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There’s a subscription service like this, called Tovala. But in order to do it you need to buy a tovala steam oven, which are expensive. They send you meals with qrcodes, and once you scan the qr code it cooks the meal specifically to what comes with it. Pretty interesting but not as free financially and less freedom with what you can scan. I have one and personally give it an 8/10. You can still toast bread and warm things in it tho so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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One day after I took my computer science exam (this was last year) I went to the store and bought a BUNCH of food. I figured I should treat myself, so I took two Hawaiian rolls, toasted them, and then put a fried egg, pepper jack cheese, and ham and sandwhiched it in. Put shredded cheddar on top of it alll and then stuck the whole thing in the microwave to melt the cheese. I made pillsbury cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing, so I took one roll and cut it in half horizontally, put the microwaved creation inbetween, put more cheese on top, wrapped the whole thing in a tortilla, fried it and then used the cream cheese icing as dipping sauce.

It sounds disgusting, I know, but it was probably the greatest thing I had ever eaten.

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That sounds like an abomination. I'm horrified and intrigued.

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It looked like a pile of garbage. None of my friends wanted to try it with me, but then once I had tasted perfection, I finally convinced them to try it. They didn't regret it.

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