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When I was 12, I forgot to close the baby-gate to the kitchen, and our not completely grown up labrador went in the garbage.

My mom and step-dad at the time hated that he did that, but didn't want to put in the time to actually figure out why he did it.

Instead, my stepdad tied a wire around the dog's neck. Not enough for him to die right away though. He died in a couple of hours, making the saddest little wheezing sound.

I was at some friend's house when this happened, though when I came home I was told that because I had forgotten to close the gate, this was what needed to be done. And I was told to go say goodbye to the dog. He was still alive when I went in there. He was looking at me like "help me!", and all I did was kiss his nose and leave.

I spent a year blaming myself for that.

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558 points · 2 days ago

Your step dad and your mother are complete pieces of shit.

Moderator of r/dogswearinghats, speaking officially1 point · 16 days ago

Yes it does.

So the photgrapher had time to get out of the plane, get some photos and survive? Huh?

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You forgot the other option.....the photographer was on another plane.

I don't see snakes. I have moved to Australia and have lived here for 4+ years. I have yet to see a single snake here.

I was hiking up a mountain in Japan once and almost stepped on a snake. The only reason I didn't step on it was because my wife (girlfriend at the time) pulled me back and pointed out the snake to me.

Maybe its because I am from Canada, and we dont have snakes there. Or maybe we do and I just never noticed them.

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The snakes in Canada are for the most part not poisonous (a few exceptions out west and in certain parts of Ontario though). You may not see them but they are definitely here.

Original Poster3 points · 3 months ago

Oh that's a bummer. I'm used to using public transportation to go everywhere over here. I most likely won't have a vehicle to drive either.

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Our public transportation doesn't even run on's that bad.

My mom told me that if I didn't eat my vegetables, I'd get scurvy. She was mostly joking, but I remembered reading about scurvy in a picture book about pirates and I was terrified.

For severel weeks, I was well behaved and ate all my vegetables, but at night I stayed up crying, convinced that I already had scurvy and was beyond all help.

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I know someone who got scurvy when she was younger.....anorexic I assume because she wasn't an aspiring pirate.

The Rouge has a decent one. Deluxe looks and smells like a dump but they also make a decent one.

The city ironically does not have any great seafood spots.

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That Deluxe sauce is fucking unbelievably good. I know it's not real tartar's way better.

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