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Who remembers Pokemon Universe? Now that's a fucking old internet community

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I'm replying to your post like 5 months later, but I completely remember that community.

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Some of the comments on here are tactless and disgusting. Death is scary, and it's natural to try to put up defenses to try to distance yourself from bad things that happen to others by pointing out the mistakes they made in life, and to find reasons to say it wouldn't happen to you, or that they somehow deserved it, but these are human beings. Making them out to be bad people is just a way of making yourself feel better about it, and a way to make their deaths make sense. They have family and friends who were affected by this, and being a sanctimonious edgelord, saying that the real victims are the rescue workers, or that they deserved it because they went off path at Yellowstone is embarrassing and hurtful.

Hasn't Courage lost before? Didn't they all get turned into puppets?


During the Vietnam War, why did the U.S. just abandon hills that they finally took after weeks of bloody battling when the U.S. could have created strategic outposts at the top of all of the hills?

I'm watching a documentary on the Vietnam War, and a recurring theme is that the U.S. would take meaningless hills in bloody battles that could take weeks, and then as soon as they finally took them, they would just leave them and inevitably have to retake them again in a bloody monotonous rinse and repeat cycle. I had a few thoughts about this and was wondering if someone could fill me in.

The whole U.S. strategy at the time revolved around the idea that you would send troops out as bait to find the enemy. Once you found the enemy, the enemy often had the jump on the U.S troops, knew the land better, and would get in as close as possible to the U.S troops to avoid being bombed by U.S air support or mortars. Basically, it seems like the U.S would put their troops at a constant disadvantage for no reason, and let the enemy determine when and where the battles took place.

My thought was this. By setting up outposts on the tops of those hills, you solve the problem of having to go out and find the enemy because they would attack you on top of the hill. It would solve the problem of the enemy choosing the location of the battles and having the upper hand in both location and understanding of the lay of the land, and it solves the problem of the enemy getting in too close for U.S. air support to drop bombs because attacking up hill is hard and slow, and the U.S. planes would just have to bomb everything around the outpost at the top.

Why didn't the U.S. just keep strategic positions at the tops of these hills?

I definitely thought this said "A Bill Gates Packed Startup," and was really confused and curious.

Is this real? Wouldn't that just make you a bully for not leaving him alone?


All of the Smash Characters, but with some twists.

All of the Smash Characters are facing off:

Each round has two different styles that are being simulated. The 1st is as a tournament style where characters face off one on one until the two best reach the top, and the second is as a free for all where the last 5 to 10 get to live. Your choice.

1) Round 1: The rules of the real world apply in terms of attacks and damage. They still get their powers and fighting skills, but a sword isn't going to send you flying, it's going to do real damage, same goes for a gun, fire, etc.

2) Round 2: The characters aren't scaled to have an equal shot at winning like they are in Smash. They all function in terms of their abilities and sizes from respective universes.

R1: duck hunt stomps. Because he exists outside the plain of reality, he simply headshots everyone with the zapper R2: duck hunt still stomps. Kirby and sonic can’t even touch him. Being the player in a video game makes him like god.

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This is Hilarious.

R1: I'm pretty sure Bayonetta takes this. One tiny hit from Bullet climax is already enough to realistically kill or seriously injure you and trying to approach her without getting hit by that is very hard in the actual game.

R2: So it's essentially Smash but with the canon versions of each character? I already mentioned this in another thread but Shulk, Rosalina and Ness could possibly solo the rest of the cast depending on how we interpret their powers. For a more direct answer, Kirby is the strongest canon Smash Bros fighter, with Bayoneta and Super Sonic coming right after.

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Awesome thanks for the answer. For round 1, who do you think the top 5 to 10 are that survive the free for all? And who comes in second to Bayoneta?

Everything wrong with the nations of the world song for anyone interested.

Scotland isn't a country? Could someone make an "Everything wrong with that list" list?

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We must go deeper

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I resisted signing up for one of the more traditional weekly meal programs for a long time due to laziness and cost. I finally gave in and subbed to one of them and not to sound over dramatic, but it changed my life (I was a pizza or Chinese take out every night guy).

I wouldn't have thought twice about trying these if i saw them a year ago. On the surface it's like the perfect mix of ease of use (like a frozen dinner) and flavor/nutrients (like cooking from scratch. Then again, if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

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Which one did you sign up for?

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I saw she apparently fucks a dude because he says she has a nice ass? So much for female empowerment

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Damn, out of all the netflix superhero shows I was debating giving this one a try. If it devolves into throwing in sex for a substitute of actual plot material I guess I'll keep looking for another show.

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It doesn't at all.

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She's very self destructive, and in that particular scene I believe she was in a bad place emotionally, so I don't really think it's a matter of female empowerment or not. It was just a person making a decision to have casual sex with an idiot which is very human.

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It's hands down the worst AAA trailer I've seen in years, and I know that Battlefield has a great media team. So this is just shocking. Nobody in the video has any idea of what they're doing and nobody acknowledges anyone else, the action goes way too fast, several modifications to the original game seem to be happening, the choregraphy and topography (correct word here?) of the action is nonsensical, etc. It's the opposite of something "honest".

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Yeah, it felt over the top, but if it's a steam pink or alternate reality WW2, I'm holding out hope that it will be good.

Edit: I'm not changing it.

I'm sure I'll get downvoted (I already did on another post regarding this game), but maybe we just don't have enough information yet, and it will be awesome. I mean, I know our favorite thing on Reddit is to get on the bash bandwagon, but a new take/alternate reality WW2 game sounds cool to me.

I dont know, I can tell I'm in the minority, but I thought it looked cool. It seems like an alternate timeline WW2 Battlefield. It might be really entertaining to play.

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Not me but my brother, and Reddit found him for us.

My brother moved to Hawaii and from there Iceland. One day we stopped hearing from him, like he vanished off the face of the Earth. He had stopped posting on social media, he had stopped contacting all his friends (even the ones his family didn't know). It was always a possibility that he was going off the grid for some reason, but last we spoke everything was fine and normal. Still, we thought he would pop up somewhere, as he was an extensive world traveler and often went incommunicado for periods of time. A year goes by, we are more worried. What if something happened to him? Why wouldn't he be on social media anymore? Why would he cut contact with his entire network of friends and family? He had never done that before. There was no fight or drama. The last conversation he had with my mom was about Christmas presents. We start looking for him. We message everyone we know he knows. We message his best friend, who gives a VERY cryptic response neither denying or confirming anything. This gets us worried, why is this guy being shady? Last we knew these two were travel the world together. My mom email bombs his best friend, who refuses to respond. We wait another year. Nothing. We are starting to think he might be dead. My mom files a missing persons report, and the police find no trace of him. I start posting missing persons reports. We scour the internet. We find nothing. Another year. I haven't seen him in 5 years now. I think ill never see him again. Half my family is convinced he died somewhere abroad. He hasn't filed any W2s or Pplied for government services oranything in the US in 5 years. Another year. My mom hires a private detective for 10k. The guy can't find much, he is worthless. I start posting on Scandanavian subreddits, because that was the region my brother was last seen in. I basically make a missing persons poster with his pic and all his info. A week later someone sends me a message, they had seen my brother!

We are freaking out. The person explains that he was in Norway, and had worked with my brother doing construction. This Gentleman was from Michigan, but owned a business in Norway, so could kind of weed out the bullshit in my brothers story. My brother was telling people that he was adopted (he wasn't) and that his family had stolen him as a baby. (We didn't.) He said my brother seemed kind of mentally off, with a lot of conspiracy theories and rambling thoughts. I thanked this guy PROFUSELY. It was so nice to know my brother was alive.

Still, this isn't proof positive. There is no picture of my brother, and by the time this guy messaged us my brother had moved on. Reddit dude told us where he my brother had said he was going next.

We contact our local police with this new info. They message the police force in Upsalla, where my brother had said he was going. The police there know where he is! They go to his door and let him know his family is looking for him. He tells them he knoes, and doesn't want to talk to us. They check his passport to make sure he is actually my brother. This is the best/worst news we have had. It was now 7 years since we had talked to him at all.

A couple months later my brother sends me a Facebook message! He hasn't directly contacted me in almost 8 years. He wants me to remove my Reddit post about him being missing, it was showing up when you Google searchd his name. I say I will and try and start a conversation with him. Slowly we being talking again. He agrees to taken to the rest of the family. We keep in contact for the next 2 years and I go visit him in Sweden. The year after that he moved home.

So thank you Reddit, for finding my brother :)

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Thanks for sharing, but I definitely have more questions than when I started. Mind filling us in on what happened?

This post had me really confused. I thought OP was writing about an inexplicably harrowing juice cleanse detox that was too traumatic for the kids to see, and that for some reason, perhaps a previous inexplicably traumatic juice cleanse detox, that CPS had been called. I live in Los Angeles, so this all made sense for about half a second before I realized that I am indeed an idiot. Good for you OP; keep being an amazing human.


The rubber seal that goes around the inside of the opening of my new dishwasher smells very strongly of rubber/chemicals. Is this normal?

I just moved into a new apartment, and the rubber seal in the dishwasher smells really strongly. I don't know if this is normal for a new dishwasher or not.


We don't have overhead lights in our new apartment. What are the best lamps to really brighten the place up?

We just moved into our new apartment, and every room except the living room has overhead lighting. What are the best lights to act as a main source of light for a room with no overhead light?

fuck them. I'll eat whatever I god damn want at whatever fucking age. pretentious fucks trying to tell me what's "not a proper topping" for a GOD DAMN HOT DOG? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? it'd s fucking HOT DOG not the god damn mona lisa. the fuck is wrong with people?

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This, but more angry. Nothing better to go with a grilled dog than some ketchup, mustard, and the screams of the national hot dog and sausage council as I feed them into the sausage maker.

I really liked it. I was really turned off by the concept initially, but then on a whim watched one episode and then binge watched it. I don't think it's for everyone, but I was interested after one episode and hooked after two.

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