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cyzon 2 points

Just something I threw together to satisfy my own curiosity (based on BT IRC bridge logs).

Ti_Deltas 3 points

This is actually a really nice graph. Props on being better at making graphs than most of my coworkers!

Also super interesting stuff, but I mostly just wanted to say that cause I appreciate good data visualization.

Ti_Deltas commented on a post in r/BerryTubeLounge
Ti_Deltas 1 point

Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Ti_Deltas 1 point

This one time, in band camp, I looked at another boy who knew a guy who had a gay uncle, and I masturbated to it. Does that make me a Democrat?

Ti_Deltas 1 point

Do you like mmmmmbananas?

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QuillOmega0 1 point
_youtubot_ 1 point

Video linked by /u/QuillOmega0:

Title Channel Published Duration Likes Total Views
Dr. Weird More Corn x0rsw1tch 2010-04-07 0:00:30 304+ (98%) 64,131

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Intro Dr. Weird More Corn, from...

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Ti_Deltas 1 point

You, uh, bring some friends with you?

Ti_Deltas 1 point


Ti_Deltas 1 point

For reference, lumpia is a Filipino snack that's kinda like an egg roll. They're usually made with pork or shrimp, and fried and served fresh. A coworker of mine used to be a chef at a Filipino restaurant, and sold me a big ol bag of em. I have been trying to get the recipe out of him since...

Yakoshi 1 point

Huh, thought I posted a recipe for blueberry pie ages ago. Or maybe that was before BT Eats existed. Oh well, seems you did fine on your own! The recipe I use calls for a bit of lemon zest added to the berry/sugar/flour mixture. Adds balance.

...wait, is that a lemon I see hiding over there? You forgot it, didn't you. Busted!

Ti_Deltas 1 point

Shit! Someone noticed! I actually did add lemon juice to the filling, though it was afterwards, and I didnt use zest. I will have to try that next time though!

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