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Auto hotkey or something like Logitech gaming software(you need the hardware to support that though)

Auto hotkey works with everything.

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Lmao all the whiny bitches in the forum comments. GET USED TO IT

This aint WoW. WTF are they even grinding for???

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Everyone I meet, and I have zero audio issues in all other applications. I also didn't have issues at all during the stress tests.

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Yeah the volume difference I think is the game thinking there's objects between you and the other players. I've noticed huge fluctuations as well, but that's about it. They just sound muffled and quiet, and then loud and 'sharp'(as sharp as his game can do haha).

When I'm looking away from people I can also barely hear them, but when I turn around it's 'fine'/fluctuating again. Even if I am standing right next to the other person.

There's definitely some issues going on, the main difference between what you are hearing and what I have noticed is that this dude is insanely loud and that the quality is even worse than DayZ standards, but I wouldn't know if that is just this dude or you are using a different volume balance in game.

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The thing is that people start out sounding normal and then the volume maxes out. Watching the output on OBS it's definitely the audio coming straight from the game as nothing else maxes out randomly like this. It's friggin bizarre.

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Oh I did notice that with the radios and with the megaphone there wasn't an issue at all. At least, not yet from my experience.

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is it because no one was around the area and they despawn in like 10 minutes?

This sounds as how I remember it working yes, not sure on the 10 minutes, but it could very possibly be that.

Nah sharpening should take it to worn. An axe will get sharp with basic sharpening, unlike a knife, it’s bevel doesn’t need to be perfect

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I'm talking about the game here, not real life:P

If it only takes it to damaged it’s not worth bothering to sharpen though

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I mean it is, if I can chop down a tree and repair it, I don't have to keep finding a new axe/knife whatever. I can just hold on to 1 stone and keep repairing the toold once they go badly damaged.

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I don't see any evidence of hacking.

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The health just plummeting(bottom right icons) is suspicious though. I wish there was sound in this.

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There is sound you may have it muted

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Oh my bad.

edt: yeah with the sound it's already a lot less suspicious.

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changes to prevent speed hacks

I think that this was a speed hack then. I already thought it looked like it...

My first thought when looking at that video was CheatEngine

Pretty sure it will come back, as they mentioned facial gestures 2-3 SR ago

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Every time this is brought up I'm just wondering

see people being upset about KoS all the time

I barely ever see that happening these days. I only see posts like these bringing the subject up.

Rarely do I see a comment about it, and in some rare occurrences someone makes a video about it complaining. The last few comments that I saw that they hate KoS was on a thread that is pretty much the exact same as this, just less verbose.

I will probably be downvoted to hell

But you are taking the side of a discussion that is in the majority here. Every time this is brought up, this side of the opinion scale is voted up.

Sorry, but to me this post just feels a bit of a circlejerk.

Now on topic:

I get angry sometimes when KoS, but that doesn't mean that I want it to go away. I don't comment and complain about it though on this sub. I get the argument, let people play how they want, but you can also just let people be angry if they want to. They can't force you not to KoS. Let them complain.

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Hi, I’m new to the game and the community and recently posted a clip on this subreddit regarding a glitch which got me killed. It’s surprising how many people, instead of talking about the glitch, were criticising me for my gear and location surmising I was there to kill fresh spawns when in reality I stick to the coast to help them and for the player interactions. Even in the most irrelevant posts I see KoS brought up and it seems the majority of the community hate on it despite the strong arguments OP has presented.

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Hmm.. maybe I've learnt to suppress these comments then. I just feel like it's a shimmer of what it used to be.

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Nice CGI.

But you aren’t Jeremy what

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I think it's some sort of meme

Gun has no mag?

-2 points · 12 days ago

Enjoy playing alone. There's no way in hell.

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You forgot something around his head?

edit: nvm it's a sign... I thought you forgot to cut the box.

I wonder if for them they were actually firing bullets(client side). Remember the bug where you fire at another player but they don't take hits?

Walk backwards with a melee weapon in your hand

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You have to raise your weapon and then walk backwards. Just for clarification.

And every once in a while getting Bill Clinton

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YES. YESS. It was always that one size file! So obvious but it just happens occasionally.

Did you have shoes on?

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Thank you :)

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Lockwood more like Luckwood

Yep that stupid nonexistent phobia that literally everyone has. Humans don't like looking at stuff that grosses us out.

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I don't necessarily think it's fake. I do think a lot people tend to use it for attention.

I just think it's weird to call it a phobia. It makes perfect sense to be scared of bubbly or hole-y or wound like things. It's because there's just a high change of something bad going on. Think of diseases or poison for example.

To me it's more like survival instinct than an actual phobia.

I guess it's up to debate if the fear is irrational or not. It is and it isn't on a way.

If a phobia is an 'extreme or irrational fear or aversion to something' I don't think 95% of the people who sensationalise their fear have it where I would even consider it a phobia.

Anyway, random internet person's opinion, out.

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You can see it's fake because of the physics. It's a solid object. Stitched together.

edit: Fake as in they are not separate trucks. The video is real obviously.

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