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Look for the brand and model number of the grill. Spare parts will be available.

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Found some plans on cnczone but aren’t on google. so maybe redraw them but it is difficult. if I pull it off it would be quite amazing. so maybe another time?

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You can either spend $400 for a kit, or spend $800 and 200 hours trying to rig something up.

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Yeah, we're suppose to be the Cadillac of presses. We definitely fill a niche market, plus we make a lot of custom machines. You pick the size and tonnage and we'll make it. 850 ton with two tandem 12 footers so you can bend 24ft pieces? We can do that.

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If you guys are Cadillac, what is Trumpf? Rolls Royce?

It's a reference to Star Trek IV.

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Nice investment. Looks used, so be sure to check the function of the safeties and hard stops and never depend on the hydraulic to hold up the vehicle.

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Always lifted until the first safety clicks in, this was stripped right down and checked and greased. Has like a safety ratchet mechanism in the middle to stop it falling and the rams have parachute valves as well.

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Haha jokes on you I’ve never been close enough to someone to have them fall asleep on me!


Begins sobbing uncontrollably

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I’ll hold you.

Maybe someone who’s not his parent.

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Hmm good point.

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We read that babies love this banter, and will “respond” to you even just by moving around their arms and legs, before they can make any noises. Enjoy!

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So many ways they communicate. Expressions, sounds, movements!!! You’ve just got to pay attention! What a great memory you captured.

C'mon people, trump has two Supreme Court Justice picks and you're counting words in tweets. Jesus, Stay focused.

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Your point is valid, however the DHS phrase is strikingly similar to the 14 words. I do not think this was a coincidence.

I can’t stand it when receiving brings heavy stuff up to my office. Raw material and tooling? Bring it to my CNC. Clamps and such? Bring it to my weld booth. I swear it’s intentional.

This community is here for Oliver, and it’s here for you too. If you need a place to decompress, let off some steam, ask questions, or have a long distance Internet beer, we are here.

Holy crap what is actually wrong with this person. Look at his recent comments. I cannot tell if it's a bot or a really edgy 15 year old.

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He’s what we refer to as an Incel.

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I bet that went over well lol

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Nah, I did 'em.

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OMG, I think I made out with her on New Year’s Eve! I’m totally not kidding at all, ask her if she was in New Orleans in 1985 and if she made out with a soldier in a bar off of bourbon street that served drink called “hand grenades“ in which they put a plastic hand grenade (name of the bar was Tropical Isle”), the music was all from a Jimmy Buffett band. I’m not kidding here, totally serious, I can see like it was yesterday. FWIW I did not see her after we left the bar and have very little memory of what happened after that although I can tell you that I am reasonably sure I woke up alone the next morning and very, very hung over.

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Remindme! 1 day

Remindme! 1 day

These glass panels are prone to breakage. You’ve got zero support in the middle of your door. Cold or hot snaps can cause the door to warp or press on the glass pane. Can you see where the break emanates from? If it’s from a corner or edge, that’s it.

$10 wireless mouse

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The beginning looks like....

(T1  D=6.35 CR=0. - ZMIN=-15.367 - FLAT END MILL)
G90 G94 G91.1 G40 G49 G17

T1 M6
S7330 M3
G0 X-16.288 Y-6.507
G43 Z6.35 H1
G1 Z2.301 F762.

Then it continues on with the actual machining.

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If you’re using G43, what’s your H1 set to?

I can see my house from up here.

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And I can see where I got married!

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This is MDF... Hardly wood lol I was going 50 inches/min. At 4500 rpm with a 0.050 parrelle step over. At one part of the cut (when the pic was snapped) its cutting over 2.0" deep.

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Do you get shavings off of your MDF? Or is it just powder? Are you using a standard high-speed steel end mill?

Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

Heavy cuts gives you some chip like partials but yeah, basically just dust. Yes, 4 flute HSS endmill.

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Thanks for the quick response! I’ve been wanting to cut some wood on my Haas , but don’t have anything I need to cut yet.

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Yeah, the term is way more literal than one would think.

What do you derive your morality from?

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One does not need to be religious to be moral.

Ok, can you prove that? Can you answer the question?

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Actually, I’m going to put it back on you. Prove to me that one must be religious to be moral. You can’t. Neither can I. I live a life of kindness, and treating people well. If anything, I think it would be easier to prove that being religious would point to an immoral life style.

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Buy quality tooling. It will cost money but you won’t be wasting it on continuously buying shitty tooling.

Also, plan your parts wisely. Don’t waste more stock material than absolutely necessary.

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I agree with this but with a caveat. Buy cheap tooling to start. Get a feel for your machine and the process. is a good source of inexpensive tooling and hardware. Accusize as well. I use several Accusize and HHPI tools still and I run a Haas. It isn’t trash tooling, but it is inexpensive.

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