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TheWolfofBinance commented on a post in r/itcofficial
ChicagoHomlessBum 5 points

I seriously think there are some paid shills on this page or someone who wants to drive the price down. Been seeing a lot of throwaway accounts trying to spread FUD.

TheWolfofBinance 1 point

Theres been a coordinated attack. They come in waves. Ive fought them long and hard in the early days of wtc and Antshares

TheWolfofBinance commented on a post in r/itcofficial
TheWolfofBinance 12 points


Literally 90% of this market did not exist 6 months ago. Give me a break, that's not even FUD.


I don't understand your point.


There are no technical documents on Waltonchain either. There is no code. Chinese projects don't tend to release their code public. And even Powerledger doesn't have a github and its not chinese..


AMAs usually close after a set period. That's how it works.

TheWolfofBinance commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
OmniBeats 2 points

So far, it´s still an EC20 token and look at their Github...not too promising.

TheWolfofBinance 0 points

Chinese coins don't tend to use github. oh and let me guess their website sucks too so don't invest.

TheWolfofBinance commented on a post in r/simracing
_Commando_ 2 points

I've got the DK2 and have tried the CV1, but there is still a window effect ie you can still see the pixel mesh of the screen when it's that close to the eyes.

I think we need a 4k screen in that size for the experience to be better.

TheWolfofBinance 1 point

Samsung HMD Odyssey seems to be the vest VR currently for sim racing.

TheWolfofBinance commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
r3mmel 3 points

I have $10,000 worth of BTC right now. anyone who will shill their coins to me, I will consider buying it if its good.

I'm in ZCL and NAV right now and gain 200 to 300% this week. you can give me information why your coin will go up and why its good to buy. :)

TheWolfofBinance 1 point
TheWolfofBinance commented on a post in r/NavCoin
neo2gaitas 5 points

I think the opposite, the technology in NAV didn't change and binance is just giving us more exposure. Short term might dip or established but long term is beneficial for sure.

NAV is an usable product that works well.

TheWolfofBinance 0 points

it really doesn't matter, whales will keep the price down from this point on to swing trade. Look at Walton, hell even Vechain, REQ, POWER. All had good initial pumps but never really gained traction after that. Walton's saving grace was Coinnest where the koreans came in and pumped it again but once deposits were disabled on that exchange, Binance whales drove the price down once more. Binance manipulation is a real and serious threat.

TheWolfofBinance commented on a post in r/waltonchain
WhaleNotJustYet 3 points

Some money for living?? thats a 100k usd worth of GMN' must be living' large

TheWolfofBinance 2 points

Nooo I reinvested most of it. I'm 12% NAV, 20% Qash, 20% REQ and 6% VRC.

jcnbust 1 point

You should also look into VRM, since you're in VRC already. I believe it'll be way more valuable than VRC in terms of per coin price, at the end of the day they both go hand in hand, and when one goes up the other will follow, so either way you'll make money, but since VRM has such a low lifetime supply and given how low the current market cap is, I believe VRM will end up making you more money. Best regards.

TheWolfofBinance 1 point

Yeah I've been debating it

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TheWolfofBinance commented on a post in r/waltonchain
thewolfofbittrex 11 points

Just like antshares

TheWolfofBinance 3 points

You must be so happy hahaha. I sold about 38% of my WTC into Qash to diversify a bit. Mixed feelings now. But Qash hasn't had a mooning yet. It will....soon...I hope.

BelgianPolitics 1 point

Same, but don’t worry, Qash is such a good investment. May it rule cryptoland with WTC soon.

TheWolfofBinance 1 point


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TheWolfofBinance commented on a post in r/waltonchain
TheWolfofBinance 63 points

I started my Crypto Journey in Antshares (Now called NEO)

It blew up from 3.50 to 10+ and then it crashed and did absolutely nothing for 2-3 months.

People on the subreddit blamed marketing, the name, lack of english, only 2 core devs, horrible website, horrible wallet, and lack of exchanges (Bittrex was the only major exchange), bots and manipulation (I am not making this up)...but then suddenly, out of nowhere, it went on the biggest bull run we had seen. It can all change in one or two days. Months of waiting and it can just happen.

You can chase coins that are pumping right now. Hell DOGE is pumping right now and BNB and even fucking TRON. And trust me seeing TRON pump like that and WTC stay stagnant infuriates me. But I know that we will see the day, and at the moment I can sleep well at night, barely checking blockfolio knowing my investments in a solid project like WTC (and QASH), and not a complete shitcoin that may dump with no hope while I'm sleep.

In hindsight, I've missed many, many, MANY opportunities following this philosophy but I invest in fundamentals and hindsight is 20/20. Who knows, maybe If i traded I wouldn't have gotten as far as I have and maybe I would be a millionaire. I don't know, but what I do know is that Crypto has not been very stressful for me. I am no Hodler. If I found a project that was truly and OBVIOUSLY more promising than WTC I would dump and leave. I dumped NEO/NAV/BNB to go all into WTC because it was so profound but there is no such project at this moment that I am willing to dump all my WTC for.

Just be patient.

PM_me_wise_proverbs 1 point

qash has become more promising to me than wtc. I'm 75% 25% now

TheWolfofBinance 1 point

I'm glad more people are realizing Qash's potential. I am current 30% Qash and 70% WTC but I believe in them equally. The only reason I have more WTC is because they're GMNs.

TheWolfofBinance commented on a post in r/waltonchain
thelatemercutio 13 points


The VeChain post was just about resolving legal troubles with the Chinese govt. Expect a huge dump. They pumped over cryptic, hyped up, no-news.

TheWolfofBinance 10 points

I hate VEN.

TheWolfofBinance commented on a post in r/videos
Goarnold 1 point

Nazi mods

Download song and add some weird movie clip over it and then repost

TheWolfofBinance 1 point

The mods are so incredibly intrusive.

TheWolfofBinance commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
TheWolfofBinance 30 points

What the hell is going on?

Vechain posts the chinese national anthem and some emojis and it gets pumped 50%.

Waltonchain makes this announcement and nothing.

I just don't understand it anymore.

TheWolfofBinance commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
pr3mium 31 points

Yeah, but these people barely want to understand what it is. Just how they can purchase it and then sell it back for fiat when they want.

TheWolfofBinance 8 points

I barely understood it when I first started. Hell I still don't fully 100% understand it.

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