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I'm sure that this is going to be a controversial statement, but he is right.

The Western World generally focuses on the Holocaust and the European portion of World War II. America has a brief focus in the Pacific, but otherwise focus mostly on Europe.

What do Americans know about Unit 731? The Nanking massacre? I'm sure if you ask most Americans and Europeans, they won't know what any of these are.

Asians will probably focus more on the Asian Theatre of World War II compared to the European one.

His point on naming is stupid though.


Hey there, WGU student here having just passed C299. I got a score of 880.

I spent 2 months studying for this exam after having finished CCENT and CCNA in the February and March.

Resources used: Lynda's Lisa Bock CCNA-Her series is incomplete as of when I last checked in May. Good overall beginning resource. Pluralsight's Brandon Carroll Explained concepts well with great use of visuals. CBTNuggets Keith Barker- I'm normally a fan on Keith, but I think this series wasn't that good. The videos often dragged on for way too long and concepts were all over the place. Still recommend watching this series, but tapering expections.

For books: UCertify OCG- Light on information and doesn't cover everything. Would use to get a grasp of CCNA security. 31 days to CCNA- Best resource to use. Fills in the gaps OCG misses.

For practice tests: Kaplan practice tests on Plursight-Good intro questions. Boson- ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. GET IT. Reading the answers to the questions taught me so much.

Miscellaneous: Read the Parka.

Thoughts: A lot of weirdly worded questions(go figure) and esoteric concepts and the most challenging CCNA compared to CCNA RS and CCENT.

Where I go from here: I'm done with CCNA for a while. Next WGU class will be a spreadsheet class.

Great job!! I'll be bookmarking this post as I have to take this class next semester. Then the capstone and then I'm done!!

That all assumes I'll make it through C697 and C698 first. Horrible classes. Poorly written material.

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Original Poster1 point · 5 days ago

Yikes, that's discouraging to hear about 697 and 698. I was going to try to bulldoze at least one of them in a couple of weeks due to my term ending.

if you are familiar with Linux already, you might be able to blaze through them. I, however, have zero knowledge of Linux.

I've been using some other resources like TestOut and Pluralsight, and they have been way better and have given me a basic understanding of what's going on now.

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Original Poster1 point · 5 days ago

I'm running a Linux Ubuntu distro right now, but I don't do any of the Terminal commands. The class is to learn from and pass after C268.

You have access to Lynda and Pluralsight. I'm sure about the others.

Congrats! I'm in the same boat as you and passed today as well.

You then get to laugh at them when they fail and you make it.

Honestly, there are a lot of reasons to study(or not study). Are they getting out, do they plan staying in, do they want to make it? If the answer is yes, no, no, then it makes sense to not study.

I studied cause I want to make it and make that sweet Staff pay, but I plan on staying in, so I'll have to make staff eventually anyways. Might as well do it when the promotion rate is sky high.

Comment deleted6 days ago

4 years and 1 day.

Feels bad when you got a 4-year contract and have to extend to meet this.

With all of this said, what do you think of NK's army?

Also, how long is your Basic training and AIT? I understand your service is 21 months long? So if your training is for 4 months, you only then really serve 17 months or so?

A friend from South Korea raised a good point.

  • What is the US prepared to do that is equally difficult to undo if North Korea denuclearizes?

I thought that was a very interesting question. If the US just commits to no military exercises, that's not hard to change course on. Maybe if the US agreed to dismantle the DMZ and remove all the landmines. That sounds like a more involved process and one that would take some time to rebuild.

If the expectation of all the hard work is just on North Korea, then this isn't likely to work.

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Well Trump said the removal of US forces, that is very difficult(as seen by the clutching of pearls in this very thread).

It's essentially admitting the SK doesn't need our troops and that we are in SK to fuck with China.

Your last statement resonates with me. People expect A-Z from NK, but I don't hear what we as the US are willing to do. Then they get angry when Trump suspends war games and talks of US withdrawl. I don't understand it.

This is just a byproduct of the times we live in. Where the President can start a trade war with a tweet and then can’t be bothered to sit down and discuss it seriously with our allies. Compromising is for suckers, or so he would have us believe.

First, he rips up the Iran Nuclear Agreement without suggesting a new solution, then he shits all over our best allies in the G7. He calls for massive tariffs one day and then calls for eliminating all tariffs another day.

The North Koreans have stayed in power this long. They aren’t stupid. The photo op with a sitting US President is a major win for North Korea.

I doubt they will give up their nuclear weapons without something serious in return. That can’t just be a promise on a piece of paper that the President can rip up whenever he decides to.

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I actually agree with a lot you say.

The Iran deal, was a good start but it wasn't ratified. If this North Korea deal is ratified then it's going to be a lot harder to break out of later.

Your last sentence show the reflection of the bipolarness of US foreign policy honestly. 8-year massive swings of policy between Democrats and Republicans. That is one of the few benefits of dictatorships, long-term planning and stability.

Did Saddam, in 1991 think he was going to get taken out in 2003 by another Bush?

I am of the opinion that the Soviet invasion of Hokkaido would have lead to the surrender of Japan quicker than the invasion of Kyushu by Marines, and not much longer after the actual surrender with the bombs. With that said, i do believe that Truman made the only decision that he could at the time with the input information he was given.

I think the USA's main concern was Marine deaths. If you're looking from a global perspective, the worst possible outcome for Japan was no bombs -> Nimitz instituting a blockade -> extended famine in tokyo prefecture -> more people dead than Ukraine famine.

I'd be interested in hearing the opposition point of view. Not opposed to changing my view either, I'm just working with the evidence i see.

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Original Poster1 point · 6 days ago

You make a good point about the Soviets invading Hokkaido. I don't think the amphibious capabilities were that good, given the performance at the Kuril and Sakhalin Islands. Regardless the Soviets would have trucked through and eventually establish a beachhead.

The worst outcome for the world, Japanese included would be what you are saying. The blockade would take take effect, and I've read that the food situation is very bad in late 1945.

My statement still applies but it would get dragged out even longer into the Winter into Spring 1946. Soviets capturing all of Manchuria, Korea, and maybe Hokkaido. The British retaking Malaya and probably starting the Hong Kong operation ( I couldn't find the official name and I could swear that there was one). The Australian and the Americans still in their respective places.

And there still is no guarantee of surrender from Japan.

I can't figure out what's going on in Rashad's left upper arm tattoo.

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Mma cage?

Tech is the lowest rank you can retire at based on the HYT restrictions.

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You are right as this has changed recently from E-5/SSgt.

So depending on how long this guy was out, he retired 1 rank above what he could have.

The fuck is a T Sergeant??

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Air Force E-6.

What resources did you use in total?

Sometimes the base you are leaving from makes you wear your uniform(tech schoolers have to wear their uniform when travel, unless that has changed recently).

I overall agree with you about making yourself a target.

Also, I frankly don't want to wear my uniform even if it is allowed. I hate the way our blues look and feel they are uncomfortable. I'd wear ABUs, but I don't want to make myself a target or deal with people who strike up a conversation(positive or negative).

If I see someone in uniform, I think their orders say it or they are attention seeking.

What does the bottom say?

"He replied 'because your enemy can't swim"'


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Maybe it's because I'm from PA (even though I live in VA now), but I would think the Europeans can try to cut deep into red states. PA has already started to swing blue, they should go for the jugular in addition to what you listed. Make it hurt.

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Wouldn't that risk people affected to start doubling down and increasing Trump's support?

"The Europeans hate you the Democrats hate me I'm the only one who can save you"

When they lose their jobs they won't like Trump anymore, money talks.

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That's the thing though, in the face of their wallets do they see the light or do they double down?

I'm betting on most doubling down.

The patrols do nothing if you don’t stop anyone. Just pointless window dressing.

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What about the deterrence factor of increased patrols?

I don't see why the original person I responded to and his choices had to be together in choice 1?

I.e, why does increased patrols need to be accompanied with more aggressive policing?

What exactly are they deterring if they do nothing?

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People who would otherwise commit crime, but police being near by deters them?

They are there to do something if something happens, but if nothing happens do nothing.

I mean, doesn't this happen with highway patrol? Their very presence makes people slow down.

I was going to go into the Army as Intel, but my mom threw a fit.

I went Air Force and am glad, but I still wonder how Soldier me would have been.

It was a pretty hard adjustment the first two years so I'm not sure if I would have stayed Active or tried to do Green to Gold and ROTC.

But what did they save? Coupons?

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Ok, I feel dumb, can someone tell me what it means?

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I served for you...

I think.

3 points · 21 days ago

Anyone know if I can bring my retainer to BMT? I only need it at night and I don’t want my teeth to start shifting.

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Yep, that the guy below said.

I wore my retainer during the night at BMT with no issues.

I have a comm job and am very happy in the Air Force actually and at the base that I am at, something that a bunch of others would probably laugh at.

However, I am getting out because I am gonna try to commission.

To answer your question though, if I were to stay in enlisted, I'd like. :No PT testing. :More money is always nice. :Shorter term contracts are always nice.


To those who haven't been following along, Robinson is a controversial figure in British politics for his far-right stances and is the founder of the English Defense League.

He was recently arrested for breaching the peace while live streaming outside of court on a case when Muslim men groomed and raped numerous children.

People see it as a means to silence dissent and criticism of the case while others contend his actions were illegal under British law.

Have you been following the story and if so what do you think of it?

Why is this being framed as "Muslim men?" Why not "Pakistani," or "Asian," or even "immigrant"?

I also don't understand why this is "grooming." Most of these girls were abducted in taxis, were they not?

To be sure, this is a horrifying case of child sex trafficking, but it seems mostly to have been organized by a local group of Pakistani men. Their cultural attitudes likely contributed, but their religion doesn't seem particularly relevant and this appears to be a group of assholes who found each other from that community in this city.

The framing seems prejudicial, but I'm open to an opposing argument (so long as it's more specific than "Well Mohammed married Aisha, so...).

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Original Poster0 points · 21 days ago

I wasn't sure to the ethnicity of the accused, nor their immigrant status as some of them might have been British born, and Asian(from what I've read about the British usage) would be a misleading term on a mostly US-centric audience.

The main link is that, these men were Muslim.

I wrote grooming because that is the usage I found on most British news sites reporting on Robinson's arrest.

7 points · 22 days ago · edited 22 days ago

Honestly, I don't know the answer to this.

At a guess, I would say the reason for it is to prevent people from going into the courtroom, observing proceedings, then stepping outside and doing a "piece to camera" reporting on what they've just seen. Even though it's not directly showing what's happening in the court, it still might have the "aura" of being "direct reporting" from the court because of the recency of the reporter's presence in the courtroom and the visual of the court behind them. Additionally, suspects and victims may have to move through the area around the court in order to attend a trial; if reporters are clustered around the building, it may create the likelihood of people being filmed entering or exiting the building or being hit with "surprise questions" by journalists as they do so.

Again, all the above is speculation. But you can see, presumably, once the principle is established that court-reporting can only be done after a trial is complete, it might create a need for various additional restrictions in order to prevent news organisations from breaching the spirit of those laws.

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Original Poster2 points · 21 days ago

Reading your responses to the other guy, are you British?

I did not know that this kind of reporting is not allowed.

ICND1 is very much passable in a month.

Boson is very good, I used them for ICND1 and they were a godsend.

Reading two books can fill in the gaps that the other leaves open, so it can't hurt.

That said, are you going to watch any videos? I personally wouldn't benefit from a 2nd set of written work if there was a video series available for me.

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