Game Thread: Minnesota Vikings (14-3) at Philadelphia Eagles (14-3) by nfl_gamethread in nfl

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Both the Eagles and the Vikings deserve their first Superbowl win. All that matters is the Patriots go down on the 4th. Fucking Yankees of football... Here's to a great game!

Billionaire Barry Sherman, one of the most powerful capitalist in Canada and a close friend of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been executed along with his wife by multiple killers in Toronto by AstrophysicalMajidae in worldnews

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This is one of the craziest set of circumstance I've heard in a while... Kinda morbid to think, but I'd imagine true-crime writers are already writing books on the topic

Gif showing how Christianity spread by KM2000_THE_CHOSENONE in interestingasfuck

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The Mongols also killed a countless number of Muslims and tried to conquer the Islamic world

Sif, when she was first surrendered vs. a few days ago playing in the snow. All of my gratitude to the vet That brought her in ❤️ by geekcheese in BeforeNAfterAdoption

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I love that name for her! The goddess Sif was known for her long golden hair. I'm happy to see this Sif managed to grow all of hers back.

A. A. Milne was born on this day in 1882. He was an English author, best known for his books about the teddy bear Winnie-the-Pooh. Photo: A.A. Milne, his son Christopher Robin, and the real Winnie The Pooh, 1926. by marinamaral in ColorizedHistory

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I agree, and didn't mean to imply Milne was a Taoist. (I don't think Hoff does either) It is easy to connect the lessons and virtues that Milne authored to all sorts of beliefs. I was just trying to say deeper philosophies can be found other than a dumpy little bear having simple minded adventures in the woods.

Post Game Thread: New Orleans Saints (12-6) at Minnesota Vikings (14-3) by nfl_gamethread in nfl

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I'm the passenger in a car driving from Albert Lea to St. Paul. Stuck behind two snow plows. The salt they are dumping doesn't compare to some of these threads.

Craig Finn - God in Chicago [Spoken Word/Indie Rock] (2017) by TheSeaYouAndTea in listentothis

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For sure, someone recommended The Hold Steady to me a while ago but now is the first time I've really listened. This song chokes me up, shits too real.

Leonardo DiCaprio Joins Cast of Quentin Tarantino's Charles Manson Movie by naggingrash in horror

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He'll make an even better H.H. Holmes... Can't wait for Devil in the White City to come out.

Being a go to guy for both Tarantino and Scorsese must be amazing.


Language is just agreed upon gibberish by datb0yavi in Showerthoughts

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I think it's the closest thing the world has to legitimate magic. Vocal utterances with the power to make someone laugh or cry. Save a life or destroy the planet.

[Homemade] Burnt Ends. by happyastronaut in food

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This sounds like a Pornhub comment

[TEXT] The moment I start to die is when I start to live for someone else. by Thirdeev in GetMotivated

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I consider those friends "loved ones". That term doesn't just mean blood relatives. If you lose all of your friends and family somehow, a healthy person will go out and make new ones. Love your neighbor, join a community that you can give back to. It's not good to be so selfish.

Have the guys done anything on the DC Snipers? by BradleyGT in LPOTL

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The snipers were covered briefly in the Black Serial Killers episode... But I'd dig it if they went a little more in depth

In movies, Santa never flies to the next house over, he gets in his sleigh and decides to fly like 50 miles east. by DavidSpadeAMA in Showerthoughts

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That's because those movies are made in Hollywood, and we all know the dominant demographic of Hollywood...

France Designates Marquis de Sade Manuscript a ‘National Treasure’ by marquisdesmut in books

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Pretty remarkable considering he was basically sentenced to death for his writing. He made some great statements about power and censorship at a pivotal time in history.

Put up an Xmas tree tonight. Had to watch my annual festive horror short - "Treevenge". by TheSeaYouAndTea in horror

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So long as they get shockingly and terribly splattered, instead of the usual horror film that uses children as a plot device, I'm fine.