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Attach a groupon pdf for a nice steak dinner

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but what if the professor is vegan

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Hello everyone! I wanted to share a personal project I've been working on for the past few weeks. I thought it would be a cool experiment to see if I could automate the process of finding former Pizza Hut restaurants.

Project on Github

~200 Former Pizza Hut Images

I found a Pizza Hut store locator API that had no real form of rate limitation and found that the results for closed stores contained a phone number without Long/Lat coordinates. I created a Python script to iterate through all possible store combinations, and found hundreds of restaurants that were open at some point in time, but were no longer operating as Pizza Hut restaurants.

After getting the list of former addresses, I wrote another script that looked at the Google "At this Address" results, and if the <div> was present and did not contain the words "Pizza Hut" it meant that there was a new restaurant that took over the same building.

I then wrote a script that grabbed photos from 17 different camera orientations for each address, but I needed to find a way to identify the best camera orientation for each set of images.

To solve this issue I created another python program to create Fake reCaptchas Images, and sent each fake captcha to one of those Captcha solving as a service companies. I used the quantity of "Solved Coordinates" returned to filter out camera orientations that didn't have a restaurant in direct focus.

I am working towards a data science startup and would love to connect with you. Is it all right if I PM you?

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i got a 4 on my AP stats exam hmu if you're interested

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Region - US High CoL

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School/Year: Freshman @ a CC (Transferring to top-20 Engineering school in the Fall)

Prior Experience: Tesla

Company/Industry: Fintech

Title: Software Engineering Intern

Location: San Francisco, CA

Duration: 9 weeks

Salary: $29 / hour

Relocation/Housing Stipend: None

Wow. How’d you manage to get that? I finished CC and transferring to a pretty good school for CS and I was handed rejections left and right.

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TBH internship hunting combined with college apps over the past year has been absolutely awful.

I applied to 400+ places (both in-depth and easy apply applications) and reached out to more than 100 recruiters on LinkedIn.

I interviewed with 11 companies, 5 of those went further than 1st round interviews, and I ended up with 3 offers.

I think having previous internship experience was helpful, and I also have a somewhat active Github which was mentioned a lot during the interviews.

Honestly though, Freshman internships are so insanely hard to get, and it makes it so much harder coming from a CC. Hopefully it's a lot easier for us next year, and I wouldn't sweat it at all if you don't have anything lined up for this summer.

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good question. two are "consulting" companies where they build software for other companies, and one is a big non-software that is doing a massive transition to new technology from old legacy

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one is a big non-software that is doing a massive transition to new technology from old legacy

Capital One? I know the office that houses most of the Software Engineers is called a "lab" but it still functions as a typical office space.

Hopefully this isn't an evolution of the open-office workplace. An office environment that's purely lab-based sounds awful for software dev...

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Other than the debt involved, how do you mean? I've been rolling around the idea of getting a JD or whatever, so I'd appreciate your opinion.

edit: Apparently I should have mentioned that I have a perfectly OK career in a major industry, and I graduated college over a decade ago now. I'm just feeling stagnant in my field and looking to branch out, not to become a super mega successful "legal eagle," or something... Lord I feel sorry for the kids these days.

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Check out /r/lawschool /top/all

I was looking into becoming a lawyer as well, but if you're not in a T-14 school it's really hard to find employment

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How did you get this dataset? Just curious about methodology and any known gaps in the data. I mapped the dataset by latitude / longitude and I'm seeing almost no cars listed in the southern states (minus a bunch of listings in Miami). Was that by design?

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Hey /u/Thegeobeard! Thank you so much for this comment! I didn't think to check out the gaps in geographical location, and I didn't notice the large gap in the South East.

Turo has an API endpoint that returns supported airports, so I assumed that these supported airports encompassed all of the places that Turo has vehicles. I went through all of these Airport Long/Lats and grabbed all vehicles in a 120 Mile Radius (Ignoring duplicates). Here is a Data Viz showing the areas w/ Radius.

You are totally right about the gaps in the dataset, and there are a ton of Turo listings in the South East that I didn't get initially. I'm going to go back and update the dataset with listings from across the US.

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I'm trying to convince my parents to let me get a Tesla to rent out on Turo xD

I collected pricing info on 8,475 rental vehicles that are currently available on Turo, and I also grabbed pricing info on 38 different Tesla Model S and Model X trims.

If any of you are curious about the math involved, a 2013 Base Trim Tesla Model S would rent for a minimum of $83/day ($83 - $110+) in the bay area. These cars can be purchased for as low as $36,000, and these vehicles have already depreciated by 50+%. You can get a rough estimate of how often the vehicle will be rented on Turo by looking at the availability of similar vehicles in the same geographical location.

Assuming the absolute worst case scenario for rental time and rental price, you would net $16,000/year by renting out a base trim Model S, with conservative estimates hovering around $25,000/year.

Here are the assumed market prices for each (non-Model 3) Tesla:

Model Average Selling Price
Model S 2016.5 AWD 70D $64,688.71
Model S RWD 85 kWh Battery $59,365.30
Model S 2016.5 4dr Sedan AWD 60D $71,496.00
Model S 90D AWD $85,877.00
Model S AWD 90D Dual Motor $78,599.00
Model S 75 RWD $68,713.08
Model S P85D - NAV - SNRF - RRVW $78,995.00
Model S Performance $54,251.15
Model S 75D AWD $78,689.00
Model S 4dr Sedan Performance $51,747.00
Model S AWD P85D Performance $71,238.36
Model S RWD 70 kWh Battery $59,738.50
Model S 2016.5 AWD 90D $75,068.14
Model S P100D AWD $109,993.00
Model S 2016.5 4dr Sedan RWD 60 $61,329.00
Model S Sedan $46,943.38
Model S P85D 1 Owner Clean Carfax Autopilot $76,888.00
Model S 2016.5 AWD P90D $94,989.67
Model S P85D $65,309.50
Model S 4dr Sedan P85D $65,995.00
Model S 2016.5 RWD 75 kWh Battery $66,626.33
Model S 2016.5 4dr Sedan AWD P100D $115,561.33
Model S 100D AWD $81,497.50
Model S 2016.5 AWD 75D $70,492.40
Model S 4dr Sedan $46,988.00
Model S AWD 70D Dual Motor $61,823.19
Model S 4dr Sedan Signature Performance $48,500.00
Model S RWD 60 kWh Battery $50,832.86
Model S 4dr Sedan 85 kWh Battery $52,683.95
Model S 4dr Sedan Signature $49,151.60
Model S AWD 85D Dual Motor $64,942.06
Model X 100D AWD $106,102.50
Model X AWD 4dr 60D $81,888.00
Model X AWD 75D $77,319.33
Model X P100D AWD $134,996.50
Model X AWD P90D $107,642.50
Model X AWD 90D $86,833.00
Model X 75D AWD $88,297.00

If any of you are currently renting out Vehicles on Turo and have any tips on renting vehicles please let me know!

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Sup everyone! I analyed 6,222,956 /r/Teenagers comments to find the age distribution among users on this sub.

I grabbed the most recent posts from 49,221 unique users to find the most accurate flair, and found that the average user on /r/Teenagers is 16.58 years old.

I used the Reddit BigQuery Dataset and the following SQL Query to grab all the data:

  author, author_flair_text, created_utc

FROM [fh-bigquery:reddit_comments.all]

WHERE subreddit = "teenagers"

For the visualization I used Chart.js, and I used python for cleaning the data and hosting the viz using Flask.

Let me know if you guys have any questions or feedback! I'm trying to get better at data analysis and visualizations this year, so any feedback is much appreciated.

Here is the raw age distribution:

Age User Count
13 1,095
14 3,102
15 6,980
16 11,521
17 12,703
19 4,492
18 9,328

19 is above 18, is that meant to be?

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Everything is meant to be ❤️

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Take note that even after nearly 150 years Lil pump has still yet to respond...

If anyone is interested in generating these posts yourself - check out on Gist which contains the python script and image files.

Running everything is pretty simple, just save the Gist files locally and run:

pip install -r requirements.txt

and then:


You can then input the number of days you want to generate and the filename you want to save the "Screenshot" as.

If any of you are interested in this type of cutting-edge computer science research, be sure to check out my Github which has a handful of similar projects

Original Poster60 points · 2 months ago

PS: /u/BigDubbbber never give up. 150 years is nothing in the grand scheme of things. Whether it takes 2 days or 20,000,000 days, your hard work will pay off in the long run xD

Original Poster6 points · 2 months ago

I didn't mean to update the dataset immediately after uploading it, but I realized that I didn't include the question number which is a strong indication of the question difficulty.

I'm in the process of creating an open-source Python bot for HQ if anyone wants to check it out.

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I don't mean to self promote or anything, but I made a Python framework a while back that adds support for ~70 additional languages and voices on the Echo. Let me know if you need any help implementing it into a skill :)

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This story really just illustrated that you can't monetize Alexa in any meaningful way. "Developer rewards" is just Amazon giving out a pittance - they could cut it off or change its terms anytime.

The only way to make money with Alexa skills is to use them as a channel to some other existing product.

I'm kind of bitter about it if you can't tell.

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Totally agree. I have a ton of semi-popular skills on the store, and I haven't received anything other than the AWS credit.

I honestly don't believe this line either:

So far, the developer rewards program has paid "millions of dollars" to developers in 22 countries

Any news? Where can I download this ?

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Yes! I released everything on GitHub a few weeks back. Here is a link to the framework.

I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but the SciKitLearn open source community is super friendly to beginners. IIRC my first approved pull request was a contribution to SciKitLearn.

-23 points · 3 months ago

These are all so fake and gay

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Look at the other thread. This isn't fake. You can send him a letter if you want.

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I've been writing Martin Shkreli back and forth from jail, and I just got a new letter that was written after his sentencing. It was actually written on the back of the court order for his trial 😂😂😂

The Data visualization he's talking about is the Pornhub Comments Containing Valid Stock Tickers vs. Dow Jones Industrial Average data viz from a few months back.

Post any questions you have in this thread, and I'll print it out and post his responses. Usually it takes him ~3 weeks to respond.

Ask [Him] Anything...

Edit: Proof

April 16th Update: I'm printing out this thread on April 25th, so please post any questions before then or he won't have a chance to see it.

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I used to do this for some reason AMA


Was that the lowest you've ever been in your life?

Also, how was ur day?

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Was that the lowest you've ever been in your life?

In terms of altitude? Using the traditional geodetic model for an idealised sea level, I would actually say the lowest was roughly -15 meters below sea level in May of 2017.

Also, how was ur day?

It was good bro, hbu?

Tip: if anyone ever asks you for a deposit in exchange for a bigger future return, it is definitely a scam - regardless of context. The only exception may be federal bonds.

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This isn't true 100% of the time. I got an email from this guy a few months back who was actually a prince in a small country near central Africa. He told me that he had a large sum of USD in a Nigerian bank, and he'd rather donate the money than have the Nigerian government have control over the funds any longer. He actually picked me as an offshore beneficiary for the account, and all he needed was 5% of the funds to transfer the entire balance to my account in the US.

It's going to take a few more months for the bank in Nigeria to approve the transfer, but a 2000% return on a $10,000 investment is far more than I would have made trading stocks on Robinhood.


I've been pulling data from my University's bus tracking API for the past ~6 months, and I've collected second-by-second interval Long/Lat data for all 25 busses at my school.

The dataset contains the following info: Longitude, latitude, number of students on the bus, destination, speed (not really accurate), bus ID, and timestamp.

We have an extremely inefficient bus system, and the goal of collecting the data was to propose alternative routes that would reduce bus downtime.

What would be the way to visualize this data? I was thinking something like a heat map with Mapbox to visualize the points in which the bus is at rest for long durations of time, but I didn't know if there would be a better way to visualize the inefficiency of the routes that the bus runs on.


Do you think that the concentration of this activity in one or a handful of subreddits is a concern? Obviously you're talking about this in general terms, but I don't think the folks over at r/woodworking or r/aww are what we're talking about in regards to Russian propoganda. I think people are looking for you to address this plainly, not dilute it to "all of us."

I believe the biggest risk we face as Americans is our own ability to discern reality from nonsense, and this is a burden we all bear.

Are there some subs or groups of users that are of particular concern in this area? Do you believe there is a tipping point where the amount of nonsense being promoted makes a community untenable?

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/r/woodworking is filled with Russian propoganda though

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