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TimeTravelingGroot commented on a post in r/gifs
Renwuad 736 points

Ironically, the car is a Ford Exploder

TimeTravelingGroot 0 points

This made me seriously crack up, and I thought you'd just said Ford Explorer. I was just picturing a commercial saying something like "exploring the unknown" and a dude just crashing into someone else's house and the house exploding.

TimeTravelingGroot 1 point

I thought that someone was sitting leaning against the house on the far right and was just like WTF!

TimeTravelingGroot commented on a post in r/AskReddit
giraffe_engineer 8 points

I have to agree with this. I go to a small public school that shares certain facilities with a large private school next door. My school doesn’t have a certain department and we use the other school’s. I TA labs for the large school and the difference between students is clear. Even if I didn’t recognize kids from my school, I would assume they would because they have a different work ethic.

The kids at the public school are there for a quality education. The kids at the private school are there because it’s a big party school. They could care less about their education as long as they get to go out every weekend. In labs, all they care about is getting out of there. They could give two shits if they learn anything, and they wonder why the test averages have all been in the 50s. The difference between students is so big that the professors considered excluding kids from my school in the curve because the curve wouldn’t be as large if my school was included.

TimeTravelingGroot 3 points

That's really interesting, thanks for sharing.

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Bukakesprite 2 points

You are so fucking wrong its nuts. I can't tell you the amount of people who are miserable and hopeless and these are supposed to be aspiring college students. It is everywhere, people younger than 30 are hopeless. It should NOT be normal for the average person to rent and not own. It should NOT be normal to work a job and not be able to afford to LIVE. It is a fucking disaster.

TimeTravelingGroot 3 points

I don't know your situation, and I sincerely hope that if you're in a hopeless place that things get better. I will say this based off of my own experience though. I had a bad attitude. I was on Reddit a little too much, and got sucked into the whole "our generation is fucked" mindset. I liked to throw out lines about how inflation has ruined our chances at success, and how the previous generation had it so much easier. I told myself that the world was fucked and just let depression and a bad attitude mold my whole mindset. But then I started to see something. I started looking at the people around me who were succeeding. First generation Americans putting themselves through school and starting their own companies, or getting jobs that were ok, but then working hard and getting a better job. My girlfriend who studied her ass off in high school and then paid her way through an Ivy League education with no help. A friend I have who is honestly obnoxious, who didn't go to college, but who through sheer can do attitude, started his own company and who now makes a ton of money. I have a lot more, but the point is that I was always so cynical, and too analytical for my own good, and always had an answer for why I couldn't do something, that all of these people around me who didn't complain and just did just rocketed past me and succeeded. I'm now happily building my own small success by just doing every day, and I just wish everyone could see what I've seen so that they don't give into the hopelessness that I did for a while.

Bukakesprite -3 points

Actually man this is all from my personal experience. It is pretty chilling how many of my classmates have literally cried when they graduated and realized they actually have to pay back that 15k-80k of student debt. I know 1 person younger than 30 who owns their own place out of hundreds. If you want to live by yourself and actually eat n shit you have to have a minimum of 2 jobs. Its crazy depressing. Unregulated capitalism is a fucking bitch and I guarantee its probably fucking most of you in the ass as well.

TimeTravelingGroot 3 points

Well it sounds like you have your mind made up about it, but if the world is all crap to you anyway, I would say pick something you think you can build and grow, and just work your ass off doing that and either be surprised by your success or unsurprised because capitalism has ruined your life to begin with anyway. I really wish you all the best either way though!

TimeTravelingGroot commented on a post in r/Showerthoughts
Slipz19 -13 points

So why wasn't MySpace as popular?

TimeTravelingGroot 15 points

I'm not sure I understand the question. Myspace was extremely popular, but the popularity isn't all that important because my point is that Myspace already laid the groundwork for a site like Facebook to exist. It's a lot easier to improve on something that exists than to come up with something completely original. Like most new business concepts, it's not the first that comes out on top. Myspace had it's run, and then Facebook was the new shiny thing, and then Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

Slipz19 -1 points

True, but the subsequent platforms from Facebook was really inspired by the hype of Facebook I would say. Facebook has literally changed the entire social structure in most modern economies in the West; MySpace did not have that same impact.

TimeTravelingGroot 4 points

I see it like this. Myspace was like Yahoo, and Facebook was like Google. It comes down to sleekness and marketing. Myspace had the social media concept down, but lacked a cohesive sleek vision. It was highly customizable, but was basically too many things at once. Whereas Facebook took the social media concept that already existed and made it streamlined, less customizable, and less busy, like Google. Obviously he put the work in, but to me, if it wasnt him, it was going to be someone else. The point is that the movie completely glosses over the fact that this wasn't some new idea, and to me just comes off as obnoxious.

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NoahDoah -7 points

Sorry, but art. It's just so incredibly purposeless and doesn't contribute anything to society. I hate art lessons in school and just can't take all of that serious. Learning about Monet and so on, how important their work was, how they try to express things and so on. I am actually so sorry for these people, for wasting their life with art.

TimeTravelingGroot 3 points

Pretty much everything in the world requires art. You can basically pick any topic and art is involved. Television shows, movies, video games, marketing, basic informational pamphlets, architecture, interior design, design of almost any product, theme parks, animation. The list is endless. And if you're ultra wealthy, a great way to invest your wealth is in high end art because it appreciates in value.

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opfeels 27 points

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TimeTravelingGroot 2 points
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Ponykegabs 65 points

“The negro people should not be enslaved, but Indians...fuck those guys.”

TimeTravelingGroot 1 point

Ah yes, I remember he is quoted as saying this right after the Gettysburg Address.

TimeTravelingGroot commented on a post in r/NoStupidQuestions
TimeTravelingGroot 1 point

No. Every school is different from every other school, major difficutly can vary greatly within the same school much less different schools, and classes within the same school can have different difficulties just based on different teachers. When going to a top school, you are generally paying for the networking, and the doors that school might open in the field you want to be in. Grade inflation at top schools is well known.

TimeTravelingGroot commented on a post in r/news
The_Frown_Inverter 8 points

Do I look like a mindreader? Would you like some pie?

TimeTravelingGroot 1 point

You'll never arrest me unzips his fly

TimeTravelingGroot commented on a post in r/movies
JessieJ577 241 points

Yeah like 12 years ago I would've been hyped but I never even finished the third and too much time has passed that I'm out of the age range for the books so I don't want to pick it up and ruin my nostalgia for the first two.

TimeTravelingGroot 1 point

I thought it ended with book 2 or 3. I had no idea there were more books.

TimeTravelingGroot 1 point

Wait, there are 8 books? I read two and thought it was over.

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TimeTravelingGroot 1 point

Anybody want to do Calvin and Hobbes?

spooli 1 point

Migration, for most, death for most others. A lot of the big hullaballoo with climate change isn't just temperature purposes. Many scientists are telling us many species will flat out die because food sources/living conditions/etc will be too quick a change for them to adapt. Honeybees are a good example, as they are disappearing in massive numbers.

TimeTravelingGroot 1 point

But what about the animals that don't migrate, and that obviously make it through the winter? Deer, squirrels, otters, beavers, non-migratory birds, fish in ponds, frogs, snakes? Obviously the list could go on, but it's crazy to think about how every harsh day I stay inside, there are animals who are coping just fine outside.

TimeTravelingGroot commented on a post in r/LifeProTips
breathemore 21 points

Don't buy wedding rings, it's nonsense. If you love someone, set them free.

TimeTravelingGroot 8 points

Honey I love you, which is why I'm throwing you out of this helicopter. Now spread your wings and fly!

TimeTravelingGroot commented on a post in r/Showerthoughts
TimeTravelingGroot 6 points

It would really suck if your biggest fear was getting caught jacking off or watching some weird porn because that class would be awkward.

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