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TheSideQuest commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
TheSideQuest 16 points

Looks like IOTA gets the same treatment as WTC these days on this subreddit. The mods here are extremely biased and allow VEN posts to never be flagged like this, even whenever they are complete bullshit.

I'm really getting tired of this subreddit Mod's biased opinion.

TheSideQuest commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
SamsungGalaxyPlayer [M] -19 points

Notice the announcement at the top of this subreddit. These changes are in effect to reduce the shilling of all coins. Your constructive feedback is welcome in that thread.

TheSideQuest 11 points

So... can you explain why this is allowed:

PSA: VeChain sell walls are back up. This will be your only chance to purchase below $6 ever again.

TheSideQuest commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
carlos_castanos 69 points

I really don't see why people in crypto see VeChain and WTC as competitors. They can easily coexist and both be successful. They should quit the hating.

I am 100% behind WTC though

TheSideQuest 12 points

I do agree with this sentiment. They CAN coexist, but that's also under the expectation that people actually do research into things, which we both know they won't. No one in Crypto actually researches things, they just "want moon"

TheSideQuest commented on a post in r/waltonchain
hydroflow78 24 points

Get your questions ready. Walton will be doing an AMA in their slack channel on January 2nd, 10:00am Beijing time. This should be interesting.

TheSideQuest 3 points

This is not valid information. Please wait for the Twitter announcement for official time and date.

Help-Attawapaskat 5 points

So? I don’t want Ver or McAfee anywhere near these promising projects

TheSideQuest -1 points

I just thought it was interesting is all.

Tilted_Till_Tuesday 4 points

WTC is a dope project for sure, but it's far out right now. The WTC supports want a pump immediately.

TheSideQuest 6 points

I just thought it was interesting lol

TheSideQuest commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
[deleted] -5 points


TheSideQuest 2 points

September 28, 2017, 12:59:31 PM

This is an old link and there has been plenty of information debunking all of these claims.

Acrimony01 -7 points

The same people come in here every day and post about waltonchain.

OP regularly posts on /r/waltonchain...but wait, there's more!


Only 3 posters here are not regular /r/waltonchain posters. THREE. They are all downvoted. This is the definition of shilling. It's honestly brigading at this point.

TheSideQuest 3 points

Explain this one then, and the tons of others one going around lately. Heaving for-fuck-bid we try and spread the news about all the things Waltonchain has been doing lately. Get a fucking life.

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shim12 1 point

Twitter post was deleted?

TheSideQuest 2 points

Twitter post is still up, just with a different link now. The team had to do a re-upload.

bamber1 11 points

Outstanding Product Award for their Smart Waste Management System. One of many strings to the WaltonChain bow.

TheSideQuest 8 points

One day, people are gonna realize the true potential of Waltonchain, but by then, it'll be too late.

minhanha 1 point

Hey, something here for Shadow Tactics?

TheSideQuest 1 point

Human: Fall Flat? I really want this game.

minhanha 1 point

Sure, I could do that! Pm me your gift link and then I'll pm you mine :)

TheSideQuest 1 point

PM Sent. I know you are getting the better deal here, but not many people have Human: Fall Flat for trade lol

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