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Here is a List of some Youtubers that do Unsolved Mysteries as well as Solved Cases, they're technically not Documentaries but they're very Informative Videos.

Criminally Listed;

Kendall Rae;

Danelle Hallan;

Georgia Marie;

Cayleigh Elise;


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LordonARTS is one of my favorites! Lots of research, great info. He has a big heart for victims of crime.

Ii have first silhouette cameo and business edition studio software.

There are two print and cut features in studio/cameo you can use Print and cut as it is - you design and print from studio and attach the printed stuff to a mat or if its vinyl on the backing just use it as it is. it and cut - cutter reads the marks and then cuts based on their location. And second one is pixscan - you attach any picture to a special mat with marks placed and scan it or take a picture with your phone/camera. And then design the cut from there.

So moving to your questions:

Cut resolution is ok if your material is driven correctly, if the blade is correct type and new and if you select correct cutting parameters. You can see cut precision and comparison on the youtube. On my device it’s ok.

Mats - yes you can use cricut mats for designs you want to cut. For pixscan you need special mats with cut marks and frame. I know many people who cut prefer cricut mats on cameo due to its thickness. I don’t care, so I use cameo mats. But for all vinyl work I use vinyl as it is. Greatest cameo feature is ability to cut loooooooooooooong designs. You just feed the roll, check that it’s fed correctly dry run the feeding from start to the end and then you can cut like 4 meter long design. For small vinyl cuts cutting without mat also works great

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I have both the Cricut Maker and Silhouette Cameo 3. The Cricut Maker literally cuts intricate designs, like butter!! However, nothing beats my Silhouette for custom work which I do a lot of. The Cricut Design Space is just not as capable as the Silhouette Studio when it comes to designing custom designs. It does a good job of cutting, though I feel as if Cricut has better capabilities when it comes to intricate designs.

I honestly wish these two companies would just get married and make a beautiful and perfect machine with the perfect design space :)

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Thank you for the insight.

The maker is a touch out of the budget unfortunately but I assume the cricut machines are all similar.

In terms of intricate I mostly mean similar to this

The heart shape is about 1.5” tall so the eyes and nose bits are no more than like ¼”. That's the kind of intricacies I want to be able to keep doing.

I only ever cut vinyl and paper so I don't need a wide range of materials available for the machine to cut.

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Oh yeah, the Silhouette Cameo will be perfect for you :)

Cardstock should work

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Yes, I do. Not sure if links are allowed here)

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Please PM me as well if they won’t allow a link to your store here. I absolutely love these!!!

I’m so glad to hear she’s safe. She will now have a lot of healing to do.

Of all the places one can go to have a family dinner or host a party for the kids, a brewery would be the last on my list. Seriously, how can anyone think it’s ok to take kids into a brewery?!! I get that it’s not a bar but I also get that it’s a place where I want to go with my husband & friends, sans the kids, for an adult child free dinner. Brewery is the first place that comes to my mind when I think I can go someplace where there will be NO kids! But I guess they have to make money to survive.

Men are supposed to protect their family not hurt them :(

Unfortunately, women are most likely to be killed by their loved ones.

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So sad that your statement is absolutely true

I’m 46! I’m so tired of people my age behaving like it’s the 1950’s when I remember very well how wild & crazy we were growing up in the 80’s. I’ve heard friends say, “I never ..(had sex, tried weed, tried beer, etc)” when in fact I WAS THERE AND SAW THEM DO THAT SHIT!! As a mother of a 12 & 14 year old, I talk straight up about my mistakes and tell them the consequences of some of my mistakes. As young as they are, we have talked very openly about sex. I tell them that I would prefer that they wait until the are mature to handle the emotional roller coaster sex can be, but that I will take them to get protection when they are ready. I’m not going to lie to them and tell them I “waited” until I was married or I was 30 or some crazy batshit stuff like that because that’s a straight up lie and that won’t help them. Fact is, just like everyone else, I was very interested in sex starting at about 15 and I had friends who were having sex at 13 (I know, WTF?). It is what it is and it’s our job as parents to be honest with our kids and to educate them about, not only birth control but preventing std’s as well.

OH MY GOODNESS!!! That is top level CUTENESS!!! Someone please call Ellen!!!

Mattress Firm is a money laundering front. There are at least 4 within my small city’s limits. No one buys that many mattress.

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They make their money from the high interest rates when people fail to pay their “0 interest” loan after the year is up. At least that’s my theory

Kid,you’re gonna need more shelves! Bit of advice,collect what you like!

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This! There are so many great Pops out there so I have to force myself not to buy some because they are not part of my “themes”....but it’s sooo hard to resist :)

Please make sure your parents know you are on here and never respond to anyone directly without your parents reading and approving. Not preaching but I am serious.

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I second that. Please never respond to private messages and keep your parents in the loop. There are some really great people here on Reddit but unfortunately some real bad people lurk around here too. Be safe and have fun collecting. Before you know it, you’ll have several shelves full of them :)

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That's why we'll need electric cars. They won't solve all problems associated with transportation (I guess it's not really fun to drive at rush hour in the cities), but at least they will help to decrease emissions.

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Not “all” can afford an electric car.

No, not at all. Husband & I are getting ours done right now. We figure if there are any criminals in the family, they deserve to get caught.

Tried looking for that website, but couldn’t find it.

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I’d like for it to become the “solved the homeless problem” Capitol of the U.S. first. That would really impress me.

My machine sometimes does that, so I shut down the Silhouette program & restart it. I also unplug my Silhouette to reboot it. That usually takes care of the problem. Occasionally I will use an air can (follow directions on the can carefully as the can has to be held straight) to clean up glitter & other paper gunk that gets up in the machine. Finally, in terms of blades, i have found that the premium blades work the best for me and seem to last longer. I never really cared for the auto blade on the Silhouette as it seemed to cause more problems than using the manual blade. Hope this helps :)

The expectation that you must always be outwardly cheery and happy, or it means that something is wrong with you

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Especially after having a baby. I was miserable and wanted to scream for help but instead walked around with a fake smile pretending motherhood was perfectly beautiful, though my body ached, I was incredibly tired & overwhelmed, and I hated breastfeeding because it hurt. Thankfully my 12 & 13 year olds are happy, wonderful, & smart kids. However, I now tell new mom’s not to ever feel compelled to hide their true emotions & feelings because sometimes we need help and that’s totally ok. Needing help does not imply you’re not fit to be a mother, it just means you’re in need of some TLC and maybe even some medical help. Please, if you’re having a difficult time after giving birth, talk to your Dr. about it.

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I should have been more specific! I’ll actually be at UC Davis Medical Center (right next to Shriners Children’s Hospital). I’ll have to check out Boulevard Park! I’ve looked at the Pocket and Land Park and that commute doesn’t seem horrible. Curtis Park, Tahoe Park, and East Sac is where I would prefer but $2000+ for a rental house is a little steep!

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East Sac, Land Park & Curtis Park are very close to UCDMC, fairly safe, and really great neighborhoods but yeah, it’ll cost you unfortunately. However, if you can find something reasonable in any of these area, I think you’ll be very happy.

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