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So if supply keeps increasing at same rate while price goes sideways shouldn't Mcap divergence close or get smaller?

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No it diverges. Mcap = supply x price. If supply goes up the Mcap goes up relative to the steady price.

noooo I mean diverging with the price chart. if you look at the charts, Mcap moves with price at first and then begins to diverge upwards. How does this happen?

they're overlayed upon each other, Mcap runs with it for a while then diverged. How/why?

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It happens exactly like I explained.

Original Poster7 points · 9 hours ago

I learned about this car from Gran Turismo 5..... Wait it was like what 10 years ago....... HOLY FUCK I AM OLD!!

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GT5 came out in 2010 lol

How about we start rounding up the bears, putting them in cattle cars and sending them off to logging camps in Siberia.

Thought you were planning on selling the bounce? 😜 Which would mean you're one of us Jacques

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I volunteer to go logging in Siberia.

16 points · 2 days ago

more like new money in to address the liquidity crisis in crypto currently. We can go there on more speculation without the adoption over the next 24 months. ETF's would be one such catalyst.

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I think this is the lowest volume for Bitcoin in 2018 so far.

400 comments in the last daily came as a bit of a shock (as someone who is infrequently here)

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I hate my life.

930 points · 4 days ago

Except that we have no idea to tell accurately what coin will be as big as that.

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What matters is the global market cap

honestly this is getting stupid. We wont see 20 trillion in this space in the next 20 years.

Lol ofcourse a bunch of shitcoins i've never even heard of area way ahead.

This is one of the most badass songs in existence.

44 points · 5 days ago · edited 5 days ago

Since the breakdown of the meme triangle, nothing will make me bullish anymore.

Including but not limited to:

  • President Trump announces Bitcoin as national Currency

  • OPEC will now only trade oil with Bitcoins

  • Bill Gates converts every USD he owns into Satoshis and then proceeds to pump the entire market (it'll just be a pump and dump)

  • Samsung Galaxy S10 will be powered by the ICON blockchain

  • The entire Rothschild family collectively suicides after realizing they cannot stop the blockchain revolution.

  • Wakanda actually exists and they've had Bitcoin as their national currency since 2009

  • A man from the future claims Ethereum will literally power the fucking world and will be worth millions.

  • Satoshi Nakamoto was actually a Anunnaki god from planet Nibiru who came down to give us a financial revolution just like he did with agriculture.

23 points · 6 days ago · edited 6 days ago

We've just doubled our search volume worldwide in the past week two days.

There is no such thing as bad publicity and all that jazz...


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That's me typing bitcoin hopium TA

7 points · 7 days ago · edited 7 days ago

Mind linking to the post / comment directly?

Edit: found it.

Link for the lazy:

Direct link to photo:

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Well, if it means can't really apply this to 2014....


We're fucked anyways aren't we...

First real bounce I am leaving the market and waiting a few months. There's no hope left.

Mine was completed on May 29th and still nothing.

15 points · 8 days ago · edited 8 days ago

I've said in the past that if the meme triangle breaks down, I will become bearish and I am pretty bearish now. If we get another bounce here and complete Elliot wave E, I am getting out some of my hodl stack.

If 6000 breaks, the next target is probably a capitulation to 4800 and then bounce back to 6k and the price will remain in the 5k range for months. I just don't see 3k or 1.2k or whatever happening.

Personal thought dump:

I think 2014 bled out as long and as hard as it did because the the run up from 100 dollars to 1.3k happened in just a month with little to no correction. Its kinda how NANO jumped from a few cents to almost 40 dollars and has been correcting relentlessly ever since. There were no floors established during the bull run that led to the 2014 bear market because there few to no significant corrections. In contrast, the 2017 bull market was a nice extended parabolic move for over a year with plenty of cool offs/corrections in between. Things only really started to get crazy in Nov-Dec. I think this is the big difference (aside from stronger fundamentals) between 2014 and 2018 and why it's not going to play out exactly the same way. I know, "This time it's different"...

Meme triangle was for people that refuse to think. It was 100% to break down. What could possibly create a floor for an asset as powerfully lopsided at BTC? Only an enormous scaling up of actual use demand. This takes years, or more likely, never.

2 year bear market unlikely I agree, 4-5 years is more in line with the time needed for the process to work itself out. 5k was just an impossible number a few months ago.

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That's a pretty extreme mega bear scenario.

This was said on every single move down since 20k

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A breakout could be down as well....

I mean you don't have to be a expert to see that Bitcoin is moving towards a breakout...



TE-Foods (TFD) and Oyster (PRL)

These are two projects with very high potentials and they're not on any significant exchanges. TE-Foods for example already has 6000 customers for tracking food products and they're implementing blockchain in a few months to their service. They have Android and iOS applications with thousands of downloads. They have partnerships with the likes of Nongshim and customers like Aeon, Lotte Mart, CP Group, JAPFA, CJ, VIssan, Satra Foods, Co.Op mart, Citimart, Sagri Food, Mega Market, Satra Mart, Cocomart, Vinmart and many others. This is a established business, with a product that is in use, TODAY on a relatively decent scale in countries like Vietnam and they're quickly expanding to the Middle east (For tracking halal meat), Europe, South Korea and the US. It is a great use case for the blockchain.

Here here's a Yahoo Finance article regarding the project in the beef industry in Wyoming.

Here is a comprehensive guide to the project.

I think this is a sleeping giant. Their team is also highly pro regulation and shares the same values as Quoine and is well aware of security laws.

They're not on any exchange right now. Having a exclusive strong project like this will give people a reason to use the platform and discover how good a platform is just like with Waltonchain and Binance back in the day.

If needed, I can get you guys in touch with the team.

Did you really have to write a essay on selling your coins. Are you serious?

Original Poster-8 points · 8 days ago · edited 8 days ago

Thought some might care for insight from one of the bigger COSS investors on this board. Take it for what its worth. More helpful than posting HODL ! FYI I had a LOT of COSS coins. Just dumb words from a previous COSS whale.

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14 points · 8 days ago · edited 8 days ago

They are not focused enough on marketing. HUGE in crypto to keep people excited and interested.

Go ahead and explain to me how Ethereum, Neo, Litecoin, market themselves. Go ahead and explain what kind of marketing Huobi does that Coss doesn't.

Not focused on getting good coins people want. Lots of shitcoins and shit ICOs to try and pump volume with competitions.

They have VEN, ICX, WTC, EOS, REQ, ARK, OMG and many other coins. I am actually surprised at the variety and quality of coins that Coss has. They're missing NEO but NEO isn't really the hot topic of Crypto right now. This argument just isn't true especially when you compare Coss to some other exchanges. When Binance started, they had maybe 10 trading pairs, several of them were legit scams and were removed during the china crackdown.

I think the Dev just isn't experienced enough. Always doing too little too late.

You're impatient. Binance was probably in development for at least 2 years (possibly more) before launching and it had many problems even then. Coss's mistake was launching too early imo. CZ is a very clever guy. The project must have been in the works for years, but he didn't announce it until it was completely acceptable and ready to use, competitive, and he even then he announced it only a month before it actually launched.

Biggest problem I see is how they require KYC for all new users..... This shuts the door on majority of all crypto users.

MOST exchanges require KYC to withdraw any real amount of money. And some of them are quite ridiculous. on Huobi i could barely withdraw even 5 dollars without KYC.

Mainly I just feel that my money would go further a lot faster with other projects

In a fucking bear market. Maybe invest that COSS money into gold or something to get some returns because you're more than likely going to get into another coin in this market that hasn't finish its correction and you'll dump even further.

Out of 75 coins I have owned

Why do you have 75 coins...jesus christ. You have a index.

I don't think your reasons for selling are valid but to each their own. Coss is potentially a VERY lucrative investment in a year's time if this bear market ends. If its still a bear market, then it doesn't really even matter what you're holding anyways.

These prices are too good even though it might go lower.

These prices aren't good at all. They are absurdly high, based on fundamentals, which gotten much worse in the last 12 months. Google/FB/Twitter has essentially banned Bitcoin and all crypto, at least with advertising.

I need to find a job because being "retired" at this age is not at all what I expected it to be.

Find a hobby that you enjoy and if you can make some money with it as a part time "job", that's even better. It's going to be tough to work a crappy wageslave job if you don't really have to. You will probably quit quickly, because you won't be stuck into tolerating a lot of bullshit.

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Well, to each their own. I don't think Google banning crypto ads is even relevant to Crypto fundamentals. Its a decision by a company and its not like we had a large boost in prices because of shitcoin ICO ads anyways. I rarely ever saw Crypto ads regardless.

You either have insanely good luck or buying skill if you started June 2017 and are still 18x. You've done better than 99% newbies entering at that time.

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I did quite well, I had a relatively large following as well.

Everyone still think it was some "Coincidence" that the entire market fell hard yesterday and this news comes today?

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12 points · 10 days ago

Gunma prefecture near Mt Haruna cough cough (or as it’s known, Akina)

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I thought about that but its not a very varied area. They could do Okinawa easily though but no Mt. Fuji. The entire Hakone area is really beautiful and I've personally driven on the roads there and its very varied but how do you enclose the area. It has beautiful views of mt, fuji, its got lakes, ocean, infamous touge roads.

Yeah, I definitely think they have to make a Japan based FH5, the whole JDM scene and the night riding in Tokyo would be badass

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I can't even imagine modeling out Tokyo. It would have to be set somewhere else in Japan.

This was honestly one of the better E3 presentations in recent memory.


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