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I just LOL at fans of the book. Heinlein was a fascist with serious incest issues.

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You think he was a fascist? You either don't know what that word means or don't know anything about Heinlein

That and Leathal Weapon 5. Disregard the tasteful use of blackface.

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Did they not think we'd notice them switching the leads halfway through the movie?

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5 points · 8 hours ago · edited 4 hours ago

I have about 7k. Parking meters, anything electrical, and of course vehicles when you’re replenishing metal.

When I’m in a mission and see one of those electric substation things. It’s my go to for getting a lot of nuts and bolts quick.

Edit: this message will self destruct in 2 hours.

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delete this

So it doesn’t make you happy?

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It makes me happier when an Outlander hasn't already anti-material punched the transformer farm in the suburb/industrial maps!

Have you never heard of AC Slater?

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Albert Clifford kicks ass, preppy.

Original Poster5 points · 1 day ago

I don’t think that stw is pay to win someone who spends 100 dollars still has no chance against a guy who put in hours an grind you can buy anything but it takes skill to level them up

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no chance against a guy

What are you talking about? BR?

Original Poster1 point · 1 day ago

and you can't even do that without it , the whole endgame is grinding for survivors i can't think of anything else

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Uh, the whole endgame is just playing the game.

I mean, obviously it's just people's personal opinion and you're free to do what you want, and granted this sub is pretty heavily biased toward saving for retirement, but the idea is that saving longterm takes a bit more discipline, but ultimately can have more benefits in the end, because of compound interest (money invested now will be "worth" more in 30 years than in 3 years), and because once you're retired you might not be able to generate income, so it could be considered dangerous to neglect retirement savings. (You may still have Social Security to fall back on, depending on your age, but for younger people it's generally recommended not to assume this to be the case.)

I didn't mean to imply that you should max your retirement savings at all costs, before spending any money in the present. It was more like, don't skip out on retirement savings completely, in order to make an unnecessary-but-enticing short-term purchase like a fancier car or bigger house (though the house also has equity so maybe not the most clear-cut example).

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Okay good, that context is much better. All the compound interest in the world doesn't mean shit when you die, which is something this sub seems to struggle with.

Yeah I guess there's a fine line between saving for the future, and being unwilling to let money go at all. Like if you just keep saving forever eventually you'll just die and still have all the money, never having enjoyed it. (Unless you are super noble and saving it all for your kids or something...)

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True :) But absent going overboard for the sake of kids, some people just turn into a hoarders, but for money instead of Barbies or other garbage.

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They were discontinued until further notice. It's in the patch notes.

42 points · 2 days ago

that is pretty amazing. I didn’t even think you could do your first mission that low because of all the tutorial stuff

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You absolutely can't. It's a UI glitch.

Unless OP has never put skill points into improving his party's FORT stats.

Nope they removed them yo prevent people farming free VBucks and spending them on BR. They want you to cough up actual money...

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Yup, the patch notes clearly stated all v-buck rewards were eliminated.

They took out V-buck missions for the duration of the event, maybe forever. It's in the patch notes

The Patch Notes don't say that at all but ok guy, those 2 Twine Peak Mission Alerts I did for vBucks also disagree with Your comment.

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What, you think someone would just come on the internet and lie about the patch notes in response to a tired/dumb question?

-15 points · 2 days ago

And mentally challenged people like you is why i avoid alliances. you lack even the most basic knowledge of game mechanics and strategy.

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You have never flown a cap, ever, have you?

So why you want to have an advantage over at least 75% of the population? Most people have no idea what good or bad debt is. Are you scared that when there is no inflationary money you lost your edge?

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You couldn't answer the question.

Not surprised.

Yes it is good for a few, i know this. That's why i hate it. It keeps every normal citizen poor af.

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Why though?

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2 points · 3 days ago · edited 3 days ago

pm me your banking details, cc number(s), photocopies of all government ids and full genome sequence. i have special ways of knowing if you're also special and one of the lucky chosen ones who'll be able to join. but i have a good feeling about you already, so you have nothing to lose.

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Fine I'll join a lobby just me and you we do pl 88 mission see who has the most combat then?

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I thought when I said "stop leaching this event" I was pretty clear, but then you respond with "let me leach" and I just . . . I just don't even know what to say.

Don't show up in any of my Horde Bashes with your stupid Pathfinder Outlander.

Obviously you're afraid to join me then because you damn well I'll outgun you

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Yes. Obviously.

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I love how this sub thinks a bull run is a forgone conclusion.

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They have to. Absent a bull run (and a huge one at that) they'll never be financially secure.

Your clouds look like Flanders too?

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It's like they're wearing nothing at all!

I don't know why are you getting downvoted, 538 constantly gave Trump around 30-35%, that fell to 15% at one point, but Wisconsin and Michigan were so close, that were within the margin of error. Only bigger difference was Pennsylvania.

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Trumpettes need their narrative.

beetlejuuice hahah amirite boys?

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Convert green heroes into blue survivors. Rinse and repeat.

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Convert green schematics into blue survivors too.

Yeah, some sort of magnetic field that blocks air but not solid objects.

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Yup, blocks metal air but permits non-metal bodies.

Or, I mean, blocks non-metal air but permits metal bodies.

16 points · 6 days ago

'Stain or lowsec' you have to choose, because you can't easily move between the two.

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I'm sure there is at least one gate connecting the two

Gonna have to give you a little friendly stab for not paying better attention. If you can correctly deduce why I did it, it’ll be your last warning.

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6 points · 6 days ago

Easy, I just never fall asleep. Drink beer and snort cocaine until the alarm goes off at 5

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That's super unhealthy.

Why not get a full night's sleep and just do a line when your alarm goes off? Better than coffee imho.

You can choose to work hard. Or alternatively, you can choose to liquidate your assets and buy lottery tickets.

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There are cheat codes like /r/wallstreeetbets

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