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Everyone has their reasons and it’s up to them to come out when they feel safest. Going by stereotypes and patterns perhaps they’re in a family or city that would disapprove and they don’t want to lose the safety of being closeted.

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Exactly. For some people, their life circumstances make coming out a difficult, possibly even dangerous thing to do. It's impossible for someone to judge exactly how the people in their lives will react to the news, and OP's personal safety is definitely something that has to be taken into account.

Same! It's just some dude with a spanner

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Thought this said "spanker" and was about to go on a Doctor Who binge. Am now mildly disappointed.

Speech 100. Sounds like a solid way to win arguments.

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Hey, you there. You want to send me nudes.

Zero tolerance for self defense.

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"How dare you take care of yourself! That's the school's job!"

"Alright then, can you get a staff member to sort this out?"

"Of course not, it's not our problem!"

We had orientation for all new staff on opening day. We broke for 30 minutes around 1 PM for lunch and this asshole comes back drunk. Must have drank at least a pint of liquor in that time.

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He's just trying to show you his time management skills. Some people would just let those 30 minutes pass without finding the time to get drunk, but not this efficient worker!

Gotta be the guy who worked in the parking booth, stole money by taking customers' cash but ringing it up as a parking validation, called his coke dealer, dealer would drive through his booth to deliver the coke, employee would cook it into crack using a spoon, smoke the crack in the booth, steal more cash, call the dealer again, rinse and repeat.

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If this dude had decided to put his planning skills to use to do actual work, he could have gone places. This is pretty well thought out for a drug deal.

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I worked at a local fast-food joint in my town for about half a year and ever since then thinking about the place makes me nauseous.

Grease was everywhere, it would drip from the ceilings in the kitchen, literally. Most of the food sat out for a while before we served it, and the vegetables were straight-up nasty. Countertops, especially stovetops, were never cleaned and I they re-used every single pizza tray without washing it.

The worst was the seafood. It smelled and looked like frozen foot grease. Absolutely disgusting. Only old people ever ordered it and I felt bad because I knew they were getting completely and totally ripped off.

They also paid like shit and the staff were all rude. I loved quitting that job.

TL;DR: If you’re paying for cheap food please know that sometimes the quality reflects the price

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It smelled and looked like frozen foot grease.

Well that's a new one. Seriously though, I don't get why people order seafood at fast food places. It's not exactly the best in terms of quality, and you could easily get better elsewhere.

You see, this is the kind of forward thinking the world needs right now.

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What have you got against pineapples, and also happy cake day

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I think the problem is actually that he likes pineapples a bit too much.

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Dismiss your opinion or advice in favour of what they want to do,

you saying my mom dont love me

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There's an easy way to find out for sure. Just break your arms and see what happens.

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Constantly sneaking around, lying, distant emotionally, or ya know

When he takes that bitch Hayley from work out to breakfast at the resturaunt you've been begging to go to for over a year and lies about who hes actually out with.

Edit: first, holy cow this blew up. Second to answer a lot of questions I got Yes Hayley was aware that I and then SO were together. She has a "fun" habit of only trying to date men who are married or in a relationship. Not sure why.

SO and I are both men. I am gay, he is bisexual.

No i won't be keying anyones car but that made me laugh so thank you to everyone who suggested it and offered to help give me an alibi. Your great.

And lastly I'm doing okay. Thanks again to everyone who asked. All the jokes and well wishes have been a SERIOUS pick me up. I hope great things are going on for all of you guys. Your wonderful.

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This is oddly specific. And also, fuck Hayley.

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This thread is about forgotten things. Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 2.

I wish that one released on the Microsoft Windows.

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This is a really good response, because not only have I never heard of this videogame, I've never even heard of the person it was named after.

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Obligatory “not my current job” but at my last job which was a grocery store, one of our cashiers got pregnant, she was 17 at the time. Everything was well and good and we all supported her decision, and let her know she’d still have a job when she git back from maternity leave. I didn’t know who the father was and frankly, it was none of my business.

I wasn’t working when this happened but found out later. Well, one day she was shopping on her day off when she ran into the father of her kid with another girl. They were being cuddly and holding hands and shit while they too were shopping. So, this poor very pregnant teen goes off on them, “How could you? I kept the baby because of you, etc.” They get in a huge fight and have to be escorted from the store by management.

The store manager didn’t recognize her because she wasn’t in uniform, and he was an oblivious POS anyway. He tried to have her banned from the store.

She ended up quitting because if it, had her baby, and I think is doing ok despite the circumstances.

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She should've tossed one of those big cans of peaches at that guy's head... what an absolutely shitty thing to do.

I don't know that he deserves that; we don't know the whole story. Maybe he wanted her to have an abortion; or even make her own choice; but she thought keeping it would mean keeping him.

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Yeah, you've got a point. I suppose my judgment was based on what was probably only a portion of the story.

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Not right now, Derrick!

Pretty much anything from Balloon Shop always makes me laugh.

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Well looks like I got to fucking do it now

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Edit: seriously though, don't feel pressured. I'm sure there'll be plenty of other creepy messages for me to dig through.

did they deliver??

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No, but I did get a nude of George Costanza and Pepe the Frog Deviantart (from two different people, thank Christ). So yeah.

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whaaa? link anyone?

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YES! Thank you!! I really do think about this a lot. The human brain is so wild.

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Indeed it is. Check out r/GlitchInTheMatrix for more stuff that's kinda like that sometimes. :)

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If you hadn't decided to be a teacher, you could've had a prosperous career with the CIA.

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I'm honestly glad that my brain can't grasp the kind of logic that goes into something so horrible. It's some really sick shit.

We just had an Amber Alert in NYC that entailed a guy taking his infant daughter away from her mother. Man, that guy couldn't hide anywhere. Was caught pretty quickly.

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I've got emergency alerts active on my phone, and the alert for this woke me up at four in the morning. Glad to hear the guy was caught.

That would be very inconvenient. How about cutting off all the little loops so that they can't wear a belt?

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Or tearing off all their zippers so that their fly is permanently open.

This bullshit right here! What if instead of being loyal to a party, we acted like team managers every election and voted for who ever would balance out our team. Just pretend like it's draft day and we don't need anymore old racist backwards politicians dragging down our team.

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What if instead of being loyal to a party, we acted like team managers every election and voted for who ever would balance out our team.

Agreed. What we really need in this country is a nationally competitive third party, preferably with a moderate/centrist philosophy. Or just abolish political parties altogether and force candidates to run based on policy alone.

"you're acting weird"

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"I am weird." 👉😎👉

I once had a class where we had to say a fun fact and it had to be different than anyone else in the class. One asshole guy kept saying "oh me too" so I would have to come up with a new fact. He only did that to me.

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There is a special place in hell reserved for this man.

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Not a cop. The town I work for it is legal to openly drink alcohol in all parks. Dogs are not allowed in any park.

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Dogs are not allowed in any park.

Wtf?! Where do they expect people to exercise their dogs?

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Check out “Welcome to Night Vale”. Spooky, bizarre, but happily not real. ITT: folks being silly! ;-)

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Dangit, I thought I might have missed a reference. :/

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