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TheTRUEKingOfDucks commented on a post in r/discordapp
tripl3dogdare 6 points
  • Harassment
  • Harassment
  • Child porn
  • Copyright violation
  • Encouraging suicide
  • Spam (minor harassment)
  • Showing porn to kids
  • Animal cruelty
  • Threatening people
  • Doing illegal things
  • Child porn
  • Leaking someone else's nudes
  • Distributing viruses
  • Stealing someone else's account

Remind what part of any of that would fall under free speech? People saying that Discord restricts free speech because of this are complete idiots - all of this is either a) illegal, b) immoral, or c) just a dick move to start with. They're not taking a political position, they're not restricting anyone's rights. They're just making sure that the platform they run is a safe, legal place to be.

TheTRUEKingOfDucks 1 point

"Leaking someone else's nudes" so i can leak my nudes but nobody else's? EDIT: Child porn is said twice on that list

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RikerT_USS_Lolipop 972 points

Yep. Games may be getting better but I feel like hardware isn't moving as fast.

I bought a new laptop in November of last year. Not top of the line, but definitely included in the "gaming" laptop section. I installed Heroes of Might and Magic 5 (2006) on it and the thing got burn-your-hand levels of hot.

TheTRUEKingOfDucks 73 points

my laptop (inspiron 15 5000 series gaming) overheats, but instead of trying to cool it it just goes Bloooop, and turns off

TheTRUEKingOfDucks -3 points

see, its not hard to get the left sides graphics, simply use a potato

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TheTRUEKingOfDucks 24 points


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