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EcComicFan 2 points

Wtf is that music?

TheRealClax 0 points

Ending music or Training?

EcComicFan 1 point

Ending during the fight clips. Felt like that shit was right out of some unmade Mortal Kombat sequel.

TheRealClax 2 points

It's from the Berserk Soundtrack (Ghosts) pure epicness

drakeXtheXsnake 3 points

Love the terminator music. Good job!

TheRealClax 4 points

Used the T1 Theme to show off Pre UFC Cyborg then T2 for Prime UFC Cyborg.

Flumping 2 points

Would it matter if she wasn't though? Do you really think that any of these women she has fought would stand a chance against her even if she had bad IQ?

Yana Kunitskaya isnt a great example, she hasnt beat anyone either.. 4 of her 10 wins are against people with 0 wins, 1 or 2 losses and non of them have fought since.

TheRealClax 7 points

Well lets hope Nunes Vs Cyborg happens

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Krstoserofil 0 points

So can somebody please explain me how this game and this rip ruined my pc?

I installed it with the 2GB RAm checked, I start the game, everything normal I start playing it and I quit. Eventually I start the game again, I play it for a few hours and then I alt+f4, and after that everything goes to shit. My PC starts behaving slowly and weirdly, Windows Explorer starts crashing and being unresponsive, I restart the PC twice, but its still stuttery and sluggish. I un-install with CCLeaner Nioh and delete the download, but still its horrible.

My other games start fucking freezing, the browser has become sluggish and its essentially impossible to multi-task. So what in the FUCK!?

I am at my wits end, its almost as if me exiting the game ruined my HDD or something, how is that even possible?

TheRealClax 1 point

Nice pc Idiot

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