Te lo resumo by nemodot in argentina

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No, bombardearon la plaza de mayo matando civiles.

1 computer sharing 2 networks for different internet based sessions by kuunapotato in pcmasterrace

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Yes, if your motherboard has dual lan. If not, buy a pci card for another lan.
But it's probably going to be a bitch to configure.

Installing drivers by inon4231 in pcmasterrace

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Windows10 has a lot of drivers baked in.

Quite heavy by pauliedankmeme in pcmasterrace

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A lot of older people say CPU instead of computer or case.

"Soy muy colgada" by [deleted] in argentina

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Deja de chaterle 24/7.
Deja de obsesionarte viendo cuando estuvo online por última vez.
Deja de abandonar todo lo que estas haciendo para contestarle inmediatamente.

Básicamente ella nota que estas pendiente de sus mensajes.

Ventas de Televisiones en Argentina by HJCruijff in argentina

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Gente comprando teles en un local que vende teles? AH NO LO PUEDO CREER.

La última vez by gustavoeo in argentina

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No, la ultima vez fue en el 2006 cuando pago Nestor.

Marihuana: miles de personas exigieron la despenalización del autocultivo by DeadRepublik in argentina

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Hay gente que se toma un par de copas de vino a la noche despues de trabajar y hay gente que se fuma un fasito.

Es lo mismo.

No son zombies drogones.

Red Hydrogen launch date has been pushed back to August by [deleted] in Android

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Probably they coded a lot of specific camera stuff for that chip and it's too late for a switch.

STAR WARS™: Episode I Racer now available on gog.com by Etanla in Games

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I played it back then in 1999, it didn't run well. I remember it as a bad game. Even after playing the N64 version at friend's house.
Same computer in 1999 and Rogue Squadron ran perfect. I even bought a joystick for it.

Black Mesa: Xen Engine Hotfix and Public Release by jolty__ in Games

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Since Half-Life got ported to the source engine and nobody liked it.2004.

This Sunday "The Simpsons" makes TV history with its 636th episode, passing Gunsmoke as the longest running scripted TV series by Mike__7 in television

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The first tv shows were live, there was no way of recording it. At best someone filmed an actual television with a 16mm camera.
Magnetic tapes came around late 50s and they were expensive. So they used them more tham once! Effectively deleting completed episodes. Monty Python survived because they made their own copies.

Che y que tiene de importante tu barrio? (Carapachay, Vicente lopez) by Wasta15 in argentina

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Ahi vivió mi abuela 60 años.

Acabo de llamar a DirecTV por el tema del 4K para el mundial by Arlequinrodante in argentina

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Necesitas un procesador kaby lake o superior. El 4k tiene hardware DRM impuesto por los estudios.