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The_Sn0w 2 points

Anyone know if the cost for retouching lasik is covered? If not what exactly is covered regarding eyesight

Throwawaymolotov 3 points

I applied in December 2016 for a DEO pilot position. I passed the CFAT and medical mid-January 2017, however, my vision did not meet the requirements therefore, I had to have it corrected. I had LASIK in mid-February and had to wait until mid-august to submit blood work reports, ECG, etc. + proof that my vision was up to standards. Medical was approved end of October and then I was told that all the pilot positions had been filled for the year and that if all goes well, they should receive the go ahead to continue the application process around January 2018. Come January 2018, I am told that they are still waiting for permission to go ahead and that if anything should happen, it should be around march or February. Around February, I am told that they are still waiting for it and that they are also waiting for the background check(with the references, etc) to come back, my people answered calls and it shouldn't take long. However, I am told that although my CFAT score is good, it isn't the most competitive and that if I am to go to Trenton, it should be around the new fiscal year in time for selections in May. They suggest I add ACSO as a second choice to better my chances of going to Trenton. I do so and I wait. The last few weeks, I have seen people post here saying they were scheduled to go to Trenton but I get no calls or email. I called again today, the person that looks at my file seems confused, talks about my medical not being complete and then being wrong about it and then tells me to call again later to speak with his colleague. I do so and the colleague in question transfers me to another colleague and this other colleague sounds as confused and says he has no idea what is going on since those decisions happen in Ottawa.

Any advice? Are my chances pretty much non-existant? Should I look into something else? Thank you and sorry for the lengthy block of text.

The_Sn0w 3 points

I highly doubt all spots are filled as pilots are in high demand at the moment. There must be something missing in your file, or your degree/CFAT might be on the very verge of competitiveness.

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The_Sn0w commented on a post in r/CanadianForces
YourRedditorInChief 3 points

Anyone have any tips to prepare for Aircrew Selection?

The_Sn0w 3 points

I just did mine these last two days and passed for all 3 trades with flying colors! I suggest lumosity as it shows your weakness and it has all sorts of mind training games. It really helped me get on edge and practice multi tasking before the test!

The_Sn0w 1 point

Anybody know exactly how small the jet ranger and grob are? Haven't really been able to find too much useful information online. I just passed ACS and was told I'm too tall (I'm 6'4) but I have to go sit in the grob and jet ranger anyway just to be sure.

The_Sn0w commented on a post in r/CanadianForces
The_Sn0w 2 points

Passed my CFAT with flying colors and I am now on my way to ACS next week. I am concerned about getting accepted into RMC. I have one year of University with terrible 2.8 gpa for a multitude of reasons however I will not make excuses. I have a plethora of volunteer experience, I play almost every sport competitively and have a lot of leadership experience. If someone's is in the same boat or has some RMC experience can you please shed some light on my situation on what I can do to improve my chances? All help is much appreciated

keekeekachu 3 points

You have no chance of RMC, you would be going Civi U, which is generally a much better go. And with your GPA, don't worry, your CFAT will play a much larger role than your first year grades will. You're doing all the right things. Just do as well as you can at ACS, and make sure you ace the interview.

The_Sn0w 1 point

Why would there be no chance of RMC? I was told that the cutoff year is 2nd year University if that's what you are implying

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NotTasmanian 1 point

Upgrading from an i3 6100 and a GTX 950 (

Looking to get a 1060, but not sure regarding the CPU.

I can simply upgrade the CPU to an i7 7700, for $398. Or replace the MOBO and CPU and get an i5 8400/Ryzen 1600 for $446 or $488.

Thoughts? Looking to play AAA titles on high settings at 60fps (GTA, Witcher 3, Watch Dogs 2) as well as indie games (Rust).


The_Sn0w 3 points

i have a ryzen 1600 as well as rx580 which has the same performance as a 1060 and i can max out everything on 60 fps as well as get a solid 100 on rust even though its a terribly un-optimized game. Id suggest getting the MOBO CPU combo as they both offer more cores, future proofing as 4 cores are simply becoming obsolete in todays day and age

DragonStriker 1 point

I need some solid advice in regards to storage. I find myself becoming a data hoarder nowadays and I'm reaching that point where I'm filling up my current external HDD setup filled with nothing but Steam and Origin games.

I need solid advice as to what size of external HDD should I get? Should I opt for 4TB or stick with just smaller partitions?

I don't want to get an SSD because while having that would be awesome, it would utterly break the bank for me.

In today's current landscape of gaming and going forward to the future, what ideal size of hard disks should I consider getting?

The_Sn0w 1 point

Id recommend a 2TB 7200RPM external as that would give you quite the amount of extra space for a decent enough price. You'd be hard pressed to fill that for the next little while unless you download everything you see

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The_Sn0w 1 point

Rx580 is RMA'd just looking at other options for my FREEsync monitor. I dont mind jumping ships to the 1070 since its price will drop come the release of the 1070ti, also is it even worth it to wait for the price of the VEGA 56 to drop? I'm open to anything, budget is around 400$ USD

bracken752 2 points

Follow the link provided by /u/JerginMagergin I didnt try this last time but it has real promise with Ryzen CPUs

The_Sn0w 1 point

Just tried this and now I'm sitting at 120 frames continuously! Thank you so much!

dappmnsr 2 points

i have this problem too and i emailed facepunch and thier respone was "Please Be Patient Until We Do Some Optimize" and for sure update after update the fps became worse not good ... we need a real optimize

The_Sn0w 1 point

well at least im not the only one then!

cf18 2 points

Get one of these instead:

The biggest weakness of those 430W is only one PCIe power plug, so you cannot use many GTX 1070/1080 and all 1080ti that requires two plugs. Also you likely cannot find stock for a RX-580 anyway so you probably end up with a GTX 1060 or higher.

The_Sn0w 1 point

already have a 580! Cryptocurriencies are dropping fast at the moment so now is your chacne to grab one!

jaykresge 4 points

It will be adequate, just don't overclock the CPU. Your GPU can use up to 225W (that particular model, based on multiple reviews). That 430W PSU supports up to 384W over the 12V rail. Ryzen is very power efficient but tends to scale badly with an overclock, so I wouldn't push it.

A solid 500-550W option would give you the headroom you'd need if you plan to overclock.

The_Sn0w 2 points

i dont think the CPU will need to be overclocked anyway, its fairly beefy on its own but thanks for the input man!

Shapitizer 2 points

550w would be fine

Made a few suggestions, cheaper RAM, the 580 you've chosen isn't in stock with any sellers and you won't be able to find any 580 in stock unless you reserve one or constantly check seller websites so I swapped to a 1060, cheaper RAM, you really don't need a watercooler, the stock cooler can handle overclocking and the Ryzen CPUs don't have much OC potential anyway so I added the H7 instead

The_Sn0w 1 point

Great suggestion about the gpu however I have a free sync monitor and don't worry about the 580, I have a connection as you could say, just can't re-sell them. Also that's supposed to be a 8gig, I basically just chose a random one for reference

szata 1 point

3gb can shutter on gtx 1060, i highly suggest getting cheapest 6gb version since gtx's 1060 performances are very similar its 1-2 fps difference. AMD is worse for me and its 4gb, if you want 4gb card go for gtx 1050ti.

The_Sn0w 1 point

Well I was playing on a 960 and it's only a 2gb and it performed quite well, is this really the case?

CreatedUsername1 1 point

PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant

Type Item Price
CPU Intel Core i5-6500 3.2GHz Quad-Core Processor $258.34 @ Vuugo
Motherboard MSI H110M Gaming Micro ATX LGA1151 Motherboard $88.98 @ DirectCanada
Memory Team Elite Plus 8GB (1 x 8GB) DDR4-2400 Memory $64.99 @ Newegg Canada
Storage Western Digital Green 120GB 2.5" Solid State Drive $61.75 @ shopRBC
Storage Seagate Barracuda 2TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive $83.89 @ Vuugo
Video Card MSI GeForce GTX 1070 8GB Video Card $552.99 @ Amazon Canada
Case Deepcool TESSERACT WH ATX Mid Tower Case $34.99 @ Newegg Canada
Power Supply EVGA 500W 80+ Certified ATX Power Supply $52.15 @ Vuugo
Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 Home OEM 64-bit $115.75 @ Vuugo
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total $1313.83
Generated by PCPartPicker 2017-04-05 21:07 EDT-0400
The_Sn0w 1 point

This is deadly thank you so much man!

CreatedUsername1 1 point

you know the i5 7500 won't work with h110 out the box rite?

The_Sn0w 1 point

yessir i have a skylake on hand to update BIOS becaue z170 boards are an extra75$-100$

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