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TheTRUEKingOfDucks commented on a post in r/rubberducks
Lord_Of_All_Ducks 8 points

We will rise.

TheTRUEKingOfDucks 3 points


Lord_Of_All_Ducks 1 point

Oi yourself ya false duck!

TheTRUEKingOfDucks 1 point

How about we settle this by teaming together and beating the real enemy... DUCK HUNTERS

BlackDiamondz 0 points

I don't understand why people are saying that teleporters don't become available until hardmode. You get them from mechanic after skeletron.

Edit: I'm dumb

TheTRUEKingOfDucks 1 point

no, they come from the steampunker after a mech boss

Shanespeed2000 17 points

Teleporters are unavailable until hardmode and in hardmode you can move fast and fly so making a railroad is definitely a good idea

TheTRUEKingOfDucks 5 points

but are they worth having to place all those rails?

TheTRUEKingOfDucks 1 point

bad news and good news, lets start with good i got optifine installed, bad news is it's saying Minecraft version 1.8 not found, you need to start the version manually first, so idk if that means launcher or game because i started them and neither work sooooo help

stonedcraft2017 1 point

Forge adds a mods folder.

TheTRUEKingOfDucks 1 point

so i need forge?

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darkside26999 1 point

What system are you on? I had tp usr a nurse to heal snd i stayed in a box with her

TheTRUEKingOfDucks 1 point

Steam, windows

darkside26999 1 point

Darn. Sorry, im console. Id have assisted ya. I do recommend using autopause and healing with a nurse while battling.

TheTRUEKingOfDucks 1 point

problem with that is my buddy and i are fighting him, so autopause doesn't work

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