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17 points · 1 day ago

Another thing you could do is if your closer than 10m count it as a perfect score

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i would say in range of 4/3-0 (perfect, directly on it) should count

5 points · 2 days ago

I would've done something like this to avoid that problem.

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but then it would look weird with the thumbnail art it has, being all stretched out like that

man i love the fact when you try to play the game and see your web shooter ammo it gets blocked by a random SUBSCRIBE in the top right corner, anyone else?

This would be pretty dope. I think an additional change could be the Slasher can 1 hit structures, So there is no where to hide.

also that's Jason in the pic :P

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well, epic would make the new character, he isnt going to design a completely new killer concept just for something that might not even be noticed by epic

When I saw the victory royale I immediately thought of soldier going "I won? I won! Yaaay!"

Oh god... it's going down the same hole minecraft did...

Original Poster7 points · 4 days ago

I like the leviathan skin but there isn’t a lot of back blings that go great with it tbh. It’s the most expensive and only shop skin that I’ve bought so far (unless the leaks are true then PANDA team leader will be in my locker by the end of the week)

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You are a lucky man, I have been trying to get leviathan for SO LONG but the last time it was in shop I was away on a trip, and he hasn't come back to the shop... it's my favorite skin ad it's also the one that shows up the least...

Ew tik tok the new

At least that's what I gather from the ads, the garbage lip syncing of comedy sketches, garbage lop syncing of songs...

Mannrobics intensifies also T-POSE MAN

I never get the nun one, but always get the LoL ads and slender man, I watch most of the videos I like at night too so yeah it's frustrating

I'm offended, not because of the portal but because of your username...

You had a chance to make loss, AND YOU DIDN'T TAKE IT?!

Well I'm fucked if I want to complete this one, headshot damage?! Really epic?!?!

Give him a move set that's the duck game weapons

Okay, the important thing is we made friends

I thought you killed a team together?

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They did, I hid behind a tree with 14 HP

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Top 10 characters who could defeat Thanos (even with the infinity gauntlet)

I watched it and imagined him just bein like "fuck you" then slapping them with the spatula

insert yoshi sound effect

881 points · 8 days ago

I definitely haven't forgotten - it was my favorite temporary addition

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i got hit directly with one, did no damage to us but destroyed the 2x2 we had

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