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Sometimes the market follows the meme. Last time we crashed this big was 2014, and there was a giant 6 month triangle after that where it was hanging between 400-700. It eventually broke downwards and settled around 250. Maybe this time is different, or maybe it's exactly the same but with an extra zero at the end. We'll know in December

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Can you show me a well tested and defined triangle in 2014 that broke down? I don't see it...

This is like a anime boss battle.

Masaka!! Nannnniiiii!?!??!

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Why tho

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Dude so you were misleading people into fomoing into this project by lying about going all in?

If anyone fomos into a project because of a single post on Reddit, that's their problem, not mine. DYOR and yada yada yada. And as I said, I did go "all in" with profits from Ripple, which was not an insignificant amount of money.

Sorry if my attitude bothers you, but can you point out anything I've said about the project that you feel is untrue? Do you feel the communication has been good enough, and that they've been sufficiently transparent? Do you see any reason to expect them to deliver when they were promising launch of the World Book was imminent as long ago as the end of January?

And besides, what's wrong with wanting to "make a fuckton of money"? You keep saying that like it's a bad thing. Or are you one of those liars that says "I'm not here to make a profit, I just want to support the technology."?

The mods are welcome to ban me, if they feel I'm not contributing anything of value to this sub. Obviously, they don't agree with you.

EDIT: Removed how much I invested. None of anyone's business.

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Yes they have been having satisfactory communication.

Do you have any god damn idea what other projects are like? Do you know how hard it was to get a single peep out of Da HongFei of NEO for most of 2017? Do you have any idea how bad the communication was from Waltonchain for most of their existence? And when they did open their mouths the price would dump 10% because they constantly fudded their own project with mistranslations. Or how little the ICON team communicates? You need to fucking understand these are not videogame developers, these are companies with secrets, strategies, etc etc that they do not wish get leaked out. Especially in Quoine's case where they have a LOT of tough competition that is not even live right now. Quoine's competitions are in development as we speak. How often do you think BMW communicates with its investors? or Tesla? And those investors have shares of the company. You own nothing. They don't want to communicate with you. It doesn't mean ANYTHING for the fundamentals of the project.

There's nothing wrong about it until you start deceiving people and then in turn fudding people for 6-7 months like you have been doing so. Just shutup and do you thing dude. Stop making noise.

I'm sure they believe you contribute nothing of value to this subreddit. You only complain about communication and why they're not shitting out all their cards at once. NOW NOW NOW you demand like its some kind of a videogame patch.

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Honestly, I started to type a long response to you, but your rants don't really deserve it. The fact is, I have my reasons and rights to express my disappointment with the project.

Don't like it? Don't read it.


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You've been doing nothing but rant for over 6 months. NOTHING but rant. Your entire existence has been to rant about Quoine.

No it's not that simple. You're a stain on this community that needs to be wiped off with bleach for it to have healthy growth and mature. A lot of guys like you give up after a month or two. But you've been persistent. I really hope today marks the day that you're done now that you've sold.

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Maybe that's the turning point for the market...

Said every optimistic bag holder ever.

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Nah this is done. I sold everything. There won't be a turning point.

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The whole crypto space feels so dead and quiet.

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moar gentrificationnn

The car looks distorted by your lens. You can fix this in lightroom.

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It's either the filter or cuz I was walking away with the turn back.

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What's the focal length of your lens?

I can't believe it's been that long tbh. it has seemed so boring but time has gone by so fast lol

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no man it has not gone fast. Fuck this shit.

hahahaha if I had gotten in earlier in 2017 I'd probably think it's going by hella slow but I got in at the tail end so this is all I'm used to lmao. November through january just felt like $6-12k or $6-10k to me or something lmao

if I had gone through $2-20k or something I'd be like fuck this shit

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I got in June 2017 and thankfully im still up a lot but yeah I'm banging my head. The amount of money I've lost...I try not to think about it :D. Lessons learned for the next cycle.

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3000GT VR-4 with a Chrysler minivan engine... Oh wait...

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The one in the 3000GT was the only one that was DOHC and 24v

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Nope, some of the later bases had the SOHC heads.

But my comment was more to point out that they used that same basic design 6g72 block for so many years.

Edit: and across so many lines.

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Yes I know, but only the 3000GT/GTO/Stealth range did it come as DOHC and 24V. It's a pretty good engine tbh. They still use the 6G74 which isn't too different from the 72, in fact a lot of 3000GT guys easily swap in 6G74s into their cars and a lot of the parts are interchangeable. Mitsubishi still uses the 6g74 in some of their SUVs and trucks.

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So much disbelief in this thread. The bear market need to end eventually. Yes it might not be the end but it might be it. Alts capitulation event, even the 1100 drop could count as capitulation event, BAKKT, LN and many more things to be positive about. The stars are aligned again and this could be it.

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Please, for the love of god.

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You declared it.

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Here is a meme I made in July declaring the market's bottom to be found before mid September.

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Black mirrors, black shark fin, '17 spoiler, are those sti wheels?

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Original Poster1 point · 5 days ago

No but I have the 18 inch STI wheels and tires from the BRZ TS now. Huge difference. Staggering difference vs the primacies, It's like a new car. Ride quality has improved.

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Battlefield veteran here...been playing since the first game (1942) and have owned every single game and expansion in the series. It is THE game series for's my take:

People are going to bitch and complain no matter what.

  • Classic Battlefield games did not have thousands of attachments

  • BFBC2 and Battlefields prior to it did not have that many weapons, at all. How many guns were available for each class in BF2142?

  • I vividly remember people complaining about Battlefield 4's attachment and gadget spam. Why the need for 20 scopes if most of them do the exact same thing with very tiny differences. This entire system is something that was born in the era of DICE's need to compete with call of duty. Spamming attachments, unlocks, and progression. BF2 had no attatchments, and TOOK FOREVER to unlock anything once you had leveled up decently but it still my second favorite Battlefield game. In BF4, I'd get a gun, attach the shit I liked and never ever touched the customization again for that gun and I felt like at least 50% of the attachments were at least redundant.

  • People absolutely Hated Battlelog, myself included, now he's looking back on it with nostalgia glasses.

  • I think gamers are too used to BF3 era games. This is going back to basics, and in my mind it is moving away from the COD formula and going back to a more pure battlefield experience.

I am really enjoying my time in this beta

  • Its gone back to the basics Battlefield. You have limited ammo, vehicles have limited ammo, limited health regen, no spotting.

  • There doesn't appear to be a tint to the game like we had in BF3 where it was bluish tint and I think BF4 and BF1 also had a slight tint.

  • This game plays like a hardcore server, which is my favorite. Quick time to kill means I can actually get double kills and triple kills frequently like I used to in old Battlefield games. Its been a long time. There's a huge emphasis on headshots as well. This prevents people from running and gunning in an open area and forces them into being more careful and tactical.

  • No more clusterfucks like Metro and Amiens. In my opinion, with its recoil system, limited ammo, and map design, and pacing, this game seems to play most similar to Battlefield 2

  • The matches usually end very evenly in this beta. In BF3, Bf4, and BF1 it was usually very lopsided

  • The squad revive system is something I've been wishing for since squads were introduced in BF2.

  • The maps appear to be balanced. I really enjoy the strategic depth of Rotterdam

  • Very little sniper spam for whatever reason. I guess they don't have doritos to shoot at anymore.

  • Very little explosion spam

  • The gunplay is the best in the series so far. So far ahead of battlefield 1 which imo was the worst one.

  • You really have to be careful this time around and think ahead. Do I have enough ammo? Do I have my health pack? and you cannot run and gun into a field like Battlefield 4. I find myself being truly more tactical in this Battlefield and using my head especially with how spotting is gone (good riddance)

  • Personally I think air to ground combat is fine as it is. You're not supposed to be targeting doritos. And bombing runs should take great skill and visual acuity to accomplish otherwise you get what we had in BF1 where it was just bomb spam from the fucking planes. And fuck the Airships.

It has some obvious flaws

  • TAA that you cannot disables blurs everything
  • Dynamic resolution that cannot be disabled tends to blur things
  • The uniforms are realistic in that they're camouflaged well in both Rotterdam and Narvik making enemies hard to see.
  • Have to go back to the main menu to upgrade weapons (its being fixed)
  • General ragdoll bugs and lost packets.
  • Hard to see enemies in the distance
  • needs more ambient sound
  • The upgrade system in BF4 was better.
  • Game runs smoother for me (1080ti, 8700k, 60hz tv) with V-Sync on rather than off (?)
  • I don't like the menu background arts.
  • I don't like the weapon attachment screen where there's so much light and lens flare you can't see shit.

This is all just my opinion.

and for reference I rank the games in the series so far as such:

BF4 > BF2 > BF3 > BFBC2 > BF2142 > BF1942 > BF Vietnam > BF1 > BFH > BF Heroes

I really did not like BF1 and this plays NOTHING like BF1.

and for reference I rank the games in the series so far as such:

BF4 > BF2 > BF3 > BFBC2 > BF2142 > BF1942 > BF Vietnam > BF1 > BFH > BF Heroes

Lol, oh boy.

Glad I just skimmed your essay then.

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Lol I get it, you don't like BF4.

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Lol hey man, I remember you too. I hope you're doing well.

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Well the bear market has rekt me but im still way up, just being patient. I manged to double my alt holdings this bear market but im down a lot overall.

you owned shitcoins and managed to own double as many shitcoins now?

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Dude don't sell your pikachu:(

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What is a hopium addict?

We can only speak for ourselves. The hopium addict has taken himself or herself out of the whole context of what is right or wrong. He or she has lost control, no longer has the power of choice, and is not free to stop. hope has become an addiction. Our situation is like that of the alcoholic who can no longer tolerate alcohol and must stop drinking altogether but is hooked and cannot stop. So it is with the hopium addict, or hope drunk, who can no longer tolerate hope but cannot stop.

Thus, for the hopium addict, any form of hope with one’s community is progressively addictive and destructive. We also see that hope is the driving force behind our longing these markets, and true sobriety includes progressive victory over hope. These conclusions were forced upon us in the crucible of our experiences and recovery; we have no other options. But we have found that acceptance of these facts is the key to a happy and joyous freedom we could otherwise never know.

This will and should discourage many inquirers who admit to hope obsession or compulsion but who simply want to control and enjoy it, much as the alcoholic would like to control and enjoy drinking. Until we had been driven to the point of despair, until we really wanted to stop but could not, we did not give ourselves to this program of recovery. Hopium Anonymous is for those who know they have no other option but to stop, and their own enlightened self-interest must tell them this.

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Surprised to see other currency coins like NANO not making lower lows versus the drop on the 5th, unlike BTC and ETH.

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Nano, ICX and many other alts had a capitulation event. ETH did not and barely even bounced

its falling too fast, why not wait for sub100 ether even?, but yes, looks good if you think that the road to 1400 again(if happens) will means gains x10.

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its falling too far, why not wait for sub100 ether even?

Because its falling too fast.


I upgraded and lost my reverse camera. There was no harness or adapter to connect an MY17 BRZ to a Kenwood unit. A company released a custom harness but that didn't work either.

Turns out if you have LED reverse lights and an aftermarket headunit your reverse camera breaks. So an LED resistor later its working but sometimes cuts out when reversing. I haven't reverted, Android Auto plus THE MUCH BETTER sound far outways the reverse camera I use about 1min each day. I am actaully looking at upgrading to kenwoods newest 2018 model, its HD. (720p instead of 480p)

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If it makes any difference...I got my MY17 rear camera to work with a aftermarket stereo.

Do you have LED reverse lights?

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I'm not sure, its a Inazuma edition (yellow series). The reverse lights are fairly bright and white in color. There was no harness that worked with the reverse camera on my car. I had to splice into the factory harness myself and solder the wiring to the 12v to 6v stepdown. The reverse camera harness on my car was completely separate from the 28 pin harness.

this is the infotainment system on my car. its different than the one used for the 2017 USDM models. The wiring for that one is on the 28 pin connector and its much simpler.

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I know that market psychology and fundamental analysis are frowned upon (for some silly reason) in this discussion, but I just want to point something out so go ahead and stop reading, auto-downvote or whatever. I've won eight out of my last nine trades, caught a lot of falling knives, and I daresay, have been one of the more successful traders here as a long-term (not perma) bull. :

1) We're probably going down a bit from here. If yesterday's dump was due to the 110K mystery coins, the dude still has 40K coins left to dump on us. 2) Overall, this dump is EXTREMELY bullish. 60k coins dumped in a 12-hour period, and all that happened was a higher low. 3) If (and this is a big if) this guy dumps the rest of his load and we stay above 6200, buy the ever-living fuck out of it. 4) trading is fun when you're up thousands of percent after hodling for a few years, but you should be in this for the long haul. If you don't believe in Bitcoin, shorting will incur great wrath upon you. You might snipe a little gain here and there, but at some point you will get slaughtered. Longing on longer time frames is a better way to make money. 5) Bitcoin has been mocked and attacked since block 0. What is happening now is nothing new.

You can join the chorus of detractors (who have been on this and other forums for many years now), listen to them, short, sell, whatever -- and three years from now you will wish you had listened to the likes of me, just like the people three years ago who mocked me. You will regret it for the rest of your life if you do not take Big Shorty's money while he's giving it away.

You have been warned. That is all.

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I like you. Will you be my hopium dealer?

Fuck hopium. I love the real world in which Bitcoin freed me from the Man.

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I'm so high right now.

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I know exactly what I'm doing...but in a much more real sense, I have no idea what I'm doing.

I predict its going to $2000.

This is dumb. I mean I don't discredit TA but ICX does not have a lot of price action history to work with here...

Once Liquid exchange comes out and the external Worldbook is operational none of this even matters. In 2019 it will be decentralized as well.

I legit laughed out loud

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Being a much better game than BF1 also helps with the playerbase, or so I've heard.

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Its quite literally 10x the game BF1 is.

Yep, agreed. And from the looks of it, BFV will follow BF1 footsteps and die down few months after release.

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I think BF1 was overhyped and a awful Battlefield game but BFV is looking like its quite the opposite. Its under-hyped but looks like its plays really well. I am quite excited.

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