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Welcome to Get To Know A Mod

Welcome to the Wednesday Wildcard post! It’s the fifth Wednesday of the month - so you know us mods were scrambling to find something to entertain you!.

This is going to be quite like the Mod Q&A, where you ask the questions, but only one mod answers them. You may ask any question you'd like towards a mod, whether it'd be about writing or about their favorite pizza topping. You can also prompt the mod if they're willing.

Today's Featured Mod:/u/Tiix Oh Shit That’s Me

Many of you know me from my posts and discord, well here's your chance to ask those questions that would normally be too socially awkward to ask!

Would you like people to prompt you?

Sure why not! I can’t promise I’ll respond to all of them, or that my response will be very good, however go for it! I’m working a half day today so I’ll do my best!

Favorite Genre To Write

I adore fantasy, and realistic fiction. You can see my writing in my subreddit /r/Tiix (Shocker of a name, right?). Image Prompts really inspire me a lot, however I haven’t actually responded to many lately. I try to post 3-5 a day on the sub, you may have seen them. Weekends I don’t do too well with, but during the week… BRING IT.

Favorite pastime/hobbies

If you’re on our Discord you know I’m the queen of Overwatch there - I adore that game. I’m currently on a comp team and love to stream as well.

I enjoy a variety of other video games as well - A tad too many to post here!

Of course I love to write, sadly I haven’t done as much as I use to, but I’d like to get back into the swing of things again. The Monthly Mod Challenge has helped me a bit as well (That’s coming up in a few weeks by /u/TenspeedGV, be sure to check it out!

Of course there’s the discord group and making posts on here - where I get to interact with all sorts of wonderful… and sometimes not so wonderful people… Board games, Movies, My animals, I have 2 cats and a dog who are all pretty needy.

I love coloring and doodling, drawing, graphic design. I work a technical job so creative hobbies help me as an outlet at the end of the day!

Favorite Foods I really don’t have a favorite food - I guess if I have to answer it would be stir fry. You can make it so many different ways that you’d never be bored of it.


How did your GIF game get so good?

Practice, so much practice and searching. On the off chance you get a mod mail and it has Gifs that are on point - it’s more than likely me responding. I don’t think I’ve put out a modmail without a Gif in weeks.

I guess my cover has now been blown for those who send the angry mod mail… oops?

Are you Stupid excited for the Twitch Pokemon Stream?

Um… heck YES! Seasons 1-13 on Twitch Daily?! How can you NOT be excited? Little known fact: I have a 3ft Pikachu sitting in my living room that my mom saved TONS of tickets for and got at a local arcade for me.

My favorite pokemon is Eevee, not because of the normal “She’s cute”. But because of how the single pokemon has so many evolution choices, it kind of shows how someone can start as one thing and make the choice to be who you want to be with tons of choices.

What’s with the Ostrich and Squirrels on Discord?

Squirrels are my way to tell people (nicely) to change the subject before they get in trouble, they are also cute, and /u/Xacktar likes them… so why not?

As far as the ostrich…. Who doesn’t like this cute thing?! But seriously, that picture makes me have a giggle attack every time I see it… And if randomly posted will make /u/Inorai laugh at work.


  • Be respectful, and follow the rules of the subreddit. No personal attacks. They will be removed without hesitation and without notice.

  • A mod answer has the right to reveal as much as they feel comfortable.

  • Sometimes the mod doesn't have enough time to write a reply right away, so don't take it personally if they do not have the opportunity to reply right away.

Ask Away!!!

Flash Fiction Awards:

Great stories this month you all! Most of you followed the directions of no sad stories - But we tried to make that a bit easier on you with our location and objects! All the stories (as usual!) were amazing!


Special Mentions:

Wednesday Wild Card Schedule

Post Description
Week 1: Q&A Ask and answer question from other users on writing-related topics
Week 2: Challenge the Mods
Week 3: Did You Know? Useful tips and information for making the most out of the WritingPrompts subreddit
Week 4: Flash Fiction Challenge Compete against other writers to write the best 100-300 word story
Week 5: Bonus Special activities for the rare fifth week. Mod AUAs, Get to Know A Mod, and more!


2 points · 4 days ago

Did you know it's Proven that WP has the best Mods around too?! It's true I even did a survey of one!

Moderator of r/WritingPrompts, speaking officially1 point · 4 days ago

Hi u/cmusba, this submission has been removed.

Prompts will be removed if there's a high possibility for rule breaking responses

  • No prompts prone to comment infractions. See here for more info.

Modmail us if you have any questions or concerns. In the future, please refer to the sidebar before posting.

This action was not automated and this moderator is human. Time to go do human things.

8 points · 6 days ago

The cart rolled to a stop. He jumped down, grabbing the wheel for balance as he landed on the rock-studded terrain underfoot. There was more road yet to go, but no point in trying to ride any further - the road leading up to the city's gates was clogged to bursting with everyone else trying to do the same thing he was.

Shouldering his pack and waving goodbye to the carter, tossing him a coin, the man slowly trudged over and joined the rest of the line.

The sun slipped away as he crept onward, the world going dark around them. He glanced up, raising his eyes.

The city loomed overhead.

Saringaya, City of Towers. So it had been called, at least of late. The curtain wall surrounding the place was massive, so tall he had to lean back to take it all in. That by itself wasn't so unusual - tall walls had long been a standard of defense for cities. They might not have helped against the airborne attackers that so often were the primary threat countries faced, but it would at least give you a fighting chance and a lot more range on an arrow.

As tall as the wall was, though, he could see the towers peeking up from behind it - elegantly carved, and connected by myriad bridges open to the gusting winds. They were new. Some were still half-built, but they were lovely. Regardless, it was unheard of. Such buildings would have been demolished within a few years of being constructed, anywhere else.

That was why he was there, though, of course.

The line picked its way in, merchants and commonfolk muttering their curses. The guard standing by the gate looked like he was on his very last nerve, but waved the man forward. The traders behind him jostled, pushing him forward when he hesitated for the tiniest fraction of a second.

And then he closed the gap, an easy smile spreading across his face as he handed the guard his papers.

"Morning, sir. I'm-"

"Mauldin. I can read."

"Normally people just call me-"


Irritation blossomed in his head at the guard's curt disregard, but the man only chuckled. "Business. Trying to close a contract. See, I've got-"

"How long's your stay?"

"Well, hopefully no more than a month." He wasn't so sure about that. Not when he'd got a sight of it. Not when he could see just how big the task he faced was.

"Go on." The guard shoved the papers back at him without another word, waving the next merchant forward.

Maul didn't argue the point. He pushed his way inward, nodding politely at the other guards. None of them gave him a second glance. They didn't care one bit about another down-on-his-luck merchant - which suited him just fine.

His mind raced as he found a narrow staircase weaving its way up the wall. He'd raced to Saringaya as fast as he could, and even still, he felt like he'd delayed too much. It wasn't exactly the sort of job he'd have taken normally - but then again, Kirstaad was paying very, very well.

It wasn't just Kirstaad, Saringaya's neighbor to the north. There were at least four nations who had paid to fund the little expedition for which Maul was the advance guard. He didn't really care much for the name he'd been given for the trip, but it didn't really matter.

The dragons had been an equalizer for years. Centuries. A city could only get so big before it was wiped from the face of the world, and any country with a lick of common sense would be spending more on dealing with them than their neighbors.

His breath came hard as he continued his climb. It was a tall wall, damn it. He kept going all the same.

Biggest of them all was the World-Eater, Ithyxiar. It wasn't a common sight, outside of the frozen northern tundra that had been its home for as long as stories had been told. It wasn't a worry. But when it was spotted, countries fell. Not just one or two, either.

The stairs flattened out ahead of him. He leaned against the rampart, trying to get his breath back. His pack was heavy on his shoulders, digging in painfully. He hardly noticed. He was too busy staring a the sight waiting just outside the wall.

When Ithyxiar had been spotted, three years past, it had sent the world into panic. Everyone had been certain that the end was nigh, that the next cycle of destruction and rebirth had been about to begin.

And then, when Ithyxiar had landed at Saringaya, it had just...stopped.

He stared down at the enormous, scaled form of the dragon, curled into a ball outside the city. Waiting, just as peacefully as a guard dog. And while it slept, the city was safe. Its skies were clear.

Maul knew what some others were calling the place - Saringaya, city of dragons.

He couldn't blame them.

The longer he stared at the beast, the calmer his mind got. His task was complex, yes. He had to learn why Ithyxiar had left its home - and why it had settled here. What hold the City of Towers had over it. What their plans for the behemoth were.

Of course, his task was really quite simple, wasn't it?

His hand curled around the hilt of the dagger hanging from his belt. Just a dagger, no fearsome lance or heroic sword and shield. All the same, that tiny little dagger had put nearly a score of Ithyxiar's smaller, more common kin to a swift end.

A crooked smile crept onto his face as he glared down at the dragon sleeping below.

He was here to end whatever threat the World-Eater posed to the rest of the world.

One way or another, he'd see the task through.

(/r/inorai, critique always welcome!)

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Original Poster2 points · 6 days ago

Part 2?

cracks fingers

Who is your favorite IP poster?

Honestly? No idea... You and /u/Syraphia find some excellent images by excellent artists.

What is your favorite story you've read on WP?

Erm... Probably the WW3 story. But that's just a upvote point bias. The one I like the best would be the one that ended up getting narrated by another redditor. It was the cherry on the cake.

Why are you never on discord anymore, I miss you

I'm sorry Tiix... I usually try to get on at work but with the way the network is set up, I get disconnected sometimes. And you know... work? lool.

Why is an orange Orange? Actually... what came first the color or the fruit?

Because that's what it wants to be most in the world. The fruit. We only started attaching names when it got tiring having to point to the object for too long.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk. ;P

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1 point · 6 days ago

Give me a number 1-70!

1 point · 6 days ago

Posted <3

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All mods: Write a response to any prompt, but your response has to interpret the prompt in a way that you feel confident wasn't what the person who posted the prompt had intended.

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1 point · 9 days ago

Done! maybe not as extreme buuut DONE

I propose an image prompt where the response must be formatted as a letter.

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3 points · 9 days ago

My Dearest Beloved -

I never know if my many boats will ever reach you, but I will never stop trying. I’ll continue to mark paper after paper, folding them into tight ships and sending them in every direction, hoping one day you’ll notice one, you’ll read my words.

The seas have been lonely, only the birds to keep me company. As I drift farther and farther into nothingness they become less and less, only a few brave and strong keeping their nests hidden in my tree - the one thing that’s keeping us apart.

Our fates were not meant to entwine, but fate can’t even keep what unexpected emotions overtook us when our eyes met. I shall never forget that day, I shall never forget the moment my heart was torn from my duties and made its way to you.

The battles we fought together, our unity unexpected, our powers blending so seamlessly as one, nothing could stand in our way, or so we thought.

My love, I hope one day to be back in your arms, one day when the empire is gone when my tree is safe from the fire and corruption - but this is why I continue to write to you now. I need your help, my love, I need your help to bring me back to you.

Forces have covered the four corners of the land, the only safe place is the vast sea. I know you look for me, I’m sorry but I had to run that night. I couldn’t tell you, I knew they were coming, the darkness overswept my body. I only had a few hours - not enough time for an explanation or even a goodbye.

My tree - my treasures- the box that could destroy humanity as we know it are never safe, nor will they be safe until the empire is gone. But once your soul finds me, we can grow an army and fight back, take over this land once more and rule together, hand in hand.

So my love, hear my plea, you’ll hear my songs of sorrow and love lost. Follow them in your heart and you’ll find me. Come be by my side so we may once more fight together, back to back. Your strength, my magic, we will be an unbearable force, we will once more get our secrets back to land - back to safety.

Please - come find me, my Love, I’ll be waiting for you, praying that you are the ship I see in the distance - because if you are not, this world is doomed.

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3 points · 9 days ago

The family stood together to look to the skies, the balloons with his name on it floating to the heavens, the same thing they did every year, the same thing they did the day the put his body deep in the ground. It was their way of remaining in touch, their own way of sending him a small something up in the heavens they couldn’t touch.

Years passed, the young girl in the family now grown, the parents now seperated moving their own ways in life, but the girl never forgot. On that same day every year she drove herself to the graveyard and sat for hours, talking to her little brother about everything that had gone on the past year, a balloon in her hand.

The balloon had his name written in her handwriting sprawled across it, with his age, and a few warm wishes and advice she wanted to hand down to him, even if he would never sit by her side again. It was her gift to him in the heavens, as silly as she knew it was.

Year after year she felt guilty that this was the only time she saw him, the only time she came and cleared the overgrown grass from the tombstone, the only time she filled the built in vase with flowers. Her life had become chaos, her life hadn’t become her own, but she always vowed she would take this day every year and it would be theirs.

For hours she’d sit there and look to the sky, she’d smile and cry. He was the only one that knew all of her secrets, even when he his body was buried so deep beneath her, and his soul was - she could only hope- in a better place.

Around mid day she smiled and released the balloon into the sky - as she did every year before she unpacked the small lunch she bought for herself. As she ate her sandwich and chips, sipping on her soda she watched the balloon fade into the sky, going to the heavens.

She remembered the day this tradition started - the bulk of balloons could be seen for what felt like ages. She knew it wasn’t good for the environment, she knew if anyone else knew that someone would say something about her killing small animals due to the latex, but she didn’t care.

The world could deal with one balloon a year soaring into the sky, it may have been selfish, but it was what she needed in this life - she never asked for much.

Finishing her sandwich she brushed her hands on her jeans and laid on the soft grass, her head next to the tombstone that now was clean and shining after her through and tender care that morning.

Closing her eyes she drifted to sleep, the sounds of birds singing her to sleep as she recalled the memories she had of their brief years together as siblings, the backyard games, the holidays, the friendship they had shared that seemed all too rare for siblings.

What only seemed like moments later, she opened her eyes. She had napped longer than intended, the sun was low on the horizon, but this was their day, she worried not about the time currently, but the time lost that she could have been sharing more of her life with her brother that was taken too soon.

Sitting up she looked around, things were as she had expected with the exception of a balloon tied around the base of the vase. Her eyes drifted to it and slightly squinted, her handwriting was decorating the balloon - but it was a different color than the one she had let go of hours earlier.

She reached over and brought the balloon to her, her face squished in confusion. It was indeed her handwriting, her brother’s name written with last years age, and the exact phrases she had written.

Looking around she saw no one, she was alone. She went to untie the balloon - from the vase, but found a note tied to the end of the string. Loosening the ballon and note she opened the nicely folded paper.

Her heart stopped as she read the words.

I love you sis, I’ve watched you grow up - I may be the little brother but I’m here watching you, and I’ll always be with you.

Tears dropped to the paper, it was in his handwriting, she had pictures and letters he would leave for her, and it hadn’t changed, he had been there listening, with her.

She looked to the sky and smiled, and for once she knew that things were okay, despite the unplanned mess she called her life.


Welcome back to Teaching Tuesday!

Hello my favorite people!

Can we talk about walls of text? I’ll be the first to admit - I had this issue when I first started here as well. u/SurvivorType and u/elfboyah both helped me with this and showed me how, and WHY shorter paragraphs are better in story writing.

Growing up in school we learn that paragraphs are at least 5 sentences. A beginning, an end and 3 supporting facts. What they didn’t teach us is that this format is great for essays, research, and “Formal” writing, it doesn’t carry over into storytelling.

Don’t get me wrong - there isn’t necessarily a right or wrong answer for this - However it’s overall easier for a person reading a novel or short story to take in smaller “walls” of text. Some paragraphs can be one word, others (Please try not to do this...) can run for pages (this usually comes with speeches given by characters where the author doesn't break it up).

Some things to think about before we jump in: Not only consider the ideas below but also try to make sure your paragraphs aren't all the same length. I'll admit I still have issues with this - but if they are all the same - you may as well have those walls of text, it's harder for the reader to read.

Breaking a paragraph isn't only for the reader's benefit, but for the writer's as well - you can change impact, feel, tone, pace, and even the flow of your writing with this small change.


When to break a paragraph:

Some of these will be self-explanatory without much detail, others will have some text. If you'd like me to go into detail about something I didn't please feel free to ask!


Change time/location - There are a few aspects to this one. One is obvious, you’re changing a physical location (As subtle as a room) to across the world. To most people would not only be a paragraph break but possibly a line break as well depending on your formatting.


Camera Shot - My personal favorite is thinking about a movie or TV. Every time a camera angle would change, that is your paragraph break. This is how I first started breaking down my walls of text, and now it comes naturally to me. I found it the best way to wrap my mind around when to break paragraphs.


Dialogue - This may be the one RULE here, the one thing that you do need to follow. Never mix and match character dialog - it confuses readers. Whenever someone else starts talking you HAVE to start a new paragraph - Even if it's a single word... If you don't do this... I will hunt you down. This includes action responses as well! If the same character thinks and talks, it is ok to keep them in the same paragraph.

  • Long speech - I personally don’t allow my characters to rattle off for long periods of time - however sometimes they do what they want (If you’ve ever gotten to know one of your characters - you know what I’m talking about).


A New Character:

  • Does something I giggled at how this sounds

  • Reacts to something


A different event occurs


Something is being described


An additional way to add humor or drama into a piece - I'm not a funny person, so I use this mostly for the drama aspect. I think of it almost as a cliffhanger, make the reader take that extra half a second for their eyes to find the next paragraph leaving them in just a bit of suspense. This is also good for a single line - this allows it to stand out on its own for a laugh - or so I've heard.



Challenge yourself to look at your paragraph lengths, how does your story change if you break some paragraphs in different locations? Let us know how else you break your paragraphs up!


Get involved!

I’d love to see your participation in the comments below! Try any of the following:

  • Share your Teaching Tuesday challenge piece
  • Provide updates on your progress
  • Give your thoughts on today’s topic, please remember to keep discussions civil
  • Constructive critiques on other users’ works
  • Encouragement & inspiration for your fellow writers
  • Share your ideas for discussions you’d like to see in the future

What’s happening at /r/WritingPrompts?

Discord is happenin’

Voting finals for the Six-Year Birthday Contest: Archetypes is underway! Get those votes in! Remember You can’t win if you don’t vote!

Apply to be a moderator all year!!


12 points · 12 days ago

There's also:

How to break a paragraph:

TL;DR: Reddit formatting is dumb, use two newlines.

Reddit markdown has a lot of quirks to make it easier to play with. One of those quirks is the ability to let you type a lot without putting all of what you're typing on one line. Think of those old word processors (or notepad) where if you kept typing, it just kept moving to the right instead of wrapping what you typed.

To make it so you don't have to do that on reddit, markdown will ignore single-linefeeds. So if you type something like this:

"I like cheese," he declared.
"Cheese is the worst," she disagreed.

It ends up looking like:

"I like cheese," he declared. "Cheese is the worst," she disagreed.

Which is probably not what you intended.

Instead, to make reddit really believe you mean it when you say you want a line break between those two sentences, you have to add an extra one:

"I like cheese," he declared.

"Cheese is the worst," she disagreed.

Which becomes:

"I like cheese," he declared.

"Cheese is the worst," she disagreed.

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Original Poster5 points · 12 days ago

Great point Reostra.. we should make you a mod or something...

How you've grown.


Notice how I started a new paragraph because I wanted to get separate attention to the tears? Yep, that's another way.

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Original Poster1 point · 12 days ago

DRAMA! I mentioned that!

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