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TheWolfofBinance commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
tomspark0 -29 points

Is crypto dying?

TheWolfofBinance 24 points

Sure. We're seeing impressive support and recovery despite the largest exchange being "hacked" today and the extreme fud of 160,000 BTC waiting to be dumped (Which changes nothing because there are many many many wallets that can crash the market if they sold, but fud is fud) but Crypto is dying.

People, I want you to see a good example of a FUD account. Go through this guy's comments. Its fud after fud in various crypto subreddits and negative karmas all over. Concern FUD, straight FUD, Impatience FUD...various FUD techniques are on display here.

dovoid 1 point

The dude doesn't own those 160k remaining bitcoin and he sold enough to payback those hacked during mtgox. If he doesn't sell any bitcoins in the coming weeks/months then we may be safe. But also what will happen with the remaining ones ?

TheWolfofBinance 1 point

he has not sold enough to pay back the debt. I believe there's a few dozen million dollars left to sell. He is consulting with the court on how to approach this according to the document. But clearly the worst of it is over, I believe the remaining debt is under $50m IIRC. In september they will have another creditors meeting. The 160k should go to the owner of mt. gox according to Japanese law but he's already said he doesn't want them so best case scenario the Japanese government keeps them like the FBI kept the 160k BTC they got from the silk road. There's another possibility that it gets divided up between the creditors but that seems like a logistical nightmare to me and could take years and besides, the creditors have been repaid what they were owed. Why would the extra go to them? It makes no sense. We'll just have to see what happens. I really doubt Karpelès will actually take the 160k BTC. That would put a bounty on his head. If i were in his position, i'd seriously fear for my safety.

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TheWolfofBinance commented on a post in r/Autos
TheWolfofBinance -1 points

One of the most beautiful and striking cars out of Japan. Look at this and compare it to say something BRZ. Would it really look 20+ years old next to a BRZ? I don't think so. and the BRZ is a very modern looking car I dont mean to rag on it and I own one. Its really too bad its front wheel drive. Mitsubishi was kinda retarded back in the 90s in both a good and a bad way. In a good way because they made exciting cars like the Evo, GTO, Galant VR4, and FTO but retarded in some of their engineering and marketing decisions.

I've always dreamed of owning both a GTO and a FTO together. The dark horses of 90s JDM.

TheWolfofBinance commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
abbeyeiger 32 points

Regarding Mt. Gox:

The lawyer in charge of the coins DOES NOT ACTUALLY OWN THE COINS.

He acts in accordance with the courts instructions. He is not going to sell it all and get rich.

The original debt has now been paid which means the rest of the coins will likely be tied up in further coart proceeding that could last another 4 years.

Calm the f down.

TheWolfofBinance 4 points

Pretty much this. People don't understand the definition of a trustee.

TheWolfofBinance commented on a post in r/itcofficial
TheWolfofBinance 3 points

As someone who's held Antshares, WTC, ICX etc. Its a breath of fresh air to have a team that responds to the community's questions in such a concise manner in perfect English. I just don't understand how huge projects like WTC fail to be able to spell blockchain properly and this underdog Iot chain has been killing it with presentation and communication.

jwood949 1 point

Wolf, do you hold ITC? Or are you waiting for a buy signal? THis is one of the only cryptos where I am averaging down...and waiting for a buy signal.....hahaha, to relax.

TheWolfofBinance 1 point

I have a large position in ITC, I bought a 1.90 a long time ago.

TheWolfofBinance commented on a post in r/waltonchain
cryptodingler 1 point

Nah, /u/TheWolfOfBinance was the real OG. He's no longer a WTC holder if I remember correctly, but he added some great content to our daily discussions a few months ago.

Edit: he still may hold some WTC, fuck if I know

TheWolfofBinance 7 points

I don't hold any WTC anymore. I sold at 12 USD. Fuck my life.

TheWolfofBinance commented on a post in r/cars
BlameTheInterns 1 point

Dude I'm terrified of something like that happening to mine. I've put so much time and energy into fixing it up and perfecting how it drives.

TheWolfofBinance 2 points

I was clinically depressed for 4 months. It completely ruined me. I almost lost my job too because I was so angry all the time. Go on Roads untraveled on youtube and look at their GTO review. Thats my car. I literally cannot watch that video.

BlameTheInterns 1 point

Woah what tires were those? They look like they belonged on that car from the factory. Did they clear your 1g calipers?

TheWolfofBinance 2 points

TSW Nurburgring. They did clear the calipers.

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TheWolfofBinance commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
jefffffffff 1 point

Yah like the 40x i got buying neo? I own 18 coins and i guarantee none of them will 40x this year

TheWolfofBinance 2 points

Honestly your comment is so incredibly short sighted. What are you basing that on? I remember when I started back in June people were saying the era of 50x+ gains are over, especially during the bitcoincash fork FUD.

The simple truth is that you don't know anything and neither do I. To guarantee something like that is simply idiotic.

TheWolfofBinance commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
deadlyturnip 5 points

Probably gonna get downvoted for this because everyone seems to hate WTC at the moment.

But it is such a shame that this happened when it happened. March was going to be Walton's month:

  • Mainnet Release
  • Wallet Release
  • Masternodes Rewards

Of course these all have to work 100% and not be delayed or else they're really gonna start hurting. Can you imagine their perception if they don't meet these deadlines? Everyone would jump ship, even those who are in denial about how poorly this makes their project looks.

This has definitely hurt their reputation in the short-term but they will bounce back. It will definitely damage their reputation for a lot of people (long-term) too. When they find their bottom I'm definitely gonna reinvest for the month of March and see where it goes from there.

**I held WTC and was accumulating for March, I sold when I heard the news because I knew it would bleed. I have no emotional attachment to the project other than the fact that it was gonna make me money in March.

Edit: If you're gonna downvote me at least give me a decent discussion.

TheWolfofBinance 3 points

Mainnet and masternodes have been delayed to Q2. They were not included in the updated roadmap for Q1.

Jeter21881 0 points

Hey guys! So NCASH, IOST, or TNB. Does anyone hold these coins? I like IOST and TNB for the long-term..

TheWolfofBinance 1 point

NCASH is pretty promising imo. Look at their partnerships.

TheWolfofBinance commented on a post in r/waltonchain
westhewolf 2 points

Hey bud. Hope you are doing good. It's been mixed messaging as far as timeline. CEO said end of Q1 or Q2. The mods here put Q2 to stop with the questions. But, Network Traveler is saying Q1. So, take your pick.

Also, price drop today is due to the botched contest/Twitter post. Literally irrelevant for long term health of project... But it's a trading opportunity for many.

TheWolfofBinance 1 point

I sold all my WTC at 12 frustrated with the team and for good reason. Then it proceeded to fly up to 40+ usd. I rode it up but i don't think I can ever make up for it again. I'm in ICX, Nucleus Vision, Iotchain, cpchain, and few other ICOs now. Getting hammered. It's not been a good few months...but I guess its been bad for most people.

What we're seeing now is a coordinated attack on this community, you and I have been through many of these with waltonchain. But that tweet was a pretty big red flag, it was fucked up. Hopefully they can address it properly.

westhewolf 1 point

Aaaaah. Dang yeah, it's slow going for sure. I made some less than ideal trades, but still holding hard. Definitely could have been more optimal, but still waaaay up. Which is dope. Hope those ICOs moon for you brother!

TheWolfofBinance 2 points

Thanks man. We're all going to make it. I believe in this market.

This dream is not dead yet.

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TheWolfofBinance commented on a post in r/cars
TheWolfofBinance 46 points

Childhood - Mclaren F1 / Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo

Middle school - Ferrari 360 Spyder/Mclaren F1

High school - Lamborghini Gallardo/360 spyder

College - Acura NSX Concept/Lamborghini Gallardo/RX-7 FD3S/Subaru BRZ Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo purchased

Post College - Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio / Mclaren 720s BRZ purchased

Current - Mclaren 720s Giulia Quadrifoglio within 4 months

MuffinManx 17 points

How do you like your brz? considering a 2017 PP as my daily

TheWolfofBinance 15 points


Good on gas

Best steering feel ever. its seriously amazing. its so sharp, and there's so much feedback. Im in love with it. The reason to buy this car is the steering and

The suspension feels awesome yet comfortable relatively speaking. The whole chassis is so perfect, I really "Feel" the whole car around me in corners. Its hard to explain. Its very very solid.

Transmission feels pretty good, the throws are nice and precise.

The seats are amazing

Brakes are insane

Car has enough power for spirited driving without getting into trouble which is great

The LCD display next to the tach is really useful and nice to use

Looks amazing

Interior plastics and materials are actually nice

Keyless entry and start stop button means I never have to take the keys out.

The upgraded wheels and red calipers look awesome


Tires are not confidence inspiring in high speed turns.

Rear windshield seriously needs a wiper

Engine sounds nice in the higher revs

The worst infotainment system in the industry at least the Canadian market one.

G-Meter is basically useless, you cant use it when you're driving so...pretty much useless.

Engine sounds like a tractor motor at low revs

Loud interior on the highway, wind noise, road noise. The Mitsubishi GTO which was 26 years old was much quieter.

Car does not have enough umph for high speed overtakes. Its obviously doable just fine but dangerous against oncoming traffic. Its slower than you expect it to be.

All in all its a pretty great daily.

TheWolfofBinance commented on a post in r/cars
V10forever 3 points

I had a 1998 Daewoo Cielo which is also called Nexia in some markets. Powering it was a 1.5L 4 cylinder SOHC with 85 BHP. That thing is extremely unreliable and during the 2 year period that I owned it, the alternator and the brake master cylinder failed. Even though it only had 85 BHP, the fuel economy was abysmal. God help those who bought the car with a 3 speed automatic (mine was 5 speed manual). Legend has it that the automatic takes over 3 seconds for kickdown. Overall, a terrible piece of engineering. Only saving grace was it looked okay and sounded good, that was because of a leaking exhaust.

TheWolfofBinance 3 points

I loved how the Daewoo Cielo and Daewoo Espero looked when I was a kid.

TheWolfofBinance commented on a post in r/assettocorsa
Digbedog 2 points

Your rig should run PC2, somethings wrong. It runs great for me with a 1080 and 8600k.

TheWolfofBinance 1 point

Keep in mind the Samsung HMD has 70% more pixels to run than a Vive or Oculus RIFT. Its similar to you bringing up the super sampling to 1.7x. Its ridiculously demanding but looks great.

Without VR, I can run PC2 ultra everything in 4k at well over 60fps.

Digbedog 1 point

Yep sorry should have said I'm using HP headset, 2880 x1440.

TheWolfofBinance 1 point

hmm I'm not sure then. What settings do you have? I mean its playable, Its 60 fps on low-med settings but i find it very nauseating. AC gets full 90fps easily.

And how do you get the damn camera to be properly set up when you start the race? I have to keep resetting while turning/moving my head around to get it to center properly.

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TheWolfofBinance commented on a post in r/cars
Nightsaint 4 points

Take a ride in the ring taxi too, its well worth it. Was there about a year ago, friend and I each went for a ride in the GT3, was insane and alot of fun. The next day we rented the GT86 from them and each did six laps.

I know its not on your list, but I was very happy with the GT86. They put good tires and good pads on all their cars. The GT86 was perfect for us, we wanted RWD and a manual. We could also drive it hard and never felt like we were in trouble or even close to losing it. If I go back and rent again, I may step it up to the BWM, but I was happy we choose the Toyota because its not to powerful and its easy to control and stay out of trouble while still having an absolute blast.

The track can be very unforgiving and advice is dont get caught up in what car will be the fastest. Figure out what you will have the most fun in, and not be worried about balling the car up and having to pay for it. FWIW I have a fair amount of track/racing experience, and had a blast in the slower GT86.

TheWolfofBinance 1 point

in my experience, in assetto corsa with a full racing cockpit set up I have at home, the GT86 is one of the more fun cars on the nurburgring. There's just something about it.

woodchiponthewall 1 point

If you hire from a ring rental company, in the briefing they’ll ask the room if anyone has had prior experience on the track. If someone mentions sim racing experience they’ll only let you out with an instructor because of the false confidence it grants and how unforgiving the ring is.

TheWolfofBinance 2 points

yeah nothing can really prepare you for it. I'd be terrified in the ring regardless.

TheWolfofBinance commented on a post in r/cars
Fugner 32 points

ts the fastest and sportiest SUV you can get for under 100k, or at all. Not just in terms of straight line acceleration


TheWolfofBinance 11 points

I havent seen a test between the two but I really doubt the trackhawk is faster than the Stelvio around a track though I could be wrong.

Fugner 7 points

I haven't seen any track tests for the Trackhawk. But I do think the Alfa would beat it. But in terms of straight line speed, the Trackhawk has it beat.

TheWolfofBinance -1 points


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TheWolfofBinance commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
TheWolfofBinance 4 points

I had my funds locked up on Qryptos (A Quoine exchange) for nearly two weeks because several people have to sign off on each and every withdrawal and one of them wasn't working. Horrible customer service, and a laughable UI on their exchanges.

TheWolfofBinance commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
TheWolfofBinance 14 points

I'm so excited for this project.

sAsHiMi_ 11 points

Ah I rmbr u from the antshares days. You feeling this one too? Haha

TheWolfofBinance 13 points

They seem pretty legit. They have a partnership with the coin that shall not be named as well as QTUM and Metaverse. Their team is pretty well versed in the IOT field as well. Should be interesting to see where this goes.

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