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Tough shot, what's the distance?

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Par 4 - 436 Ft from that box. Since OP would rather tell you to look yourself instead of just telling you.

Is that still going on? Dear lord ....

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Original Poster-11 points · 4 days ago

Yeah, I seen like 5 people whining on the “Barsby signs girls cast after winning worlds” thread.

Just because you're whining about people whining... I'ts

"I have seen like 5 people whining"
"I saw like 5 people whining"

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Original Poster-10 points · 4 days ago

I really hate reddit sometimes. Who the fuck cares how I worded it?

My favorite disc got stuck in a tree a couple weeks back, so I went to a sporting goods store, and bought a rope and a tiny folding grapnel boat anchor. I can now throw that into trees and be able to shake down my disc practically anywhere that it might land.

Original Poster1 point · 5 days ago

Wow that's a great idea. I might steal that idea!

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I had the idea when trying to think of an easy way to get my disc down that would also be somewhat portable (Since a really long stick doesn't seem practical to carry around or sometimes even find). I have gotten 6 discs down since putting it together (Not all mine. Have gotten others down and returned them to their rightful owners.)

I feel like he gets appreciated enough? Most tournaments this year the crowd following him is almost as equal as the crowd following lead card? I’m ready to appreciate the players who don’t get noticed a lot.

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I feel this exact same way. Most of the time, it's always a Wysocki or McBeth praise fest. Let's get some of the other guys on the radar. McBeth didn't even win world's this year, so an "appreciation" thread probably isn't needed.

Nice. I would have joined but I'm out of town because of school. That and I haven't played Tomar/Spencer in forever

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I've never played any of the courses in Sioux Falls, so it's gonna be wild for me haha

I really enjoy Tuthill, but it does have some tricky holes. #4 is kind of tough because you need to get through some trees and go straight right to get to the normal pin. #6 is a bomb down the sledding hill. #11-13 are all kind of the same and #11 has the river on the right and #13 has it if you go long. #14 has a little bend right that follows the river as well. I'd say #1,5,7,8,10 are must get birdies

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Thanks for the information! Really appreciate it! I'll make sure u push for birdies on those holes!

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Ill have to work on that next year!

I put with those Novas but when I try to throw them hard they are so flappy and fluttery and go like 60ft.

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I have the same problem. Whenever I try to drive with my Nova, it always flips on me and turns into a roller. One day, I'll figure out what I'm doing wrong in my form and be able to throw it right, but always impressed when I see someone throw one really far

Original Poster2 points · 10 days ago

My guess without seeing your throw is off axis torque or wrist roll. Essentially at the very end as you snap the disc through, your follow through isn’t matching your pull. That’s why it seems to yank over and dive for the ground. Keep throwing it, you’ll get it! Once you do, you’ll be as cool as McBeth!

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Yeah I watched a video today specifically outlining out to drive with a Nova and I believe you are right. Gonna run some of the drills from the video and see if I can nail down the technique to throw it properly at farther distances.

Man.. I REALLY like that CrystalZNuke with the square face on it! Looks crisp!

Where can I order one of these? I can't seem to find the location to get one

Mine is at home waiting for me. Excited to open them up in about an hour

I have only one suggestion, and it's about the video itself:

Remove the last 30 seconds of unneeded footage. You can clip it right at the end of your throw.

What are you switching from? Alot of grip has to do with comfort and what feels natural. For instance I'm 6'10 with big hands so a power grip feels forced so I do a 2 and 2 grip. ( can take a picture at lunch if you want) and still can throw the hot sauce on a disc for 400+

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I wouldn't mind seeing a picture.

Of both the grip and the hot sauce you use on the disc.

Original Poster4 points · 24 days ago

I’m in Iowa and it was hot as hell last night. My advice is spend the $25 bucks. I got way more than that in stuff he gave out. He’s very informational and just down to earth. He will answer any questions you have and to watch him throw just puts you in awe. Dude is a class act.

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I'm also in Iowa. How can I find more information on this type of thing? I relatively new to the scene here (Recently moved here) and trying to find how I can find more things like this to attend

Original Poster1 point · 24 days ago

This is a great group of people with a lot of information. Every tourney or activity is posted on this page.

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Thanks! Sent a request to join

29 points · 29 days ago

This guy Discrafts

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Should we keep an eye out on Labor Day, or the day before Labor Day?

If you are into Mega Man games, it's fantastic. The trophies are VERY hard, but it's a overall very fun game.

I used to buy pretty much every game I wanted on release day, but about halfway through last year I realized that I was buying all these games and sometimes I wouldn't even play them for months. I did some math and realized how much money I was wasting and cut my day one purchases down by a large amount.

Games go on sale way to often and usually shortly after launch to be spending almost 100$ per game at launch (or more if it has a season pass).

I'll still be buying 3-5 games at launch over the next 3 months, but considering the last game I paid full price for was Monster hunter world I'd consider that pretty good.

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Where are you spending $100 per game without a season pass included?

Canada. Physical copies come to $93 when you include tax, if you buy versions with season pass included the total comes to almost $140 per game. It's crazy and digital isn't much better last I checked new games were selling for $79 or $120 with a season pass with no option to trade in when your done with the game

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That is rough.

GameStop is actually doing better this year heading into the holiday season than they were last year despite lack of leadership and public perception. Yes they are on the market and that will go one of two ways. 1. Buy/debt/ bankruptcy sans Toys R’ Us or 2. will be bought by a company that see what value is left in preowned products sans Hot Topic. People still like physical games and need to buy hardware somewhere... there are a lot of other bigger names like JC Penny that are much more of a risk than gamestop as long as the for mentioned 1. Doesn’t happen.

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Buy/debt/ bankruptcy sans Toys R’ Us or 2. will be bought by a company that see what value is left in preowned products sans Hot Topic.

Come on... using sans twice in the same sentence, AND using it incorrectly? Wheesh.

Mmm, Call of Duty fanbase at its finest folks.

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No, it's really not the Call of Duty Fanbase at it's finest. It's just you being argumentative just because it's Call of Duty. he's right. If you showed me Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 footage side by side, I wouldn't have been able to tell you which was which. Same goes for like Watch dogs, Far Cry, Titanfall, Assassin's creed, etc.

I am not the person he was “arguing” with.

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Never said you was, because the other person never lumped this person into the entire Call of Duty fanbase either.

They’d fucking reel in views if they did, I wonder if they’ve considered it.

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No they wouldn't. The first episode would get a ton of views, and then everyone would forget about it. People would act super pumped about it, and then it would just fade into the background again while getting cancelled during the 1st season.

These types of nostalgic things are never as successful in practice as they are in theory.

"Hey guys, I know this thing hasn't even been announced yet, but..."


Difficult 2d platformer with tons of fun movement tech

inb4 "Where is *insert shitcoin here* on this infographic?"

You're joking right? THey've been offering blockchain solutions for years. They worked with Microsoft on a blockchain-based solution for Renault(Nissan) long before the cons behind Waltonchain (Silitec) had this get-rich-quick idea. I can't even count the amount of businesses using their solutions (albeit these are not migrating over to mainnet for another month) because it's in the hundreds now.

Whereas WTC has like... an unmanned store that no one has ever seen and will probably fail just as hard as every unmanned store ever has.

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Original Poster7 points · 1 month ago


That's a good question. I really have no idea. I've not really thought about selling before. Haha.

I bought everything from CSI in January of 2012 and my order total was $301 at that time. The box is probably another $75. I don't know how that converts to a value today.

I'd probably just take offers until something seemed reasonable to me. And getting a deal done before Gencon next week would be a huge bonus. Lol.

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How about an almost complete Android Netrunner collection for it?


I'm currently on the hunt for the new star design as an uploaded image. I was just wondering if there was a higher quality version of it lying around somewhere, or if I was gonna have to rip it off of an image and draw it myself. Thanks in advance!

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