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TheeFrankWest commented on a post in r/deadbydaylight
TheeFrankWest 18 points

Dear Mr. Entity, we accept the fact we had to sacrifice a few minutes in the fog for whatever it was we did wrong..

But we think you're crazy to make us survive against a killer to show you who we really are.

You see us as you wanna see us..

In the simplest terms, we're the most convenient definitions. But what we found out, is each one of us is

a Leader

and a Athlete

a Friend

Basket Case

and a Pallet Looper

Does that answer your question?

Sincerely yours, The Toxic Club-

Thatbrownmonster 4 points





TheeFrankWest 1 point

Queue the Claudette wearing a Varsity Jacket as she exits the gates with a fist in the air.

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TheeFrankWest commented on a post in r/deadbydaylight
The_Porterback 51 points

I don’t know what’s going on with this sub now but we’ve been pumping out quality memes lately. I love it

TheeFrankWest 9 points

I know! Good healthy memes, OG ones at that, and everyone is getting excited for the next DLC.

TheeFrankWest commented on a post in r/deadbydaylight
TheeFrankWest 8 points


WHAT'S IN THE BOX!!!!!......

David, you dont want to see this...

Demoth 3 points

I have Plunderer's 3, and it's a fucking brown toolbox. Blam... BLAM BLAM BLAM

TheeFrankWest 2 points

That's it David , Kill.

Become... a Killer Main.

emorgn 3 points

Are you using a 3.5mm cable for audio? Is so I would recommend a Ground Loop Isolator, helped get rid of the buzz on my devices. Amazon, $10ish.

TheeFrankWest 1 point

this is the mic im using , i found out the wire has electricity stuck in it for some reason and its creating that static noise.

i just bought another one and hope that fixes it

im looking at your suggestion for the ground isolator and none of those have a usb port or a small plug in that goes with my mic.

emorgn 1 point

I see. I’m sorry I believe the isolator only works with traditional audio connectors, not USB. Hopefully the cord works for you, if it doesn’t please reply I’m eager to find a solution for you!

TheeFrankWest 1 point

Will do! If it doesn't work ill definitely ask ya for some mic suggestions

TheeFrankWest commented on a post in r/subway
TheeFrankWest 2 points

Dude that's nothing!

At my subway in AZ (a little background info for ya, Idk why but AZ and specifically where I live is filled with morons. )

About 2 years ago we were advertising the chicken pizziola and this lady said this-

Lady- can I get a 6inch chicken pizziola?

Me- SURE! What kind of bread?

Lady- um the chicken pizziola?

No , which bread like white, wheat, herb and cheese for your chicken pizziola.

Lady- whatever it comes on??

Me- it doesn't have a specific bread ma'am , that's why im asking? Lol

Lady- I guess wheat.

Me talking to myself in my head( I swear to god if this lady says chicken pizziola one more time..)

What kind of cheese would you like on your sandwich ma,am?

Lady- Chicken pizziola.

I never clenched the knife harder in my life lmfao

TheeFrankWest commented on a post in r/marvelstudios
xXHereComeDatBoiXx 7 points

No rice no bread no pasta no fruits no wheat of any kind no potatoes. No carbs. If you google up a foods nutritional values and its over 40g of carbs per 100g of that food don’t eat it

TheeFrankWest 1 point

do you have any websites that might help explain this stuff more?

I started working out last month myself and my triceps are actually slowly showing themselves. I wanna start eating healthier but im really clueless to all this kind of nutritional stuff and if I lose some unwanted stomach chub then i'll be super satisfied with myself. Im already seeing results from working out and every time i feel like it's pointless i always think "You're already stronger than you were when you first started, just wait till your first whole year of working out comes by."

Also loved the suit, i forgot to ask if you made it or bought it?

MindWeb125 2 points

Honestly don't worry about macros like carbs and shit unless you want a specific body type. For weight loss calories are all that matter. Use a site like MyFitnessPal to log your meals and weight loss becomes easy.

TheeFrankWest 1 point

Thanks will do

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TheeFrankWest commented on a post in r/deadbydaylight
KyotaGaming 32 points

Jacket from Hotline Miami. He could have some feature involving switching masks to give him different boosts, akin to the Doctor switching modes. His perks, I have no idea.

Edit: Made the perks, just no definitive numbers.

Overdose: gives Jacket a speed boost and increased lunge distance based on a certain action requirement

Fun & Games: token earned towards skipping a weapon swing cooldown earned from having hooks sabbed or survivors saved by your obsession

Clean Hit: less bleeding caused from injury but more brutality points

TheeFrankWest 5 points

Hell yes! Please play the Hydrogen OST as his chase music or maybe a remix for a chase theme.

I don't give a fuck how annoying pallet vacuums are still, Id buy that Hotline Miami DLC in a heartbeat

Farabee 1 point

The music in that game was legit the best OST ever. If it wasn't a bannable offense I'd replace all the chase music with MOON tracks. Especially this one.

TheeFrankWest 1 point

Just imagine thowing a bat at a P3 looping claudette as she tbags behind a pallet and she's instantly downed.

Nods head and grins*

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TheeFrankWest commented on a post in r/marvelstudios
TheeFrankWest 1 point

Doctor strange is the most boring movie in all of the Marvel movies. Id rather watch OG Fantastic 4 with Jessica alba over DS any day.

Granted all the CGI in DS is cool but its just not interesting. Sorry

TheeFrankWest commented on a post in r/OutOfTheLoop
[deleted] 14 points


TheeFrankWest 27 points

her voice sounds disgusting and she sounds like a low budget nicki minaj.

heezyboy13 9 points

She sounds like Riley from the boondocks

TheeFrankWest 2 points


You're so fucking right!

"Ya'll niggas gay"

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TheeFrankWest commented on a post in r/deadbydaylight
TheeFrankWest 1 point

HAHHAHA i love that face more!

Can you do both versions PLOX! Id love you forever and slap my reverse beartrap prop on your head free of charge if you do

TheeFrankWest 5 points

This makes my blood boil and im not even getting pallet looped.

Lmao nice art though, i can feel my eyes losing vision already

TheeFrankWest commented on a post in r/deadbydaylight
SentientSickness -5 points

because the devs suck

TheeFrankWest 1 point

this is a fact, to an extent

atboredamwork 17 points

Man, this dev stream is just filled with bad news.

TheeFrankWest 5 points

Every Dev stream is filled with bad news and disappoint lmao

TheeFrankWest commented on a post in r/deadbydaylight
Mollyneonfox 2 points

Woah totally forgot about that guy. Whyd he leave?

TheeFrankWest 1 point

WOAH! in Bandicoot

Ummm because he was annoying and always stole shitty memes and made them even more shitty by posting them here. People got tired of them

Mollyneonfox 1 point

I still can't get over how he threatened the devs if the dlc wasn't released on that day 👀

I also always thought you were the same person

TheeFrankWest 1 point


I wish I had known he was using a similor tag so I couldve picked something else. But now that I know he threatened the Dev's makes me more embarrassed to be somewhat associated with him thanks to my love for the first Dead Rising.

But anyways unlike him im actually productive and I don't spend my life 24/7 on Reddit . Im currently working on 3 DBD related projects.

My Reverse Beartrap is about 70% done

Then my Doc Cosplay has been in the works for over a year because I'm a perfectionist and im very judgmental of my own works.

Then im also making a hook for Halloween 🎃

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