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Damn, my 2015 MBP becomes more and more precious with every MBP update.

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I bought mine 2 months ago used on ebay. Couldn't be happier.
i7, 16gb, 512ssd, radeon 370x

How much was it?

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Score hidden · 1 hour ago

$1400 Kinda expensive I know.
But I do need the GPU and 16Gb for work.

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Sadaic is una de las basuras mas grandes que existe en la argentina

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Excepto si sos músico kek

24 points · 1 day ago

Si pensas que al musico comun y silvestre le llega algo de lo que extorsiona sadaic entonces no vivis en argentina

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-13 points · 1 day ago

Sos musico?

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Hell, most people carry around more advanced/higher quality video cameras in their pocket thanks to smartphones. I don't know the specs on that old camera, but I'm sure it didn't shoot at 1080p.

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My gramps pocket camera takes better pictures than an iPhone X.
But you have to know what are you doing.

Opino que deberías poner un mejor titulo a tu post.

Still decent money depending on what country you are in and how well you go. Australia has paid their players about $150K each while Spainish players would've got significantly less than that had they wont the World Cup.

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You don't play on the national team for money. You play for honor and glory.

En la secundaria me comí todo tipo de bichos, muchos de zona sur.

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Cuando hay hambre...

I found that weird unless blu-ray now requires 7th gen or later to do 4K like Netflix does.

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It's probably the same DRM thingy.

I think you're right because when 800x600 came out with the LoD expansion, the vertical and horizontal FOV got expanded when you switched to that resolution. I also remember hearing about people being banned for using the higher res mod and using it to teleport farther distances than the game intended.

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I bought Diablo2 on release and I was pissed that the game was running at 640x480. The 800x600 update on LoD was a blessing.

So is half of the trees and grass also disappeared?

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Trees are a valuable resource. I bet Thanos spared them.

Ashes to ashes dust to dust.

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edit: nvm

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Animated ≠ For Kids

People don’t go around saying Star Wars or Marvel films are kids movies but by the same logic, they are. So why are animated films treated this way? Looney Tunes is a prime example. These cartoons were produced to run in front of an adult audience before adult-audience movies. The problem started when they began airing the shorts on TV and gained a mostly children audience. The Incredibles films are intended for a broad audience and are meant to appeal to everyone. There are definitely animated films that are intended for kids, but please stop lumping all animation into one category.

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My video rental place back in 2000 had South Park in the kid's section.


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Si te obligan no es donación.

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Preferis ir en cana por pelotudo y arruinarte la vida o "donar" tu auto?

La donación por definición es voluntaria y sin esperar recibir nada a cambio. Si vos esperas reducir una sentencia como "pago" por tu dejarle tu auto al Estado entonces no es donación.

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Te gusta ser pedante?

Soy un tipo frío. Muy. Pero acá me temblaron las patitas.

Después de 6 años me volvió a hablar una amiga de la adolescencia que conocí por internet, en esa época fuimos novios, la conozco hace una década. Yo salgo de una relación (que me hizo bastante mierda) hace 4 meses donde me aseguré que no me iba a enganchar con nadie hasta no estar seguro conmigo mismo, pero esta mina me movió el piso. Ella hace 2 meses terminó una relación de 6 años (sí, el mismo tiempo que pasó sin vernos)

La ví 2 veces y fueron 2 noches en donde no pude dormir pensando en ella. Siento que me tira muchísima onda pero no quiero meter la pata. No es la mujer que quiero para el típico garch & go. No sé qué hacer o cómo encarar la situación. Ya había olvidado esa sensación de sentir algo por alguien, hasta hasta unas semanas estaba totalmente cómodo.

Odio el amor, no estoy preparado para eso.

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Invitala a una salida que harías con un amigo y divertite.

Jodeme que u/Shucito tiene su flair.

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Jajaja mirenlo no tiene flair propio!

Grim Fandango is literally one of my Top 5 all time greatest, enjoy it! Although you might struggle to run it on newer systems.

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Yeah, I would recommend getting the remaster. It's 80% off right now on steam.

That can happen to any laptop if you're retarded enough.

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vamos wen, te mando buena vibra.

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Levanto las manos para henkidama

is a 680 bad? :(

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Well... it's 6 years old...

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Turn off your mod flair if you're going to spray lies.
My daily driver at work is an overclocked 4790k, 970, 6Tb Raid 0 (with external back ups). Never had a major issue.

Yes, they do have quirks. But I can switch between MacOS and Windows no problem.

A lot of people in the industry use hackingtosh while they wait for Apple to get their shit together and release a real upgradable Mac Pro.

What are the rest of your specs? Ram, ssd, hdd, aftermarket cooling?

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