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Frostferno. Destroyed 4 so far. Never felt so sad in my life

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I feel ya. Ive poofed 3 Rigwalds and 2 Frostfernos. Send help Pls

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There's a jund Unsealing list on today's 5-0 MTGO league post. List looks pretty clean, 3 Traxos and 3 Ghalta are the only 7+ power creatures in the main.

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List has been fire. Traxos is great. Between Scrounger, Rhonas, other Traxos, Ghalta, Heart, you have so many ways to untap it.

1 underground sea. 1 out of 75 cards to play a game of legacy MTG

Just a quick question. How did they get trapped in a cave so hard to get to?

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From what I heard, they went to go explore this cave, and the tide or water level rose to the point they couldn't get out.

It's the phantom shot!

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I got this reference.

Joke’s on both of them. It’s Belgium’s cup.

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Belgium running hot right now. De Broyne is my spirit animal.

2 points · 12 days ago

Almost, 1-98,5 is about halvway to 100

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Aka runescape

24.0k points · 15 days ago

Worked with this girl for awhile. It started off with her like, rubbing her butt against my junk when she squeezed past me in the office, or asking me what I thought of her bra color, etc. Then eventually she started hanging with me every chance she got, unnecessarily touching me (grabbing my thigh when she suddenly "thought" of something to get my attention), coming up with excuses to hold my hand. She would park next to my car too, so we walked to our cars together, she'd stand there for like an hour talking to me and fidgeting and playing with her hair and staring at my mouth, you know, all the things that every girl ever tells you they do when they're interested. She kept saying "we should hang out sometime" or hint that she wanted to do things with me, so I would invite her to do that, then she'd always be busy. I thought she was, you know, just busy.

Anyway, she was on a trip, I finally just sent her a message while we were texting that was to the effect of "Look, I like you a lot, can I take you to dinner sometime?" and she responds back with "Huh?" and I send back "I like you. We've been flirting a lot and I'm never going to ever have the courage to do this again, lets get dinner." and she responds with "I don't like you like that, nor will I ever."

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All my life, I've had a small empty bar on my hand that reads "XP". A month ago, a homeless man jumped out in front of my car in the middle of the night and I ran him over, killing him. Luckily I had a dashcam and it proved my innocence. But that feeling of killing that man didn't leave me. I would be lying if I said the guilt was destroying me, instead the curiosity is killing me. Curious? What could I be curious about? The bar in my hand. After I hit that man, called 911, I noticed my hand had this tingling feeling, as if a pin needle is right there, poking me repeatedly but not piercing my skin. I looked down and saw the bar slowly rising, rising, rising and stopped a little more than half way.

What kind of sick demented shit is this? Am I just inside a game? Did God give me some special ability that I can unlock? I don't know. But the curiosity was destroying me, and that tingling sensation never went away. I wanted to fill the bar, and I now know how to do it, but I'm too afraid. Ever since then I wake up each day hoping there'd be a reason for me to fight and "accidentally" kill someone. But it always ended up with me being too chicken, and the tingling sensation on my hand just grew stronger.

Everyday I walk to the station to take the train to work, I would develop the urge to shoulder check someone, start a fight, and "kill in self defense". But everyday I chicken out, it was just wrong and immoral. There was a time I did shoulder check someone without looking and it turned out it was some elderly man and he got knocked down. I had stuttered trying to say "you want to start something?" instead, the words "I'm so sorry, are you ok?" came out. I couldn't do it. I can't do it. Then I tried to find a good reason to fight, rather than start one myself. I began carrying a knife with me just in case and be vigilante on the train, try to see if someone would bother someone else, start an argument with someone else, anything. Just anything, please...

I've started to grow irritable. Unable to concentrate on my work, and I guess it shows because my boss just gave me a terrible performance review. Saying my performance has dipped, I'm useless, at this rate he cannot recommend me if I find another place, and I'd be stuck here working under him forever, etc. He was never like this before, but lately he's just keeps talking down on me, basically telling me what a piece of shit I am. I don't care anymore, I know I'm a piece of shit, the fact I killed a man and wanting to kill again out of curiosity makes me feeling like the biggest piece of shit.

It's been a while since I saw my girlfriend. She lives in the next city over and today is the start of a long weekend. I decided to pop over, usually I just drop by unannounced but I decided to give her a call this time. No answer. Oh well, she has no family in the country and all her friends are my friends in this city. If she comes to my city she will always call, I know she's home or around and if not, her roommate Heather will open the door for me to wait. I got the ticket for the next train and hopped on. As I'm sitting in the train, looking out the window, I felt... ok. I felt warm. I felt content and no more stress. I look down at my hand, still feeling the tingling sensation, and thought "I shouldn't do it." I should just live on my life as I did before and ignore this. Maybe someday I will have to kill and I will find out. But not today, not tomorrow, not for another 10 years... with that the tingling sensation ceased. I was surprised and almost broke down on the train. I felt really good and for the first time since the accident, happy.

I got off the train, and started to walk to my girlfriend's place. She lived about a 10 minute walk from the station. On the way, I stopped by the flowershop that I've always passed by, but never bought anything for her. There was a beautiful bunch of daisies, tulips, and other flowers. Her favorite was daisy. I grabbed it and went on my way. I stood at her doorway and I knocked on her door, the all familiar and cliche "shave and a haircut, two bit" knock I (and everyone else in the world) always do. There was no response, but my hearing kind of sucks so I put my ear up against the door. I heard some shuffling inside and I called out "Hello? Daisy? Heather?" "Be right there!" I heard my sweet Daisy calling out.

She opens the door, and she looked like a beautiful mess. Hair is all messy, the strap from her pajama/nightgown hanging off of one shoulder. I smiled at her and handed her the flowers, pecked her on one of the cheeks. "Were you still sleeping? Did I scare you? Are you still sick? Looks like you called out again today?" She stood at the doorway shocked and was silent for a moment, I knew she is shocked by the flowers, so cute. "Can I come in?" I tried to walk past her and she quickly shuffled in my way. "I'm really really sick right now" she said. "It's ok, I can take care of you. I'll make you my famous soup." I heard a bed creaking noise in the apartment and thought out loud "Oh Heather is here too!". "Yea! It's Heather! She's sick too!" she exclaimed loudly which surprised me. It was at this moment, I felt something was off. She's not just sick, she's not just groggy from waking up, I can sense some kind of fear in her. Is she in trouble? Is someone in the home holding her hostage? "Daisy, are you ok?" "Yeah, I'm fine." she quickly answered, and I stared at her face to see if she will give me some kind of a sign, a wink or something, telling me something was wrong. But nothing. And a sudden fear for the worst thing overcame me. The thought I could never imagine, the thought I buried into the deepest part of my brain because I never though it'd be possible. She knew what was processing in my head because I could see her face being more afraid and her hands clenching the door harder, so hard that her fingers turned white. "Daisy, I'm coming in." I said sternly and pushed the door open with all my strength but as gentle as I could. "No!" she yelled. I walked to her bedroom door which was just a few feet from the apartment door and I as I reached for the door knob I felt the tingling in my hands. "Don't!" again, she yelled. I opened the door slowly and there my eyes met the same pair of eyes I saw everyday, my boss. I stared at my hand, the bar that is more than halfway full, it was burning right now. It literally feels like I had grabbed a red hot metal rod with my hands. I remembered the knife in my jacket pocket. I reached into it and pulled out the knife. I heard both Daisy and my boss's voice shouting and screaming something, but I couldn't process what they were saying, all their voices were muffled. I jump straight at him and dug the knife into his neck and twisting it as I dug deeper and deeper until I was no longer met with any resistance from him. I stood up, knees shaking, and my hearing has come back to normal, hearing Daisy's blood curdling scream behind me. I felt the tingle in my hand, no longer a burn, but the familiar satisfying tingle spreading wider. I looked down and I watched it slowly fill up. Finally, finally I will see it fill up, what will happen? I can't even think straight or imagine anything now, I just want to see it full. And it stopped. Stopped right before it got full. Stopped maybe 1 or 2 millimeters away from being full... and the tingling sensation was gone.

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Any opinions on price for this ventors? Ventor's Gamble

I'm thinking around 2 ex but just want to make sure.

Edit: ISC edit2: sold for 1.5ex

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Yeah the low Quant is meh. Usually 8 is the magic number. Nice res tho


Abyss Jewel: Adds 2 - 51 Lightning Damage To Attacks, Adds 14-24 Cold Damage to Bow Attacks, Adds 5-57 Lightning Damage to Bow Attacks, 8% Increased Effect of Shock

Worth anything?

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Probably 1 ex

Awesome stuff! First off, what were you rolling this season? I am trying to make an elementalist poet's pen arc lightning warp character with inpulsas broken garb and mind of the council. I was always drawn to flickerstrike and how fun poofing all over was, but now I get to add lightning everywhere! It's super fun, highly recommend it! PM me if any new peeps have questions ♡

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Help, had acl surgery!


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I worked as a 35mm film projectionist at a movie theater for a decade. Almost zero theaters have film in them these days, so it's a lost art form.


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Same! The amount of routing that we had to do... and how heavy those metal film cans were.. DAMN.

Speedy recovery elbow hunter . I have acl surgery in 4 days. I'm with you!

Well that's one to destroy all the happy feelings My Hero Academia gave me this morning...

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That ep tho.

Zero Two is not dead. Either: 1. Shes just shocked and turns fully human (the broken horn) 2. Her soul is within Strelizia or Hiro (Guilty Crown vibes) and her body is empty 3. She felt into a coma 4. Or the worst case is that she is really dead and the whole fandom will fuck up the producer (A-1 and Trigger) But most important is 01s (Klauxo Princess) sentence „I stake this planet‘s future on you TWO“. So that means that Hiro and Zero Two will live together until the end...It started with Zero Two and Hiro and it will end with Zero Two and Hiro...... If Trigger and A-1 really kill Hiro and Zero Two then the 1st Fandom World war will break out....

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Or if you watched the flash could be I stake the world on you, TWO! triggered.

Lvl 1 + 2 helmets are 1 shots. Thats a lvl 3 so it checks out, Im on xbox and even my basic ass knows that, gorsh.

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He's using an awm...

I'd like the option to build the tree at level 1 and just have it auto allocate points...

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Cut my body into pieces

At Disney world resort

Scatter my parts no cremation

Don't give a fuck if a kid starts screaming

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Brown Mountain Lights

Date: November 26, 2015

Location: BRP North Carolina: Brown Mountain

Legit saw it at 1:30AM when I was practicing getting night time photography shots for my hobby.

Weird part is that my camera suddenly wouldn’t turn on when the lights showed up (Canon T6i). Fortunately I got footage (from my iPhone 6s Plus). It’s crappy because iPhone and night time video don’t mix.

I’ll update my post if I can find the footage.

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!Remindme 12 hours

And Blaire Walsh couldn’t even make a 33 yard point after field goal with someone holding it.

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As a minnesotan I'm still salty.

The price will either increase, decrease or stay the same.

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Yet another Just finished YLIA

Im usually into a plot with more action, but every once in a while i venture into the unknown. Took a stab at YLIA and whelp, someone gotta send help, or donate me a new heart please. That is all.


Kinda the wrong place to ask for a heart donation considering that all of us watched YLIA

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True. You're right

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And yes, i, comma, ,,

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