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The_Nightman_82 commented on a post in r/Showerthoughts
The_Nightman_82 34 points

Low paying “trainer jobs” in the service industry aren’t really for teenagers anymore. They’ve become careers for a whole class of people

higgleopsss [score hidden]

I cannot grasp why people stuck in these jobs are not trying to drink themselves to death asap.

They even have kids. Do they not care that their children are probably going to live miserable lives just like them? Do they genuinely believe god cares about them and wants them to live a full life making money for the Waltons?

I feel like they are subconsciously having kids out of spite, to pass on their own misery. I just don’t understand why else people stuck in poverty don’t get abortions. Even if you just drown the kid in the bathtub they’re better off than working minimum wage for 40 years.

The_Nightman_82 [score hidden]

Well, that escalated quickly

The_Nightman_82 commented on a post in r/Showerthoughts
pfferfish97 213 points

Ties uses to be much wider And would protect the shirt because back then most people only had one or two shirts and many ties.

Long story short: people used them as adults bibs.

The_Nightman_82 37 points
Phooey-Kablooey 6 points

Please tell me that that's a recycling center.

The_Nightman_82 1 point

Cement plant

thestilt 1 point

Looks like a truck full of garbage waiting in line at the city landfill. Trashy but gotta let it slide, that's where trash is supposed to go.

The_Nightman_82 0 points

It’s a cement plant

xCyLx 13 points

This might work.

The_Nightman_82 6 points

No shit. Look at my u/ lol

Franksredhott 60 points

Nah sorry. doesn't work that way. You need a wrist band or something like that. At least that's how it worked when I went with my brother in 2000

The_Nightman_82 33 points

It worked for my friends a year ago. I guess just look for employees in their teens/early 20s who are less likely to give a shit.

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