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Headlines like this are just about sensationalizing the facts. China's economy is much more trade-dependent than America's and frankly stands to be hurt more by an escalated trade war. I think a staggering 38% of their GDP is tied to exports according to Bloomberg so it's in their interest to negotiate a trade deal more so than in the US.

There will also definitely be domestic political pressure on President Xi to negotiate a trade deal but over the last five years, when faced with domestic challenges, Xi hasn’t shown much inclination to back down. Whenever anyone has given him serious trouble in internal politics, he’s smashed them and then tarred them as disloyal to the Party or the country.

Of course, China also has a few cards to play as well. For instance, it could impose tariffs on any U.S. components used in global supply chains, even if the final country of origin for the export in question is a country other than the U.S. China could warn other nations that they have a year, say, to sort out alternative, non-U.S. sources of supply. That said, they are nothing compared to the damage the US could inflict on China's economy.

There's a long standing myth in the UK (I'm sure other parts of the world too) where if a shop shows a wrong price for a good then they must honour it. In reality they are under no such obligation to do so.

This seems similar.

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ty they are under no such obligation

Several years ago I advertised a complete system in a local paper where the set price was lower than my cost in error. Several customers came to purchase and although I was selling at a loss I still honoured the deal. Not because I had to but rather I felt it as the damage to my reputation would cost me more overall than the potential loss over the sales... and I was right. Many of those clients became long term and blindly purchase from me assuming my prices are the lowest and most fair.

That said tho, a couple of thousand in loss revenue is nothing compared to the cost of this colossal error and there's no way to absorb it or for that matter use it as a potential long term gain with client trust.

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Sounds like trips, clothes, a car, and I’m going on a limb here, but alcohol and cocaine or another drug. Ok hoping for the last part as the irony would be amazing

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In an interview with the Philly Inquirer Mark D'Amico (boyfriend of Kate McClure) told the publication that he spent $500 of the fundraising money on gambling at a casino but claimed he repaid it with the money he won.

Supposedly Johnny is the one with a habit that would make him incapable of managing the money but last time I checked gambling is an addictive habit that leads to just as much sorrow and poor judgement as drug addiction.

I live in Austin. I saw on the news how he made these. I have a hard time believing this wasn't a mistake on his part. Especially when you use clothespins to keep the volatile stuff apart. Spin, spin, spin. At least he's no longer a menace.

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...the best serial bombers only blow themselves up.

Don’t you think private cleanup crews would need to see paperwork or something saying there’s been a police report and evidence is collected? Very weird. We need more info!

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Yeah... that seems a bit fishy to me too. --Dad

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fixed link:

Apparently the officer left the AC on but heat alarm off. He faces a 5 day suspension without pay but no criminal charges.

We have the highest incarceration rate in the world because over 50% of all incarcerated people are there on drug charges... up from 16% in 1970 by the way... you know... 1970, the height of hippiedom.

Our legal system lives and breathes money from drug busts. From confiscated property to cheap labor from prisoners...

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Don't you guys still have the 3 strike law? I'm cdn and we don't have that law in our system but it seems flawed to me since some are just incredibly shitty at crime/bad luck Brian individuals getting caught at every attempt whereas others can be quite successful perhaps getting away with hundreds of crimes before getting convicted of a single offence. Seems like US prisons could be filled with a lot of unsuccessful criminals serving life sentences and the real offenders that deserve life sentences are still at large.

is that a gyroscopic camera stabilizer? Surprisingly stable video especially with all the angles and movement.

These Whales are Bubble Fishing... a technique learned, rather than instinctual, and not all groups of humpbacks know how to do it. One of them will swim in a circle around fish, and as it's doing it, it will release air from its blowhole, and basically create a net of bubbles.

I'm pretty sure this is a puppet.

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Here's another gif a little longer -


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