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Is that still true? I work in the industry in CO and I get my paychecks direct deposited into my bank account

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As far as I am aware, CO developed their own cannabis bank system so employees can get direct deposit.

Last time I was there I was able to use my card if I wanted.

God he is such a fucking idiot.

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And that was week fucking one.

How far we have come since then.

I long for those days.

Good to hear. Don't forget to keep your smoking spots clean.

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I love my frients. R/trees would be happy seeing the good word being spread.

10 points · 7 days ago

It's too bad, everything else I've heard about the university and Lawrence is extremely positive.

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It really is. I am a current student at KU, the football and basketball programs have royal fucked the university into a stranglehold. Nevermind the budget deficit the uni is in because of some faulty administration stuff with bad debts over the last 20 years.

I can vouch that if you come for the education and (like me) dont give a shit about the sports, KU is quite excellent.

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Don't worry, just tell the fires they are just a hoax made by China.

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No, no, thats Finland.

Yes. heavy things. Maybe sharp things.

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Sharp AND heavy things?

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German guy asking: is it actually good pizza or just standard shit

Edit: that's a lot of replies for frozen pizza, lol, thanks guys

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I refuse to eat it. Its a Nestle product and I try not to support that awful corporation in anyway possible.

That, and for a dollar more i can get a significantly better frozen pizza, or just make my own.

Look on the bright side: You missed Crystal Pepsi.

To be fair though it gave us this Saturday Night Live skit which I'm not sure how well has aged.

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I love that this an obvious rip off of a Van Halen song.

No literally every pantheon was invented to justify systematic oppression

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Dont want to sound aggressive, but i have literally never heard this. Source?

The video clearly shows him resisting ... shouting "I AM NOT RESISTING" doesn't make it true.

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I am legitimately curious.

Can you explain how he is resisting?

I saw a guy standing still, talking with the police, when they rush him, throw him to the ground, and proceed to punch him repeatedly in the head/neck area.

Did you see the part where they try to control and detain and he shouts "NO!" or did you just skip that part?

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You know it is legal for a citizen to resist an unlawful arrest, right?

I am having a hard time seeing why this arrest was necessary and how it was lawful with no cause.

And he shouted no, not run from them. There is a thing called talking a deescalation that would have worked out just fine here instead of 4 cops ganging up on one guy.

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I need to check them out!

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Even better, and toured with AWOL: Nothing but Thieves

405 points · 2 months ago

the people who think the press are not reporting on trump's crimes are morons. that's literally the only reason we know any of this

the truth is that the american people are simply brain dead.

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There is also a huge difference between "the press" news, and "the media" news.

CNN, MSNBC and the rest of "the media" get their panties in a knot over tweets.

WaPo, NYT, and the rest of "the press" get their panties in a knot over the actual stories and crimes.

Frequency is declining.

Casualty numbers per shooting are increasing.

That was their point.

As a kid Spyro was the most beautiful thing I ever played. It felt so nice and open and beautiful. Even now I look back and can’t fully imagine just how “bad” the graphics are for modern times without actually looking at them. And honestly Spyro had a lot of nice textures and rigs for its time, it’s still a nice looking PSx game.

This is one of the few remasters I’ve been hoping for for ages, because I want the game to be just as beautiful as my mind made it. I’m glad that from all the stuff that’s been released thus far it looks like it’s going to be very reflective of the feel I “gave” it when I was a kid.

That being said this level in the ops image was never my favorite, but it’s a very aesthetically pleasing level and I’m stoked to see the skate parks lol.

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OMG! The fucking skateparks. Damn. I always found that part so frustratingly fun.

Side note. Can we get a Tak and the Power of JuJu remake while we are at it?

Do you feel Empire Strikes Back is half a movie? Because it ends in a very similar way with the heroes losing and the villain escaping.

This movie was self-contained, it's just that the villains won.

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If they ended the whole MCU with IW, I would be a bit bummed that we dont get full closure... but also wouldnt mind it as IW would be the largest cliffhanger ever.

Does being in Guinness make you an athlete? What about like the fattest person in the world is that an athlete lol

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Fattest person would engage in fitness activities..

Fitness pizza in their mouth.

11 points · 3 months ago

Defeat thanos, use the time stone to bring everyone back.

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I dont think it is that simple.

Defeating Thanos then may change who is alive. I have a feeling it flips, those who died by Thanos' snap are brought back, those who stayed then die.

Would make sense as we are expecting more Guardians, Panther, and Spider Man films, but we know Thor, Cap'n and Iron Man are actors who want to move on from the MCU.

It's time travel. Shit's complicated. If the dude watched however million versions of the future and didnt do something, I'm inclined to believe there's a reason behind it.

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He said he would save the Stone over Stark and Parker, no exceptions.

He looked through 14,000,064 where he chose the Stone.

He asked himself 'what if I dont choose the Stone?'

That's the one.

114 points · 3 months ago

Was it that mission where you had to pick up all the garbage lol. Man that mission was needlessly hard, but didn't you realise if you fail a mission a few times you can just skip it?

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The fucking Cletus mission still gives me night sweats

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Levels and Penguin (Fade into darkness) and Bromance

Hey Brother and Wake me up



True was a great project.

Hey Brother is a masterpiece, I do agree he got overwhelming repetitive with the country vibes afterwards but for me Hey Brother is very uplifting.

Edit* Addicted To You surprised me when I first heard it on the album. Almost thought it was an Adele song.

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Hey Brother is the single most powerful and well done electronic/pop song of the last 20 years.

Well tbf "Sonandso voted agaisnt" is also pretty easy to twist when you give ridiculous names to bills and have totally unrelated stuff in bills.

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Thats when our critical thinking comes in.

"Soandso voted against the PATRIOT Act" is vague.

"Soandso voted against expanding surveillance rights of the FBI and NSA, detailed in the PATRIOT Act" is more specific.

If something sounds vague, like the first statement, it is up to us to make the specifics known and talk to other people about that nuance.

Edit: Soandso= So-and-So

2 points · 4 months ago

"Soandso voted against expanding surveillance rights of the FBI and NSA, detailed in the PATRIOT Act" is more specific.

This can be and often is completely bullshit as well though, considering how many unrelated things constantly gets tacked on a bill. Maybe the Soandso voted against the bill because it had a bunch of other bullshit that wasn't fair.

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That speaks to a much larger political problem. That of taking small, last minute changes to a bill to get either your side to concede and vote for it, or the other side to not vote for the bill.

The laugh track was the hardest to get by for me. But, once I leaned in, it actually turned out to be a pretty good show. It almost feels satirical of the genre at times (though, I'm sure it's probably just being a typical Chuck Lorre sitcom), and it often leans heavily into the stoner stereotype, in a mostly good way I think. It does have some heavy moments though, and I'd say if you can overlook the laugh track, it's definitely worth the watch.

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I second this persons comment 100%

You guys over here snarfin some darbs?

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Damn shame they are gonna cancel that show so early :(

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