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TheeParent 3 points

Tires were super low on air. You can see the tire deform as it comes down and deflect the front wheel.

Ih8Hondas 1 point

Tire pressure had nothing to do with this. It was all about the spaghetti noodle forks.

TheeParent 1 point


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ilikeyoohoo 221 points

I wouldn’t exactly call what’s happening now a “wave of compassion.”

TheeParent 2 points

I agree with this. I believe it’s difficult for the public to have compassion for drug users/addicts in general for the way we have typecast them in society. I, probably being more compassionate than others on the issue, still struggle to remember that addiction is an illness rather than a choice.

Edit: changed ‘categorize’ to ‘remember that’.

OptionalAccountant 16 points

It’s a choice that changes brain chemistry, leading to an illness. Most of the time, people have something else going on that they are self medicating.

I started getting Ill when I was in college, but it got really bad after I started grad school. I started struggling to get out of bed, after going to sleep crazy early every night. I started to feel an extreme tired feeling in my extremities, my brain foggedup making it difficult to concentrate, my chronic migraines increased in frequency, my anxiety soared through the roof, I had constant bone-chills, and a few other random symptoms that seemed to spike in intensity when my stress was high. My immune system was/is compromised because I have chronic thrush (oral fungus).

Anyways, I went to doctors, and was thrown drugs, stimulants to keep me from excessive sleep, anti anxiety pills, migraine prevention, and pain killers. I was smart about using my medication (I have a background in pharm), but in graduate school my symptoms reached an all time high, and I started using the opioid painkillers more often because I honestly couldn’t get out and get anything done without it at the time. I ended up becoming dependent to get through my everyday life.

The opioid my doc had me on was tramadol, which eventually caused a seizure. I switched to oxycodone/hydrocodone because they don’t cause seizures so easily. Eventually I couldn’t afford them, and moved on to illicitly made heroin (diacetylmorphine).

Anyways, my doc treating my symptoms and not trying to find the underlying cause of my illness, definitely caused my problems to get worse. I got a real diagnosis not too long ago. When I was a child, I got really really sick with Mononucleosis. The virus stayed dormant in my system for years, and when I had a ton of stress in college, it reactivated and compromises my immune system causing chronic mono.

I am doing great now, just started a really good new job/career and will get a huge raise after a year. I am not 100% well, I still get flare ups, but I am managing them better and in a safer manner, using medical marijuana, Kratom, and Ritalin. I haven’t used heroin in a few years, and definitely wouldn’t nowadays with all the fent deaths. However, my one non-marijuana drug arrest prevents me from using AirBnB and many other things. It will be dropped soon though as over the past three years I have shown the judge I am not a heroin addict.

TheeParent 2 points

This is great news! I’m glad you’re doing well. And to clarify my comment, it’s not that I don’t see it as an illness. I totally see that it is. It’s just that sometimes it’s difficult to remember that.

Given your current success and health, are you able to seek out legal help to get that arrest expunged?

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TheeParent 7 points

If anything, I would think that this hurts the GOP in November. I believe voters wanting change will be more aware of the stalling tactics by then, and be chomping at the bit to vote out these stall tactic representatives. If there were to be a democratic winner in these special elections, I struggled to see those same voters returning in November to continue the wave.

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AggressiveVacuuming 1 point

Just wanting to know more here: how is Facebook in the wrong from the Cambridge Analytica scandal? From what I've read Dr. Aleksander Kogan, an academic researcher, obtained authorization from Facebook to develop a personality app. Later, Dr. Kogan sold the app and the included data to CA. Facebook asked Dr. Kogan and CA to delete the app, but CA faked the deletion of the app. Why is Facebook getting half the blame?

TheeParent 21 points

Facebook did not do their due diligence in securing their data. It’s akin to securing your bank vault with a zip-tie and saying ‘Hey man, I locked it! It’s the robbers fault!’

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TheeParent 1 point

Do you have an accurate diameter and weight on it? I'd like to find out how solid it is.

airmann90 1,656 points

For those looking for similar I did this up a while ago. Complete with cut in half goodness.

TheeParent 2 points

At first I thought this was interesting and quirky, but then I read 'Cigarette foil' and now I think it is just disgusting. Stop smoking dude. Two grandmothers and an aunt lost to lung cancer.

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TheeParent 3 points

My recollection is that Nunes says he was at the same event (some gala) where this kidnapping meeting occurred, but was not part of the meeting.

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TheeParent 2 points

These Parkland kids. They're outspoken and incredible. The kids are alright.

And my daughter. She's almost 6 months old, and she woke me up at 4:30 babbling and chatting to herself at the top of her lungs, but she's so pleasant and funny and sweet. She's going to be a great human.

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Ponzip 1 point

Here is the file

TheeParent 1 point

I had no problems with your file. File->Save As->Change Save As type to .stl.

Ponzip 1 point

For real ? D*mn why it doesn't work with me... Thanks for trying man now it means that there's probably something corrupted with my software, I will try a reinstall, thank you :)

TheeParent 2 points

Yes, it sounds like you may need to reinstall. First, check your settings, File -> Save As -> Choose .stl file type and click OPTIONS. Make sure nothing looks weird. I can convert your model in the mean time if you need to print it quickly.

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spsheriff 7 points

Sorry, I should have put it in the post. Here are the highlights:

I built this as part of an automation class I took (paid for by my employer!).

A few of the large parts were CNC milled by the instructor, but the majority of the parts were designed and manufactured by me. I did all of the wiring and tubing.

Spindle: 2.2kw, Water-cooled, 23k rpm (Chinese from Amazon)

VFD: 2.2kw (Chinese from Amazon)

Stepper Drives: M542T 24-50Vdc (one for each axis)

Stepper motors: 4 total (2 on the long axis)

CNC controller: Planet CNC mk3/4

Output board(not working yet): Planet CNC

Jog Pendent: Planet CNC (handmade housing)

Computer: Windows stick PC

Software: Planet CNC

Cooling System: mainly PC cooling components

Cable tracks: from Amazon

Frame/tabletop: Primarily 80/20 Extrusions

Misc brackets: Handmade from aluminum

EDIT: fixed spelling error

TheeParent 4 points

All in, how much we talking here? This is the perfect size to do guitar bodies.

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poncewattle 5,494 points

Scares me no end. My wife and I are getting old and we have no children. I fear that fate awaits one of us. Either that or one of us ends up in a home and abused until the end.

What gets me is I have an elderly neighbor who is 93. I've tried talking to him and asking him if we could arrange a nightly phone call or greeting or something just so I know he's OK. He acts like I'm being too nosey, so instead I just keep an eye on his lights to see if there's a change in his behavior.

The poor elderly neighbor on the other side of me fell and broke her hip and apparently was laying there for three days before her son found her. She recovered -- somewhat, but died six months later.

Not sure why elderly people are so stubborn about offers of help.

EDIT: This blew up, but the more I think about it the more I don't think it'll be a problem when I get older (I'm 58 now). I think we are REAL close to having wearable tech to send notifications once vital signs on us go wonky. Heck, my watch already monitors my heart rate so it's not far off. But in the meantime, I'm still going to do what I can to monitor my neighbors. I know dead is dead, but the thought of someone falling and not being able to call for help and laying their helpless for days suffering worries the hell out of me.

TheeParent 3 points

I wish you were our neighbor. You sound like a kind person.

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TheeParent 1 point

Judging by the size, I think this may be a mountain goat.

CatMadeOfFur 1 point

like a big horn

TheeParent 1 point


meh100 2 points

Lots of jokes in this thread but I wonder how true of a problem this is.

TheeParent 2 points

I can't imagine this actually happened. Sure, it's possible, but without some sort of evidence of an attack (ground shaking or noise) I assume the person would come right back out. And what bunker doesn't have a radio?

ggandymann 2 points

how viable is it to have a bunker on a semi-active volcano?

TheeParent 1 point

Ha! Probably not very likely. But who knows... I’m not a bunkerologist.

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