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0xiaohei0 1 point

Does this still work? Because I couldn't get high enough

TheSpybacon 1 point

Nope, they nerfed Brigitte’s bash jumps a few weeks ago. Sorry!

epharian 2 points

On the front of the ship there are a couple other spots that can give you a slightly different landing spot.

I wasn't able to master the back landing, so this helps. Thanks!

TheSpybacon 1 point

Glad I could be of use!

magvadis 40 points

haha, yeah. I'm always hopeing to get into those fun crazy multi-crew shenanigans but you get idiots who just want to blow stuff up even if there is no loot involved..."Because we are pirates"

I feel like people don't know what the word means.

TheSpybacon 5 points

I know right! Always great to have a good time with random people, but those times don’t come very often.

mistystears -3 points


TheSpybacon 25 points

no u

TheSpybacon commented on a post in r/weed
TheSpybacon 1 point

Me and my friends call this “the veil”, it’s basically when you’re still high the next day or feel really strange the next day. I hardly ever smoke, and so the first time I smoked (probably about 7 smoke sessions ago) I had this. In the future if you have this I highly recommend drinking hot tea, taking a shower and just relaxing! There’s nothing to worry about, you start coming down throughout the rest of the day.

TheSpybacon commented on a post in r/hitmanimals
Csavage14 86 points

They’re referencing a common rule that if someone has been impacted by a force (i.e. explosion, vehicle accident, or rhino charge) and their shoes have been knocked off the force was enough to kill them. If not immediately, their insides would be so jumbled by the blow that they wouldn’t survive long afterward.

TheSpybacon 34 points

Holy shit, that’s super interesting actually. Thanks for letting me know! I was extremely confused for a second.

EDIT: even though it isn’t true, both before and after I found out what they were talking about I thought the “they weren’t wearing shoes” to be super funny anyways. Haha I’m cool pls no hate

Throseph 59 points

For the record that's not true, but it is a funny reference.

TheSpybacon 14 points

Thanks for the heads up, now I won’t sound like a dumbass when I tell my parents a “cool fact” that’s actually not a fact.

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Extramrdo 1 point

someone else lived up to your self-fulfilling prophesy, it seems

TheSpybacon 2 points

I didn’t WANT it though!! Oh well. It was a blast in the 25 minutes it lasted.

HobartClassDestroyer 1 point

We will be victorious, please choose the right side.

TheSpybacon 1 point

I’ll send much bird feed your way. Cheers!

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HeTooSwanky 1 point

Wow!! That’s so awesome!! They must have done a really good job if you’re going home already!! I’m jealous! The same thing happened with me about the BM so they had to give me a suppository.... it work, but it did not feel right lol. I’m so happy for you though! I’m always here for you to talk to even after you’re finished at the hospital if you want!

Get some rest buddy!

TheSpybacon 2 points

Well, not sure if you’re still interested, but it’s been 11ish days since the surgery and I think the pain is starting to go down. I can sit in chairs way longer that I used to be able to, the muscle pain when I breathe is getting less and I can walk around for a long time without having to take a lot of naps in a day. Today was the first “holy shit I’m getting better” day! I think I’ll be able to stop waking up in the middle of the night to take my as needed meds, so can’t wait for that :)

TheSpybacon 1 point

Thank you so much! You’re the greatest!!

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TheSpybacon commented on a post in r/brushybrushy
redeyepenguin 4 points

He isn’t a certain breed, just a domestic shorthair. He will be a mix of many breeds. Just choose a grey and white kitten if you like the coat ☺️

TheSpybacon 2 points

That’s I nteresting I had no idea there was a “generic brand” cat! That color is so cute! Thanks for the info :)

TheSpybacon 3 points

What breed of cat is this? I’m not like head over heels for cats but am slowly starting like them more and this cat is gorgeous. Maybe I’ll get a cat in the future that’s the same breed!

TheSpybacon commented on a post in r/likeus
TheSpybacon 4 points

Because of this I am officially considering getting a squirrel as a pet. thank you.

Burnt-Toast_ 4 points

If I only ran by that criteria, I'd have a walrus

TheSpybacon 5 points

You should get a walrus. After all what’s stopping you?

TheSpybacon commented on a post in r/LivestreamFail
jameskiimademeafurry 57 points

Guys I know some people don’t like “oof”. I don’t like it either. But I’ve been watching this guy for a long time and this is the hardest I’ve heard him laugh in years and I just wanted to share it.

TheSpybacon 18 points

sounds good to me my man

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