How will Amazon go about making Echo more available in countries where English isn't the first language? by BensWorld in amazonecho

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I don't mean to self promote or anything, but I made a Python framework a while back that adds support for ~70 additional languages and voices on the Echo. Let me know if you need any help implementing it into a skill :)

This 22-year-old college student makes $10,000 a month off Amazon's Alexa by Theriley106 in AmazonEchoDev

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Totally agree. I have a ton of semi-popular skills on the store, and I haven't received anything other than the AWS credit.

I honestly don't believe this line either:

So far, the developer rewards program has paid "millions of dollars" to developers in 22 countries

Searching for open source machine learning projects to contribute to by Barnok in learnpython

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I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but the SciKitLearn open source community is super friendly to beginners. IIRC my first approved pull request was a contribution to SciKitLearn.

Playing around with Beautiful Soup, trying to organise outputs by decihexx2225 in learnpython

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Good question!

So "result" is a list variable, so when you write it to "scrape.txt" it's going to write it in the format:

["String1", "String2, "String3", "etc..."]

If you change this line:


To this:


It will change the "result" variable from a list to string that contains all the elements in "result" separated by a "/n" new line character.

Update #2 from Martin Shkreli - Ask [Him] Anything by Theriley106 in wallstreetbets

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Look at the other thread. This isn't fake. You can send him a letter if you want.

Update #2 from Martin Shkreli - Ask [Him] Anything by Theriley106 in wallstreetbets

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I've been writing Martin Shkreli back and forth from jail, and I just got a new letter that was written after his sentencing. It was actually written on the back of the court order for his trial 😂😂😂

The Data visualization he's talking about is the Pornhub Comments Containing Valid Stock Tickers vs. Dow Jones Industrial Average data viz from a few months back.

Post any questions you have in this thread, and I'll print it out and post his responses. Usually it takes him ~3 weeks to respond.

Ask [Him] Anything...

Edit: Proof

April 16th Update: I'm printing out this thread on April 25th, so please post any questions before then or he won't have a chance to see it.

I'll never stoop that low by kioppcorn in teenagers

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Was that the lowest you've ever been in your life?

In terms of altitude? Using the traditional geodetic model for an idealised sea level, I would actually say the lowest was roughly -15 meters below sea level in May of 2017.

Also, how was ur day?

It was good bro, hbu?

If you’re applying for anything and get a call from a company called Metsoft, be aware that it is likely a scam. by Herman999999999 in cscareerquestions

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This isn't true 100% of the time. I got an email from this guy a few months back who was actually a prince in a small country near central Africa. He told me that he had a large sum of USD in a Nigerian bank, and he'd rather donate the money than have the Nigerian government have control over the funds any longer. He actually picked me as an offshore beneficiary for the account, and all he needed was 5% of the funds to transfer the entire balance to my account in the US.

It's going to take a few more months for the bank in Nigeria to approve the transfer, but a 2000% return on a $10,000 investment is far more than I would have made trading stocks on Robinhood.

Echo Linguistics: An Open Source Python Framework that uses SSML to bring third party voice and language support to the Amazon Echo by Theriley106 in AmazonEchoDev

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Hey Everyone! I made a post a few weeks ago with a Youtube video showing my Echo Dot supporting third party voices using SSML. Here is a link to the video showing a sample skill I made showing the different accents and languages that it supports.

I'm excited to announce that I have finished the project and I've published everything onto my Github. The framework itself is created in Python, and it's made with the intent of being used on Amazon's Lambda serverless architecture. All audio produced in dynamic, in the sense that it's created whenever you call the EchoLinguistics.Speak() function. However, there is a "Low Bandwidth" mode that is enabled by default which reduces processing power by not creating duplicate audio files that contain the same words and accent.

If any of you are interested in implementing this into your alexa skill feel free to use any of the code in the repo, including the code from the sample skill.

This was a really cool project to work on, and I'm really exciting that everything is functioning properly. If you guys have any questions let me know!

PS. All AWS Keys used in the commit history have been deactivated :)