn't make a big fuss.

But Russia literally just got caught, so yea.

32 points · 2 months ago

Boy it would sure be disheartening to conclude that HRC vs Trump was a false choice. What recourse is left if even a wildcard like Trump is some globalist puppet, not even capable of making his own bad decisions?

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Was Clinton going to be as pro-Israel as Trump is? If not, could there be two speedster factions trying to take the throne?

Original Poster12 points · 2 months ago

Yes, did you try looking?

Picture here

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Thanks. Sorry man I was actually here when all the pizzagate shit broke out and I'm with ya, something is being covered up and we do have "evidence". But I had never seen that pic. I knew about the acting and all his ties, just never saw proof.

Good post.

It's not covered up, the gun shots are covered in the police report.

There isn't any evidence of child abuse or child trafficking or indeed a cover up.

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Idk pizzagate sub Reddit getting censored, the cameras being tilted in a different direction hours before the shooting... seems like someone is covering soemthing. Alfantis on MSM with softball questions...

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I don't think this conversation is worth anymore of my time.

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nope. Probly mixing two comment chains if you think I said those things.

I never said you said that, you said the pictures were "weird" in another thread you say pizzagate has been "covered up".

I don't know if you think you're being clever but it's really not a great look on you.

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Yes I remember. The #Chickenlover with the necklace, the AllyvsPredator IG account.... I may as well add the "HoeTard" comment as well now. You could tell me how those aren't wierd ?

Anyway idk what you getting at, Enjoy your day, hope work goes well.

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Anyone seen this? Shakespeare's more than just a poet. He may of included hidden knowledge within his work.

That Sonnets cover is no coincidence imo.

4 points · 2 months ago · edited 2 months ago

I've been very critical of the antisemitism on this subreddit, but I'm not banned. I've even discussed it with a mod, arguably breaking rule 10 in the process. Still not banned. And yes, it's antisemitism to blame all Jews for the actions of Israel. America has done some fucked up things, but it would be pretty short-sighted and bigoted to blame all Americans for the actions of our government.

I won't deny that there are quite a few antisemites here, but they're not banning everyone speaking out against it.

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No one blames all the Jews for actions of Zionist entities? Just like no one blames all Americans for actions of their governments.

If you really haven't seen people blaming Jews for everything, you haven't been here long.

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I have, there's the banking jews, the real estate jews... jews everywhere... but's it's not the majority of us who will lob all jews into the same category as Zionist.

Also the same usernames are in the same threads agreeing with each other and disagreeing with OP. It gets long.

" I don't know how ____ could even think this way after seeing this!" Cool, you sound like your 12 repeating the same shit and multiple threads.

Thanks man. Are the two circles in the words supposed to look like children? Or does the big sun have something related to pedophilia code?

Again thanks for the link man.

4 points · 2 months ago

Yo do realize they have the word “children” in their name, right? It’s almost as if they make something targeted at children.

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yes... I'm wondering about the sun.

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