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You guys are sick.

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Why are you getting upset at a joke?

So people can make jokes about race, disasters, deaths, weight size, disorders, slurs , etc is completely fine.... but making a joke about child molesting is too far??

Lmao get your priorities in check because its either all kinds of jokes are okay or none are.

Nothing is off the table, quit being so fucking sensitive.

So basically a color swap? Lol

I know her movie version was black but at this point they might as well throw it in.

Simple. You use map offerings...


Original Poster1 point · 6 days ago

But I don't have any more :(

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omae wa mou shindeiru...

give them time, im sure theyre already planning it out for a future DLC.

we have what? 3 more dlcs this year? That's also not including licensed, which i 100% believe we might get 1 or 2 on top of our 3 others for the year.

There's magic everywhere in this bitch!



It's you, dont sneak up on me like that... *Proceeds to run to the nearest pallet*


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6 hatchets....


Now i'll show you why they call me... REVOL-

I MEAN, Huntvolver!

Im am totally supporting this guys art! Finally someone who DRAWS AMAZING ANATOMY!

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Not sure about the page for meal preps.

Compounds are great, and so is cardio. Four weeks of Low intensity steady state then four of high intensity interval, along with your whole body routine and you should see your fat going down.

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Im sorry if i come off as dumb and ignorant but what are some compound, low intensity, and high intensity you would recommend?

1 point · 15 days ago

No worries. Deadlift, squat, bench press, bent over row to name a few. Intensity is a variable you control.

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AWESOME! i already do these in my workouts!

Deadlifts for back/Bent over row and bench for arms.

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Huge fan of the MCU and the original Ant Man, was really let down by this movie. I dont know if I saw a completely different movie then everyone else, but I really didnt think there was a whole lot going for this movie. For the good, Paul Rudd and especially Michael Pena killed it again in their roles. I thought the humor was pretty solid, still worse then the first Ant Man though. The scenes with Scott and Cassey were really heartwarming and touching. The scene with Janet taking over Scotts body I think is one of the best scenes in the MCU so far. Besides that, I really thought this movie was excessively mediocre. I still didnt connect with Hope, and the was my biggest hope for an Antman and The WASP movie. I love Walter Goggins, but I could never tell if his character was supposed to be a funny villain or a serious one, and he failed at doing both. Ghost was one of the worst villains in the MCU by far in nearly every capacity, motivation was boring, fighting style was never fully realized, acting was "generic villain", and worst of all, she never really felt like a threat. On the note of the action, all the good, creative action scenes were in the trailers, which was incredibly disappointing. Also, the fact that the three leads of the movie were mad at each other for a very good majority of the movie was really offputting for a movie thats supposed to be more light hearted and about family. I didnt hate my time, it was just really dull and after coming off of hits only for the past 4 years, this one was a letdown.

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You and @Dont_Call_Me_John are incredibly wrong. The first Ant-man was basically just the first Iron Man again but less entertaining and the main charismatic actor was replaced with the most vanilla actor out there LMAO.

Rewatch the 1st Ant-man and compare it to Ant-man2 , Ant-man 2 is waaaaay more enjoyable as well as rewatchable.

I had to force myself 3 times to actually finish Ant-man 1 because of how little i cared and how dullsberry the whole film felt.

she needs massive scissors like Scissor man from the "Clocktower" series, only then will this idea be perfect for DBD.

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Can we copystrike Treatment Theater???!!!?


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was on my phone btw, but thanks

11 points · 23 days ago · edited 23 days ago

He has no built in instant down and his ability doesnt grant himself any way of buying himself more time to hunt/kill in game.

Discussion over

pours the coffee on your shirt

Yes, best meme ive seen from this sub in a long time.

Keep it up , proud of you.

Is there a VOD for this? Would love to watch this shitshow be exposed to new people and hear their reactions/comments on the games current state.

Original Poster9 points · 28 days ago you can watch the shitshow in all it's glory

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Bless you stranger!

Freddy honestly needs to not feel like you need glasses to play him. I enjoy Freddy's mechanics, but the fact that he always has to play with extremely thick fog and low brightness makes me not ever want to touch him.

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Why is this even added in Freddy's FOV, if anything the survivors should see the fog so that freddy has the potential to sneak up on people or force the survivors to hide if they dont know which direction he is coming from.

But im totally for getting rid of the fog when you play as Freddy, literally my biggest complaint over the Dream state

Holy heck!

A lot of these are great since most of these perks are hardly even used.

But i had a few questions and maybe some of you might be able to elaborate on them, if you dont mind.

-So when does this patch come out? (Didnt watch the stream)

-Does calm spirit work like Iron will so that all groans from injury are now silent? Is there a point to even run iron will now?

Amazing reworks for-

SC(see ya! no more healing behind pallets 10x a match. It's either stealth out completely or get slapped.)

DS is pretty interesting, but too bad i dont play SWF lul

Calm spirit seems fun now

Bitter murmur ,dude thats nuts to see this actually be used more often.

TINKERER!!!?? Get read to shit yourself when Michael flex'n busts through the roof of a room youre in and pops EW3 from his zipper.

Sloppy Butcher might be kinda decent now.


it's honestly 10x better than the current one lol

To be fair there is no grind if you equip the right offerings and run WGLF or BBQ+C.

Last time i said this people got incredibly triggered when i explained this lol

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