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Looking online, I see lots of articles about military academies geared towards teenagers. Unless I'm misunderstanding it appears that they commission them directly as officers.

Can anyone break down how they are commissioned?


There are different military academies and their modus operandi can vary, but typically it boils down to the following. Every branch and service has its own academy that is called Академия or Училище. The diplomas issued by those institutions are equal to civilian Higher education diplomas.

Selection process can be different with the most prestigious institutions, like VDV school and Air Force academy, having really high requirements both academically and physically wise. Applicants are required to attend a selection process inside the institution with interviews, fitness tests etc.

Typically, a student studies for 4-5 or sometimes 6 years depending on the major. First 2 years he spends as a more or less "conscript" - he lives inside the institute without many chances to go out (apart from vacations). During his 3rd year student are required to sign a contract and have a little bit more freedom.

The curriculum varies from major to major but typically has some civil university courses like psychology, common military courses like small unit tactics and specialized courses. Students have several internships where they are dispatched to a unit and get some practical experience.

After graduation students can choose a unit to start the service with depending on their academic results. The degree itself is free if the student completes his first contract.

There are also several institutions for higher leadership that are attended by those aspiring to assume a command of a larger formation or serve with general staff.

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Original Poster3 points · 5 days ago

Thank you. That seems very fragmented to have multiple individual academies. Is there an ROTC and OCS equivalent?

knew a guy with his social security number tattooed on his leg. in case he ever needed to know it.

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I knew a guy that tattooed his last name on his back. Same situation I believe.


I saw this on the unpopular opinion subreddit and agreed with the premise, and just wanted to get your all thoughts on it after reading the other thread on Jones here.

To me this exposed a lot of hypocrisy from both sides.

On the right, people supported Kaepernick's firing because the NFL was a private company who can do what they want, but are up in arms over Jones getting kicked off private or semi private platforms.

On the left, people argue Kaepernick should be allowed to kneel during the anthem and not be fired. Yet agree with Jones getting banned from the platforms.

Me neither of these are ideologically consistent. Either a private entity can stifle "free speech, a misused term but used regardless and ban whoever, or not.

Thoughts on both situations and how they relate to each other?


What is your goal here? Did you come to get an insight on the reasoning for our/my beliefs? Or did you come to contradict and argue against what everyone says without even bothering to be consistent? I mean, "Ok." is a pretty ridiculous response to make when you get called out on being blatantly contradictory to your own supposed values, isn't it?

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Original Poster-3 points · 10 days ago


I came to ask a question, and I'm reading the responses. I answer some of them and I don't answer others.


Ah, I guess consistency and integrity it too much to ask for then.


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Original Poster-3 points · 10 days ago

Ok, glad you understand ☺.

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Side note: he drove away in his brand new 2019 Dodge Charger

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What was the apt and why was it 25% or so?


That actually fought? No.

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Know some that didn't fight and were just PR material then? Unless I misunderstand you.


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I think appeasement does have a bad rap due to Hitler as you mentioned.

If the appeasement is successful, it wouldn't be called appeasement then would it? It's spun as negotiation or something along those lines.

If it doesn't work, then it is derided as appeasement later on.

Bit of a damned if you do, damned if you don't.

A woman using Spanish naming conventions will keep her fathers last name and take her husbands last name. De is sometimes used to show that is her husbands last name.

Looks like someone married into their family.

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Roll Tide

What roles have Chinese and Cuban govt played in this war?

I'm sure that the Chinese govt sent their intelligence agents to Damascus to interrogate and torture captured Uighurs, but is there anything else?

I ask about Cuba because I know that Cuba sent advisers to numerous African wars in the 80s, and they send doctors to disaster areas. Did Cuba do anything in Syria?


I haven't seen this topic pop up when I searched and it is an interesting question to me.

Do you think dropping the bomb was the right thing to do to end WW2, or do you think America should have invaded? Or a third option/opinion?


but you can't see that 200k people were a small price to pay


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Original Poster6 points · 22 days ago

200k people vs millions of dead in invasion/hundreds of thousands from blockade.


The problem is you're talking about the factual deaths vs. a hypothetical many people disagree with you on the outcome about. The reports claiming deaths would be in the millions have been heavily criticized by some and vigorously defended by others. We can't know what would happen. We do know what did happen, an event that is regularly talked about with the phrase "never again".

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Original Poster2 points · 22 days ago

Hypothetical deaths based on the information available though. The numbers from famine are more guesswork sure, but combat deaths from various theaters and troop strength numbers can give a good estimate on potential deaths.

Sure, the Kwantung Army of 1945 was a shell of its former self, but there were still 710,000 Japanese and collaborator troops against 1,500,000 million troops. In Operation August Storm, 11 days of fighting killed at least 30,000 troops.

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What I am asking is if a missile that skims the ocean at low altitudes, and when within close range, dive into the ocean and turn into a torpedo?

This will allow the missile/torpedo to avoid traditional countermeasures to ASM, but then have to deal with torpedo countermeasures which I am far less familiar with.

Is this already a thing, and if not, why is it not feasible?


You can launch a torpedo from a cruise missile. The Russians have the 91RE1 sub-launched anti-submarine cruise missile. A variant of their Kalibr missile system.

It gets launched from a submarine. Does a supersonic sprint to the target area and then pops out a torpedo that goes into search mode looking for enemy subs.

I suppose they could design s torpedo that looked for ships instead, but any decent combat ship would detect it coming and turn tail at flank speed to outrun the torpedo. Of course, torpedos are faster, but ships have more endurance and can run out of the torpedos range.

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Original Poster2 points · 22 days ago


Something with range closer to traditional anti-ship missiles but still with a torpedo function would be the Soviet/Russian SS-N-14 Silex:

It's mounted in the quad launchers on the Udaloy class, and have a range of 50km for the -4 variant against submarines, and 90km for the -5 against subs and surface targets. It's essentially just a cruise missile with a torpedo slung underneath, as you can see in the photo in the article. In the -5 when used against surface targets, I believe the shaped charge warhead is housed in the upper flying section - not sure what happens to the torpedo in such a scenario.

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Original Poster1 point · 22 days ago

Thanks! Looking into the SS-N-14.

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What do they think it does?? (Other than make them smell of piss)

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Most urine therapy is insane, but there is a valid purpose of urine for skin care.

There is urea in urine, and urea is a part of many skin care products.

Of course, there are better ways to get urea(use the damn product instead of piss), but it does kind of work. Aged piss is stupid because the urine turns into ammonia after a day or so, but fresh piss does work.

I don't understand how you arrive at the fact that the body has a function to expel this, but it's still somehow very important. Do they do this with feces? Sweat? Vomit? Why is it only pee?

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Urine does have urea, a component many skin care.

I don't know if urea has any use in hair care, but it does have a purpose in skin care.


Background: -Vladivostok, or its formerly Chinese name Haishenwei, used to be part of Qing Dynasty China. As a result of the unequal treaties of 1858 and 1860(Treaty of Aigun and Convention of Peking), the Russian Empire gained large parts of outer Manchuria, including the area that holds Vladivostok today.

Modern: -The issue has been settled by the PRC and Soviet Union in 1991 with a 1991 border agreement, but the ROC still claims the "64 villages east of the river", which just represents the Amur Oblast and not Vladivostok itself, but there is potential irredentism there.

What China could gain: -Vladivostok is home to the Russian Pacific fleet and is the largest port for Russia. With the ambitious OBOR going one, China could seek to use Vladivostok as another port city to send its goods from.

Future: Do I think Russia is going to willy nilly roll over to Chinese aggression to take the area? No, but as Russia declines demographic wise while China rises, I wonder if a deal could be made regarding the area. Maybe a sell back of the area at most, or leasing of the port or the nearby Nakhodka one with a development deal similar to the Gwadar Port in Pakistan?

What are your thoughts on all this?

6 points · 23 days ago · edited 23 days ago

What do you think would the benefits of getting rid of Russia from the region be from a political perspective, not just economic?

It may not be that important, but the advantage of eliminating another world power from interacting in East Asia, or at least seriously hampering their ability to do so, has larger benefits than what the port offers at face value. Not only this, but managing to wrestle it from Russia would be another historic achievement just like the first time Japan's fleet dominated Russian Empire's one and set a precedent for the rise of East Asian countries. This is more about the influence that comes with the action than the economic access, or at least that's what makes more sense to me. Nevertheless, I also think gaining a historical territory back would bolster Chinese nationalism even further. I do not know what would be the reaction from the Koreas, Japan. and the United States though. Albeit most of the world would not cry over a Russian decline.

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Original Poster2 points · 23 days ago
  1. Raw materials. The Imperial Japanese saw the benefits of Siberia with their Hokushin-ron strategy of the 1930s.

  2. Chinese nationalism as you said.

I don't really see raw materials as a major incentive for them taking over Vladivostok. In terms of raw materials in that region, Coal, tungsten, tin and most minerals found in that region are already present in China in large amounts, plus if China wanted more of that, there's still a ton of unprospected land within China that they can exploit (inner mongolia, most of west china). Demanding Russia give that land back makes no strategic sense, especially since China settled their land disputes with Russia 14 years ago.

If they piss off Russia, not only do they risk a powerful neighbour with a sizable nuclear arsenal to the North, think of the implications for OBOR. More importantly, think of the possibility that Russia would cozy up with China's rivals in Asia, like Japan or India. If China actually invades Russia, Russia's almost guaranteed to try and set up alliances with the goal of encircling China.

Plus China annexing Russian Territory is going to upset the balance of power. it may cement their might in the short term but pretty much every country around them's gonna be terrified of being next, and it's going to fuel a ton of fear and hostility towards them. It might even draw a Russia/Japan/India/Vietnam military alliance. It's just not good strategy to take that land.

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Original Poster1 point · 23 days ago

You are right about the materials, but they are in Vladivostok if if really comes down to that.

About your last point though, does that happen anyways? Taiwan will always the thorn in China's side, and a military alliance would happen anyways. I'm sure that China definitely would not want Russia in an alliance with those you mentioned. Whether if be from taking Vladivostok or Taiwan, you're point will stand regardless.

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I recommend WGU. Lots of certs and the BS degree after.

Is this a thing now? This is the second one with the exact same wording.

Where is the 25% Mustang though?

Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

I'm in a different program right now, so I can't take MCSA until the start of term 2 anyway.

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Perfect to do linux+ then.

Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

can't do cloud+ or linux+ until my next term either lol.
I'm in the NOS program which has all the CCNA type stuff instead of the others.

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Ah, I misunderstood you then.

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I do believe so. Most downsides I've seen about inexperience can be remedied by having a term limit of decades. My ideal situation is listed below.

No more than 30 years in one position(Senator or Rep), no more than 36 years in total(example 24 years as Senator and 12 years as rep is fine).

The more pressing reasons have already been stated, but I haven't seen the smaller reason of oil be stated.

Chechnya(and the Caucasus regions at large) has a large amount of oil, and Russia does not want to lose that potential source of revenue.

I'm surprised that this hasn't been implemented long ago. It benefits Assad and his loyalists in 2 ways.

  1. It takes their kids out of harms way.
  2. Assad ensures the loyalty of those who are in his armed forces. It is harder to defect if you know your son is in Russia.

Am doing WGU right now and like it.

Arizona State and UMUC are good. I've heard that Penn State Online and Old Dominion are good as well.

I also recently saw a bunch of ads for Purdue Online, although I don't have any personal experience with that.

Original Poster4 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

Can I ask how the classic liberals and military people feel about this?

Also, my quick thoughts on it.

The KKK were and are fuckin murders. So anything we can do to directly target them, is usually pretty good in my mind. Mask Laws could be seen as a half step of cowardly politicians or an end around the 1st Amendment.

Mask laws against the KKK were created at a very different time to 2018. Police Militarization, mass surveillance have changed the way law reinforcement operate. And as such the mask isn't a symbol it's self, the mask is a safety feature against thinks like targeted harassment/doxing and or against chemical agents. The Hood was a symbol of terror above it's identify obscuring features. Based off the wording in this laws are sunglasses of a journalist an effort to hide your identity? Superman seems to think so.

When mask laws were written the police wore blue shirts with their names on it. Now police are masked, un-named agents. Example in Michigan mask law states "covering his or her face for the purpose of facilitating the commission of a crime" Antifa do not cover their face to commit crimes. They cover their faces to stop harassment from Alt Right figures.

Also the framing of this bill "Antifa Unmasking" is extremely targeted when masked right wingers have caused more damage. This law is also super broad as written, and like I said above combined with the police state we live under, I can see it being abused. Older mask laws focused on just the very act of wearing mask in a public space, this is about harassment and "intimidation".

Older laws were also misdemeanors for 30-90 days in jail (various states) and not felonies resulting in 15 years of jail time. 15 years seems like a LOT of jail time.

Is it a perfect though, nope. But it's what I rambled out in a few mins while cooking.

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I don't discuss my politics with my fellow servicemembers and I haven't heard any talk about this specific one, so I can only talk for myself. The classical liberal thing is also something that I've been putting off changing for a while, so I'm not one.

Any law has the ability to cut both ways. Something that you like can also be used against something you like.

On this specific law, its stupid. There are a variety of ordinances of rioting, intimidation and state level ordinances on masks.

Now, if Antifa protestors were arrested under the KKK law, I'd find that somewhat ironic. There is no need for the UAA 2018 when older ordinances were used, and this goes for the KKK if they decide to be a thing again.

I also don't like the police state, and have Libertarian tendencies, so I am no fan of cops. There are numerous issues with regards to the police, and I'd like to see the power of their unions broken, but that is another story for another thread.

As an aside note, I find it extremely dumb that many of my fellow servicemembers have the Don't Tread on Me sticker and a Blue Lives Matter sticker on their car. Seems like a driving contradiction.

Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

Don't Tread on Me sticker and a Blue Lives Matter sticker on their car

Fuckin' pick one my dudes. I that things points to some of right wingers who take any symbol of the right and juts slap that shit on anything. Where I know Marxists and Leninists who get upset if you mix then up.

I hope my answers made sense and it seems like we have some similar feelings about this. Thanks for your answers.

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Yep, I don't question them openly about that, but it honestly seems stupid to mix those up. It is corny marketing to people who have knee-jerk reactions to deemed unpatriotic.

Same with the Punisher skulls and the Blue Line flag....Don't even get me started on that, have they even read the comic book? Do they know what Frank Castle does?

No problem man.

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What is the state of the Libyan Civil War? The Libyan sub is dead compared to here, and I haven't seen any major reports of fighting in Libya now.

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