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Cundi_ 434 points
TimeTravelingGroot 7 points

For those who didn't catch the joke names, Jared is Jared from subway and "a tight squeeze" is referencing... well you know, Justin is Justin Bieber and it's referencing his "mop bucket" fiasco, Melania and Melania T is Melania Trump and her comment is referencing only having sex with the president twice a month.

edm_ostrich 15 points

So, they are comparing to the average person, and considering how labour intensive ancient life was, that's not surprising. Now, our peak athletes would destroy their athletes.

TimeTravelingGroot 3 points

In one of the recent articles they were saying ancient women were stronger than modern national rowing teams.

edm_ostrich 1 point

oh, in that case, that's news to me.

TimeTravelingGroot 5 points
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TimeTravelingGroot 519 points

So, my parents were always the parents that got overly involved in my school projects. Whether it was drawing the art way too well, or making 40 homemade pizzas for my Wolfgang Puck project, either I was a child genius or my parents were involved. But, the clear worst offender was when in 7th or 8th grade we read a book called The Pushcart Wars and were required to make a shoebox pushcart. Well of course my dad being into woodworking decided that it would make sense to make a full sized working wooden pushcart together and document the process. So of course I showed up on the day of the presentation with a fully working push cart food and all, and a totally not suspicious binder with pictures documenting me "building it myself." I don't think my teacher bought it, but I got an A.

TLDR: Was supposed to make a shoebox pushcart, parents got overly involved and made a full sized fully working wooden pushcart.

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_Petronius 170 points

That’s the thing with Dan Brown: if you take the time to think about what he’s saying, the visuals are ridiculous. He’s not good at describing things.

TimeTravelingGroot 4 points

But it doesn't really matter, he gets the imagery and feeling across

_Petronius 3 points

Can’t really disagree. Imagery by brute force.

TimeTravelingGroot 1 point


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tripleg 1 point

The current upswing in price is amazing

I trade on the Australian stock market and I can think of dozens of shares which are up more than 10 times in the last year. Some, up to 50 times... and with a lot less risk.

TimeTravelingGroot 9 points

Well I think I speak for more than just myself when I say we would all love to know what these stocks are.

retrend 11 points

It's completely irrational, the number of use cases of bitcoin has actually gone down since it was priced at $300.

TimeTravelingGroot 3 points

That's really interesting. Do you have a source I could look at?

doctrgiggles 2 points

It's extremely easy to integrate into a website and pretty easy to buy.

The real barrier to mass adoption is explaining the decentralization as a good thing in my experience. People say things like "it isn't actually worth anything except what people think it's worth" and then their eyes glaze over when you start explaining the gold standard and fiat currencies. You start sounding like a Ron Paul fanboy that just watched Zeitgeist on Youtube and people dismiss Bitcoin as a fad.

We won't see spikes like this for much longer but I don't think the value gained is going anywhere either.

TimeTravelingGroot 1 point

While it may be easy to integrate on a website, it isn't the click of a button on Paypal, or the swipe if a card at a store, and it certainly isnt as easy as going online and buying the product you want with bitcoin. In my opinion, the average consumer doesn't want to have to think about how to use it anymore than they want to think about their other transactions.

deviant_debauchery 1 point

I'm also looking at this topic revolving around bitcoin being a bubble, and have a similar point of view to yours with regards to mass adoption. Although not a currency and not really the same, its interesting to look at the development and usage with Apple Pay throughout consumers and its usage increase and acceptability throughout business, and since being introduced only 3 years ago, its relevant prominence today.

My view at the moment is that bitcoin (from one angle) is too much of a media driven/related 'asset', enabling hoards of otherwise unsuspecting consumers to stockpile into the currency. The consumers motives though might be another question: yes predominantly because they think they can make a quick buck, but maybe this 'technology of the future' also drives them in (probably much like the first credit card, though I don't know).

And this idea of the future of technology may prevent it being a complete meltdown in price. My logic behind this being that the more people with the impression that it will be the future, and the more money and value piled into the currency, the more outside companies want a piece of the action for services revolving around the coin and want to be the first to offer bitcoin payment services, and so the more they will develop tech to help the adoption of bitcoin in a broader sense. Once tech has been developed for services, only more consumers will come, and the cycle continues (consumers - development - consumers -... etc etc).

as you say, there are of course a number of reasons why it can quite clearly be seen as a bubble, though i thought i would share something that might favour the other side of the discussion. My thoughts clearly disregard any notion of time frame, so it could very well be the case of a more short time frame bubble at the moment with the current upswing

TimeTravelingGroot 1 point

That's an awesome response, thanks so much. I agree that the more consumers, the more businesses, then more consumers again. The interesting thing will be to see if businesses start adopting it en masse or not.

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DrAstralis 18 points

right? 'it gets old' So does dealing with the fallout from your shit. Maybe. Just maybe; stop acting in a way that elicits valid criticism /shrug.

TimeTravelingGroot -2 points

Yeah, tell a whole nation how to act. That'll tell us.

TheReelMan 312 points

This is the most insufferable comment section I have ever seen.

TimeTravelingGroot 122 points

Are you saying that a bunch of edgy 14 year olds saying "America Sux, Look How Smart I Am Compared To All You Naive Sheep!" are actually just insufferable?

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TimeTravelingGroot 2 points

Are you in Los Angeles?

liznlavidaloca 1 point

Currently living in NYC but moving to LA in January.

Is there some kind of magical TV script library in LA that I don't know about?

TimeTravelingGroot 2 points

Yes, the Writers Guild library on 3rd. You can't leave there with the scripts, but you get an iPad and can look them up and read them while you're there.

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bbrick33 5 points

I battle royale type game where every time you die you have to pay for a new life every time you die. It would be interesting to see who could top the leaderboards with one life and the amount of money it would generate with people trying to kill the leader off.

TimeTravelingGroot 1 point

So an arcade machine?

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justranoutoffanta 126 points

Don't burden the next generation with their troubles? We aren't just going to pretend it didn't happen-- we're all very aware of what happened; the things we aren't always aware of are the smaller, more personal situations that really make everything seem real. If people can mentally handle sharing such intense experiences, they might as well share more personal stories so we can learn more about the details of the people involved and how to avoid such insane tragedies in the future.

I understand the sentiment of anyone who wants to keep their story private (not to mention the insane trauma of it all), but I think any extra bit of information someone is willing to share (without having to relive anything too painful) is something that will help the world learn and move forward with more empathy and respect.

(Obviously Elie Wiesel did eventually decide to "burden" us with his troubles, after all. Pretty amazing decision to make and definitely an important one.)

TimeTravelingGroot 26 points

Good parents don't want to burden their children with adult problems and victims don't want to linger on their own traumas, so taking those things into consideration, it comes down to when is the right time? You don't bring it up during childhood because a kid won't understand and could be unnecessarily traumatized. You could bring it up during young adulthood, maybe at 18, but it's not exactly a priority, it's not like trauma victims count down the days until their kid is 18 so they can unload their traumas onto them, and at 18 that conversation could be pushed back to when they are more mature. At 21? 25? At these points, it's already been such a long time. Do you just bring it up out of the blue? Maybe enjoying life is just more of a priority for a survivor. If you've survived the Holocaust you've already been through hell, maybe you just want to get the most out of what matters to you in life, like loving and being loved by your family. Reliving those traumas just doesn't seem so important. But maybe at somepoint your now adult child becomes curious and asks. Maybe at that point you do open up. The point is, you say "we're all very aware of what happened," but that isn't the same thing. It's the difference between knowing that people get murdered, and seeing your own mother in pain as she relives being torn away from her mom and dad and the murder of everyone she knew and loved. If your mom was murdered in front of you, when would be the right time to tell your kid in detail? When would you be emotionally ready to relive that? When would you decide that your kid would be emotionally ready to see you in that state? It's the difference between knowing about death, war, and suicide, and having the actual burden of having experienced those things. You don't want to share that burden with people you love, especially your children who are the light of your life and the absolute opposite of the darkness you've experienced.

mrmimster26 5 points

I’d advise against GoFundMe. GoFundMe is known for having some of the highest fees on these donation based websites. There are plenty of others like it that have lower fees.

TimeTravelingGroot 3 points

What do you think a better one would be?

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socksovereverything 1,238 points

No bugs on the switchy thing, got it thanks.

TimeTravelingGroot 5 points

Can you dumb that down a bit for me?

capbozo 15 points

Cootie-less clicker

TimeTravelingGroot 2 points

No sick on click click, got it thanks.

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BrainBlowX 1 point

Yes, but bitcoins is currently utterly useless as an actual currency. Now people are just buying it so they can have more real money later. When the bubble pops, late investors are going to be ruined.

TimeTravelingGroot 1 point

It may not be useful as a mainstream currency in the West at the moment, but it is quickly being adopted into the mainstream by Japan and South Korea, which are known to be early adopters of technologies. It will be interesting to see how that progresses moving forward.

BrainBlowX 1 point

Not if the currency collapses. At the moment, the companies simply have an opportunity to ride the price wave. When the value collapses, these companies will undoubtedly rethink policies.

People aren't going to buy stuff with bitcoins either since currently, the bitcoins are just a speculative commodity in and of themselves. People buy bitcoins to have bitcoins to sell to others who want bitcoins. Practically no one wants it as a medium of exchange, except drug dealers and slave traders.

TimeTravelingGroot 1 point

Well if the currency collapses, that's an entirely different situation, but you'll find many articles showing that 260,000+ stores are adopting bitcoin in Japan.

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